Sesshy's Mistress

Summary: Sometimes, in order to be the good guys, one has to do bad things. She doesn't want to submit to that kind of reasoning, but given the circumstances, she has no other choice…

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Princess Serenity. Usagi Tsukino. Bunny. Sailor Moon. Sailor Cosmos. Neo-Queen Serenity. She was known by many names, but lately, she found herself being called Serenity – just Serenity.

Life had been many things to her, but kind was not one of them; neither this life nor the one from the Silver Millennium. She did not know which higher power she managed to piss off in her past life, but they obviously still held a grudge to her.

She was born a Princess of the Moon, daughter of Queen Serenity, and future Queen and carrier of the all powerful Silver Crystal. Her life was everything a girl dreamed of and more: pretty dresses, jewelry, fancy balls, princes from several kingdoms, and a life of ease. Even back then, however, she was rebellious to the blessings bestowed upon her.

Thus, she along with her scouts, found her visiting Earth frequently. It was there she met and fell in love with Earth's Prince, Endymion. He was handsome and everything that a Princess sought in a prince. There was only one problem, their love was forbidden and frowned upon.

Another problem would later show itself, and it went by the name of Beryl. She was a jealous servant who was madly in love with the Prince. It was unrequited, but she was blind and easily swayed to the evil lurking in Earth's core.

Hate and Jealousy helped to fuel the downfall of the Moon Kingdom, destroying the Alliance of Planets which composed the Silver Millennium. The Prince died protecting the Princess and she, in turn, killed herself out of sorrow, hoping she could be with him in death.

The Queen, having seen her daughter drive the Prince's sword through her chest, was broken hearted. With every once of energy she had left, she used the Silver Crystal to banish the evil, locking it into seven crystals and sending them away. Beryl was locked away with her Master.

With her dying breath, the Queen used her last reserves of energy, life energy, to send her people, her daughter, the Prince, and everyone else to be reborn into the future. The Queen had hopes that her daughter and Prince Endymion would have a chance at happiness in the future. For a while, they had, only to have it be ripped away.

Princess Serenity had been reborn as Usagi Tsukino. Who, one day, ran across a black cat with a crescent bald spot upon her brow. She would later learn that the cat possessed not only the ability to talk, but to bestow powers and gifts to a select group of people, the Sailor Senshi.

Usagi Tsukino soon became Sailor Moon. From the first time she transformed, her life forever changed. Never again would she be the girl who could stay up late talking to her friends about boys, go to school, get detention, play games at the arcade, and forget about her worries. No, she was now the defender of love and justice. She stayed the sole defender until the other scouts were found.

As the years passed, enemies came and went, powers and feelings grew stronger, and bonds were formed. More senshi were found, the Outers, and another one from the future, Sailor Chibi-Moon. Never would Usagi Tsukino have thought she would ever be destined to rule over the planet with Chiba Mamoru.

Time eventually began to catch up to the group of friends, comrades, and family. The final enemy came, and with it, a great sacrifice. Sailor Moon was forced to watch as her friends and loved ones were killed, turned, and forced to fight against her. She could hardly stand raising a hand to them, and ended badly injured physically and mentally.

The worst had yet to come. Her friends were ripped away from her as she was forced to fight Sailor Galaxia who had been overcome by Chaos. The battle was long and hard; it wore on her spirit and body, pushing her to extremes that she had never seen before. In the end, Sailor Moon was forced to make a decision: Destroy Sailor Galaxia's body and, in doing so, Chaos, or sacrifice her own happiness to forever fight to keep the balance.

It was then, in that life changing moment, that Sailor Moon became Sailor Cosmos. The essence of her friends swam around her, each entering her body via her Crystal, and becoming part of her. Their souls, power, and essence allowed her body to take on the ultimate form, the only one capable of destroying the hold Chaos held upon Galaxia.

So, using the powers of the people she loved, she called upon the Sword of Serenity and used it against Chaos. The powers of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto used the sword as a conductor for the power. Their sacrifice had enabled Cosmos to rip Galaxia completely free of the essence of Chaos.

