Slowly, the Three Worlds began to change. Koenma replaced his father on the throne of Spirit World and, after many negotiations with Raizen, had the Kekai taken down. Demons began to do business with humans, buying the many various ingredients to the new diet instituted by Raizen for all those demons who had a preference to human flesh. Food of the Human World quickly became the favourite interest of nearly all demons, though thanks to a small group of demons and one miko, humans stayed off the menu. Of course, food wasn't the only interest that the demons had in Human World; a number of them were interested in more trivial things like fashion, raising families, and enjoying being considerably richer than their neighbours thanks to an easier access to many precious stones and minerals.

The true turning point of Human-Demon World relations didn't come until shortly after the second Demon World Tournament – which Raizen had again won, though Shippo, Hiei and Yusuke had all done their best to slow him down along the way, as had their friends from the Dark Tournament, Mukuro, Yomi and all of Raizen's old friends. Chu had surprisingly come close to almost knocking Raizen out with a good bash to the skull, but Yusuke had gotten his hard head from his old man, and Chu was downed by his own attack – though Raizen was made quite dizzy by it for a few minutes.

The worlds-altering event? The first demon-human marriage was taking place in Tokyo. Shuichi Yoko Kurama Minamino was to wed Kagome Higurashi.

Kurama, who had forgone participation in the second Demon World Tournament, had finally told his mother the truth about his nature shortly after getting his degree, and shortly after that, the preparations for his wedding to Kagome had begun.

Half the city was either involved in the preparations or invited. The other half were the fangirls and fanboys who Kagome had set up a barrier against so that the bridal party would be able to enjoy the ceremony without fear of being attacked by crazed humans.

The ceremony was a mesh of a traditional Japanese ceremony, a modern Western wedding, and a few traditions specific to foxes. Hiei was Kurama's best man, and Shippo held the rings in readiness. Kikyo may have chosen InuYasha, and gone to Hell with him despite having never married or mated, but Kagome knew that this was a much better arrangement. Yukina and Koto were her bride's maids, and she was given away by her mother and Souta.

Koenma and Raizen both were conducting the ceremony with Kagome's grandfather, so that their union would be recognised in all of the Three Worlds and last through however many lifetimes they saw. There was some speculation about the two rulers making the time for a wedding in their busy schedules, but they had simply answered that even for the busy, time was needed now and then to watch joy being spread.

If Koenma danced with Botan throughout the reception, and Raizen held Atsuiko a little closer than usual, no one commented. The bouquet was tossed, and Shizuru used her height to advantage and grabbed it out of the air before any of the other girls had a chance to reach it. Flowers in hand she marched straight up to Sakyo and moved his beads aside – though she didn't remove them – so that she could stick of of the roses into his button hole.

"I would be honoured, Shizuru," he said quietly, smiling at her.

She smiled and nodded at him.

Keiko pouted a little that Shizuru had caught the bouquet just above her, but Yusuke quickly cheered her up by saying that, whether she caught the bouquet or not, or even if she caught Shizuru's bouquet or not if she really did marry Sakyo that soon, he would be honoured to marry her as soon as she graduated. No one saw them at all after that, though Hiei smirked and whispered to his sister when she asked that Yusuke would probably have to be married to Keiko within the year if he didn't calm himself down. Yukina had laughed joyfully, very pleased to hear it.

"Kagome," Shippo called through the crowd as he tried to get closer to his mother, finally giving up on being polite and just jumped over everybody to land next to her.

"Yes Shippo?" Kagome asked, smiling broadly at her son.

"There are a couple of fox mating traditions that you can only do when you're alone with your mate," Shippo said quietly, "and if you wait too long then the bond won't form properly."

Kagome smiled and patter Shippo on the head. He was taller than her, but that didn't stop her.

"Don't worry Shippo," Kurama said with a smile, having caught his son's words. "I haven't forgotten. Milady," he added, turning a radiant smile on his wife, "will you join me in escaping the throng, and leave with me now for our honeymoon?"

Kagome laughed and nodded, letting Kurama lead her through the masses to the car, leaving all their friends to finish devouring the food that had been laid out for the reception. Everything from black pudding to ice cream to rice balls and back again, and various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well of course.

It took them only ten minutes to reach the hotel they had chosen for their first night together, and another two minutes to reach their honeymoon suite. Once Kurama had carried Kagome across the threshold and kicked the door closed behind him, he didn't put her down until they reached the lavish bathroom, where he transformed into his 'Yoko' form.

"I finally get to wash your tail," Kagome observed, a slightly cheeky smile on her lips.

Kurama smiled. "Yes, you do," he answered. "And while you do that, I'll explain the last few things we need to do so that our mating is complete," he added, grabbing her still clothed pelvis and drawing them to meet his, likewise still covered hips.

She blushed but didn't look away. "Oh, I'm sure I'll get the idea fairly quickly," she purred, a smile on her face as she raised herself on tip-toe to bring herself closer to Kurama's lips.

Obligingly, he lowered his head the rest of the way and kissed her, determined that he would have her pregnant with his kits by morning. He whispered this into her ear when he broke the kiss, and she only shivered in anticipation.

"Make me yours, Kurama," she whispered back, dexterously turning on the taps for their bath with one of her feet while one hand tangled through his hair and the other stroked his luscious tail.


~The End~