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Chapter 17

Azula and Harry were sitting in the Hogwarts library. Harry was reading through a book called Hogwarts: A History, in an attempt to figure out the hint Agni had given them about the Diadem.

Inside Hogwarts lies the lost Diadem, another container of Riddle's soul. You will find it in the room of hidden things.

Unfortunately, despite searching the castle for a week, they had yet to find a room of hidden things. And they were reluctant to go to the headmaster for help, which left them pretty much on their own.

While Harry was reading, hoping for some clue to the rooms location, Azula was attempting to figure out how to get the Diary from the Malfoys. The pages of parchment in front of her were covered in ideas, some insanely stupid, but she was working on it.

"This is useless," Azula growled. "There is no way we can breach the wards surrounding Malfoy Manor subtlety. Either we set them off, endangering ourselves in the process, or we fry them. And with this information, by the time we got through the wards, we'd probably be exhausted, not to mention that we'll have announced our presence quite effectively. The only other way in is for someone of..." The princess' eyes widened in surprise, before narrowing as a happy smirk graced her lips.

"Azula?" Harry questioned, looking up from the book. Noticing her smirk, he frowned. "What are you thinking?"

Azula grinned. "We have access to the manor, that's all you need to worry about. Any luck with the room?"

Harry shook his head and set the book down. "No. Though I do have an idea."


"The house-elves are responsible for cleaning the whole castle," Harry explained. "The book did tell me the entrance to the kitchens, which is apparently the headquarters of the elves. I figure if anyone knows where the room is, they do. And if they don't, well frankly, I'm out of ideas."

"Let's take a break," Azula suggested. "We don't actually have to destroy them all until the third task, so we have some time to figure it out."

Harry opened his mouth to protest, but Azula cut him off.

"But if it means that much to you, after dinner we can go get the ring."

Harry smiled. "You're right of course. I just want to get this done and over with so it's one less thing to worry about."

Azula smirked. "I know something that'll take your mind off of everything," she said, standing up and coming around the table to sit is lap. "How about we go back to our room, draw a nice warm bath, and..."

"Excuse me."

The two firebenders turned to glare at a young boy, holding a camera. He gulped at the glares he was receiving from the two.

"Yes?" Azula asked, somewhat angrily.

The boy gulped. "They want Harry for tournament business."

The two firebenders sighed.

"Where kid?" Harry asked.

"The trophy room, the same place they sent you when you became champion."

"Thanks," Azula sarcastically, standing from Harry's lap, and straightening her suit. Harry reluctantly followed her up. "We know the way," she told the boy, who promptly nodded and ran off.

Harry smirked. "I think you scared him."

"Me?" Azula asked, raising an eyebrow.

Harry smiled. "You've never been on the receiving end of your glare." He turned his head to look at her. "If it's enough to make grown men, soldiers no less, cry, imagine the effect it has on a young boy."

Azula thought for a moment. "Good point. Now come on, the sooner we get there, the sooner this is over."

"And the sooner this is over, the sooner we can crawl in bed, right?"

Azula nodded. "Exactly."


Azula and Harry entered the Hogwarts trophy room, to find the other three champions waiting, along with Ludo Bagman. There was also a man with a camera and an older, blond-haired lady with jewel encrusted glasses.

The two firebenders hated her on sight.

"Harry Potter," the lady greeted them enthusiastically. "Back from the dead. How about an interview? The world is just dying to know your story."

"I sincerely doubt that," Harry replied emotionless, his princely mask firmly in place. "And I won't be giving any interview."

"Come on Harry, the public has a right to know about their savior."

"Listen lady," Azula interjected at this point. "He said no, go pester someone else before either of us gets mad."

The lady gave a distasteful look at Azula, before shrugging, "Very well then."

A few moments later, The three headmasters, along with Barty Crouch, entered the room, followed by an old man, one that seemed older than even Dumbledore.

"Ah, good, we're all here," Ludo said happily. "For those of you who don't know, this is Mr. Ollivander," he introduced the old man. "He is Britain's premier wandmaker, and he is here today to inspect your wands."

"Then why am I here?" Harry asked, annoyed that he and Azula had been dragged here for no reason.

"What do you mean?" Ludo asked. "Ollivander must inspect your wand."

"I don't have a wand," Harry pointed out.

"Oh, well, we also need to take pictures...,"

"Goodbye," Harry told the man, before turning to Ollivander. "I apologize for my behavior, and I am sure you are a master of your craft, but as I know nothing of wands, and in fact don't even own one, I must excuse myself."

Ollivander smiled. "Perfectly understandable Mr. Potter, though I admit that I am curious as to when you learned to cast magic without a wand. It is a large feet for a fully grown wizard, let alone a teenager."

"It's not magic," Harry smirked. Before he turned and left the room, Azula following in his wake.


That night, Harry and Azula decided not to go after the ring.

Harry conceded that Azula made a good point about taking a break, and not needing to rush their task.

The fact that she decided to revisit the issue in lingerie that she had bought with Tonks help may have affected the issue.


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