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A/N: This series is a compilation of one-shots that take place after my story SO: Hero's Beginning, they take place right after HB's last scene. They are meant to set up my next real story, and to clear up and resolve a lot of bugs as a result of my incompetence to research certain things. It was my first fic and I learned a couple things from that, so i hope i wont make the same mistakes this time around. So bare with me, and if you haven't read Hero's Beginning, you should definitely go read it! However, you won't really need to know that story to completely understand these shorts. But, since these stories will be based off my previous fic, you might want to take a look at it...and COMMENT ON IT PLEASE! Thank you :) look forward to a combination of action, politics, comedy, and cheesy romance in the following shorts of this series!

SD 773 June 24th, North America, Federal City, GRF (Galactic Republic Forces) barracks.

It was dark and quiet in the room, it had two beds, the clock on the cabinet to the side read 3:00 AM. The lights suddenly flickered on as a man walked into the room.

"Attention!" the man yelled. He seemed to be a ranking official, with a beige military uniform and hat on. The colorful badges signified that he had the rank 'Corporal'. The two figures in the room lying down on their beds, stood up straight. Their faces were completely void of emotion.

"Sir yes sir!" both of the figures barked in reply, they were both males in their late teens. Both seemed to be about nineteen years of age.

"Cadet Kenny, Cadet Maverick, your unit has been ordered to the front lines, you recruits are about to get a rude awakening. Get your gear ready and report to the shuttle bay at 05:00 hours with the rest of your unit. The two boys nodded and the man exited the room, probably to harass the next pair of unsuspecting cadets.

The boys fell back to their beds and sighed. "Man Tom can you believe they are shipping us out already?" the boy with long red and messy hair asked.

"I know it's crazy Eric," replied the boy, Thomas Kenny.

"I guess you have to live up to your family name don't you?" Eric replied.

"Ugh don't even remind me, how about you? Cadet Maverick, you have a name to live up to as well!"

Eric Maverick and Thomas Kenny, descendants of the great Maverick and Kenny families, synonymous with the very name of space exploration. Their very names carry greatness, but these two kids are just two normal teens. Eric is a bit of a bum but Thomas is very much the hard worker. Both boys are full of potential, but both are a bit rebellious and love to piss off their parents. As a result they never achieve their full potential.

Eric grabbed all of his belongings and stuffed it into his bag. Eric had red messy hair, with blue eyes and possessed a slim yet athletic build. Tom had brown hair, and green eyes and a very stern and serious looking face; he was a big lad, very athletically built. Eric merely scoffed as he thought of his great, great, great, a million times over great grandfather, the 'father' of space exploration: Edge Maverick.

Tom had a similar background, descendant from Lightspeed Kenny, Captain Ronyx J. Kenny, and who could forget Claude C. Kenny, great heroes of their time. But here he was, Cadet Kenny. His father constantly reminds him how his ancestors were Captains by the age of 18, or had achieved something or another. And who could forget his saintly brother Alistair Kenny, commander of the 8th fleet. Tom never seemed to be able to live up to his family's expectations.

The two boys lazily exited the room, Eric ran back and grabbed his reflective aviator shades and slid them on. Tom chuckled and shook his head, and the two continued on their way to the shuttle dock to join their company. The Republic Transport lay waiting in front of them, and the two boys hurried on board.

After they had settled into their rooms they reported to the main audience chamber of the ship, they settled into chairs farthest from the front, as they always did. Eric got comfortable in his chair and he slid forward in his chair until he got to a desired position, it reflected his extremely laid-back personality and lifestyle.

A big blond-haired man, with black lines that wrapped around his neck, probably a tattoo, walked to the front of the room and he greeted them all. He wasn't the usual GRF officer, but he had a commanding presence. Instead of wearing the usual beige uniform he wore a blue combat suit, that hugged his body, accentuating his muscles. The colorful badges on his chest signified he had the highest rank of Supreme General Commander.

"Evening troops, men. Welcome to Hell," the man said seriously, in a big and booming voice. He kept his face rigid and stern but he suddenly broke out into laughter, "Haha just kidding, but in all seriousness this is real war. This isn't just some battle simulator or your latest RPG video game. You all have to watch your asses out there, watch each other."

"Anyways on to your mission debriefing. You all are being dispatched to the frontlines, the Rylar System. Commander Leingod is requesting more troops and you all are the only ones we can spare right now. Your first mission will be on Planet Rylen VI, the Rylenians are a humanoid species. They have human bodies but have demonic wings attached to their backs. They are deadly warriors. Again I tell you guys to watch yourselves, the first mission is always the most dangerous. I assure you, that you should all be safe, Commander Leingod hates seeing his men getting licked, he will cover your asses to be sure. I know him on a personal basis, he is one hell of a fighter, you guys should consider yourselves lucky. Alright enough talk; you guys are dismissed, good luck men."

The blond man walked off the stage and had a grim smile on his face. I'm really not cut out for this stuff, the man thought. A woman walked up to the man behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Mr. Fittir you have lunch with Council Head Koas at 12."

"Ahh, tell her I'll be there at 12:30," he replied with a bemused grin on his face.

A man in a small room was yelling in agony at a raucous pitch for 5 minutes straight, he suddenly stopped yelling with a huge sigh of relief. Fayt Leingod, defender of the universe, was taking a quick bathroom break; Fayt let out another 'whoop' and opened his newspaper.

"Paging Commander Leingod, Commander Leingod, please get off your ass and report to the command bridge!" the PA rang out, yelling bitterly.