The dark creature had been left weakened immensely from the purifying attack, ensuring that it would have no more energy left to fight. Cosmos trusted Galaxia's body to the Star Light's as she moved to permanently ensure that Chaos would never again grow strong enough to cause such havoc and catastrophe.

She took her time using the Sword of Serenity to tear the being apart one small piece at a time until there was nothing but billions upon billions of tiny specks left. She took no joy in what she had to do next, but her mother's words, those of Queen Serenity's, rang through her mind.

"We all have a star in our heart. Darkness and Light are always right next to each other….Show a little fear or a drop of a tear, and the darkness will grow, consuming the light…"

As if echoing the late Queen's thoughts, Sailor Chibi-Chibi appeared before Cosmos in her true from, the future version of Sailor Cosmos. The words she spoke still echoed through Serenity's very soul..

"Where there is good, there is evil… Where there is light, there is darkness. One cannot live without the other. The balance must be maintained. You, Princess Serenity, were preordained to be the one to maintain the balance. You are the essence of Light, just as Chaos is that of evil… One cannot exist without the other…To do so would mean the end of the entire Universe…"

With that said, Sailor Cosmos disappeared, leaving the Cosmos of the time to finish the job. The small hands that held such power took time to evenly disperse the essence of Chaos, sealing it into the heart of the billions and billions of stars, side by side with the light.

The balance of each person, good or evil, would solely depend upon the persons own choosing. No one besides the individual star would have a choice in the matter. To Sailor Cosmos, she felt this decision was for the best. Though the thought of Crystal Tokyo was beautiful, she had always felt it was not what should have been.

To force people to submit, taking away their free will; it just didn't settle well with her. The doubts that had lingered in the back of her mind since the attack of the Black Moon Clan had come rushing back to the front. Now they could live in peace, without worry, banishment, and the urge to seek revenge.

Once her task was finished, Cosmos tried to bring herself back into the routine she had picked up as Usagi Tsukino, but the memories were too painful. Chaos may have not succeeded in possessing the Crystal and controlling everything, but he had left her alone and broken. So, Cosmos left taking the memories of the ones she loved, lost, and left behind with her. No one from earth would recall the battles and losses that were suffered for their freedom and lives.

She wouldn't return until she was sure that everything had changed. None of her earth family remained, none of her friends, none of the normal, everyday places. She waited until it had all faded from existence before returning to the planet that had brought and taught her so much throughout her lives.

Though she returned, she steered clear of Japan. Instead, she visited other parts of the world, learning what each new place had to offer, and basking in the sense of ignorance. So long as she could forget, she'd never have to face the pain again. Of course, there were instances that would pop up that would require her attention, serial killers being the most prominent, but they were easy to take care of and quick to fix. She had yet to face anything that required her to use her powers of Cosmos. Instead, she would travel to the problem areas and use her disguise powers to help find the source of the problems and quickly quench the chaotic desires surging inside them.

Many years had passed and she was forced to stay on the move. It was impossible for her to stay at any one place for too long, lest she spark up someone curiosity. How would one explain the ability to not age? She couldn't. So, after a few years, she would pack up her belongings and move to a new area, making sure to take check of the people living there. This was her way to ensure that no one person could truly cultivate the small portion of Chaos living in their soul.

Yet, in her determination to avoid the place of her earth birth and the source of many painful memories, she gave way for the chaotic powers there to grow in the hearts of those that would allow it. Still, she forced herself not to notice the subtle hints and the small flares in negative energy and feelings.

She just could not will herself to return.

Not yet…

She still had time…

Things weren't as bad as they could be…

Not yet…

Not now…

She was wrong, horribly so. In her pain, she had blinded herself to the full extent of what was happening, only to one day wake up and realize her mistake. Serenity was forced to face the music and her past. So, without putting it off any longer, she said good bye to those she had just recently met, packed up, and booked a flight to Japan.

