Author side note: I am actually a little disappointed today. I had received my NT2 DVD in the mail and when I watched the deleted scenes they weren't what I expected. The extra little scene with Patrick and Emily being cute of how it used to be like when they were in bed was too short and I thought a couple of scenes I heard would be on the DVD were missing. Is that all the deleted scenes we get? We don't even get the one where Patrick was stabbed? I also remember during the commentary about another kissing scene Patrick and Emily were in but maybe I just love them too much to realize it was probably just a joke. Still love the movie of course!

A/N: My second one-shot and my take on what happened after they had found the City of Gold. Of course, being that it is fanfiction and completely different story then my other one I probably won't keep the past experiences of Emily and Patrick the same as I had said in "Our First Couch", I like to change my stories a bit and Emily might be a bit different in this one too but a good different, to me it's good, lol. I hope you still read it and I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

It had been a very long and tiring day after they had found the City of Gold, a happy one of course but they all could use a bit of relaxation after a day like today. They would have another big day tomorrow, they were already having requests coming in for interviews, people wanted to have just a small conversation or picture with them and the only person really enjoying it was Riley but that night, after everything whined down, they needed to relax.

"What a day." Emily commented leaning against one of the wooden posts.

"Long day." Patrick added as he leaned against the post as well beside Emily.

Riley nodded and then replied, "I could use a drink."

Ben shook his head and wrapped a tighter arm around Abigail as she shivered just a bit in the late cool night air. "I don't think that would be a great idea. It's kind of late."

"Aw, Ben…" Riley complained. "It will be sort of a celebration, for what we found today."

Ben still shook his head. "I don't know…"

"Actually…" Emily spoke up. "That sounds great. I could really use one after today."

Riley grinned and turned to Ben. "See, your mother's game. Come on, don't be a party pooper. After a day like we have had I think we should all have one…or two, maybe three."

Ben sighed and gestured ahead of him. "Lead the way."

They all followed Riley to a small pub across the street from their hotel that, thankfully, didn't have very many people in it and the people in there didn't even look up when they entered the bar. They made their way to a round booth in the back, stuffing Emily and Patrick in the middle, Riley on the end next to Emily, Abigail next to Patrick and Ben on the other end.

"So…" Riley said motioning for the bartender. "What's it going to be?"

Patrick couldn't stop himself. "Tequila?" he said nudging Emily a little bit.

She saw the smirk and the twinkle in his eye and knew he was teasing but she glared anyway. "You know how I get after that stuff."

Patrick nodded and again, he just couldn't stop himself, "Tequila it is then."

"So tequila?" the bartender asked politely.

"No." Emily said immediately. "I will just have a scotch if you got it please."

The bartender nodded. Patrick had the same as Emily, Ben and Riley ordered beer, and Abigail would have ordered wine but she figured with this place she would be out of luck on that, so she went with Riley and Ben ordering a light beer.

"So Dr. Appleton…" Riley said after he sipped his warm beer but extremely satisfying as it slid down his throat. "Ben has told me nothing about you, in fact, the way Mr. Gates talked about you the last time we were on one of these adventures made me think you were dead."

Emily turned to Patrick with a raised eyebrow. "Really?" Patrick turned quickly away and took a sip of his drink.

"Tell me about yourself? I know you teach, what's that like?"

Emily sighed and moved her drink around a bit before answering, "It would be a lot better if there weren't any students." They all laughed, including Emily, and she continued, "You would think college students would be more serious about their education…some are…but most, they just don't care or they always expect me to bend my rules when I strictly tell them at the beginning of the semester I do not accept late work and I don't offer extra credit, if you don't want to do the work you shouldn't have taken the class. I am not there to be their mother and hold their hand the whole way, if they wanted a mother they should have stayed home. That's what I tell them at the very first class and I don't repeat myself. They should know better but they don't. Every year it's the same thing. I always get some students to come to me begging for extra time, complaining they had practice or they had a big work load. One girl told me her grandmother died and I sympathized with her and bent the rules once…then I hear her bragging about how she had fooled me so I wouldn't accept her assignment, shows you what I get for being nice."