Fayt chuckled, recognizing Maria's voice as he pulled up his pants and put on his blue PJs that were hanging on the bathroom wall. Fayt whistled a tune as he causally strolled to the bridge, wearing pink fuzzy slippers. The bridge door of the Justice Avenger slid open, and everyone on the bridge stood up to acknowledge him, except for Albel, Nel and Maria who just turned in their seats and laughed at his attire.

"Commander Maggot, may First Officer Nox inquire why his Commanding Officer is wearing such a stupid attire?" Albel asked from his chair, where he was comfortably stretched upon.

"Well Mr. Nox th-," Fayt began with a dumb grin on his face but Maria cut him off. She swiveled in the captain's chair and got up and seductively walked towards him, swaying her hips.

"Honey? Why are you dressed like a dumbass?" she asked sweetly as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Please people, these are all valid questions, however, I have no valid or logical explanation for this," the good commander replied.

The entire bridge stopped what they were doing and looked at Fayt in his slippers and the entire bridge erupted into laughter.

"On a more serious note, why was I rudely interrupted during my very erm-important meeting with um.." Fayt trailed off wondering how lame he sounded.

"Bullshit, you were on your shithole again weren't you?" Albel asked with a wide grin on his face.

"NO!" Fayt roared, his face going scarlet red.

Fayt slightly coughed and opened the file on his computer screen that Maria pointed out to him. "Ah yes the incoming recruits, Hmm this is interesting, Cadet Kenny…Cadet Maverick?"

"Yes I said the same thing, it just piqued my interest."

"Nice, keep tabs on them for me, assign them to Albel's group, I think it will be funny to see how those two react to Albel's…attitude."

"What attitude maggot?"

"Um that attitude Captain Sunshine," Nel sniggered from across the bridge.

Albel barked something in reply, Nel stood up, and they got into one of their 'fights' again. Fayt hummed under his breath as he finished assigning the newbies to their squads and ships. "When are they due in?" Fayt asked.

"They've just arrived," Maria replied. Fayt got up and made for the door.

"Alright good, I want them battle ready in 3 hours time we are going ahead as scheduled. Besides I need to change my shoes, chop chop, Albel I want you to go greet the fresh meat."

"What," Albel simply replied. He gave Fayt his usual deathstare and his 'you gotta be kiddin me' stare. Fayt simply laughed and walked out the door.

"Maverick, Eric," Albel said lazily as he read names off a list of all the soldiers assigned to the Justice Avenger. "Kenny, Thomas; uhhh Kawasaki, Brian. Saionji, Eva." Eric quickly glanced down the line as he heard the last name called.

"Sir, are you telling me they actually accept female recruits?" Eric asked.

Albel turned around and raised his eyebrow to stare at his next victim. "Who gave you orders to speak maggot?"

Eric was oblivious to Albel's question and said, "Well I was just asking sir, I mean she is probably the first female I have seen on this glorious trip."

Albel was astounded that this kid was speaking back to him. Albel opened his mouth and said, "You're a real smartass aren't you?" A girl with long black hair and brown eyes stepped out of line and raised her hand. "Yes," Albel asked, looking as if he was ready to murder the next person to talk to him.

"Permission to speak sir?"

"Granted Miss Saionji," Albel replied with a smirk on his face.

"May I reply to Mr. Maverick's comment?" the girl asked.

"Certainly," Albel replied and he let her walk over.

She walked up to Eric and gave him a small smile. Eric grimaced, looking at her body, as if checking her out. He thought to himself, Hmm not bad… Suddenly she flipped him over, flat on his back. She gave him a pat on his back and said, "Nice to meet you Mr. Maverick." She cheerfully walked back into line, and Albel gave her a short clap.

"To answer your question Mr. Maverick, yes they do, in fact one of your highest ranked superiors is a female and she is scarryyy. I wouldn't cross her you maggot," Albel said grimly.

"Now if anyone else has anything to say…nothing? Well good. Trainees, welcome to the GRF XFS-1234568 Justice Avenger, part of the 7th Fleet. My name is Captain Albel Nox. Now this isn't camp for babies you maggots, this is real cold-blooded action. If you die you die, if you don't pay attention or follow directions, you die, and your comrades die with you. You have to be strong, alert, all that other bullshit. I expect only half of you will survive your first mission, sorry to say it, but that's the truth. Combat has a way of weeding out the weak, so that only the strong survive," he stopped. "Erm-Mr. Maverick do you plan on getting up any time soon?"

"Wha-Uh Sir!" Eric replied and quickly got up.

"You lot were assigned to me and it is my duty and responsibility to see you guys through the heat of combat. As long as you maggots follow my directions exactly, you'll be fine. You all are serving directly under Commander Leingod, so we expect the best from you guys," Albel paused once more to look at his watch. "With that said, the equipment rooms are down the hall and to the left and I expect you maggots to report to the hangar bay, ready for battle in about 2 hours."

"You're just sending us into battle sir?" one of the recruits asked.

"What is this, fear already?" Albel asked.

"N-No sir!"

"What's your name maggot?"

"K-Kawashima sir!"

"Well Cadet Kawashima, grow a pair and suit up, like I said, this ain't Camp Sunshine."

"That Captain Nox is something, huh Tom?" Eric asked as he put on some armor. Then he walked over and strapped a laser weapon to his belt and a standard issue battle rifle.

"I guess," as Tom did the same. Eva Saionji walked past them as she put some armor on. Eric whistled as she stripped her military uniform and put on the armor and picked up a foldable bow and a sniper rifle.

"Miss Saionji, I do believe we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Eric Maverick and this is my friend, Tom Kenny," Eric said as he offered her a hand.

She turned around stingily and gave them a short smile, "Pleasure," she said quickly and walked away.

"Hoho, she is a feisty one, that Eva, what do you think Tom?"

