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F My Life: An Epilogue of Sorts


Today, I realized that I am so forgettable that no one noticed I was in the hospital for four days after falling down the stairs in my apartment building. FML

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Hojo really was trying hard to be forgiving. He understood that all his friends led very busy lives these days. Today was, after all, the one-year anniversary of when Kagome and Inuyasha officially (finally) got together. In that year, new relationships—both of love and friendship—had developed between the tight-knit group, and in the center of it all was the couple that had started everything. But it was just plain ridiculous that a neighbor was the one to find Hojo at the bottom of the stairs with—what he'd learned later at the hospital—a small concussion, broken wrist, and badly sprained ankle. Then that neighbor—a pretty girl named Ayumi—had taken him to the hospital, waited to discuss Hojo's diagnosis with the doctor, and was the first (and only) person to visit his bedside in four days.

Sure, Inuyasha was spending more time than ever at Kagome's new apartment a couple of blocks away. Kouga had officially moved in with Ayame (there were bets being placed on how soon those two would rush into marriage). Miroku was in negotiations with Sango about moving into the very small house she shared with her younger brother. Plus, it wasn't like Sesshoumaru and Kagura visited all that much—they did, occasionally, drop in to check up on things being the only two who acted like the adults they were.

However, Hojo was surprised that not a single one of them noticed he's been gone for four—FOUR—days.

Even worse, he couldn't seem to get a hold of anyone by phone to come pick him up from the hospital once he was released. (He really couldn't wait to get out of the place. His nurse, a beautiful woman named Kikyou, was gentle and competent, but she barely talked and her eyes gave him the heebie jeebies.) Had they all forgotten to tell him they'd switched cell phone numbers? Inuyasha had actually done that once.

Okay, sure, they all had very different and hectic schedules between classes, part-time jobs, and family obligations… but…

Hojo stared sullenly at the rundown laptop that belonged to the hospital. Kikyou had brought it to him when asked, which was pretty nice of her. Seriously, it wasn't like Hojo to be this miserable. He tended to be more upbeat, oblivious, naïve, and just plain happy than even Kagome could ever hope to be. What could he say? He liked seeing the glass half-full, finding the silver lining, and talking about the up-side of things.

Well, fine, Hojo admitted, it was wonderful seeing all his friends have so many things going well for them. It was even better knowing that despite the constant arguments among some of them (especially the couples), they all really did care for one another. They were another year closer to graduating, moving out into the "real world," and now they all had an honest-to-goodness support system of family, friends, and family-like friends to lean on.

Reassured, Hojo could actually feel the smile growing on his face. When the nurse (not Kikyou this time, but a much older woman named Kaede) came to check on him a few minutes later, she commented positively on his dimpled cheeks and twinkling eyes. He even considered logging back into fmylife and deleting the post. But something kept creeping up on him—not an entire thought or a whole sentence, just two words: four days, four days, four days. And no word from a single one of them.

Ah, well, maybe he could turn this into a positive situation (which he almost always could; it was a specialty of his) by giving that cute Ayumi girl a call. Most girls seemed to like him, be attracted to him even, but yet again, he seemed to drop off all their radars eventually. Maybe Ayumi would be different. She seemed sweet, if not a little timid, as if she was used to being flanked by two loud and hyper friends (Hojo wasn't sure what gave him this idea), and she even seemed a little familiar. Perhaps he'd seen a picture of her somewhere. Kagome seemed to have a lot of casual friends outside the group, especially from her high school days. Ayumi could be one of those.

(It wasn't until much later that Hojo saw a picture of Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka in Kagome's wallet, confirming his theory. He really was a lot brighter than anyone gave him credit for. Or just really, really lucky. Other than the whole falling down the stairs fiasco.)

As time ticked by, Hojo wavered between trying Kagome's cell again or giving Ayumi a call, asking her for another favor. Finally, he picked up the handset from the night table beside his bed, but before he could punch in a single number, the door to his hospital room flew open. Kagome tumbled in first, followed closely by Sango and Ayame; Kouga and Miroku shuffled in a few steps after them, looking a little guilty and concerned but not as much as the girls. Inuyasha was the last to enter, his hands stuffed in his pockets and his shoulders slumped as if he didn't have a care in the world. (Then again, Hojo thought, the guy was rich, handsome, and dating Kagome—who, in Hojo's humble opinion, was probably the best girl on the planet, romance between them or not.)

"I am so—!" Kagome began, but Sango interrupted (and correctly completed her best friend's exclamation).

"So sorry!"

"We're terrible friends," Kagome gushed, looking like she might cry as guilt overtook her concern.

"And terrible roommates," Miroku added thoughtfully.

"Yeah, pretty shitty people in general," Kouga elaborated.

"We suck," Kagome concluded, perching on the edge of Hojo's bed and reaching for his hand. Unfortunately, the one she clutched was the one attached to a broken wrist. Hojo yelped, and Kagome quickly dropped it and patted his knee instead.

"I don't think it's our fault," Inuyasha finally piped up from where he stood by the door, eyeing his friends like they were nuts for fluttering around the injured boy. "I mean, seriously, buddy, you kinda blend into the background, like a fern or a really dull watercolor painting."


He ignored his girlfriend's scolding. "I mean, I guess I'm sorry you got hit by a bus."

"Fell down the stairs," Hojo corrected helpfully, beaming like he was a kid in a candy shop. Look at all his friends visiting his bedside! So what if they hadn't figured it out for four days? That really wasn't that long.

"Anyway," Inuyasha plowed on as if he didn't even hear Hojo's comment. (He hadn't.) "Sesshoumaru offered to pay your hospital expenses."

"And we'll be your personal nurses at the house," Kagome said, gesturing to herself, Sango, and Ayame.

"Oh! Will you wear little costumes?" Miroku asked, suddenly at full attention. That is, he was until Sango slapped him upside the head. "Kouga, Inuyasha, and I will pick up your homework and ask for copies of notes from your classmates," he said, once he'd recovered and decided it was best if he added an appropriate comment to the conversation.

"And Kagura volunteered to scare all your professors into allowing you to take your finals late and submit any final projects in a couple of weeks, once you feel better," Kagome informed Hojo, looking extremely pleased with herself. "Oh! And my brother Souta, Sango's brother Kohaku, and their friend Shippou offered to help out, too, in any way you need. Personally, I think they just want an excuse to get a taste of college life, but, well, you know, if they're happy and being helpful, what's the big deal?"

Right then and there, Hojo decided that his friends may all be flawed (and really weird), but they were—definitely—the good guys. However, if they were this bad at just living normal, everyday college student lives… He shuddered at the idea of any of them having any real responsibility. They would totally suck at saving the world or something.