Dreams of the Dying

by Machina Ex Deus/Shadic the Hedgehog


Shinji smiled as he lay in bed, going over recent events. Things were chaotic, to be sure, but they were pretty good, too. He closed his eyes and he drifted off to slumberland.

"This isn't my usual kind of dream..." He mused, looking around himself. "I mean, why the heck would I be standing on a big, blue ball?" Indeed, Shinji found himself in a place he had never seen before, nothing but yellow and blue (the blue belonging to the large sphere under his feet) as far as he could see. "I mean, there's no people, and there's usually at least Asuka..."


"What?" Suddenly, the bizarre scene vanished, to find himself on a street corner, one that seemed oddly familiar to him, though he couldn't place it. There was still no one around, and there was no noise, either. At least, until he heard the chanting of what sounded like two little girls.

"One two, he's coming for you..."

Shinji looked around, but the song/chant/thing seemed to be from everywhere at once.

"...Three four, better lock your door..."

Somehow, he'd heard that song before. It was about as familiar as the street on which he stood.

"...Five six, get your crucifix..."

He cocked his head and tried to think of where he'd heard it.

"...Seven eight, better stay up late..."

His eyes widened as he finally figured it out.

"...Nine, ten, never sleep again."

He spun around, and he fell backwards at the figure in front of him.

Hello, Shinji Ikari.

Shinji screamed.


"Blood Pattern: Blue! Angel confirmed!"

"Where is it? Call Misato and get the pilots here!"

"I-it's coming from Major Katsuragi's apartment!"



You are, all of you, garbage.
Your hide who you are from the world and yourselves.
Only revealing your true selves in your dreams and nightmares.
I am the Nightmare of God.
I am the Angel of the Dreams of the Dying.
Call me Ishmael.
Sweet Dreams.