"I think you should get your over-sized head out of the gutter and we should hurry our asses to the hangar bay, which, by the way we have to find still."

Eric snorted and they exited the room. They found the hangar bay and their transport, and saw Captain Nox with two Japanese looking katanas and a disrupter shotgun hung at his waist. "Are you from Earth sir?"

"No, you maggot, I'm from Elicoor, now park your ass so this transport can get the hell out of here," Albel said nastily. At that moment everyone pressed their noses against the glass of the windows, Eric tried to catch a glimpse of the commotion. He soon located the source of the hubbub.

Two blue headed figures, and one red headed figure walked across the hangar bay to enter a gunship on the opposite side.

So that's Fayt Leingod, hell he can't be any older than me, hmm that girl next to him is something too, maybe that's his sister. He does have an air of impressiveness about him.

Eric looked for Tom, who had his nose pressed against one of the windows as well. Tom looked pretty excited. "Imagine if we get to serve and fight with him!"

"I know! It'd be a great honor…I guess," Eric thought.

"Don't count on it maggots, Leingod only takes the best, I usually fly with him, but he personally selected me to hold you babies' hands."

Eric scoffed and sat back in his seat as the transport took off. As the transport landed on Rylen, he noticed that the planet had a very lush environment, very much like Earth's. As he exited the transport the air was hot and humid, it felt like a no man's land. Albel got off and looked around until he found Fayt walking towards him.

"Albel! Hey, I see you've taken to your assignment. Right so I want you to take your unit and scout ahead as we set up base here. Its thick forest ahead and I am sure there are traps lying in wait for us, so I want you to go ahead and scout it out. Take one of the tanks with you just in case."

"Right, have fun playing house here maggot," he replied and returned to his unit. "All right, the Commander has assigned us to scout the forward area for any traps and such. I need three of you to commandeer one of the tanks. All right move!" he ordered.

His troops were soon assembled and they headed off for the thick rain forest ahead. Many of the soldiers took out their laser weapons, using them like machetes, as they hacked through the forest. The sounds of the various animals were heard throughout the forest as they trekked forward.

One of the soldiers decided to sit against a giant rock positioned randomly between two gigantic trees. It was none other than Eric Maverick. "Come on Eric, we'll be left behind!" Tom called from up ahead.

"Yeah, yeah!" Eric shouted back. He was about to move when he suddenly felt the rock move. "What the!" he yelled and he was thrown into the bushes. The rock was actually a gigantic hermit crab-like monster. It began to thrash around and it attacked the unsuspecting soldiers.

Their screams were heard, and Albel suddenly turned around to see the monster ripping apart his entire unit. "Fucking shit man…" Albel sighed as he quickly jumped out of the way as the monster swung its massive claw at the space where he was previously standing. "Supressive fire!" he yelled at his men, but they were all too afraid to shoot at it.

"Shoot at the bloody thing god damn it!" Albel yelled as he brandished one of his handsomely polished steel blades, and leapt at the monster. The men rooted to the spot were soon crushed by the monster crab's claws. The remaining soldiers suddenly realized they had to kill or be killed and they began to fire at the monster.

Eric suddenly came to and shook his head, as his eyes adjusted and slid back into focus. "Shit what the hell is that thing!" he quickly pulled out his rifle and fired a couple of rounds at the monster. The monster yelled and wheeled around and it ran towards him. Eric fired at it in vain, and he was thrown into the air again by the monster, his battle rifle broken into a million pieces. He fell hard on his back and screamed in anguish.

Albel looked ahead to see the sucker cornered by the monster, "MAVVERICKK! I'm gonna kill yo ass!" he growled furiously. Albel dashed at the monster, his arm with the gauntlet began to glow and he yelled "Dragon Roar!" As he slashed at the monster, a red energy dragon bit into the shell of the monster.

The monster staggered backwards as the shell was stripped from its owner, and revealed a very bony and grotesque looking crab-like monster. Albel landed and ran at the monster again, the beast growled and tried to attack him, but he was quicker on the draw, and in a flash he severed one of the beast's claws. Albel landed but the monster caught him off guard and knocked him into the nearby fauna.

The monster rounded on Eric again, it stampeded toward him, but Eric heard a loud shout of "Crescent Moon!" and an arrow struck the monster in the eye and blasted it backwards. Eric peered over his shoulder and saw Eva Saionji with a very haughty and humored smile etched wide across her face. Eric gave her a weak smile, but stood up again as he saw the monster jump into the air, and it froze him and for some reason he couldn't move his legs. It was as if his legs were encased in dense cinder blocks.

Eva's expression immediately morphed into one of utter terror and scrambled to notch another arrow. Eric thought he was a goner and had said his last prayers as a shadow leaped in front of him, and he felt his savior's thick blood slap his face.

"You always were as s-slow, as a r-rock," his savior gasped. It was Tom, Tom had jumped in front of the crab's attack, and he had managed to jam his laser sword up the beast's throat area. However, the crab's claw had managed to rip Tom's right arm off.

"T-Tom, you idiot why, why did you jump?"

"To save your life of course," he slowly managed.

"I…Well…" Eric was completely at a loss for words.

Tom grimaced, "Hey don't worry it's going to take more than this to k-kill me."

Eva jumped over and examined the damage, "You guys, oh shit…" she whispered under her breath as she saw Tom's arm. "I-I'll go roundup the rest of the unit and find a medic, and I'll have to find Captain Nox."

Eric nodded, "Some Captain he turned out to be eh? He wasn't even around to protect us!" he laughed weakly. Tom grimaced in return but yelled again when he heard the monster behind them stir again. Eric yelled, and suddenly a bright crest burned like a lamplight on his fist, but before Eric could act a shadow jumped up on the monster's back.