Soon she would be returning and forcing herself to cope with the truth, and that's what scared her the most.

Because now, unlike ever before, she was truly alone, with no one to lean on for support in a place that was breaking her even before she set foot there. If the thought was enough to haunt her nightmares, what would it be like to really be there?

Serenity couldn't stand the thought, but she steadied her nerves. She would go to Japan, face this obstacle, remove it, and continue on like she had before without fail.

Or so she hoped.

Serenity found herself praying to Selene for the first time since she became Cosmos.

"Yokoo, we have another order waiting to be filled," a voice rang through the speaker phone. "We find ourselves in need of five hearts, and we would prefer them from the same girls that so generously donated last week's kidneys."

"Hearts?" An older man in a doctors wardrobe questioned from his end of the phone. He face was stretched into a demented smile as he leaved over the current victim pinned to his table of horrors, a frog. The amphibian had already been split open, leaving his inner organs open and exposed to the crazed doctor. A partially used scalpel gleamed in the florescent lights of the room while the man considered the request.

"I have a good heart right here in front of me," the man spoke again while pushing the said organ lighting with the side of the scalpel. "Unfortunately, it's from a male donor." As he said this, his hand reached out for a magnifying glass laying out for his use. He brought it to his eye, loving the close up view of the various muscle tissue.

"A male? That's too bad; I'd like them to come from beautiful girls."

"Mr. Takatori, you like women?" The doctor questioned sincerely.

"That's right, I don't like men." Mr. Takatori replied. "Listen, Yokoo, I'm counting on you. If the hearts are not from the same donors, they will be rejected. Farewell."

"Perhaps it would have been wise to have taken the hearts while we still had the girls," an assistant spoke while walking towards his superior. Though it was a suggestion, the tone was haughty.

Before the man could properly comprehend what was happening. The doctor had stood from his chair in a rush, scalpel in hand, and pressed it up towards the other man's jugular. "Do you wish to know why I let them live?" The assistant, too scared to speak, gave a slight nod of his head.

"I'll tell you. I only perform precise operations and only to fill orders. That's how I work," the doctor slid the scalpel from the man's throat down to his chest. With a quick flick of the wrist, he managed to slice the material of the assistant's shirt, bearing a slightly hairy chest. The doctor pressed the tip of the cold metal piece into the man's skin, right above where the heart would be located. "I am a doctor, not a killer."

The assistant sighed with relief when the doctor pulled back and returned his attention to the frog.

"Though, I'm looking forward to this next one…"

Serenity sighed heavily. Usually, when she planned to move, she would gradually allow herself to adapt to the time change; however, this move proved to be difficult in many ways. One, she needed to move quickly. Two, she had emotional baggage to deal with. Three, she was out of her element. Japan, for the most part, had not changed, but the people had, drastically.

She knew no one, was familiar with nothing, but had memories of what once was and what could have been. Serenity had only been here for a six hours, but things were already proving to be harder than expected. On the plus side, she had managed to find herself a small apartment. Most of her belongings were being air lifted to Japan and wouldn't get here until the next two to three days.

She had the basic necessities, but she would miss joys of her treasured items. Having finished unpacking what she had brought with her on the airplane. Serenity stepped out into the hallway. After checking to make sure no one was loitering in the hallway, she pulled a key from her pocket and stepped towards the door right next to hers; it easily slid into the lock.

With a quick twist of the wrist, the door was unlocked. She stepped inside and flicked on the lights. Her blue eyes sought out the door that connected her apartment with this one. Before choosing a place to stay, Serenity had made sure to look into the background of each place. Her choice was not the newest of locations, but it served its purposes. Originally, it had been a condominium, but the company went bankrupt due to fraud within its network.

Too bad for them, lucky for her. Serenity quickly unlocked the connecting door and pushed open the one that led to her other apartment. She had made a friend in South America whom owned various properties throughout the world. He had, at one point, owned a large portion of what once was this condominium. When the company fell through, he stayed with the building, only renting spaces. Eventually, he had spent so much money, the new owners offered to sell him the floor, which he accepted. He would now and again lend his apartments or condos to friends and family when they traveled.

