Chapter 1
Only You In My Eyes

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"Do you love me?" Tamaki laid staring up at the sky in his back yard. The moon was full and the stars were shinning down on him and on the man he loved.
"Of course I love you. I wish you would believe me when I say it."
"I do, I just like to hear you tell me that you do."
"Typical." Kyouya laughed as he pulled Tamaki on top of him. He was glad he snuck out to come here tonight. Every moment was worth it, though he felt that every moment spent with Tamaki was worth it. Soon they would come out and tell their father's that they were in love. Both had money saved up and put away in case they were thrown out of their houses. If they didn't get thrown out then the money would continue to be saved so they could buy a place of their own when they were ready. They didn't plan on moving out so soon unless they had to.
"I love you. I'm glad you are here. I just hope you don't get caught going home. I don't want you to get in trouble."
"I'll be fine. Besides who said I was going home tonight?"
"Wha…?" Tamaki was cut off as he felt lips tickle his neck.
"Kyouya…someone could see us." He had trouble getting his words out as he felt his lovers lips move down his body, his shirt was slowly being removed.
"We've done it in riskier places before."
Tamaki knew he was right. "Sssh less talking."

*The second time they hung out together as more than simple high school friends Tamaki went over Kyouya's house. That in itself was rare but they walked into his father's office.
"Hey Tamaki come here."
"Are you sure we can be in here? Isn't your father going to be home soon?"
"He still has another few hours of work since he has a meeting today."
Kyouya kissed the nervous lips of the man he loved until they stopped. He sat on top of his father's desk and pulled Tamaki closer, it seemed Tamaki wasn't going to object anymore. Soon Tamaki lay under him on the desk; his father's papers were sticking to their sweating bodies if they hadn't fallen to the floor from their movements. Both loved the feel of their naked flesh on each other. Neither could have imagined sex having this much enjoyment if they hadn't experienced it for themselves. Being lost in each other they lost track of time having their senses snap back as they heard Kyouya's father down the hall heading into the kitchen. They had just gotten dressed and snuck out of the room before he walked out and into his office. The room was still a mess but the window was open, they could only hope he believed it was the wind.*

"Now that's what I'm talking about." Tamaki slurred his partners' words as he bit down on the others lips. Neither were worried about someone finding them, they were hidden by the flowers and bushes in the garden. They didn't care who found them, if anyone, they loved each other. They couldn't be torn apart by anything. No matter what came up they would handle it together.

Tamaki couldn't control the moans that escaped him as he felt Kyouya over him. This felt so right, so perfect, just as every time before this did. "…Kyouya!"
"Master Tamaki is that you? Are you out here?"
Both stopped, frozen as they were. Hopefully whoever it was wouldn't find them. As much as they didn't care, it was a little too bright from the moon to be comfortable with the idea that someone other than each other would see them naked.
"Someone is coming. Kyouya get off me, it sounded like Shima's voice."
"Oh shit!" Shima wasn't too strict but it would definitely not be good to get caught by her out of all the people on staff here. Kyouya got off of Tamaki without standing so he wouldn't be seen over the bushes.
"Here are your clothes."
"Tamaki these are yours."
"Oh sorry…here." Both tried to keep their voices as low as possible as they handed the articles of clothing to the right person. Kyouya just slid his boxers on and moved between the bushes as he heard someone getting closer. It did sound like Shima.
"Master Tamaki, you should come in. It's nearly eleven and you have school tomorrow don't forget." Kyouya practically held his breathe as she walked past him. Luckily Tamaki had just finished getting dressed and was looking at the sky as she walked over.
"Oh Shima, hello, I'll head in soon it's just too nice of a night to not enjoy it."
"Don't stay out too much longer. And should I have preparations made to have Mr. Ootori stay the night as well?"
Tamaki sat up and glanced at the bushes where Kyouya was for a second before looking at Shima. Kyouya slapped his forehead; of course she knew he was here. Tamaki couldn't be subtle about anything.
"No, Kyouya isn't here. I haven't seen him all night."
"If you say so Master Tamaki. Please don't forget to come in soon."
"I will thank you Shima."
Once he was certain she was gone and back in the house Tamaki collapsed exhaling. That was close; he barely got his shirt on the correct way before she arrived. Next time he was sticking to simple things when he knew he was going to be with Kyouya. Kyouya came out of the bushes shaking off the leaves that had fallen on him.
"That was a close call, huh Kyouya? I wonder how she found out that you were here?"
"Well it couldn't be the fact that she heard you scream my name before. Somehow I am not at all surprised by the fact that you are one of those people that scream a name during sex."
"Hey, at least it was your name."
"Hey, I wasn't the one worried about someone finding us." He couldn't stop the smirk from forming; Tamaki set himself up for that.
Tamaki just pouted at him as if he was an injured puppy, he hated when Kyouya was right.
"Well since you aren't dressed yet and the night is still young care to pick up where we left off?" He moved closer to Kyouya to straddle him.
"I thought you would never ask."