"What was that comment about me maggot?" Albel asked menacingly as he blew the monsters brains to kingdom come with his shotgun and severed its head off with his katanas in one fell swipe.

"N-Nothing sir, I said how great, powerful, and mighty you are!" Eric cried as he got down on his knees, as if begging for forgiveness.

"Off your knees maggot, we're still in a war zone, we could be attacked at any time, we're in a vulnerable enough position anyways. Miss Saionji good work, you really kept your head in this situation. Cadet Kenny, good work rescuing your maggot friend. Cadet Maverick, consider yourself lucky that your friend wasn't killed for your good for nothing, lazy ass!"

Eva and Tom nodded. "I am promoting you two to Staff Sargeants, Miss Saionji, due to Staff Sargeant Kenny's condition round up these maggots and make sure they haven't completely lost their wits."

As Eva turned to leave Albel held Eric up, and told Tom to leave. "Maggot, you really were a lucky sucker this time."

"Yes sir-,"Eric stammered, but Albel cut him off.

"However, you didn't die so I guess you have some moral fiber, may I ask what that glowing crest was on your fist?"

"Sir? I'm afraid I don't know what you are talking about."

"Maggot, are you saying I'm hallucinating?"

"N-No sir, but, maybe it was a trick of the light or some-," he replied weakly.

"You think I can be easily fooled like that?" Albel spat.

Eric shook his head, and Albel was about to rant at him further but he heard a scream in the distance and he looked to the treetops and it seemed as if bats were raining down upon them. Except they weren't bats, they had humanoid bodies.

"Shitfuck! Get to cover Maverick, on your ass maggot!" Albel yelled as he pulled Eric behind a tree. Albel pulled out his communicator and yelled into it, "Status report Staff Sargeant Saionji!"

"Sir, the Rylenians have made contact with us and are causing chaos among our unit, they're tearing us apart!"

"Damn it, Saionji where are you? Is the tank still intact?"

"Negative sir, I am taking cover by the tank along with the majority of our unit, we are trying to cover the retreat of our fellow troops."

"Good! I will try and regroup with you by the tank, direct all forces to the tank. Is Kenny with you?"

"Yes sir! Any more orders sir?"

"Yes you maggots are in charge there until Maverick and I can link back up with you guys, also see if you can get a distress message back to camp from the tank."

"Copy sir, good luck."

Albel swore again and pocketed his communicator he looked at Eric who looked like he was about to piss or shit in his pants, possibly both.

"Alright maggot remember your training, what weapons do you have on you?"

"J-Just my laser weapon sir."

"Alright well have you had any sword training?"

"W-Well I have played a few video games like Final Fantasy 600," he replied lamely.

"Alright well imagine this is a video game except if you die, there is no fucking restart," Albel yelled at him. Eric shrugged and switched the laser weapon on, and assumed the form of an energy sword.

Albel peered ahead, and about 110 km of trees and deadly hostiles separated them from the main troop. "Alright move fool!" he yelled furiously at Eric. The two tore across the forest at a dead sprint. They were soon engaged by Three Rylenian soldiers, they had battle armor on and demonic wings, and had long lances that shot lasers from the end.

The men furiously began to shoot at them, and Albel jumped up to avoid the shots. Eric, who wasn't as quick, attempted to deflect the laser bolts. He successfully deflected a volley, but yelled in anguish as a couple bolts struck him. Albel sighed, but noticed a quick flicker of light on Maverick's fist.

Albel thought maybe it really was a trick of the light, but didn't have time to regard it. As his feet touched the ground he dashed at the soldier closest to him and brandished his blades in a flash. The soldier attempted to stab Albel with his lance, but Albel cut the end of the lance then yelled, "Palm of Destruction!" and he slammed his claw into the soldier's face.

Eric watched Albel, mystified, it was literally poetry in motion, in death-form. Eric suddenly felt inspired and charged the first enemy. He shot two more bolts at Eric, and winced, but his armor was able to absorb the energy blasts. He swung his laser-sword clumsily at the soldier's head, but the soldier parried with the body of his lance and the sword glanced off it.

Eric gasped in surprise, and the soldier stabbed at him, catching him on the side. Eric coughed up some blood and tried to raise his weapon but the soldier stabbed him in the shoulder and Eric fell backwards.

Shit this is the end…Eric closed his eyes, but in that instant, with his eyes shut, light seemed to glimmer, a faint light. A light at the end of the tunnel almost, it was getting closer. The light turned into the figure of a person with body armor and blond hair.

The figure got closer and closer, and stopped within two feet of him. "Hey come on, it's not your time yet, there is a whole galaxy waiting for you to explore and fulfill your dreams."

Eric opened his eyes, his right hand was glowing, a white symbol etched on his fist was burning white hot. Eric suddenly felt powerful; a warm sensation was gripping his body. He jumped up and faced his enemy with renewed determination. He grinned arrogantly and held his sword loosely at his side in a confident stance.

"Bring it on!" he yelled. The man ran at him, but this time he seemed a lot slower, Eric dodged slightly, playing with his enemy, using his new found strength. He sidestepped the next attack and found himself behind his enemy.

"Never turn your back on your enemy! Rising blade!" he yelled and unleashed a fury of strikes and he cut down his enemy. He grinned triumphantly and the crest on his fist disappeared. His smirk suddenly faded as he fell to the ground, hit by the laser bolt of the other soldier.

The soldier prepared to deliver the final blow, but his body was sliced into two, the blood squirted everywhere, and Albel's grinning face could be seen through the gap formed by the severed appendages. "Never ever let your guard down maggot." Albel sheathed his blades and helped Eric get onto his feet.

