Just updating all my old stories . . . seeing if I can finish a few.

At noon, Kitty was waiting nervously at the café, hoping Kurt hadn't blown her off. It was pushing 12:30 when Kurt walked up to her.

"Mind if I sit here?" He asked playfully. Kitty smirked.

"Not at all."

"I see you've been here for a vhile." Kurt said, gesturing to the half-empty cup of cold coffee sitting on the table.

"Yeah . . . well, no, not really, I guess, just . . . half an hour. I don't mind, I've got a good book. And a really good way to look desperate and nerdy at the same time." Kitty babbled, shutting herself up before she could do more damage. Fortunately, though, Kurt didn't seem to mind. He smirked at her.

"You don't seem ze nerdy type to me. More . . . intelligent and independent." He complimented her. Just then a waiter walked by, and Kurt flagged him down. "'Schuldigen sie, could I get a cup of coffee?"

"How would you like that?" the waiter asked, pulling out his notepad and pencil.

"Black, bitte." Kurt said. The waiter nodded and walked off.

"Black?" Kitty asked, grimacing slightly?

"Oh, ja. I can't stand all zis "triple mochacchino double turbo shot viz zree creams and six sugars and espresso" stuff. As my fazzer alvays said, a real man takes his coffee black." Kurt smiled again.

"Seeing as I'm not a man, I like my coffee with cream." Kitty said, taking a sip of her coffee, causing Kurt to grimace.

"Cold?" He asked. Kitty, upon realizing her mistake choked down her sip and wiped her mouth, setting the cup down and pushing it away.

"No, not normally, but you're making me stupid." Kitty said, mentally slapping herself for blabber. Kurt laughed.

"Black coffee, sir." The waiter reappeared and set Kurt's coffee down in front of him, then going off to another table.

"See, zis is coffee, Chessa." Kurt said.

"Don't call me Chessa. Call me Kitty." Kitty said.

"Vy?" Kurt took a sip of his coffee.

"I just use that name meeting someone new . . . identity protection, yadda yadda. My real name's Katherine, but I go by Kitty." She said, thumbing nervously through her book.

"Hm." Kurt nodded. He glanced at his watch. "I hate to make you feel bad or seem like I'm ducking out on you, but I have to go, I've got a class in half an hour. It voz really nice talking to you again, Keety—I genuinely mean zat. Call me again and ve'll make anozzer date." Kurt took a drink from his coffee mug, put five dollars down on the table and stood, brushing his hand over Kitty's forearm as he passed. Shivers ran up and down Kitty's spine as she picked up her book and walked back to the bus stop.


Back at her apartment, Kitty was supposed to be studying for a Chem 101 test in two days, but was worrying about Kurt. He'd left right after she'd told him about the name thing. Maybe he didn't like her name. He totally blew her off. But he'd said he genuinely meant it and he wanted to go on another date, so did that mean he really did have a class in half an hour? And what had he meant by the hand-brushing-arm thing? Did he like like her? She was so confused, and knew she was overanalyzing it, but couldn't help it. She wanted to call him and ask him what he'd meant and stuff, but if he wasn't lying, and it seemed like he wasn't, she couldn't call him because he'd be in class.

Grumbling at her stupidity, Kitty forced herself to calm down and start studying, trying to force Kurt out of her mind. Poring through pages of Chemistry material, Kitty didn't find any interest in the text on the pages. She knew it was slightly creepy that she was obsessing over him like a little high school girl with her first crush.

Oh, geez, she thought, I'm never going to pass this test.


Two months later, (Kitty did, in fact, pass the Chem test) Kitty was having dinner with Kurt at a local restaurant as a celebration as their two-month anniversary.

"This is slightly ridiculous, you know," Kitty said with a smile as she looked over her glass of water at Kurt, who gave a playful shrug.

"But it's fun, ja?" Kurt asked. "Ready to go?"

"Sure." Kitty replied, and as the waiter came by, she asked for the check.

"I'll pay." Kurt said, waving down Kitty's protests. Kitty smiled bashfully. "Why don't we walk and talk afterwards?"

"Okay then . . ." Kitty said somewhat nervously.

"It's okay, I'm not going to do anyzing to you. We've known each ozzer for two monz. Do you not trust me?" Kurt asked, putting his water down to look closely at Kitty.

"No, no, it's not that. I trust you, Kurt, I'm just afraid that you're going to . . . break up with me." Kitty said, developing a sudden interest in her hands, clasped in her lap. Kurt waited a few moments, looking at Kitty somewhat incredulously, then began to laugh.

"What? What? Don't laugh at me!" Kitty cried, getting flustered. Kurt coughed and stopped laughing, but sniggered a moment before replying.

"I'm sorry, Keety, it's just zat I can't believe you jumped to zat conclusion. I'm crazy about you, I'd never break up viz you." Kurt said, genuinely honest, causing Kitty's heart to leap and her cheeks to redden.

"Really?" She asked shyly. Kurt nodded enthusiastically. Just then the waiter came back with the check. Kurt left the tip on the table and helped Kitty out of her chair, escorting her to the door. Kitty giggled at his romanticism.

They ended up walking along the sidewalk just outside the park, still in escort position, watching the dregs of the sunset fade, talking about things.

"Seems like you've got something to say, Kurt." Kitty observed.

"I don't know . . . I've been zinking about zis for a very, very long time. Promise you von't hate me or anyzing. Promise." Kurt said. Kitty wasn't looking at his face, so she didn't see the solemn look in his eyes, so she leaned into him playfully.

"Just spit it out, it's okay," she said, then looked up, the smile freezing on her face at the grim look in her boyfriend's eyes.

He drew a very deep breath and blinked hard. "I'm a mutant."