When he heard of her predicament, he happily offered her whatever she needed. Though he did not know the full story, he understood that she had a troubled past in her home country. So, he was more than happy to give her two apartments on the floor he owned. One she bought for herself, and the other she left in his name, currently the one she just walked into. (1)

The owner of the complex was unaware to the agreement between the two. All he was aware of was the fact that Serenity Moon had purchased a piece of the floor from the owner; it was better in the end. If she was to run across any trouble, the man would not be in as much danger as if he did know the full story.

Serenity turned back to the larger apartment; it would do. Summoning her Staff of Cosmos, she opened a portal and stepped through it only to reappear moments later, pushing a heavy piece of machinery into the center of the room.

"I forgot how heavy this was," Serenity grumbled once she finished pushing it to where she wanted it. Retracing her steps, she entered and returned from within the portal with several other things before closing it.

One of those things happened to be a stool. She was quick to drag it infront of the large machine she had first dragged into the room. With a few little clicks and flicks of some switches, the small screen lit up and a familiar name popped upon the screen.

Sailor V Game


This was one piece of furniture that she would never trust anyone to run across. As soon as the game finished loading, she opened the compartment which took tokens, flicked a little lever several times, and credits instantly built up in the corner. When she was satisfied with the amount, she hit the start button and began to play.

It didn't take long for her to access the true interest in the machine. The brightly lit screen soon turned to static. A normal person would assume it was broken, but Serenity knew better. A robotic voiced filled the air, requesting a name and password which Serenity readily provided. She was then asked for scanning.

She placed her hand upon the screen, allowing it to scan her and prove her identity. This, of course, was normal precautions. Serenity was careful with where she stored the Earth's Senshi's Central Computer, but it was better safe than sorry.

After she finished going through the proper protocol, the screen filled with various windows, allowing her to start her search. She began with a family history on the Tsukino's. Though she had wiped their memory clean, she did need to blend back in to society.

She was sad to find that they had, for the most part, died out. There were only a few left alive and those were close to passing. Interesting enough, though, she did find one loop hole. (2) Though distant, there was one woman who had stayed inside of Tokyo. She had been orphaned after her parents died and adopted by a nice couple. She had a forgetfulness habit and had not been in contact with any relatives in a long while.

Serenity smiled in satisfaction at the rest of the information she was able to pull on the old woman. With a few more clicks, her printer was eagerly spitting out the information on paper, allowing her to look into other things of interest – namely the elections and the kidnapping and theft of girls and their organs.

It was going to be a long night…

"What's wrong, Brad? You haven't had a thing to say all day," Schuldig teased the taller brunette whom continued to ignore his pestering. Feeling rather put off, Schuldig turned his head back to where a solemn youth sat at a computer. The keyboard was busy being typed on by invisible fingers, allowing the youth to sit back with his arm crossed.

"The two of you are no fun," Schuldig finally sighed and collapsed into a nearby couch. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette, quickly lighting it and taking a long drag. On the other end of the couch, a silver haired man played with a set of blades, occasionally licking them between his mumblings of making God cry.

"Don't worry, you'll have your fair share of fun soon enough," Brad spoke while pushing his glasses back up his nose. With that said, he gave a nod to Nagi, silently ordering the boy to follow him. Nagi nodded and stood before shooting Schuldig a seemingly blank look.

The orange-haired telepath merely laughed off the telepathic threat as he watched the two leave. As the door shut behind Brad and Nagi, Schuldig narrowed his eyes and concentrated on their leader only to be shut out of his mind once again.

"Hmph, he's never any fun."

"Why me?" Yohji grumbled loudly as he watered the flowers. From behind him, Aya and Omi stepped up to check his work.

"You're the one who wanted to open today, Yohji," Omi chuckled while patting the man on the back. This didn't seem to help Yohji's mood much. Instead, it made him sulk more.