Eric looked at him, a shade red, and said, "Thanks sir."

Albel looked at him simply and said, "You'll do." They continued forward and battled through waves of soldiers. They soon saw the remains of their troop fighting by the downed tank, they saw Eva frantically shooting arrow after arrow to keep the enemy at bay.

They saw a soldier creep up behind her, but she twirled around, jumped up and wrapped her legs around him and in one fluid movement, she cracked his neck, heaving her hips.

"She is a feisty one," Eric whispered, Albel laughed silently under his breath but gasped when a huge blast came from behind them. Albel turned his neck and saw a Rylenian tank with fresh reinforcements approaching them.

"Shit, Maverick move your ass towards the tank, let's go!" They ran towards the tank and saw Tom on the ground by a tree, being attended to by a medic, and 20 or so troops taking cover in the surrounding area.

Eva saw them and ran towards them. "Captain! Good to see you in one piece."

"Likewise, I can't say the same for the rest of these maggots," as he gestured to the wounded and dead soldiers alike.

"Were you able to contact HQ!" he yelled as another blast shook up dirt and uprooted trees.

"Not exactly sir!"

"What do you mean not exactly!" Eric cried.

"Well we heard them talking to us, but I'm not sure if they got our coordinates, the module was destroyed a second later as a stray blast hit it."

"Damn, that means we're alone out here," Albel said grimly.

"Sir! What are we going to do, we need a plan!" Eva yelled.

"I know woman, I know, don't you see I'm thinking!" Albel yelled furiously. Eva was suddenly silent, not even taking offense to the 'woman' comment.

We need to take down the tank…Heh we're going to have to play a little dirty.

"Saionji order one of the soldiers to raise a white flag, let's see if they engage in such pleasantries on this planet."


"Just do it, before they make Swiss cheese out of us!" Eric yelled at her desperately. Eva looked as if she was about to protest but wisely shut her mouth and did as she was told. As Cadet Kawasaki raised the white flag, the fire suddenly stopped.

"Sir they are sending a small contingent of forces over, what now?" Saionji asked.

"Good, you see in the old days on Earth, a white flag signaled a retreat, I read it in an old history book Fayt, that is Commander Leingod, left on the bridge once. The book was called The Art of War, Revised Edition," Albel explained.

"What! We just surrendered! What kind of Captain are you? I was just beginning to gain respect for you!" Eric cried.

"SHH!" Eva hissed.

"Thank you. Ok here's the plan, Tom you are going to say that you are the CO of the troop…"

"You think this is really going to work?" Eva asked Albel.

"I sure hope it does, hell it has to work," he replied sarcastically.

"It's not going to work," Eric groaned.

"Shut up!" Eva yelled.

"I will not you bitch, no woman is the master of Eric Maverick."

"That is the most sexist thing I have ever heard, no wonder Great Granny Reimi dumped that Edge Maverick's ass."

"Whaatt are you saying you are related to that old nag?"


"And for one thing, Pappy Edge dumped her. He decided he needed a real woman and he went for Granny Myuria."

"That WHORE! Oh I've heard so many stories about that tramp. Always flashing her chest at every male she sees, goodness!"

"Just because my great great great grandpa wanted a good and respectable woman over that educated-nonsense-," Eric hissed, but was cut off.

"Educated nonsense! It seems the type of women your kind like are stereotypical, shameless, filthy, cheap, and slutty BIMBOS!"

"Sluts! I think not-," Eric began but was cut off again.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU TWO. Can you two fools drop it for one god damn second and let us focus on the task at hand! Look more of the enemy troops are leaving the main force and moving towards our camp. That's our cue, let's go."

The two grunted and remained silent all the way to the enemy's main camp. They reached a spot of cover a good distance from the camp, which gave them a good view of it.

"I count 40 troops, 5 tanks, and 10 mounted turrets, 20 of the troops are regular foot soldiers, 10 are on hover-bikes, and 15 are equipped with plasma RPGs. How about you Saionji, Maggot?" Albel observed.

"Sir I counted just about the same I also noticed a group of sentinels less than 5 km from our position to the right. I am assuming they are a sentinel group," Eva replied.

"I uh counted about the same-Wait hold on why am I still the maggot?" Eric asked, dumbfounded.

"1, because you piss the hell out of me, and 2 you weren't even able to give me a simple assessment of the situation. How the hell did you pass the academy tests?" Albel said sarcastically.

"Well…" Eric said with a dumb grin on his face. He vividly remembered the curly haired brunette test proctor, and a tight broom closet.. "Let's just say that I am well endowed in certain areas."

The three were silent and Eva slightly blinked and looked through her binoculars. "You fucked that slutbag for an Academy Proctor Jessica didn't you," she said simply.

"Well…" Eric said, with a slight tinge of red to his face. "In any case I did spot something that you two didn't, I spotted a tent and two soldiers that are not Rylenian soldiers. They are dressed in black armor and have guns of make that I've never seen before."

Albel slowly turned his head towards him, looking at him like a madman. "That's impossible, hand me those binoculars maggot," Albel said. Albel snatched them furiously out of Eric's hands, and Eric gave him a quick scowl. Albel peered through the binoculars, "Those fools are 4D soldiers…"

"What sir? I am unfamiliar with the '4D' system," Eva inquired.

"It's not a system, it's a long story, in a nutshell, it's bad news if they are here, and frankly they shouldn't be here."

Eric looked at Albel, his face was stoic and rigid. Damn he seems really worried; they must be bad if they unsettle Captain Nox.

"Alright, what's the game plan then boss?" Eric asked determinedly.