Tamaki got dressed yet again to go inside for the night. Kyouya was right beside him to re-button his shirt.
"Are you staying the night?"
"Do you want me to?"
Tamaki just folded his arms to stare at him. What kind of question was that?
"Alright I'm staying. Just don't leave me outside your window for twenty minutes like last time."
"I said I was sorry."
"Roses hurt and that lattice isn't the easiest thing to climb and hold onto to plus you know how I feel about heights."
"Alright I get it. I'll open the window as soon as I get in the room. I won't change first."
"Good, see you in a few." He kissed Tamaki before he headed to the house away from the back door and closer to Tamaki's bedroom window. Tamaki walked into the house making sure he looked the same as always. Kyouya waited until he saw Tamaki's light go on before he climbed the lattice. This time he knew where to place his hands and feet as he climbed making it easier though the rose thorns still managed to prick him.
"I swear Tamaki that bush is there to keep people out." Kyouya swung his legs into the room, Tamaki grabbed him to make sure he didn't fall.
"Probably, since it is only outside of my window. Kyouya you're bleeding, come here." He grabbed Kyouya's hand to see that blood was coming out of the side of it. The thorns got him good it looked like.
"I'll be fine, don't worry about it."
"Stop being stubborn and let me clean it for you." Knowing fighting him was pointless he let Tamaki take him to the bathroom. He seemed upset; this wasn't that big of a deal. Take Tamaki to get upset over a little scratch. Once that was taken care of Tamaki led them to his bed. They didn't do anything but sit together; Kyouya could tell he had something on his mind. Something he was thinking heavily on.
"I'm tired of sneaking around Kyouya. I want us to be able to go out together and not worry about holding hands or flirting with each other. I want to go somewhere nice with you, go out on an actual date. I mean sneaking out has been…fun and thrilling I'm just getting tired of it."
"I understand Tamaki and we talked about it. That's why we are keeping money aside so we can be ready and prepared for when we stop hiding."
"I know but I wish we could just not worry about it. I like taking care of you. I want to take care of you forever. I want to heal your wounds that aren't from sneaking into my room."
"Tamaki one day we will be able to. I think we should wait until we graduate. I know it's still a year away but waiting feels right. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and we both know that our lives don't truly start until after high school."
"Your right I know. I can wait until then. We still have each other so I can handle sneaking around until the time is right. And actually I think we should wait until you take over for your father. I don't want him to do something to you while he can. Once you're in charge he won't be able to stop us."
"What about you? You have just as much at stake."
"Not really. My grandmother hasn't accepted me yet so I am still not her heir. I think she is trying to find my father another wife so they can have a legitimate child, a true successor."
"Tamaki don't say that. I know she will accept you soon I can feel it."
"Well whatever I'm just saying. You have much more to lose. I don't mind waiting if it means you're safe from your father. I want us to live our lives without worrying about our families doing something to break us apart."
"You're too much you know that right?"
"It's my duty to take care of you."
"Your duty? Says who?"
"Says the unwritten rule that the father is to take care of his family."
"Is that so?" Kyouya moved to force Tamaki to lay on the bed so he could stare into his eyes. He loved Tamaki and the unwritten rules he followed. He laughed every time he heard them.

That night Tamaki made room for him in the bed. His hands pulled Kyouya closer as they laid under the covers. Tamaki may have been the father in his made up family but Kyouya knew that Tamaki loved to be held and taken care of.
"Kyouya get up your going to be late." Tamaki was trying his best to wake Kyouya for school.
"Tamaki what time is it?" He noticed the man he spent the night with was already dressed and his lavender eyes were staring at him with annoyance for sleeping in so late.
"About ten minutes before we have to leave or we are going to be late. Your driver is already here and waiting outside of the gates so Shima doesn't know you spent another night here." As Kyouya sat up Tamaki handed him his glasses. He forgot that he had a driver come here to pick him up whenever he spent the night to erase any chance of rumors if they arrived in the same car.
"Do you still have the uniform I left here?"
"I have it hanging in the bathroom for you already."
Well he didn't have time for a shower but knowing Tamaki he had something to get the smell of grass out of his hair. He should have done what Tamaki did and showered last night.
"Am I coming over again tonight?"
"Well I thought you invited me over for a 'my dad is leaving on a business trip so we have the house to ourselves' party."
"Your right I did say that. Okay then my house it is. He leaves while we are in class so whenever you want to come over you can."

The day was the same as always, school then host club. No one in the club knew that they were together and both were okay with that. Surprisingly both liked the idea that their relationship was private and wasn't made a big deal. He believed all relationships should be like that though he had to keep tabs on people for the club. Tamaki dropped his things for the night in Kyouya's room before getting another tour of the house.
"Hey Tamaki ever dream of doing it on a pool table?"
"Is is a red top?"
"But of course."
"Then by all means lead the way."

