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Chapter 1

Eight year old Harry Potter lay asleep in the cupboard underneath the stairs. His body was bruised where Dudley's fist had hit him. His hand was burnt from the hot frying pan he had served diner from. He was already small for his age, and thin enough his ribs could be seen, if hi cousins baggy had me downs didn't cover them.

He often wondered why his parents had died and left him with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Everyday, he wished for someone to come and rescue him, for someone to take him away from his cousin and his chores.

It had never happened.

The Fire Spirit however, had heard the boy's pleas and seen his abuse.. He watched the boy, the boy such passion, such fire in his heart. He watched as that fire slowly began to die. He could not allow that, but there was only one way he could help the boy, and this child was needed in the world he was in.

The spirit debated long over this.

He would help the child, the only way he knew how. The boy was certainly powerful enough, but he would have to change that power. The magic of his world did not belong where he would be sent. His magic would become bending, firebending to be more exact. All of Harry's natural talents in magic would be poured into firebending. A mastery of fire never before seen would run through the child's blood, greater than even the avatar would be able to master.

But he needed a teacher.

The great Dragon that was the Fire Spirit thought carefully over this. As much as he detested the family in general, they were the greatest firebenders alive. Perhaps Harry could even redeem them. Besides, Iroh was a good man.

And just maybe, just, some good would come of it.


As Harry Potter slept, the Fire Spirit reached out to him. Green flames engulfed Harry's body, healing all of the boys ailments, never burning him or his surroundings. After the fire finished healing, Harry's body slowly faded from Privet Drive.

Far to the north, in an old Scottish castle, Albus Dumbledore watched in horror as the numerous devices he had set up to monitor Number 4, Privet Drive and young Harry Potter ceased to work.

He immediately flooed to Arabella Figg's house, but it was to late.

By the time the old headmaster reached Privet Drive, Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, was long gone.


Harry dreamed of fire. Flames of Green danced around him, shortly joined by flames of blue and orange. The blue and green fire danced together, separate from the orange, which flared the largest. But over time, the blue and green fire grew together, larger and more powerful than the orange flames.

The last Harry saw before blackness, was a large red creature with glowing yellow eyes. It roared once, and harry knew no more.


Eight year old Azula watched as Zuko walked away with their mother, talking and smiling together.

The young girl glared at them. She did love her mother, and even her brother Zuzu. But at times like this, she wondered why Mother spent more time with her brother than her. Sure Father spent more time with her than Zuzu, but it wasn't the same.

Father was strict, harsh, and only cared about what he was trying to teach her at the time. Mother was kind and caring. This was why she was so mean to others, it was the only way she could release her frustration.

She looked down at her hand as it was engulfed in blue flames. At least she was a better firebender than Zuzu was. She really hated that he was before her in line to the throne.

Azula jumped as green flames appeared a short distance from her. Intrigued, she tried to bend them, and was frustrated when nothing happened.

She watched the flames with fascination as they slowly began to die. She gasped when they revealed a boy dressed in strange clothes and raven black hair.

The girl ran over to the the boy, only to find that he was unconscious. She examined him carefully. His skin was pale, much like her own. And he had a strange scar, shaped like a bolt of lightning on his forehead. She unconsciously ran a finger over the scar. She jumped back when the boy stirred, but he remained asleep.

Azula gently shook him and his eyelids opened. Emerald green eyes met her golden ones.

Azula gasped as she muttered, "Earthbender!"



harry blinked. He was looking at girl with beautiful golden eyes and hair so brown it was almost black. He thought she looked very pretty. He blinked again and realized he wasn't wearing glasses.

"Who are you?" Harry asked nervously. "Where am I?"

The girl jumped back and Harry watched as blue flames engulfed her hands.

"How did you do that?" Harry asked.

The girl glared at him. "Do you not recognize a firebender when you see one?"

"Firebender?" Harry stood up and looked quizzically at the girl. "What's a firebender?"

The girl's mouth opened in disbelief. "You don't know what a firebender is?"

Harry shook his head.

"It was now the girls turn to look confused. "How can you not know? Everyone knows about the firebenders. Firebenders are the whole reason we're called the Fire Nation."

"Fire Nation?"

The girl relaxed and the blue fire faded from her hands. "My name's Azula. What's yours?"

Harry smiled. "Hello Azula. I'm Harry, Harry Potter."

"Where are you from Harry?" Azula asked.

"Surrey, in England."

"I've never heard of England."

Harry's smile widened. "That's okay, I've never heard of the Fire Nation."

Azula smiled back at Harry.


Azula enjoyed talking with Harry. They talked about many things. He told her about his aunt, uncle, and cousin. She told him about her family, the Fire Nation in general, and herself.

Then she showed him firebending.

Harry watched her in amazement a stream of fire began to circle her.

"That is so cool!" Harry exclaimed. "How do you do that?"

Azula laughed at Harry's enthusiasm. "I just do," she answered. "Father says that it comes from our anger, our will to do something. But Uncle claims that it comes from an inner peace, and passion for doing something. You also need to breath."

Harry stood up and watched her intently, studying her movements.

Azula almost laughed again when when Harry began to copy her movements. How could a green-eyed boy ever learn firebending. She was shocked when green fire began to circle him, just as blue fire circled her.

Azula's smile widened. "You're a firebender Harry!" she laughed.


Azula shortly showed Harry to her father. Ozai, intrigued at the boy's apparent talent and power, took the young boy in. He already had had plans for the boy, and would train him alongside his daughter.

Azula gained a loyal friend in Harry. Unlike Mai and Ty Lee, he wasn't afraid of her or with her just for something to do. Plus he was a firebender like her, and she was allowed to practice with him, something they both enjoyed.

Zuko came to dislike Harry as he did Azula. His new foster brother had more favor from his father than he did. But it didn't bother him too much, he would inherit the throne after all.

Iroh wouldn't meet his foster nephew until after Ozai became Fire Lord. But when he did, he was impressed by the boy's natural abilities. And he was happy with Harry's inquisitive nature. Often time, when Harry wasn't with Azula, he would play pai sho with Iroh.

Ursa wasn't around long enough to form an opinion of Harry. A month after Harry's appearance, Fire Lord Azulon died under mysterious circumstances and Ozai was crowned Fire Lord. She was banished shortly afterwords. Her only consolation was that Azula had an actual friend. Maybe now her baby girl wouldn't become the monster she saw.


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