Riley just sat there with his mouth open a little. "Wow…" he finally said. "No offence but I am glad I didn't have you as my professor." Emily wasn't offended. She just smiled. "I don't mean it as anything rude…" he continued. "I just wouldn't have made it…barely made it from the classes I did take."

"It's fine." Emily said taking a sip of scotch and feeling the warm smoothing liquid down her dry throat. "I understand things are different. It wasn't like that in my day. When I went to college I certainly didn't make excuses." This statement intrigued Riley to ask more questions.

"So you two met on a treasure hunt?" He looked to both at Patrick and Emily who looked at him in surprise. Riley blushed. "I could sort of hear you guys arguing while I waited outside; sort of glad I didn't come in."

Emily laughed. "That's how we always are. You should have just come in."

"I think I was safer outside." Riley commented with a smile. "So tell me about the treasure hunt."

"Well…" Emily said shifting a bit so she was facing Riley more and consciously moving herself into Patrick's arm more that sat on top of the booth behind her, "It was a treasure hunt…sort of but it was more educational purposes really. I was trying to just get course credit, don't believe anything this oaf tells you." She said pointing to the man who was rolling his eyes behind her. "I believe the school still does it, takes a few students on a hunting trip to get the feel of things first hand."

"Where did the excitement, adrenaline, and tequila come in?" Riley was anxious to know after spending time with these two. They were an interesting couple and he could only imagine the stories they had to tell.

Emily couldn't help but blush. It was Patrick's turn to butt in. "That came in about a week after we met."

This caught Ben by surprise. "A week?" he questioned his dad. Ben's questioning left both Emily and Patrick speechless. They hadn't realized they never really explained this to Ben…of course in 32 years they never talked to one another let alone talk about one another.

"Ben doesn't know…" Riley said with a smile. "I love it. This calls for more beer!" He motioned to the bartender again. "Can we get more beer over here please?" The bartender nodded.

"Tequila next for you?" Riley teased.

Emily glared but it didn't faze Riley who had already finished his beer. "The last time I had tequila was in May 1963."

"You afraid of it?"

Patrick spoke up. "Tequila tends to loosen her tongue a bit."

Riley nodded. "Oh…she talks a lot."

"Okay…sure…we'll go with that." Patrick said with a smirk.

Ben cringed. He didn't need to know that about his mother. "Can we change the subject…let's talk about today."

Riley waved him off. "We talked enough about the City of Gold. We talked until our ears bled. Now is the time to take a break and learn more about Mr. and Mrs. Gates." Emily couldn't help but smile at the thought of being called Mrs. Gates. She hadn't been called that in years. It sounded nice to her. "So…you fell in love over a shot of tequila and then got married?"

Emily could feel her tongue loosen a little more as she took the rest of Patrick's drink. He motioned to bartender for more as Emily told the story. "No, more like a bottle of tequila and I didn't know I fell in love with him until a month later when I found out I was pregnant with Ben."

Ben spit his drink out all over the table. "What?" Why was he just hearing about this? He knew his parents had gotten married soon after they met, he even knew about the tequila they drank when they met but he just assumed they got married because they fell in love quickly not because they had to get married.

Abigail laughed. "So that's why Patrick asked me if I was pregnant when I first met him. He was wondering if the apple didn't fall far from the tree."

"Ben's a love-child." Riley grinned.

He glared at Riley and he wished his mother would stop but she didn't. Emily didn't go into extreme details of course but she described their trip. She remembered every last bit of it because it involved Patrick. Almost any memory involving him she remembered. But she told Riley, and the others but mostly Riley since he seemed to be the most interested, about how they met on the bus to their destination. She talked about how they were paired as partners for one simple project of digging and preserving and how they argued most of the time. Arguing was their thing she guessed, it certainly always ended with them in bed, of course she left that part out but he sort of guessed it anyway.

"So wait…" He said setting down his fourth beer. "The way you are describing it, sounds like arguing is a weird way of you two flirting."

Emily set down the second glass of scotch she had been nursing and shrugged. "I guess you could look at it that way."

Riley shook his head. "Weirdos."

