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Secret Demi-Gods

Chapter 1 (Tom's P.O.V.)

The guys and I decided to take a trip to Greece. We needed a break from all the drama going on. Dougie broke up with Frankie, but she keeps crawling back to him, and he's afraid he'll fall for her again for the wrong reasons. Even I broke up with my girlfriend! Gio and I needed a break, and I've dated her for so long, how do I know she's the one?

Anyway, back to the fact that we're in Greece. We've been here for five days and loved every minute of it, except Harry, but that was only because he had food poisoning the first couple days. Today is our last day here and were visiting the Parthenon.

"Wow, this place is even better in person!" I said taking pictures of it with my camera.

"How much longer are we going to look at old buildings?" Dougie asked. He wasn't too excited about seeing the ruins, but he loved the beach.

"Doug, you got to admit, this place is pretty cool." Harry said looking at the Parthenon.

"The temple of the gods, it sounds pretty cool." Danny admitted and he glanced in a book he was carrying around to get inside stories about the ruins.

"The gods aren't even real." Dougie mumbled, kicking a rock.

"I think you should keep that thought to yourself." We all turned to see an older man, maybe in his fifties with grey hair combed back, he came over to us.

"Why?" Dougie asked. I elbowed him hoping he'd get the idea to shut up.

"Every citizen of Greece believes in the gods and goddesses." The old man explained.

"So, we're not citizens of Greece." I elbowed Dougie again and the man smiled.

"Do you know how Athens got its name?" The man asked.

"No, will you tell us?" I asked, and he nodded.

"Both Athena and Poseidon wanted the city, Cecropia, to be named after them. Their tasks were to give the king and his citizens a gift. Poseidon struck a rock that caused a spring of water to come out of the ground; it was to signify that the citizens had water and would never face a drought. But, the water was salty just like sea water which Poseidon ruled. Athena's gift was a seed she planted which grew into a lovely olive tree. This assured the citizens they would have food, oil, and firewood. The citizens decided to make Athena their benefactress. Now they worship her because of her gift, because they believe she exists." His grey eyes twinkled as he told us the story. In fact, you say…I believed him.

"Adonis!" We looked behind him and saw to girls, probably around our age walked over.

"Telling old legends again?" The brunette asked. The old man laughed and nodded.

I noticed Dougie was checking out the brunette. She had dark brown hair that ended above her hips, a tan complexion, hazel eyes, and unlike most girls, and hour glass figure.

"You caught me Sierra." The man said laughing.

"Sierra, don't pick on him!" The other girl said. Now she was a beauty. She had short auburn hair that ended at her jaw, piercing blue eyes, and a pale complexion. She was a bit shorter than the brunette but she also had an hourglass figure.

"Uh…I'm sorry. Did you say Adonis?" Danny asked as he read through his book about Greek mythology.

"Yes, that's my name."

"Isn't that the name of Aphrodite's lover?" Danny asked looking up from the book. Adonis laughed.

"That's true, but it doesn't mean I can't have the same name as him." He looked back at the girls. "Oh excuse me; this is Sierra Day and Felicia Green. They're my nieces, girls this is…uh…"

"Oh, Tom Fletcher, and these guys are my friends. Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd, and Danny Jones." I introduced them pointing to each of the guys.

"It's nice to meet you." Felicia said to me. Sierra didn't say anything.

"Well love to stay and chat, but the girls and I have to check out some mayhem at another site." Adonis said. Damn, I wanted to at least talk to Felicia before we left!

They began to leave but Adonis stopped and turned back to us. "By the way, I wouldn't stay out here much longer. Things start to get real interesting when the sun goes down." Adonis said to us.

"Uh…we'll keep that in mind." I told him. He smiled and left. I noticed Sierra was still watching us.

"Sierra, let's go!" Felicia called as she pulled Sierra along.

"They're a bit odd." Harry said as he walked closer to the Parthenon.

"I don't, I think we should do what he says." Dougie said.

"Doug, you aren't scared are you?" Danny asked him.

"N-No…" He hesitated. "I just think we should listen to him."

"Alright, let's go before Dougie wets his pants." Harry said. Just as we walked away we heard the sound of something rolling down the stairs of the Parthenon. We turned back to the ruin and four objects rolled down the stairs, onto the ground, and stopped at our feet.

"What the hell?" I said under my breath.

I walked closer to the objects. They looked like medals but they didn't have a design on it.

"Alright, now I believe what Adonis said about 'things getting real interesting.'" Danny said as he walked over to examine it as well.

"Let's take them, as reminders about this vacation!" I suggested picking up the four blank medals. I handed on to each of them.

"It would have been better to talk to Sierra." Dougie said under his breath as we left. I nudged him.

"Looks like you and me are in the same boat." I said.

"Felicia?" I nodded.

It would have been nice if something interesting happened. I wonder what else would have happened if we stayed longer.