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"Yes there is, I have a question" Amy said as she decided to pull out all the stops, she squared her shoulders, straightened her spine and took a deep breath

The Doctor's expression changed and a smile came to his face, "Whatever it is ask me, my brain is a strawberry..No wait I hate strawberries...gooseberry I like those, my brain is a gooseberry ripe for the picking" he said clasping his hands in front of him anxiously awaiting

"Do you care about me?" she asked

"Ah...there's an easy response...Of course I do...now then..I know the perfect beach that has purple sand and green water" he said as he skipped to the control panel, and went to flip off the Temporal Orbit switch, when Amy's hand stopped him.

Only than had he noticed that Amy had followed him to the console and was looking deeply into his eyes, and the beautiful intoxicating smells that was now making its way up his nasal passages. Before he could stop himself he inhaled deeply.

Amy's soft delicate hand now rested upon the Doctors, searing its imprint.

"Doctor, I don't mean like that I mean...CARE for me" she said blushing a little.

He just blinked in response, not comprehending what she meant by care, humans can be so frustrating some times.

"I mean like a man cares for a woman" she said a little more pointedly hoping the Doctor would understand.

"I'm a Time Lord" he said still not understanding.

Amy placed her other hand on the Doctor's cheek, and very gently pressed her lips to his, to show him what she meant.

The Doctor just stood there in complete and utter shock. He'd often wondered what her lips would feel like and now he knew, they felt like the petals of a flower he'd once saw on Ultop-11, so soft. But to the Doctor's disgust, he was responding to her kiss by wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer. He shouldn't want this, he can't want this

Amy didn't need a spoken response to her question, she felt it in his kiss, The Doctor cared for her and if him pulling her closer was any judge he care for her a lot.

He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her gently away.

"Amy" he said breathlessly

Amy giggled "Yes...Me..Amy" she pointed to herself and then to the Doctor "You Doctor".

To her surprise he didn't walk away, he just pulled her back to him.

"Mad" Kiss "Impossible" Kiss "Amy Pond" he said cupping her cheeks, "Please don't go" he looked at her intensely

"I suppose I could...as long as I don't have to eat any Fish Fingers and Custard" she made a disgusted face.

"Well.." he said with a cheeky smirk.