A/N I should be working on something else, but this just grabbed my attention after watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.

No, not the movie. The series. *takes a deep breath and sighs contentedly* Ah, my childhood.

Also, yet another piece inspired by Nightcrawler's Shadow. She owns the original idea, but it was about X-Men. So yeah, I own the little sentences, not the idea.

Pre- to post-series finale, some AU.

What no one knows is that he's afraid of dieing, because once the last Airbender dies, there won't be any more, and the Avatar cycle will be broken.

What no one knows is that, before meeting Aang, she never practiced her waterbending because it made her feel like a freak. Sokka didn't help any.

What no one knows is that he's a harsh person on the outside because he's jealous of Katara, Toph, and Aang; all he could ever do was throw a boomerang and do some fancy stuff with a sword.

What no one knows is that, despite her complaints about them, she loves her parents and misses them.

What no one knows is that her reason for relying on fear is because her father broke her trust one too many times.

Ty Lee
What no one knows is that she didn't learn chi blocking, she taught herself. She had plenty of time with the lack of attention her parents gave her.

What no one knows is that while she was in prison, she never spoke to anyone. In fact, she never spoke at all; not even to Ty Lee. All she thought of was Zuko.

What no one knows is that, in his middle school years, he would watch the other kids getting dropped off and picked up by their parents. He would look at them and wish he had a family like that, instead of a distant father, a missing mother and a cold sister.

What no one knows is that she regrets leaving the Fire Nation. Things turned out okay, but seeing her daughter in a mental institution, her husband in jail and her son scarred saddens her nevertheless.

What no one knows is that, deep down, he loves his wife and his children dearly, and wishes he had been brave enough to try and stop the war instead of fighting it.