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A Celect Few


Go to SLeep You LittLe BaBy

"Cake to room 404!"

"Two minutes!"

The pots and skillets sizzled. Metal clanged against metal, orders were barked at from all parts of this vast kitchen. Every cook dressed in the same uniform, leaving them faceless, nameless, utterly invisible. As long as no one looked out of place there wasn't a problem.

The white dust mixed into the powdered sugar. The sugar sprinkled onto the piece of cake. The strawberry was placed delicately on top.

"Cake to 404!" The ring of a bell.

The cake was picked up and placed on a cart. It sat, stationary as cake should be, as it was wheeled to its destination.

Three floors later the elevator doors opened and it was in motion once more, not a single grain out of place.

A knock on a door, room 404, to be precise.

"Room service!"

A young man answered. The only way the waiter could tell was by the condition his chalk white skin was in. He held his hand out, waiting for the plate.

The cake was moved again, resting in the cool hand of the young man before it retreated into the dark room with it. The door closed.

The young man sat down on the bed, his knees drawn to his chest, mumbling to himself. His voice was deep, monotone, dark.

His bare toes clenched and unclenched the covers, his mind working in ways most scholars could only dream of.

With the tips of his fingers, he plucked the strawberry from the top of the cake, popping it into his mouth. He took the fork next, carefully, delicately almost, cutting into it and putting the bite into his mouth.

There was barely an aftertaste to be noticed. And he didn't at first, not until the second bite was swallowed.

He grimaced a little, his mutterings ceasing. He looked down at the cake. It looked harmless…looked. That's when his vision started to swim. The dimly lit room in front of him turned to fog and was slowly getting darker and darker.

His eyes felt heavy, his limbs started to go numb. It was at this time that he had to choose, use his waning energy on diving for the door or the phone.

The cake and the plate clattered to the floor. He fell backwards for a few reasons. One, to get closer to the phone, two because his limbs wouldn't support him anymore.

He reached, he reached with everything he had, desperately trying to push himself closer to the device on the cradle.

His long, bone thin fingers stretched to their limit, fingering air. More and more energy was spent as he tried until he collapsed. He couldn't move. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, eyelids fluttering until they stayed closed.

The door to room 404 opened again. Two large shadows stepped into the room, their large hands wrapping around the young man's slim arms, flipping him over and binding his hands behind his back. Not to restrain him, but to keep his limbs still.

One of the shadows hauled him up as if he were a ragdoll, tucking him under the cart that had approached the room minutes before. The curtain was replaced, hiding the slim young man, whose dark lids remained still.

The cart rolled out of the room almost silently, the door shutting just as quietly behind it.

The cake remained on the floor, frosting smudged, strawberry gone, its perfection turned into what it really was. Poison.

And L Lawliet had been kidnapped.

She smiled, closing the phone. She'd done it, she won. Now she could do whatever she wanted with him.

"Oh, this is going to be fun…" She grinned, popping a sucker into her mouth. She started to laugh, a quiet giggle at first, but it soon turned manic. The noise echoed through the room, her eyes glinting.

C had finally shown the entire Wammy House that she was what they had intended. She was better than the great and powerful L.

A monster lurked in the darkness. His eyes glowed red in the pitch black night, and only intensified when they saw the cart roll to the back of a van across the street.

He growled, a low, deep sound in his throat, lip twitching in a snarl. His red tinged fingers clenched into the earth underneath him as the van drove away. He would follow it, and he would get what belonged to him back.

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