Chapter 17
Grown Up

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René carefully walked into the living room where his father was. Since Tamaki had completed school a few years ago he was asked by Yuzuru if he still wanted the company. Thinking he would never get the chance after everything, he took it. René was happy to see his father getting back a life he had been aiming for since before he was born.

"Father, can I talk to you?"
Looking up from the paperwork in front of him he stopped to give René his attention.
"Sure, come sit." He sat next to him and internally prayed this went well.
"Father I, I want to study aboard for school after I graduate Ouran next semester."
Tamaki just started at him for a moment, let his words sink in.
"I'm guessing you want to study in France?" René loved Japan but he was close to France as well. His best friend was there after all and summer vacations were never enough time to hang out.
"I do. Michael is attending one of the top business schools in Paris and since that is my field of study too I thought it would be good for me as well. I can use this as the starting point to keep my promise to Grandfather."
Tamaki could never forget that the promise he made to Yoshio all those years ago. It was still the driving force for him. He was willing to do whatever it took to complete his promise and prove to him that he could become a great businessman and run his dad's company well.
"That is great but Paris?" He stopped himself, this was good for René. It was hard to believe he was going to be nineteen in August and attending college in the fall. "If that is what you want then I want you to apply. With your grades and sports background I'm sure you'll be accepted."
"You're really okay with this father?"
"I am. I want you to do what makes you happy. You're a smart and talented boy I'm sure you'll do great wherever. I can handle not having you around as much if it means your off making your dreams come true."
"Thanks father." Happy that went better then he thought he reached over to hug Tamaki.
"You're telling your dad though." Moving away René nervously smiled.
"I sort of already told dad, he helped me get the paperwork sent over." Kyouya was happy with the idea as well but he made it René's job to tell Tamaki, he didn't want to hear him freak out about his baby planning to leave the country.
Getting up Tamaki walked out and down the hall to the home office.

Tamaki walked into their bedroom after tucking Lilly and Kane in for the night. Kyouya walked in behind him from helping Sophia fall asleep. Tamaki curled up against him trying to relax and keep his eyes closed for the night. Tomorrow was a big day and probably a long one.
"He will be fine in France. He is our son after all."
"But France? We'll never see him, why couldn't he choose a school here so he could stay at home. Your alma mater is a great school."
"He'll be home for the holidays, and summer. And after he graduates I'm sure he'll live nearby."
"Not. Helping." He snuggled closer to him trying to not think about it.
"You could have another baby, I'm sure that would get your mind off René being so far away."
"Hell no!" Kyouya pulled Tamaki back as he moved to the other side of the bed.
"I was only kidding. Come back here."

René stood with his family at the airport. He was excited and a little scared; this was the first time he would be traveling without them. Family was important to him and leaving seemed strange. Knowing how much his dad hated flying and hated taking drugs to help him relax whenever they did he convinced them not to fly over with him.
"Michael is picking me up at the airport father, remember."
"Right, sorry. Promise you'll call once you get to the room." He could tell his father was trying not to cry right now.
"I promise."
"Do you really have to leave René?" Sophia was holding his hand since they arrived at the airport. She had stayed close to him since he told her he was leaving.
"I do. But I'll be back before you know it and you can always contact to me over the computer so it will be like I never left." He lifted her in his arms. "Stop growing, when did you get so big?"
"You could always lift me René you're so strong. Who will I play with now?"
"You have Kane and Lilly to bother every waking moment like you bothered me." He put her down as his flight was called. "Guess that's me." Saying good-bye to his siblings he moved to say good-bye to his parents.
"Bye dad." Kyouya grabbed to hug him.
"Take care of yourself. You know that if you need anything just ask. I'm sure school will be no problem for you."
"Thanks dad." He pulled away to smile weakly at Tamaki before Tamaki wrapped his arms around him to hug him tightly.
"I know you will continue to make me proud, no matter what. I love you so much and wish the best for you. If you see your grandmother before I do tell her I said hi."
"I will. Take care of yourself okay father."
"Don't I always?" Neither moved from each other until the flight was called again. Tamaki started to pull away so René could go.
"I love you father."
"I love you too René, now go before you miss your flight." He smiled brightly at him making René smile back.

Kyouya wrapped his arm around Tamaki's waist as they watched René walk away. The kids were waving and yelling good-bye besides them. Their son was well on his way to becoming someone greater then he already was. They knew he would be fine in France and do what he set out too. He had his own motivation to drive him alongside his families support. His dreams would come true no matter how his story unfolded from here.


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