"Well, we follow the original plan, and see how things turn out," Albel replied grimly. The other two nodded and the three slowly set out. They cautiously watched the three-man sentinel group. Albel nodded and crept up behind them slowly, he drew one of his blades halfway out of its sheath, took a step that placed him a foot away from the nearest soldier, then he gave him a quick stab in the back.

The soldier fell sideways, but Albel caught his fall. At that same exact moment Eva notched an arrow, held her bow steady, and loosed the projectile and it soared towards the soldier's head. It impaled the soldier and with a violent jerk of his body, he fell to the ground. Before the soldier had fallen to the ground, Eric jumped from a tree above the soldier, landed on his shoulders, wrestled him to the ground, and locked him in a half-nelson, constricting the soldier's air passage.

Eric held him in that position for a while, the soldier struggling the whole time. Eric gave him a couple good knees in the side to try and hurt the soldier but the soldier was able to wriggle an arm free and wrench a dagger from a leather strap on his leg. The man dangerously dug the dagger into Eric's leg, Eric almost screamed out but Albel covered his mouth. The man continued to struggle in vain until he stopped moving and died.

Eric shot Albel a dirty look, as he pulled the dagger out of his leg. Albel put a finger to his lips, and Eric didn't protest any further. They continued to the edge of the camp, remaining out of sight.

"Right, so the success of this operation will depend on us seizing control of those tanks, got it maggots?" he asked, glancing at the pair of them. They both nodded simultaneously and said, "Remember stealth is key, remember your training."

"Yeah Eva," Eric mumbled. Eva scowled at him and punched him hard on the arm.

"I was talking to you maggot," Albel said, giving him a death stare. Eric sarcastically scoffed, and received a kick in the shins from Albel.

The three dispersed and they each slowly made their way to the tanks. Albel had to sneak past 5 soldiers who were slacking off.

"Hey Azial, do you like boobs?"

"Of course I like boobs you fool. What man doesn't like boobs?"

"Ass guys, or like gay faggots."

"Hmm true, good call Versx."

"What about Faliy? Do you like tits?"

"Nah I'm more of a legs type of guy. I let my woman wrap her long beauties around my-," the other soldier cut him off.

"Wha-What the, who's manning that tank?" the others looked over and didn't heed him, but their idle chatter was soon replaced with screams of terror as a blast from the tank blew the group to smithereens.

"Horny-ass fools," Albel growled, he laughed in excitement as he heard two more explosions off in the distance. "Time to have some fun," Albel whispered under his breath. He began to fire at everything in sight, firing everything the tank had, he shot at the other still immobile tanks, and laughed as the lax soldiers scrambled to get their weapons and retaliate. He felt his communicator buzzing, and patched the call to the tank's system mainframe.

"Captain Nox! We have successfully captured all enemy forces that came to our camp," Thomas Kenny said enthusiastically through the line.

"Good work maggot, bring the rest of our troop to the main camp, and let's finish these bastards."

"Oh sir, Commander Leingod was able to contact one of our troops via communicator, he is sending reinforcements."

"Good, hopefully the bastard himself gets his ass over here; I could sure use his help."

"Copy sir, over and out."

Albel smiled and got back to his 'noble' work as he blasted two more soldiers that had the misfortune to run in front of the Wicked's line of fire. They screamed, as they were blasted into the air. He opened his front pocket and took out a cigar, and continued to jab at the firing controls like a madman. He lit the end, by rubbing his claws together producing a bright spark.

He spotted another tank roll in front of him, and quickly maneuvered the tank to face the other tank and was about to fire when a loud, "Stoppp!" rang through the tank's cockpit.

Eric's face popped up on the main screen, he looked really agitated, Eva was cramped behind him in the back. "Hmmm that puts a new twist on the phrase 'get a room' you maggots."

"Wha-! No, I'd never even think of having relations with this nag," Eric exclaimed. He replaced his agitated glare with a haughty smile. "I actually rescued her ass. She still hasn't thanked me either," at that moment Eva scowled and gave him a good whack on the head.

"Ah maggot-love," Albel crooned, but suddenly his main console began to beep very loudly.

"What's wrong?" Eva asked.

"I-, the computer is detecting high energy levels in the area. Funny these energy spikes seem vaguely familiar," a quick scene on the Aquaelie's bridge flashed in his mind as he saw energy charts spiking on the Support System screen. "Fuck, I don't know how but there are Enforcers here, keep your guards up guys!"

The two on the other end shot him puzzled looks. "Enforc-," Eric began but the line was suddenly cut and the cockpit of the other tank was replaced by a huge explosion and fiery red.

"Maverick! Maverick, do you copy? Do you copy? Shit!" Albel yelled and he hit the console, creating a dent on the dashboard, and electrical currents hissed from the damage.

Albel flipped on the main screens and turned on his long-range sensors, and there was nothing. Then suddenly there was a small 'blip', the beeping got louder and louder until 'thrash'! The top of the tank was blown clean off and Albel tilted his head upwards. He saw the heads of two ugly Enforcers falling from above and they both let loose bolts of energy, straight down at him. "Oh fuck me," he said under his breath.

The blasts ripped the tank apart and he was thrown up into the air and he hit the ground hard. He heard the cocking of guns and the beat of wings. Blood trickled down his eyebrow and he moaned as he slightly tilted his head upwards. He was surrounded by a circle of Hylennian Soldiers and 4D security guards alike. Two Enforcers hovered above him. The Enforcers looked just as intimidating as ever. They looked like angelic demons, and that's what they precisely were; able to bring death in an instant, yet possessing the image of angelic guardians.

Albel wouldn't let these maggots take his pride away. His whole body was sore with pain but he got up to face his enemies like a man. He angrily drew both swords and assumed his stance, ready to take on his attackers. The Enforcers hung emotionless, unbending, and statuesque.