"Hey!" Emily said. "I've been nice to you this whole time. Don't make me turn on you."

Riley was just about to reply when the bartender came up to them. "I am sorry folks but we are closing."

Emily looked at her watch and her eyes widened. "Oh, it's 2am. We should go."

They all nodded and left the money for the drinks on the table as they walked out of the pub and toward their hotel. "I like your Mom." Riley slurred a little bit. He was never one to be able to hold his alcohol. In fact Abigail, Ben, and Patrick seemed to be the only sober ones as Patrick seemed to be holding on to Emily as well.

Ben smiled. "I think you're a little young to be my new dad."

Emily laughed and Riley blushed as he replied, "That's not what I meant. She's cool, not how I imagined after seeing that girl running out damning her to hell."

"That would be the girl that told me her grandmother died." Emily spoke up. "Kara Stone. She tried giving me her paper that day. I told her no after what I heard."

"And all she said mother was that she hated you as she was coming out."

Emily shrugged. "Not the first time someone has said that behind my back. I have heard worse…cold, mean, unfair…That British Bitch is my favorite." She said with a grin.

Patrick frowned. "You let your students talk to you like that?"

She chuckled. "They don't have the courage to say it to my face and I don't let it bother me, most who say that are just angry of my teaching methods. Anyway I'm exhausted…I'm ready to sleep."

"Me too." All of them murmured and yawning in the process.

They all said goodnight to one another and Patrick assured his son he would make sure that Emily would get to her room just fine and Patrick knew that's all he had planned to do, little did he know that Emily had something else planned.

"Are you going to come in?" Emily asked bluntly as she held the door open for him. She walked away as she took off her jacket and threw it across the chair that sat in the corner, she suddenly felt very warm.

Patrick was taken aback. He really was going to just walk her to her room and then head to his. "Emily…"

"Shut the door please." She said as she shed her blouse, leaving the lighter thin strapped silk undershirt on. Patrick was at a loss for words. He shut the door immediately and that is when Emily smiled as she approached him. He knew he shouldn't have let her drink at all. Alcohol tended to have a certain effect on Emily and Patrick wasn't ever able…no matter how hard he tried…to resist her, the proof of that was Ben.

Patrick hadn't even noticed that Emily was extremely close to him until he heard the click of the lock on the door behind him. "Em…I think you should go to bed."

Emily smirked. "All right, as long as you tuck me in."

"Em, I'm serious…"

"Me too." She said placing her hands on his chest and pulled at the zipper of his jacket.

He grabbed her hands and removed them but didn't let go for fear and secret desire of what she would do with them next. "You had too much to drink."

"I had two drinks!" she said laughing.

"Yes and look how you're acting. I know what alcohol does to you, remember 1963?"

Emily smiled and joked, "If you are worried we will end up with another Ben, don't, that can't happen…trust me."

Patrick enclosed his hands with hers and held them close. "I just don't want you to regret this in the morning Emily. I know we didn't formally discuss what happened earlier and…"

"Patrick…" Emily said with a sigh. "I know what happened earlier. I kissed you." She gave him the biggest smile, the smile that made him fall for her over forty years ago. "I kissed you because I wanted to. I wasn't drunk then and I am not drunk now. I had two drinks. I just know that I miss you." Her voice suddenly got a little softer and she looked down to the floor. Patrick knew he she didn't like to seem vulnerable. "I miss spending time with you and being with you." She looked back into his eyes. "I miss us Patrick and whatever happens tonight is not the last of it. I will make sure of that." She said with a small smile.

Emily leaned up as best she could but given she was 5'4 and he was 6'1 it was kind of tough. "Patrick you're going to have to meet me half way here." She said with a smile.

He knew it was inevitable so he leaned down and kissed her with all the passion he had. Emily groaned against his lips and held him by the lapels of his jacket and pulled him back toward the bed.

A/N: I hope I ended it okay. I was going to try for a love scene but I wanted to get this up before I went to sleep. I will try and go for a second chapter, for maybe a morning love scene and what will happen the next day sort of thing. Do you all like that idea? Well I hope you liked it so far! Thanks for reading.