He stood there in, the room. Almost as if the infection had never happened. He looked up at me and grinned. His red eyes seemed to glow in the dark. I kept my pistol pointed at him and stepped into the room. This hunter almost seemed human. I slowly lowered the pistol. " Why haven't you attacked me?" My voice was hallow, but I was scared shitless. A hunter, acting almost human? This was not happening.

This zombie apocalypse hell had been going on for almost a year. Grass and trees were starting to grow out of the pavement. The military had stopped picking up people and bombing cities a few months ago. We had finally hit the maximum. The world was a different place, it would never be going back to the way it was. Survivors were making out their own places and were learning to live among the infected. Some had learned how to build above the infected, others had just taken a building, upped its security and protection, and bam went out with shotguns when they needed food or something. Heck I hear some immune were even thinking of eating zombie flesh if there was a shortage of food. Gross? Just a little.

The world was finally calming down. Actually I was one of the last few out running around by themselves in this world. The infected seemed less violent when I walked down the street, less of them, but the specials, something was happening to them. Some of the witches stopped crying. Some of them didn't even walk in the day, they just sat there. A few tanks I seen no longer chased after me. They just kept doing what ever it was they were doing. I was confused by this but it made sense. The world was going nuts right after it all happened. A year later, things are changing.

For the good or bad we don't know yet. If there was a car being use now it was definitely solar powered as most of the gas was gone. Same went for power. Cities were dark, absolutely dark at night. Wildlife now walked down avenues and on the highway. Actually some wildlife species were extinct because of the first few months of the infection.

I was even more astonished when we got television back in some parts. The people out in space had watched as our world died. They were starving but a group of scientists who had lived were said to be getting ready to launch a shuttle to go get them. I found this out when I stayed temporarily at a small survivor village outside of Pittsburgh,PA. I was thinking of going home then, but I heard what of West Virginia didn't get over run was mostly in hiding and dangerous.

Now back to the situation at hand. I was about a three days walk out of Pittsburgh in some small town. I was resting in a small house, abandoned and boarded up, near the inside of a town. Ammo, guns, health, pills, even food was available. I was shocked that it was empty, till I found the writing on the walls. The house used to be a safe house in the beginning of the infection. I had found a sleeping bag in a closet and had fallen asleep, obviously I closed the closet door.

It must have been hours later. I was awoken by a growl in the house. I waited for a while, thinking the owner of the growl had left before I decided to investigate. Upon leaving the closet I had searched the house top to bottom. I hadn't found anything or a sign of break-in till I reached the room with the writing in it. That was where I saw him. I aimed my gun at him. He just stood there. He looked up and grinned at me. I seen hope dance in his red eyes. I slowly lowered my pistol. " Why haven't you attacked me?" I tried to keep my voice hollow and clear. I failed tho, this scared me shitless. The hunter put up a hand and moved it slowly left and right. Almost like a wave. I was so nervous and high strung I smiled a shaky smile and waved back with my left hand keeping the gun in my right.

Finally the hunter moved and pointed at a place on the wall to my right. I glanced over but kept my gun on him. The writing on the wall seemed to be done in black ink. " Mom, I don't know if you are ahead or behind me, we got separated. I hope you are okay, one of those weird people bit me. I feel odd but I think I'm okay. I'm going to try and make it to the bus station." I glance back over at him. I pointed at the writing. " Did you write this?" My voice was stronger now. The hunter slowly nodded. I finally put the gun back in it's holster. I sighed and took in a deep breath. " Well, I guess since your not talking, but are moving your hands around and not attacking me, you must be friendly." He nodded. I smiled and laughed a little. " Good because if not I was going to ask you to end me quickly." I watched as he lowered the hood a little so I couldn't see his eyes..

Finally I sat down on the floor with my legs out in front of me, he followed shortly after and took a seat too. I smirked as he sat Indian style. It was so predictable. " So, how old are you?" I started my questioning and interrogation. He seemed to think for a few minutes. Finally be reached out and scratched something in the concrete floor, 81. Since it was facing him I guess that meant he was 18. A young age to be turned into a creature. I sighed and lazed back stretching my legs out. " Ya know, I was 17 when this all hit. Actually it was just a bit after my birthday." I sighed. " Happy fucking birthday, a zombie apocalypse." I rolled onto my side and looked over at him. The hunter seemed to be on his side now as he listened. " My parents weren't infected when it hit. Tho I told them I wanted a shotgun and bullets and that I was leaving. I took some money, gave them my wishes, love, and some advice on how to survive from a video game that came out. I have no idea if they, or if our pets are still alive. Actually I was to be going home, but I hear it's overrun down there so I decided to head toward a bigger city." I shook my head and sighed again. " I'm ranting and raving about my family. I bet you've had it worse, people shooting at you, limited food sources, and nobody to talk to." I shook my head and glanced back over at him. He seemed to be drawing circles in the concrete. "I'd ask you how you became this or what happened, but I have no idea how I will be able to understand your answers." The hunter tried to cock his head but it didn't really work laying on his side. I gave him a few minutes to think about it. Finally he shrugged his shoulders and drew into the concrete. I raised up a little to see what it said, "aedi oN." I slowly turned it around by tracing it backwards in the concrete myself. "No idea?" I finally asked him. I watched as he slowly nodded. I started to chuckle. " You have no idea yet you wrote no idea into the concrete?" The hunter seemed to freeze at my words and think about it for a second.

Finally his hand moved toward his face, with his claws wide open. "Betcha feel stupid now huh?" I asked him teasingly. My only response was a growl. " So whats your name? The first question in everyone's book, I had to be obvious and normal huh? I heard the scratches in the concrete. I leaned up again and looked down at what he wrote,"hsoJ." I raised an eyebrow at this. " Josh? Really? Okay, names Steve, nice to meet ya." I rolled onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. "Josh, ya know what, I'm tired. It ya promise to watch out for any baddies, I'm gonna get some shut eye." I yawned to accent my point. I heard a short growl I took to mean he accepted our deal. Slowly I fell into an uncomfortable, uneasy sleep.