I was in total Sasori x Sakura mood and I had this dream. I wondered if anyone had a fanfic like it and I couldn't find one so I decided to write myself. This fic is sorta dark/ happy if tht makes sense. I am also working on NEVER TRUST A MAN! But I decided to post this one first since it seemed right! Please Enjoy!


"Not all scars show, not all wounds heal Sometimes you can't always see The pain someone feels"


Massacre of Innocence

Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm clock went off in Sakura Haruno's head. Aah! I have to get up! The pink-headed girl quickly ran down the stairs quietly so she wouldn't wake up the rest of her family. She lit a match to turn on the stove and started to prepare breakfest. About a half an hour later she went back up stairs to wake everyone up.

She first went to one room that held four sleeping children in it. "Aoi, Hikaru, Kyo, and Sachiko wake up breakfest is ready." (a/n Aoi is 7. Hikaru and Kyo are 9. Sachiko is 6) All the children started to wake up with groans of 'Why?' Sakura went to her room which held three other children who were also young.

"Isamu and Fumiko wake up breakfest is ready and try not to wake up Souta." Sakura wispered. (Isamu is 4. Fumiko is 2 going on 3. Souta is 8 months old.) Isamu and Fumiko got out of bed and ran down to the kitchen. Sakura gave a glance to baby Souta and then went to wake up her okaa-san.

Sakura tip-toed into her parents room very quietly. "Okaa-san wake up I have prepared breafest." Sakura said giving her mom a gentle shake in effort to wake her up. Mrs. Haruno started to stirr and woke up. Sakura's mother got out of bed. "Thank you Sakura-chan." Sakura smiled at her mother and then froze when she saw her father starting to wake up.

Sakura's mom saw her distress and turned. "Shh Honey go back to sleep." Mrs. Haruno cooed to her husband. stopped stirring and went back to his peaceful sleep. Sakura and her mother went down to the kitchen to meet a war zone.. as usual. Food was flying in the air, kids pulling each other hair, and agruements galore! Sakura just breathed out a sigh. "Good Morning everyone." Sakura's voice seemed like the remedy to stop all the choas. A chorus of "Good Morning Sakura-chans" erupted through the very tiny room.

"Hikaru and Kyo go get ready to help Okaa-san at the shop today. "Aoi, Sachiko and Isamu you have job duty today." Job duty is when 3 kids in the house go around asking people if they need help with something and usually in return they give a little bit of cash for the help. Everyone in the house does Job duty but it was Aoi, Sachiko, and Isamu's turn. As the three children started to leave Sakura pulled over Aoi and whispered in her ear. "Keep an eye out for Isamu, okay?" Aoi nodded her head.

Sakura turned to her Okaa-san. "I will take Fumiko and Souta with me as usual." Everyone went to do their jobs. Sakura was gathering the stuff she was going to need. The satchel that goes across her back to carry the baby, a pile full of laundry in a basket, a large vase looking thing to carry water in, and a little box that she packed a few snacks for her two siblings. Sakura nodded she had everything she needed.

As Sakura went up stairs to get the baby she froze when she heard loud but slow footsteps coming in her direction. Sakura knew that it couldn't be Fumiko who fell back alseep in the kitchen, so it had to be her Otou-sama. Sakura turned to see him standing right there. Her eyes were widen with fear for she knew what was going to happen next.

Shadder!..echo..echo(this is in slow mo.) That was the noise of Sakura's father's beer bottle against her face. He grabbed the higher part of her arms and started to shake her. "You god-forsaken child! You are a shame to me with that ugly pink hair of yours." He slammed her down to the floor which made a loud banging sound. He kicked her twice one in the gut and one in the face, right where he hit her with his beer bottle. He turned so that his back was to Sakura. "I'm leaving."

He left her there and went to one of his three favorite spots: A brothel, Casino, or a Bar. Sakura pulled herself up clutching her stomach and wiped the blood coming from her mouth. She got up and went to retrieve the now wide-awake and crying baby. "Shh Shh Souta it will be alright, see I'm alright." Souta stopped crying. Sakura looked up at her broken mirror. There was already a nasty bruise on her face.

Sakura went back to the kitchen to find Fumiko crying. "I'm fine Fumiko-chan don't worry." Fumiko-chan couldn't speak, she was a mute. Fumiko wouldn't stop crying so Sakura set the baby on the table and started to heal the bruises on her arms that were from him grabbing and shaking her. The bruises disapeared. "See I'm all better." Sakura wouldn't dare to heal all her wounds because then her father would beat her harder.