"Be sure to take care of the shop," Aya ordered with a curt nod before quickly making his leave. He pretended not to hear Yohji's cries of outrage while he made his way down the street.

"This is so not fair," Yohji grumbled while stowing away the hose and moving to grab a pair of sheers.

"Remember Yohji-"

"Yeah, yeah," Yohji interrupted the young teen. "I wanted too. I got it!" He lifted his hand and quickly brought it down on Omi's head, stealing the teen's hat and playfully whacking him on the back of the head with it.

Omi reached out and grabbed his hat back. He opened his mouth to yell at the taller man when someone entered the shop, successfully interrupting the almost-fight.

"Um, excuse me," A soft and unsure feminine voice rang through the store, oddly sounding familiar to that of the chime that announced her presence. Omi and Yohji as one turned to see a blonde haired, blue eyed girl standing just in front of the door.

Yohji felt his jaw drop as he slowly took in the blonde beauty from head to dainty toe. She was dressed in a pair of wide legged trouser paints which almost completely hid her strapped sandals. Her upper body was covered by a form fitting white T-shirt with a drape front, black vest. Her pale skin glowed in the sunlight, but the thing that caught his attention the most was her hair; it was held in a tight pony tail which was topped with a bun. A very long and thick strand of hair drifted down her back and butt to brush against her calves.

Pulling himself from his daze, Yohji's eyes flickered to Omi, noticing his shock as well. He couldn't help but smirk at the heavy blush that was slowly covering the young boys face. Yohji openly laughed and slapped him on the back a couple times before making his way to the blonde still waiting to be helped.

"Your beauty seems to have sent my young friend here into a state of shock," Yohji smoothly slid beside her. His large hand slipped over her smaller one, grasping and pulling it towards his lips for a kiss.

"YOHJI!" Omi shouted as the blonde playboy's comment succeeded in pulling him from his stupor. "Leave her alone," Omi jumped behind him, grabbing at Yohji's shirt and pulling him away from her.

"I'm sorry about that Miss, how can I help you?" Omi questioned while hoping that Yohji hadn't freaked her out. He had a tendency to do that now and again, especially to the younger girls.

"It's quite alright," the girl smiled softly before moving around Omi and taking a look around the shop. "I'm actually just browsing. I was walking down the street when I saw your business. With such a cute name, I couldn't help but stop in and see what you had."

"Oh, well you see-"Omi started to blush again but the sudden entrance of Aya with a scared and upset Sakura stopped him mid sentence. Concern welled up in his chest and he rushed to see what the problem was. Reporters suddenly covered the sidewalk with cameras flashing and microphones pushed forward.

The girl was momentarily forgotten by both Yohji and Omi who pushed as many of the reporters back as they could. Still, there were too many of them. Aya pulled a crying Sakura further into the store and as far away from the chaos as possible.

The reports continued to try to push their way closer to the girl, refusing to stop; however, water suddenly started to shoot towards them, threatening to ruin their equipment. All three florists and one scared teenage girl turned to see a blonde with an angry scowl on her face and water hose in hand.

"Don't you vultures know when to go away?" She growled while continuing to spray them. Many complaints filled the air as the reporters backed away from the spray. "Quick, close the door," she ordered Yohji, the closest. He nodded and quickly pulled down the metal barrier.

"Thank you," a very quiet voice spoke towards the woman. Yohji, Omi, and a suspicious Aya turned their attention from Sakura to the blonde.

"No worries. The press is made up of a bunch of idiotic barbarians. You just have to know how to handle them," she gave her a friendly and sympathetic smile followed by a playful wink.

Sakura felt tears start to well up in her eyes at the girl's kindness. "I-I- I just don't know what to do," she cried into Aya's shirt, clinging to him when her legs gave out. Her whole body trembled in fear.

Aya was surprised to find her clinging to him and was unsure as to what to do. Thankfully, though he'd never admit it, the blonde girl approached Sakura, pulling her away and towards a nearby seat.

