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[Inspired by AIR, both anime and manga]

The Angel's Gatekeeper

Dawn arose behind the horizon, casting its rays of golden light across the ocean sea. Diamond-flashes glimmered across the ocean face, the light expanding towards the closest reach of a pair of islands. The islands were small, but cozy, as they bathed under the warm sun. One was smaller than the other, with a large but dormant volcano as its only inhabitant. The other held the life of a small town, quietly awakening to the call of morning.

There was a small cottage on top of a rocky cliff that stood over the shuffling shores. It was small, homey, and looked abandoned for some time, yet clutched onto a sense of youth to it. The sun's light slowly etched into the cottage through the sealed balcony doors.

The inside of the cottage looked bland, having nothing but: a leather couch, an old mahogany table, several chairs, and a sole grand-father clock. Not a single picture existed; neither did any other objects of decoration. The house looked ready for sale, with several sample furniture to add with it. Still, thick layers of dust lay across every square inch of the house. It was as if no one has lived inside it for years.

Within an empty bedroom, there was nothing but a single bed covered by a blue blanket. Strangely, there was something underneath that blanket. It was as if a human was curled up under the covers, like an infant within its mother's womb. For long and quiet moment, nothing stirred.

The being underneath the blanket twitched its legs, its knees tucked close to the chest. Slowly, they extended out. The being uncurled itself, the blankets inflating into several directions. A soft yawn stretched into the stale air.

The blankets rose up, like an awakening human. An unbelievably thick layer of dust rolled across the blanket's ends, as if not tended for more than decades. Finally, the covers slipped off.

Why, it was a young human girl that sat on the bed, no older than 17. She had long silky blonde hair that was tied in a long ponytail with a lengthy white ribbon, had tired but blazingly gorgeous blue eyes, and her complexion was gentle, innocent, and down-to-earth.

She rubbed her eyes with curled fists as she lightly moaned. She gave out a wide stretch. Suddenly, she froze and realized something. Her arms fell limp by her side; her head turning this way and that. The Girl's eyes widen, as if shocked. She immediately felt her face in disbelief. Her gaze lowered down to her pale and slender hands. She was speechless, but lightly gasped. Soon, her lips stretched into a wide smile.

She laughed like a happy child as she bounced up and down on her bed in excitement. Dust then followed, forming shadowy mists in their rise. It eventually curled up and tickled the Girl's nose. She was stopped from her excitement as she felt a sharp sensation running up her nose.

A squeak of a sneeze sounded off.

Thick clouds of dust burst out of the Girl's open bedroom door, charging into the empty house's living room. From within the heart of the sickening smoke-dust, a slender figure rushed out of the room. It scurried away from the clouds and ran straight for the balcony window. Without looking, the figure crashed into it and faltered back with a muffled yelp. It fumbled for a way to open it as the smoke rose thicker and thicker. As if a miracle had appeared, the figure was able to push aside the balcony door.

The Girl doubled over the railing and let out a loud gasp. She coughed as she struggled to breathe. She slid off and sat down with her knees together. She sneezed a few times before looking up, wearily staring out through the bars of the balcony railing. Again, she stopped; this time, she was in awe.

She saw the beach before her, with the rising sun's ray reaching towards her from the glittering horizon. Her eyes danced under the light, entranced by its natural beauty. Then, she stood up to her feet and walked off the balcony's ladder towards the shores.


The sea rolled across the beach with a gentle purr. It smoothed out the sands in its wake as it pulled back into the ocean. A pair of delicate bare feet strolled across the wet sand. The Girl was quiet as she walked across the edge of the beach. Her eyes never left the horizon. She stopped and turned her body to face it, staring at the waking sun with yearning eyes. She tried to speak, but not a single word left her tongue.

The Girl collapsed to her knees and doubled over. She grasped at her heart as her face twisted in pain. She struggled to get words out; they refuse to be said. The Girl reached her other hand to her throat, as if to pry off an invisible grip to free herself. She stopped her shaking of pain and sat up straight, giving up. Understanding her attempt to be futile, she released a painful sigh.

A shining tear drop fell from the edge of her cheek. Her eyes were deep with solemnity as she gazed at the horizon. She sniffed back several tears and lightly wiped them off. That was when she stared at the sand. It was blank, clean, and smooth. A tiny crab crawled by her bath, leaving small tracks in its path.

A thought blinked into her mind. She took a moment to stare at the sand…then to her index finger.

Her single touch dipped into face of the sand like a kiss. Tenderly, the Girl guided her hand in a series of smooth strokes that made their mark. She hoped this would remedy the trouble in her heart. Trailing off in completion, her finger retreated to let her eyes have one good look.

Words were engraved into the beach shore:


The Girl sniffed back her tears and reached out her hand. She touched the muddied dust that surrounding the single word, caressing it as if it were a familiar face. The glint her eyes faded with sadness. However, the beam of her smile grew with that of hope.

Silently, she watched as the warm waves roll over her sacred words…erasing them out of existence…

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