Sakura was different. She was a poor civilian girl who could heal. Her family lived in the most horrible place in all Konoha. Her house was falling apart and all her family's clothing was ripped and patched up in a lot of places, well except for her father's. He and her mother's wedding was arranged like most civilian families were. Sakura's father was not always like how he was. Sakura is one of eleven. She was the fourth oldest and now is the oldest being 12. Sakura's mother only planned on having Sakura as the youngest but something changed about Mr. Haruno. He started abusing his children and raping his wife for his own guilty pleasures.

The older siblings Sakura had are all gone, not dead but just gone. She can't remember how old they are but she can remeber their names. The oldest was her sister Konan-chan, she had blue hair. Konan-chan just disappeared when their father started abusing their mother and Sakura. The other two were her older brothers that both got married and live in other villages now to escape from her father also. Their names were Hiroshi and Riku. Sakura always wondered why they never took her with them.

Sakura packed everything and started to head out. People stared at her wondering how she balanced everything. She had a baby on her back in the satchel, was holding a big basket of laundry in her left arm, balancing a empty vase for water on her head, and was holding the hand of Fumiko on her right side. Fumiko was holding the snacks. It was a sight to see. Most of them wondered where she got the huge black bruise on the left side of her face.

Sakura walked to the river as she did everyday, passing by the stands and saying hello to the people she knew. Once she got to the river she put down the vase and the laundry basket which was holding a blanket and then had Fumiko and Souta sit on the blanket as she washed the clothes. Unknowingly (sp?) she started singing one of the songs that she heard a girl singing not so long ago.

Father once said to me
many moons ago
a demons hand will defend
mother said one day
there is more that you must know
a mortals hand will sustain
two hands togther
incomplete all alone
balance and union and the
gate will open
go my children go
go to crimson flames
to save our children
the lights memory remain

Song of Parting- From Inu Yasha Movie 4

Sakura didn't understand why the girl would be singing such a sad song though. The song was obviously about death.

After hours of laundry and such Sakura, Fumiko, and baby Souta all went back home but this time the vase was filled with water. Sakura got back to her home and went to give the baby to her mother to feed. Sakura put away the laundry and the water. "Sakura-nee can you heal Kyo he accidently got cut." Hikaru asked. "Of course bring him here." Hikaru went to go get Kyo. A few minutes later they came back and Sakura started to heal Kyo. The cut wasn't that deep, but deep enough to make it bleed a lot.

After healing Kyo, Sakura started to prepare for dinner which was rice and peices of apple and bread. Dinner went by fast. Sakura cleaned up and went upstairs to put everyone to bed. "Sakura-nee can you read us a story? PLease!" Aoi asked. Then shouts of 'PLease' erupted through the room. "Fine, but then you all have to go to bed, okay?" They all looked at her and nodded their heads. Sakura started...

"Now everyone in the West knows that Pecos Bill could ride anything. No bronco could throw him, no sir! Fact is, I only heard of Bill getting' throwed once in his whole career as a cowboy. Yep, it was that time he was up Kansas way and decided to ride him a tornado.

Now Bill wasn't gonna ride jest any tornado, no ma'am. He waited for the biggest gol-durned tornado you ever saw. It was turning the sky black and green, and roaring so loud it woke up the farmers away over in China. Well, Bill jest grabbed that there tornado, pushed it to the ground and jumped on its back. The tornado whipped and whirled and sidewinded and generally cussed its bad luck all the way down to Texas. Tied the rivers into knots, flattened all the forests so bad they had to rename one place the Staked Plains. But Bill jest rode along all calm-like, give it an occasional jab with his spurs.

Finally, that tornado decided it wasn't getting this cowboy off its back no-how. So it headed west to California and jest rained itself out. Made so much water it washed out the Grand Canyon. That tornado was down to practically nothing when Bill finally fell off. He hit the ground so hard it sank below sea level. Folks call the spot Death Valley.

Anyway, that's how rodeo got started. Though most cowboys stick to broncos these days." Story by S. E. Schlosser

"Umm Sakura-nee what is Kansas? and China? and Texas?" Sachiko asked. "I don't know they are somewhere in another world." Sakura smiled and ruffled her hair. "Hey!" Sakura got up. "Now you all have to go to bed." Sakura walked out and turned off the lights in their room.

Sakura walked to her room which held two sleeping kids and a baby. Sakura went to her spot in the corner and fell asleep.


Sakura got up as usual and did her routine and got everyone to go to their jobs. Before her Okaa-san left though she pulled over Sakura. "Sakura-chan I got to talk to you." Sakura looked at her mom. "Yes, Okaa-san?" Her mother's eyes looked down showing a sign of being nervous. "Well Sakura your are a woman now, and I been putting this off for about a year but you know I got married to your father when I was eleven." (Yes, in this fic there will be a lot of different things, like getting married really young.) "Mother I have to help you though." Sakura and her mother started to have a quarrle of how Sakura isn't happy here. Unlucky for Sakura her Otou-sama woke up.