Albel glanced around, he was trying to see whether Eva and Eric were safe or captured, just like he was. Albel looked around and thought Maybe my luck has run out. One mission without Fayt and look what happens to me. Maybe I've gotten weak, I've been depending too much on those maggots I call my friends. Hell it's been some life. Dad, looks like I might be seeing you soon.

The soldiers around Albel aimed their weapons at him, but were suddenly struck by laser bolts, and Albel spun around to see the remnants of his unit coming to his aid. The remaining soldiers began to attack his captors, and the fight was back on.

Albel smiled Sorry dad, our reunion might have to be prolonged. Albel leapt up and tackled the first Enforcer head on. He dueled with the monster unleashing a fury of strikes, displaying his skill with the blade.

He let out a triumphant 'hoot' as he sliced the Enforcer's head clean off. However, the monster's head grew back. Albel groaned and he mentally struck himself as he was hit hard by the second Enforcer with a huge burst of yellow energy. He was thrown across the ground and his body scraped the earth, and once again he was lying face down in the earth.

He got up and tore off his cracked armor plate, the metal dug into his skin every time he breathed. "Damn thing was holding me back anyways," he murmured as he spat on the ground. He assumed his stance again and held his ground, awaiting the Enforcers' move. He was positioned in between the two monsters, and both were inching ever closer, menacingly.

Suddenly the first one came straight at him; he jumped straight up, landed on its head and stabbed one of his swords straight into its skull. Albel jumped up again and ran his sword down the Enforcer's back. The Enforcer growled in pain.

It turned around to face Albel, but Albel began to run around it very fast. The Enforcer couldn't hit Albel and finally just released a burst of yellow energy from its body with a loud roar. Albel was thrown backwards, but smiled; he focused his energy in his sword embedded in the Enforcer's skull. It pulsated red and began to dig down into the Enforcer's body.

"Dragon Blade!" he yelled. At that moment two red claws emerged from the Enforcer's body, and they ripped the monster's body open, in an attempt to break free. The Enforcer's body was torn into two as a dragon furiously emerged from the body. Albel smiled and landed neatly on his legs, panting hard. He gripped his arm covered in his gauntlet, as blood began to ooze from the armored appendage. Amidst the chaos of battle all around him, Albel had completely forgotten the second Enforcer and the Enforcer clawed at Albel's exposed chest, Albel whipped his other sword in his hand to block the strike.

The Enforcer swung its other claw, but Albel parried the second strike and attempted a lunge at the Enforcer. But the Enforcer simply hovered in the air and flew backwards to avoid the strike. Enforcer began to beat its wings furiously and it whipped up all the dirt, weapons, and deadbodies into a deadly whirlwind which caught Albel and sent him spiraling in the air.

Albel was buffeted by the heavy metal and the corpses, then the Enforcer flew straight at him, with the speed of a hawk and caught Albel's exposed chest with one of its body spikes. It had just missed his heart by inches, but nevertheless Albel choked up blood. The Enforcer removed its spike and he fell back down to the Earth.

Albel felt like a boulder had been thrown on top of his body as he hit the ground a small crater was formed around him. He gripped the large wound on his chest as blood trickled down his body. Albel coughed again, and he didn't get up this time. Heh, I'm going to die in my own pool of blood, a tragic end I suppose. He closed his eyes and waited for the Enforcer's final strike. But it never came.

"Get up Captain Nox, I'm not letting you die on my watch," a voice cried confidently. Albel smiled bitterly.

He opened his eyes to see Eric Maverick's goofy and confident face, along with Eva Saionji, standing over his body, between him and the Enforcer. Maverick held his sword awkwardly at his side.

"Maverick you fool…never let me catch you holding a sword like that ever again if we somehow escape this shit hole," Albel muttered sarcasrically.

"Roger sir! But we still have to survive this, you leave this to me!" he yelled and ran at the Enforcer, a faint symbol began to glimmer on his fist and Eva gasped.

"I knew it he has a symbol gene!" Eva cried. Albel grunted in reply, was he always being saved by naïve and foolish idiots. First Leingod, now this kid, when will it end?

Eric dashed at the Enforcer and slashed at it, but it was too fast for him. Eric growled and then focused his energy in his palms and dashed at an inhuman pace at his enemy. The Enforcer was pushed backwards and then Eric hit it with one last devastating slash.

His glowing sword cut off one of the Enforcer's wings. It growled and then spun around with its still intact wing and hit Eric with it. Eric dodged, but one of the thorny wingtips grazed his stomach.

"Dang it!" Eric cried and clenched his abdomen. Eva shot a few arrows at the monster then cried "Seraphic Thunder!" Bright blue lightning bolts struck at the Enforcer, and it frantically attempted to dodge them, but was unable to dodge the last one because the loss of its wing kept it off balance. It was paralyzed, and Eric seized the moment to attack it. "Celestial Sword!" he yelled and jumped up, with his sword glowing. However, the Enforcer regained mobility and quickly shot a burst of energy at Eric.

Eric yelled and was thrown to the ground, a smoking mass; he hit the ground hard, unconscious. Eva gritted her teeth as the Enforcer rounded on her.

"Don't panic maggot, or we're all dead," Albel said grimly. The Enforcer poised to strike but an airship from above flew in and a crimson headed figure dropped from above, and cut off the Enforcer's head with a flash of steel.

Eva cried triumphantly, but the woman silenced her. "It's not dead yet," she said sternly. She dashed at it, and acrobatically dodged a swipe from one of its wings. Then she yelled "Flying Guillotine!" A dark disk flew at the Enforcer and chopped its body into two. The Enforcer's corpse fell to the ground and the red-headed woman examined its body as she slid her two short swords into sheaths attached to her hips.

