Report on the recent Angel attack

By Ritsuko Akagi

It's been a week since the Cherub, called "Ishmael" according to Pilot Shinji Ikari, attacked the pilots and their families. There have been lasting consequences that transferred over to the real world, particularly since part of the Angel's power was to translate damage done in the dream world to the body.

Commander Gendo Ikari has not stepped foot in his office, and refuses to even look at a gun. He hasn't even adopted his usual pose while on the command deck.

Dr. Yui Ikari needed bandages over the entirety of her body save her head, due to her skin being slowly stripped away. She has also expressed some minor trepidation over the thought of seeing Eva Unit-01. Or, rather, she's become afraid of Ichi.

Major Misato Katsuragi has become almost catatonic, much as she had when she was found after the Katsuragi Expedition. According to Pilot Shinji Ikari, she was forced to relive the events repeatedly, which would explain what happened.

The First Child, Pilot Rei Ayanami, has been scaring more people than she ever has before, by not acting like her usual self. She has shown extreme animosity to Kei, and occasionally breaks down crying when she sees the condition Shinji and Yui Ikari are in, but otherwise is solemn and quiet.

The Second Child, Pilot Asuka Langhley Sohryu, has suffered a relapse in her personality, returning to the stuttering, fearful child she was when she arrived. When I spoke to her, she managed to confide in me that even her other personalities had clammed up. She suffered extensive bruising and her left shoulder has deep puncture marks in it. Her right eye has also suffered some minor damage, requiring her to wear her glasses more often.

The Third Child, Pilot Shinji Ikari, suffered more physical wounds than psychological ones, though he has still withdrawn from the world. At this point, I hazard to guess that he is the only Pilot who would be able to attain a high enough Synch Ratio to pilot, but as he is confined to a hospital bed with multiple compound fractures in his arms and legs, he is not able to pilot either.

The Sixth Child, Pilot Kei Ayanami, has become almost as withdrawn as Misato, but can still function. She has yet to say anything to anyone other than "I'm sorry," but she refuses to explain what she's apologizing for.

All in all, it was a complete disaster that has completely crippled NERV and its ability to fight Angels. We can only hope that everyone will have recovered by the time the next one arrives, or that Chairman Kihl will have allowed us to borrow Kaworu and Evangelion Unit-06.

End Report