Winter break started tomorrow, Tamaki was excited knowing that there was snow on the ground already. He was hoping for a white Christmas in the worst way. Both had seen each other as much as they always did. Kyouya sat in their classroom waiting for Tamaki to walk came in and just rested his head on his desk, that wasn't good. Even if he had a rough morning he at least said good morning to him.
"Are you alright Tamaki?"
"I think I caught a cold from the weather. I was up all night with a fever."
"Then why did you come to class? You should be home resting."
"We have that big test today remember. I'll be okay. After the test I'll leave if I don't feel better."
"Well okay then."
All during homeroom Kyouya kept an eye on him, he seemed to be getting worse.
"Tamaki, go see the nurse." Kyouya whispered before their first class started. Tamaki didn't say anything back to move hastily to the garbage can in the front of the classroom. He was grateful he didn't have a big breakfast as it all came up.
"Tamaki!" Kyouya was on his feet before anyone else even completely realized what happened. The teacher walked over to Tamaki to make sure he was okay. "Kyouya help Tamaki to the nurses' office please."
He nodded and walked over to him, placing his hand on Tamaki's back he let him know he was here. Straightening his posture to walk slowly he made sure he wasn't going to get sick again before he took a step.
"I feel like crap."
"Don't take this the wrong way but you look it. Come on."
Tamaki was able to make it to the nurses and get examined without getting sick again though he felt about ready to.
"Well you can go back to class Mr. Ootori. I'll inform the chairman that Mr. Suoh is to go home since he is running a fever and seems to have the flu."
Kyouya didn't feel right leaving him alone. Especially as he watched Tamaki run into the bathroom to throw up again. He had to though, no one knew of their relationship and now wasn't the time.
"Please let Tamaki know I'll call him later."
"Of course sir." Fighting the urge to stay or leave and sneak into Tamaki's house to wait for him he walked out and back to class. He debated canceling club activities for the day at least but he already made a nice sum of money for the day, the thought of having to refund was depressing.

"Shima says your fever finally broke."
"Ummhmm." Kyouya couldn't get over how drained Tamaki's face looked, his heart ached for him. Clearly he hadn't been sleeping, though whenever he called he was. Both missed seeing each other, it had been a week since they had last been together. It had been the longest week for Kyouya as Tamaki wasn't allowed to see anyone until his fever dropped.
"I miss you Tamaki. One day we'll be able to stay together when the other is sick."
"It feels as though that day will never come." Tamaki's voice wasn't back yet, he moved Kyouya closer so he could hear him and he didn't have to talk so loud.
"It will come faster than you think. When you're feeling better we should talk about where we want to live."
"I thought I told you I wanted to wait until you took over first." Tamaki's voice broke up as he pushed it to push his statement. He wasn't letting Kyouya give up on his dream of succeeding for his sake.
"Tamaki that may never happen, who knows what my father will do. I don't want to wait on a maybe to start our life together. I love you and want to be with you as soon as we can. I'm not going to fight you on this. We'll talk when you're feeling better."He kissed Tamaki's forehead knowing that was as close to his face as he was going to get. That night they stayed together, neither wanted to be apart any longer. Both knew that Yuzuru could come in and see them together since he had been over almost every night to check on Tamaki. They didn't care, let him find them. He was going to know soon enough when they moved in together. And Yuzuru wasn't Yoshio; he was always trying his best to help Tamaki stay happy. He wanted nothing more than to see Tamaki live a life that was free while still keeping him in line so he could take over the family company when the time came.
"I love you Kyouya Ootori."
"I love you too Tamaki Suoh."

Kyouya rolled over to hear his phone going off. He recognized the ring tone, it was Tamaki. He was probably feeling better and wanted to get together. Because of the Christmas holiday they couldn't get together even if Tamaki hadn't been sick.
"Hello Tamaki how are you feeling?" He had been half asleep when he picked up the phone. As the voice he heard on the other end wasn't Tamaki's he was suddenly now wide awake.
"Kyouya, could you tell my son he needs to get back here right now?"
"Sir? What is going on? Tamaki isn't here."
"I haven't seen him since last week, two weeks ago maybe."
"Well if he contacts you have him call me."
"Where is he sir, if I may ask?"
"I don't know but he left his phone here. If he or anyone contacts you about him please let me know."
"I will sir. Do you think he may have been kidnapped?"
"I have called the authorities and they are looking into it."
"I'll go look for him as well with my father's police force."
"Thank you Kyouya, I am grateful. You truly care for my son don't you?"
"Yes sir, I do."

Hastily he got off the bed and got dressed while he called the forces private headquarters. He wanted people with him but he wanted the best to stay here and at Tamaki's to look into a possible kidnapping. He knew that if Tamaki left on his own he would have brought his cell phone and if he forgot he would have come here so they could be together. Even if Tamaki did leave on his own for whatever reason and forgot his phone he knew a few places Tamaki would run to if he wanted to be alone and think.
*Please be okay Tamaki, where ever you are. I'm coming for you. I won't stop until we are together again you have my word on it.*


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