He walked out of the bedroom and right in front of Sakura. He turned to his wife and said "She will not be getting married" Sakura sighed,"because I am selling her to a brothel today because maybe she will be worth something there!" Sakura and her mother both wore the same expression of horror on their faces. "A brothel!" Sakura's mother look like she was going to faint. "Otou-sama i-i-if that is w-w-what you wish of me I guess I should follow that command." Sakura looked down not wanting to show her father the tears that were coming from her eyes.

Sakura did want to get married and have children of her own one day but now that dream is crushed if she is going to be a prostitute for the rest of her life! Sakura ran out of her house and into the streets of Konoha. She didn't know where she was going and hit into someone. Sakura looked up to see a a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes that was wearing a ninja headband! Oh no! I ran into a really pretty ninja! How disgraceful of me!

"I am so sorry! This is all my fault..." Sakura was rambling on. "Oh know that is okay. Hi my name is Ino what is yours?" Sakura looked at her. She is so nice! "My name is Sakura, Ino-sama." Ino looked at her as if she was crazy! "-sama? Just call me Ino."

"But Ino-sama your a hero to this village, your a ninja! That is why I have to show great respect to you!" Ino looked at Sakura's face and noticed that she was crying. "Um If you don't mind Sakura-san can you tell me why you are crying? And why you have a big black bruise on your face?" Sakura and Ino went to sit down by a tree.

"Well you see it all began when.." Sakura didn't know why but she told her whole life to Ino like how she gets abused, takes care of the children everyday, and how she was getting sold to a brothel. Ino started crying somewhere in the story. "Ino-sama, Can you be my first friend?" Sakura never did have a friend before. "Sure Sakura-san, I will be honored to be your friend."

"Girl get over here!" Sakura's father and a man on a horse came her way. She turned back to Ino. "It was nice knowing you for a few hours. Thanks for being my first friend." They both got up crying and hugged each other. Sakura took a big breath and started to walk toward her father and the man.

Sakura's father pulled her by the hair and sat her on the horse. "Good Riddens Monster!" Sakura gave one last look to Ino and smiled. Ino was crying. The man hit the horse and they went off. Ino was standing there still at the tree crying when her two team-mates came up to her. "Ino- chan why are you crying?" asked Naruto. "Did someone hurt you?" Sasuke looked at her uncaringly. "No Naruto, I just met the most amazing person who has the worst life." She turned to Naruto and smiled while tears were running down her face. "She is my role-model."


Sakura held onto the man in front of her for dear life. The horse was going so fast and they been riding it for hours. Her legs and bottom started to hurt a few hours ago but now she was in complete pain. "I guess we will stop here for the night." The man stopped the horse and jumped off. Sakura followed but more like fell off the horse.

"Go gather some sticks, bitch." said the man. Sakura followed the man's orders afraid of the consequences. She missed her family. She didn't even get to say goodbye. Tears flew down her face. Sakura wiped the tears away, she was going to be brave, for her family and for Ino who she promised herself to meet again no matter what.

She got back to the little campsite with the sticks. the man started to prepare a fire. Sakura stared at him interested on how he was doing it by rubbing two stick together. The man turned to her. "What are you looking at ya hore?" Sakura winced at that word. "You are a virgin aren't you, you must be your so young and about 12 right. I guess I will have to change that."

The man started to walk towards her with a lustful look in his eyes. Sakura was scared she tried to scream but nothing was coming out. She started to back up when she hit a tree. The man was hovering over her, his two arms on each side of her holding her pinned there. He grabbed her arm and threw her to the dirty ground.

He was on top of her. Sakura was crying silent tears, she was terrified. Everything was going so slow. He started to rip off her dress and only left her in her undergarments.(She wears wappings around her chest) He started to unwrap her wrappings on her chest as if she were some present. Sakura just laid there as if she were some broken doll.

He kissed her up and down her neck and then bit her. Thats when Sakura regained her voice and gave out a blood-curling scream. "Let go of me!" she yelled. She was squirming he wouldn't let go.

"You heard the girl, let her go." Sakura turned to see a man with blood red hair smirking, standing on a tree branch. Thank you Kami-sama for saving me


Well tHATS the beginning of my new story! I hope you like it and yeah there are a lot of different things in this story. The civilian girls in this story usually get married really young like at 11 or 12 the age 14 usually the oldest.

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