Chow's Over FoLks

L was still limping, but he could walk just fine. His deep, monotone voice returned to its full splendor. He chewed his thumbnail as he stood on the street, back in his regular clothes. He had a crazing, more of a thirst in the back of his throat for some strawberries.

"So." God, that voice was so inhuman. He'd never heard it when he wasn't imitating him before. "Am I going to turn around and get arrested when you go back in there?"

L turned, obsidian meeting crimson. "No," he said softly. It went against everything in him to let this monster walk away. But… "You saved my life. And I'm sparing yours. If you're arrested you'll surely receive the death penalty…Be careful."

BB laughed, sending chills that L didn't let show up his spine. "You think I'm going to believe that? I've spent my entire existence trying to be you. I know there's more to it than that."

"Believe me or not," he offered, sounding indifferent. "It doesn't matter. But I have no reason to lie to you, B."

The psychopath nodded solemnly. "Why are you letting me get away? You know what I'll do." L nodded, flexing his jaw.

"As much as I hate myself for it, I have to. I don't enjoy being in people's debt. Especially yours," he said quietly.

B chuckled again. "So that's it, huh? We part ways and it's done?" L stared at him, his face unreadable.

"That's the general idea, yes," he said bluntly. BB nodded.

"I figured as much," he said. They looked at each other for awhile. L finally sighed, leaning forward and lightly pecking B on the lips.

Beyond smile a little.

"There," L said, voice still void of emotion. "Are we completely even now?" B nodded, still smiling.

"Goodbye," he said in his inhuman voice. L hesitantly put his hand on his shoulder.

"I have a feeling I'll be seeing you again," he said softly. BB grinned, manically.

"Most likely. You are one to play damsel, aren't you?" L glared at him through half closed lids. BB chuckled, gnawing on his thumbnail. "Sorry. You don't laugh much."

"You should get out of here," L warned. "Your laugh tends to draw attention."

The psychotic nodded and backed away into the darkened shadows, disappearing into the night.

L sighed, shaking his head, understanding the gravity of what he'd just done. He turned, looking up that the hotel, wincing as he stepped inside as pain jolted through his feet and his back. He sighed. Watari wasn't going to be happy about any of this.

"Have a nice day," the waitress said, handing the Monster his bag. He nodded curtly and turned, plucking a pastry from the bag and popping it into his mouth, back in the persona he preferred. He barely noticed the strange aftertaste.

He never made it to the door.

About halfway there he began to feel dizzy, extremely so. His vision swam, making his stomach flip.

He fell to the ground, his knees giving out on him. He looked around the small bakery, noticing he was the only one inside. He tried to push himself up on his hands, but he had no strength.

His cheek was pressed against the icy concrete, fighting with blood boiling to stay awake.

The waitress came from behind the counter, heels clicking.

The monster looked up at her through a fog, still fighting tooth and nail.

She smiled down at him, taking the blonde wig and false nose from her face. She reached in her apron and withdrew a sucker, unwrapping it and taking a luxurious lick.

The Thief giggled. "Your turn."


-And that's it folks. Sorry it was so short :/ And no, no sequel, I'll let your imaginations figure it out, alright? ;) Thank you so much for following this and God Bless you all!-