technicolour girls
the atmosphere remembers all the wondrous achievements of the past.

air gear | gen | wordcount: 359

talk about a blast from the past! this drabble is ancient. i was going through entries on my old ficjournal and this was dated, ah ... september 06, 2006. wow. why i'm only uploading it now is anyone's guess, but i suppose it shows that my writing has barely changed all that much in almost four years? this piece is so outdated by now, considering the most recent chapters, but i miss this series an awful lot.

( characters not mine, etc. )


Flutter, flutter, flutter. The colors of the day were drifting drowsily into the ground, painting the whole wide world in shades of blue and melted-sherbet pink; a cotton-candy dreamscape, pastel premonition of the impending twilight hours. The breeze would soon follow, sweeping along the edges of the concrete like a dancer floating across her stage – dancing along with her own accompaniment: the melancholic scratching of dead leaves mingled with the faraway tinkling of tiny bells. A wind chime, perhaps.

Then the footsteps followed; percussion to keep the dancer's rhythm, marching to the beat of a slow and careful drummer.

Kururu paced down the sidewalk, foregoing the hurrying and scurrying to just relax. Stopping, thinking, taking a much-needed breather. Various keychains and other such baubles jingle-jangled from her school bag, lulling her into a randomly childlike train of thought. Trivial matters were the order of the day for her today; no thoughts of succession and tuning and Ikki-kun to trouble her on an evening such as this.

Her ears, however – they said otherwise.

Blinking once, then twice, she twirled around on one foot to face the rustling bushes. Nothing was there, it was silent as the grave; or was it?

Two more steps. Then, three.

Rustle, rustle, rustle. The sound was fleeting in her ears, almost nonexistant, but sharp enough for her to catch. It wasn't perfect pitch intonation for nothing.

"Hako-chan, Konomi-chan..." she sighed, never straying from the winding concrete path. "...I know you two have been behind me this whole time, so can you come out now, please?"

The rustle, rustle grew louder, then out popped the two schoolgirls from the bushes, twigs and bits of leaf stuck to their uniforms. "Aw, man... it's getting harder and harder to scare you nowadays, Kururu!" Konomi grumbled, untangling the stray debris from her hair.

Kururu didn't dignify that with a response, but simply smiled instead; as she led her her two teammates down the paved road to nowhere, she slowly closed her eyes and allowed the cacophony of the twilight to take over her senses again, right where it left off. Dancing wind, tinkling chimes, dying leaves.

Flutter, flutter.