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Inuyasha © Rumiko Takahashi


"Seimei-san?" A black-hued cat ear twitched as the aforementioned person looked over to the one who called out his name in the first place.

Kagome was gazing out the glass slider of the elder Aoyagi brother's room, the younger – Ritsuka – in her arms, sleeping. The eleven-year-old's head bobbed from it's resting place just above the female's bosom, one cat ear rapidly twitching as the miko rested a hand near it.

Seimei put down the book that he was reading at the end of his bed, walking over to his computer desk to set it down, momentarily invading Kagome's line of sight before walking to the other side of his bed to rest his back against the headboard and pillows—similar to what the teenage girl was doing.

Ritsuka shifted in his sleep to turn his back to the sliding glass doors to face the direction that his brother was in, his tail curling around his hip to gingerly rest on his knees that were nearly drawn to his chest – the tip twitching every so often.

"Isn't that friend of yours supposed to have picked you up already?"

Kagome turned her gaze from the outside world, blue eyes looking into Seimei's violet orbs – slight confusion, but it soon cleared as she figured out who he was talking about, "Nakahira-san is just a friend, Seimei and it's a bit of a ways away to keep going back and forth from here to where he's currently staying."

Seimei turned his head away slightly, a small smile on his lips, though he wanted it to leave. The blue-black-haired female frowned, turning her attention to the eleven-year-old slumbering currently in her arms. Since his shifting, her hand was no longer near his feline ear, but that didn't deter her from gently running her fingertips through the boy's disheveled black hair – earning a small smile on his face.

The silence between the two teenagers was thick and awkward, weighing heavily on the female's shoulders as she thought of something – anything! – to alleviate the the thundering emptiness between the two of them. Readjusting her position – Ritsuka had wrapped his arms around her waist absentmindedly and appeared to have no intention of letting go anytime soon – the miko turned her head back to Seimei, making a slight noise in the back of her throat when his face was right close up to her all of a sudden, "Seimei-san..?"

His hand came up and cupped her cheek, seeming very different to her than before—a shiver making it's way down her spine as she thought that she felt a bead of sweat make it's way down her brow—fringe shadowing his eyes, making it hard to know what it was that was running through his mind.

At least to her, the light-haired young man was predictable to the blue-black-haired teenager than the one currently sitting next to her – currently boggling the poor girl's tired and weary mind with his unusual actions towards her. The black-haired male refused the simple unasked question left hanging in the air by his conscious companion, her mouth slightly open and lips attempting to form a coherent sentence, although failing.

Seimei's thumb soothed the smooth skin of Kagome's cheek next to her mouth, the pad of his appendage trekking over the sensitive area of her lower lip. His violet eyes looked up to her through his fringe, gauging her reaction to his abrupt behavior, "Why is it that you visit, Kagome-san?"

The miko furrowed her brow at the fellow teenager, "Ritsuka is nice company, thank you very much." 'You've never acted live this before when I've mentioned Nakahira-san, Seimei-san...'

The older male's mouth pursed into a line, not at all acting line he was before when Ritsuka was awake and chatting away to the two of them. The line lowered its corners into a frown, "You come solely for Ritsuka? Nothing more, nothing less?"

Kagome attempted to jerk her face away from the elder brother, but his other hand had come up to rest on the other side of her face, making sure that she kept facing him as he was talking with her. A scowl ruined her features in Seimei's opinion as she did her best to glare at him, hands and arms tense – though she kept the rest of her body from doing so and possibly disturbing the younger brother from his slumber.

The frown on the sixteen-year-old's face stayed for a few more moments, before alleviating itself and became a simple line once more.

Kagome could feel a tick develop in the form of a twitch from the incessant staring Seimei was doing to her, unnerving her just a tad... however, the smirk that formed from that passive-aggressive line was the final straw that broke the camel's back—she jerked her head to whichever hand was the closest and sunk her teeth into the lithe appendages.

Seimei jerked back uncharacteristicly with a small yelp of shock more than pain.


Ritsuka took his older brother's hand in his, eying the white bandage wrapped neatly and securely around the tip and top knuckle of one of his fingertips, his black cat ears twitched in curiosity and confusion, innocent eyes shifting towards the silent female that was facing the sliding glass door, "Nee-chan?"

Looking over her shoulder, Kagome gave the younger brother her full attention, one hand still resting on the clear door, "Hai, Ritsuka-kun?"

"What happened to aniki's finger?"

The miko looked sheepish, "It's my fault, Ritsuka-kun. I had a nightmare and Seimei-san attempted to wake me, but his finger suffered for it..." 'I'm sorry for lying to you, Ritsuka-kun.'

The eleven-year-old had a look of realization, nodding and accepting the story told to him. Smiling, he placed a kiss on the bandage and gave his older brother a hug before hopping off the bed to hug the miko from behind, cheek resting on her thick mane of hair – eyes watching her cat ears twitch and focus in on him.

"Nee-san~ Are you going to spend the day with aniki and I again? It's Sunday and there's no school today!" Seimei let his book lower a tad to reveal his smirk to the female sixteen-year-old, awaiting her answer as well.

"Maa maa... I don't see why not, though I will have to leave later today whether I want to or not to go see Nakahira-san. I promised him that."

Ritsuka looked at her confused when she mentioned a name he never heard before, "Who's Nakahira-san?"

Kagome's ears perked at the question – that Seimei took upon himself to answer, "Her lover."

A deep flush darkened her cheek bones and the bridge of her nose as the miko took the pillow she used to sleep with and chucked it the best she could at the older of the two brothers – missing him completely, "Iie! He's not my lover!"

The innocent black-haired eleven-year-old lifted his face off of the girl's hair, cocking his head to the side, "I thought that aniki was your boyfriend..."

Kagome stilled, her blush spreading to the back of her neck – unseen and covered by her dark hair.


"Nakahira-san!" A soft female body collided with the light-haired man's back, to which he gave a soft grunt in response to the sudden entity clinging to him.

He looked over his shoulder to the large and pouting Columbian blue eyes of the miko known as Kagome while she pouted at him. The teenager attached to him was unpredictable, fiery-tempered and caring, always changing each time the two of them met – which only made their friendship all the more desirable, "Hai, Higurashi-kun?"

"How's Shirokuro doing?" Nakahira sighed as he turned his head back to the door he was heading to, one arm covering the ones wrapped around his abdomen while the other cupped his chin as he sighed.

Unimpressed eyes looked back over his shoulder to the awaiting ones of the sixteen-year-old – he couldn't keep the twinge of jealousy out of his voice, "She's doing fine. I swear – you care more about her than you do me."

"Eh? Really? Apparently Ritsuka-kun think I care the most about his brother..."

Just a little something to give you guys to read while .KK. and I are busy trying ot hurry and update our fan fictions—it also serves a purpose of getting me back into the Loveless-Inuyasha crossover mind set for me to come up with more ideas for Cat Ears. That and I utterly adore Nakahira; as well as Ritsuka, Seimei, Youji, Natsuo... Meh. To point this out, I'm sure that most of you might know already that in Japan, students go to school a full day Monday thru Friday, with a half-day Saturday, leaving Sunday as their school-free day. As for the 'Maa maa' that Kagome says, I have no clue if it actually means anything, it just reminds me of when I answer a question with 'Uh um' or 'Uh um'. Please review, for more may be added to this and it's to pacify you readers.