The maaju pool was the only place she felt she could unwind after the meeting that had just taken place. Though she did not consider herself a priestess by any means, she still understood that the Ruins were a sacred place, something that should not be tread upon. However, she could also see the necessity of doing so, even if the other Sibyllae were against it. She did not mind the mission as much as they did in this regard, though she still felt tense. And so, she had decided to do some maaju to unwind. She had missed the pool while aboard the Messis. The old boat had been fine to live on, but it was much too small for maaju.

She had begun by making simple circles, getting a feel for the pool after being away for so long. She wanted to try a Ri Majon, but her mind was blank and she knew that she had to just let it come to her, or else it wouldn't work very well. She had looked up then and found Neviril beside her. Immediately, she followed without a second thought.

The pair made loops around each other, no one in particular leading. Her body seemed to know exactly what Neviril would do, and it just reacted. Or maybe, Neviril's body followed hers. She didn't know, and didn't dwell on the thought. Their maaju continued fluidly and they made loops around the pool. It felt right to have the pool to themselves, completing maaju like this.

At some point, Aaeru turned to glimpse at Neviril, and found the girl looking back at her, body closer than she remembered. She closed her eyes to blink, and the next thing she knew, Neviril's lips were pressed against her own. She began to protest, but her sounds were muted. Her eyes locked onto Neviril's, whose eyes gazed back at her, searching for something. Aaeru wasn't sure what she was looking for. Her protests had died away, and now she waited to see what would happen next.

When Neviril pushed away and upwards, all Aaeru could do was watch her go, open mouthed. She was unsure of what had just happened between them. Why had Neviril kissed her that way? They had not been activating the Simoun. It was strange to kiss here, in the pool. She didn't understand it at all. Her fingers briefly touched her lips, warm from Neviril's. Aaeru felt warmer all of a sudden, but couldn't explain why she felt that way. It was too confusing to consider.

Instead, she began to practice maaju again. However, something felt off. She couldn't seem to relax her body enough to complete a proper maaju. Her mind was racing, wondering what Neviril had been up to. Shaking her head, she instead attempted to try a Shark Ri Majon. Pointless. It didn't come out right. Frustrated, she drifted upwards, ending the maaju for the day. She couldn't concentrate well enough and it was all Neviril's fault somehow.