"I'm so tired and no one understands how I feel," Sakura continued to cry out her frustration and stress. She easily fell into the seat that Omi had rushed to pull out for her. Even while seated, she clung to the blonde who had been so nice as to help fight off the press.

"I just want to die!" Suddenly, the compassionate girl was gone and in her place was a hardened woman who had seen too much.

"You shouldn't say things like that," she spoke lowly while freeing herself of Sakura's hold and stepping back, allowing Aya to shake some sense into the girl.

"The Press is still hanging around. How are we going to get Sakura out of here without them hounding her?" Yohji questioned to no one in particular while he checked outside one of the windows.

"I have an idea-"

"Aya-san, you're so mean!" Sakura yelled and stood quickly to make a run for it. Faster than what any of the men expected, the blonde girl was at her side, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her. When that didn't work, the sound of skin hitting skin rang through the store.

"You have to calm down, Sakura-chan. Now listen, I have an idea. You obviously need some time away without the press all over you, but you shouldn't be alone. Not in your state. So this is what we're going to do. You and I are going to change clothes. I'll make a run out the back and around the front, tricking the press. I'll lead them as far away as I can so you can go relax for a bit, but not alone," the blonde lifted the shorter girls face to look at her. Sakura wasn't sure for a moment, but the sincerity in the other girl's eyes had her hopeful.

"B-but I don't even know your name," she sniffled. "Why would you help me?"

"You can call me Serenity, and don't worry. Us girls have to stick together, ne?" Serenity was relieved to see Sakura nod and begin to smile; it was a start. She had seen and heard about the girl on the news and instantly felt sorry for her. Seeing her here was an odd coincidence but Serenity felt it would pay off later. So, she and the florists quickly came up with a way to get Sakura to safety.

Serenity had easily slid on the large black sweatshirt and sweat pants that Sakura had worn over her uniform. The tall red head had been unanimously voted to go with Sakura. From what Serenity could tell, she was all too happy for that, but the boy was slightly unsure.

But, it wasn't any of Serenity's business anyway. So, she shrugged it off.

"Good Luck, Sakura-chan," Serenity waved quickly before Omi opened the door and ushered her out.

"Hurry, Sakura-chan!" He called behind her once Serenity cleared the alleyway. Just as planned, the reporters quickly honed in on her and fell into hot pursuit. The real Sakura was on her way to the park with a standoffish Aya.

Serenity ran for several blocks, effectively evading the press, but she eventually grew annoyed. As she rounded one corner, she slid into the nearest alleyway and used the shadows to hide her body. Once the large Press mob had passed, she jumped upon the roof of the nearest building, checking to see how far she had actually run.

She whistled softly under her breath. At least she hadn't lost her speed and endurance over the years. Stepping to the center of the roof, Serenity opened another portal, falling and landing inside her apartment. She would need to change and get ready for tonight.

"Shit," Serenity cursed her luck. She had laid down for a quick nap only to lose track of the time. Someone else had beaten her to saving the girl. Her boot clad feet kicked away a nearby scalpel which lay innocently upon the pavement; it was clean. No blood.

When she had first walked upon the scene, she was surprised to see that there was no truck. Her vision had showed the truck would be here. Confused, she had walked around, looking for the truck or the body. She was relieved to find the cargo of the truck had been dumped over the edge of a platform.

She had made sure to jump down and check for Sakura, but failed to find her. Whoever got here and made the mess must have taken the body. There was no blood anywhere, so the girl had to be safe.

Serenity sighed but sent a prayer of thanks to whomever it had been that had saved the girl. Just to be sure, however, Serenity quickly hopped into a summoned portal, heading for Central Command's Computer; it would lock onto her energy signal, guaranteeing that she was still alive.

Serenity was able to sleep easy that night without another person's death hanging on her shoulders. Before heading to bed, she had made sure to set several alarms, ensuring that she would get used to the time difference here.


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