Sakura Haruno walked silently and alone from her high school reading a book. She was taking her usual route and going at her usual pace, which was slow when she was reading a book which was most of the time. Sakura only looked up to when she heard giggling and talking surrounding her.

Everyone had someone to walk with. Everyone had a friend….except for her. For some reason no one wanted to associate with her. Just because she wore glasses, was the smartest girl in her school and hid behind her bangs didn't mean she had a contagious disease. There were lots of girls like her. She was even on the best player on her tennis team and people didn't like her. It didn't make any since.

At any rate she didn't care. She was used to it by now. She was a senior after all.

"Goodbye!" Someone said

Sakura stopped in her tracks to look back to find out that they weren't talking to her.

Two girls were parting from each together.

"Goodbye…" She answered softly and turned back around to walk.

She stopped again when she noticed him staring at her with this confused yet angry look on his face. 'Gaara.'

Gaara was the most feared delinquent in all Tokyo, Japan. No one ever messed with him or they would end up in the hospital for a week. He never came to school except for when there was a quiz or test which he always somehow got the second highest score on after Sakura. No one could figure him out including Sakura. She wondered what kind of secrets he hid behind that dark scowl of his.

When Gaara began to walk towards her Sakura's heart began to pound rapidly within her chest. The air seemed to tighten around her almost suffocating her. There was a certain dark aura Gaara had leaking out of him.

She could only breathe when he walked by her. She didn't even want to turn around to see where he was going. All she wanted to do was go home and stay there alone as usual.

Sakura was on her way home when she remembered she had something to pick up from the convenient store. It was bad enough that it was almost dark but when it had begun to rain her life seemed to get worse. She ignored a group of guys hanging outside the store that whistled and spoke to her and hurried to get her things. The quicker she could get them the faster she could go home and see her favorite show.

The store clerk was an elderly man who took his time ringing her stuff up. It made her impatient and she gave him five dollars more then what she owed. She didn't care as long as she made it in time for her show.

"Hey there, what's the rush?" One of the guys spoke to her as she walked away.

Sakura quickened her steps wondering why this had to happen to her. Why couldn't they just leave her alone and mess with someone else.

"We just want to talk." Another guy grabbed her hand.

"Let go!" She cried slamming her bag into their jaw. That made him let go.

"Hey!" They glared at her.

Sakura dropped her things broke into a run. She knew she was into trouble when they had cornered her in an alley. Why did she have to be so stupid to run into a dead end? Who did that?

"You hurt my buddy pretty badly back there." Their leader she supposed took a step up to her. "Now you have to pay." He lifted her skirt with a stick he was holding.

Sakura took in a deep breath and punched him in the face. She could hear a crack as her fist impacted his nose. She probably broke it. She was hoping she did. She watched him bend down in pain and then decided she should get out of there while she still had the chance.

She thought she was free until one of the other guys grabbed both of her arms and forced her to the ground. It didn't take her long to give up struggling. They were just too strong.

Sakura closed her eyes. This wasn't exactly how she pictured giving up her virginity. What was her mom going to say when she found out?


Sakura opened her eyes. She recognized that voice.

"Let her go."

"Gaara-kun?" She looked up. Gaara was actually saving her?

"Well if it isn't the great Gaara-sama. Coming to save your girlfriend?" The leader asked.

"She's not my girlfriend. In fact I can care less about the girl but you're on my turf now. I don't want any blood shed unless it's coming from me." He replied in cold disdain.

Sakura gulped. So much for her theory.

The leader laughed while his followers stepped back in horror.

"If you don't care about the girl I guess you won't mind if I get some payback from nearly breaking my nose." He said and kicked Sakura in the stomach.

Sakura cried out in pain and coughed up blood.

"Knock it off." Gaara growled.

"Wait, I'm almost done. I have to avenge my partner to since she hit him in the face with her bag." He smiled and kicked Sakura in the stomach again.

This time Sakura could feel a rib break.

"I said knock it off!" Gaara barked.

"Why? You don't care about the girl right? We'll make sure we clean up the mess."

Sakura looked at Gaara with pleading eyes. Why wasn't he helping her? Gaara's eyes met hers. They were lifeless and dark. She could tell he had no pity for her. That bastard.

"…." Gaara looked away as if he hadn't even seen her.

Another blow to the stomach and another wave of pain shot through her body.

'What did I ever do to deserve this?' Sakura began to cry more from pain then from sadness.

"Hey man! W-what are you doing?" She heard her abuser say. He sounded frightened.

"I told you to knock it off didn't I?"

Gaara's voice was so close to her now. She watched him bend down next to her and touched her stomach lightly. Sakura cried out and began to cry harder.

Gaara stood up and turned to them. He walked over to the garbage can and pulled out a steel bat that was lying in it and pointed it at the guys.

"For each time you hit her I will hit you. That was three. For each rib you hurt I will hit you. That was three also. That's six. And for just pissing me off I'll hit you until you start to bleed. Do the math." Gaara growled.

Sakura closed her eyes trying to shut out the screams and other noises filling the air. It lasted for what it seemed a mere five minutes before everything was silent. Then she felt two strong arms pick her up gently. She tried to stifle back a scream bellowing in her shirt and buried her face in Gaara's close. He smelled like cinnamon which was a complete shock. She always thought he would smell like dirt or some nasty cologne he made by himself.

"Where do you live?" He asked.

"H-hospital." She replied.

"Where do you live?" He repeated strongly.

"Hospital." Sakura replied again.

"I don't trust the hospital Damnit. Just tell me where you live."

Sakura looked up at him. Her vision was blurry she thought she saw two Gaara's.

"The apartment…down the street." She breathed. "Room number…145." She said before she blacked out.

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