Nel Zelpher walked over to Albel's non-moving body. "Get up you loser," she said simply.

"W-Woman," Albel growled.

"Oh save it so-called 'Prince of Darkness' or whatever you call yourself," she sniggered. Eva laughed silently, but did not go unnoticed by Albel.

"Saionji, I'm still your CO!" he barked at her, and she immediately straightened up.

"At any rate you really got yourselves into a tight situation," Nel said and walked over to Eric, and pulled out a device and examined him.

"I-Is he all r-right m'am?" Eva asked, uncertainly.

"He'll be fine, vitals are all good. He just needs some rest."

"What about me you fool aren't you going to check me!" Albel cried.

Nel's eyes narrowed and she simply shrugged at him, "You're just a lost cause Nox. Always have been, always will."

"Why you!" Albel began but Nel cut him off as she pulled out her daggers as two more Enforcers in perfect condition flew towards them. However, there were two sets of footsteps behind Nel, that ran past her and attacked the Enforcers.

Two bluish-blurs ran at the Enforcers at light speed and hit them straight on. The first figure brandished a glowing sword at light speed and cut the Enforcer into two. Then bursts of energy from the figure's feet catapulted him over the Enforcer's body parts, and shot a huge blinding blast of light that decimated the enemy.

The second figure brandished two blades of ice from nowhere and threw them at the Enforcer. The two ice blades transformed into large ice spikes, which violently impaled the monster. The blue figure ran up to the Enforcer, touched it with her hands and it turned to ice. The first blue headed figure instantly appeared above the ice sculpture, who cracked it with a strong strike from his sword.

The ice figure shattered into a million pieces, and it was a beautiful sight to behold as the pieces of ice reflected the moonlight, as the battle had dragged into night.

The two figures walked towards them and Eva immediately went into a salutary stance. The first figure a man said in a kind voice, "At ease soldier."

"Y-Yes sir C-Commander Leingod sir!" Eva stammered. Fayt Leingod walked towards Albel and crouched down on his knees.

"You okay Al?" he asked, in his kind voice.

"I'm fine you maggot."

"Good old Albel," the second figure commented, as Maria Traydor stepped into the light given off by the fires created from the explosions.

"Woman," Albel quietly murmured, acknowledging her presence.

"I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, but status report Captain Nox," she replied, with a slight smile on her face.

"Well as you see everything is fucked. My unit is fucked, I'll be lucky to have even 10 of them alive. My body is fucked because of the fucking circumstances. And the whole situation is fucked because there are fucking 4D maggots here!" he cried, yelling his head off.

"Thank you Captain, Duly noted," Maria replied sweetly. Albel rolled his eyes.

"It is indeed strange that there are 4D beings here, I-I thought that mess was over with, but it looks like we're going to have to pay Blair a visit," Fayt said.

Everyone agreed except for Eva who asked, "Sorry sir, but I have no idea what the hell is going on here. I thought our enemies were Sepratist units here on Rylen."

"I thought so too but it seems we are dealing with a much bigger problem on our hands. I know not much is making sense right now, but I'de be surprised if you did understand," Fayt replied.

"For now all we can do is clean up here and gather the rest of our men. It seems the enemy has been routed anyhow. Also I would like your Report on my desk Staff Sargeant Saionji," sad Maria.

"Y-Yes m'am!" she cried. The airship that had dropped off Nel returned and landed in a clearing close to them. They walked over to the ship and Fayt and Maria loaded the now-unconscious Albel and Eric onto the ship.

"Nel I want you to roundup the remaining troops and see what you can salvage from the enemies, and see if you can't get some data to help us make heads or tails of this mess," Fayt explained. Nel nodded and then Fayt turned to Eva, "Officer Saionji, I want you to assist Captain Zelpher with her assignment, and help with the morale of your unit."

"Sir, before you leave I think you should recover S. Sargeant Kenny, he was badly injured as well during the fighting," she replied.

"Not to worry Miss Saionji, my other ship has confirmed that they have recovered Officer Kenny as well."

"Oh that's relieving, thank you."

"No. Thank you, you guys did good work today, which goes for Mr. Maverick as well. We need more soldiers such as you three." Eva nodded and Fayt boarded the ship. Eva and Nel watched the ship take off and they both turned around to manage the remnants of their troops.

As Nel shuffled through the burnt pieces of armor, and spare guns she stumbled across a small communicator. It looked out of place and didn't seem like any communicator she had ever seen before. A label 'Sphere Inc.' was stamped across the underside of the device.

That means that 4D beings were indeed directly linked to today's events. The Enforcers weren't here due to mere coincidence. Fayt said they might have been stray Enforcers from the first group that Luther had sent. Could Luther be interfering again? He couldn't have been, they defeated him. Then again, that was just his manifestation as a result of being hooked up to the Eternal Sphere, or so Blair said. Maybe didn't hurt him physically at all, maybe he is still alive in 4D space. But no. He can't be. Something is definitely off here.

Nel looked around to see if she could find more clues, but there were none others to be found. They would have to engage the Rylennian forces further and find the source of their dilemma.

Eva walked up to Nel, supporting Cadet Kawasaki, holding him up on her shoulder, the two slowly wobbled toward her. "M'am what were those monsters? W-Were they gods?" she asked.

Nel closed her eyes quickly and shook her head. "Gods don't exist, remember that and you'll retain your sanity," she replied coldly. Eva remained silent and walked off with Kawasaki, looking for a medic to help patch him up. Nel looked skywards, remembering her trip into 4D space.

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