Chapter One : Ichigo's Promise

The sky over Tokyo had just turned a dark shade of lilac as I took my first step outside for the day Lettuce was at my side, "Geez that Ryou is a slave driver!" I sighed brushing a red ban from my eyes.

The green haired girl next to me winced "But I do love my job here" she replied sheepishly, I let out a long weary yawn "Yeah what ever Lettuce, Can you tell Ryou that I wont be here tomorrow.. that I have something come up?" I turned away taking a few paces.

"Sure Ichigo Take care!" she called as I turned to corner into one of the many Alleys that surrounded the Cafe.

**The air had turn crisp as the first chills of winter filled the dusk air "Damn.. now I wish I bought that third layer" I muttered as I rounded the corner to my apartment.

I hadn't moved out of home too long ago so I will still getting used to the long walk to and from Cafe mew mew, I glanced up gazing at the white building that was my apartment.

A soft breath pushed against my neck "Hey Kitty Cat" a cocky voice whispered, I let out a sigh of relief "Kisshu you scared me!" I hissed causing him to smirk "That isn't the reaction I used to get from you Ichigo San" he laughed causing me to blush.

My eyes narrowed "Well im a lot more... Mature now!" I growled, he touched a hand to my cheek "and yet you still fall down the stairs every morning", I felt my cheeks turn an even deeper shade of crimson "You jerk! Have you been perving on me or something!".

He smirked "So what if I do at least I have good taste unlike you.. falling for that loser Masaya" he laughed.

I shrugged "Didn't work out with him I guess..." I mumbled as he leant over me "Then it looks like its just you and me Kitty Cat" he purred into my ear, I felt myself back against the wall "Kisshu...".

Then he leant forwards I felt a shock of joy spread through my limbs as I reached up to kiss him, our lips were nearly about to touch and then I felt my head hit something, then everything went black.**

"... Where am I...?"

"...Why is everything black..."

"And why in hells name am I talking to myself!"

I sat bolt up right the cold pavement brushing my legs, scrapes lined my knees from where I had fallen of the park bench I brushed the dirt off my uniform "... Damn it" I hissed rubbing my head.

I had been having this same dream for a while now after the battle with deep blue I thought I had lost Kisshu I knew he was still alive I just had this feeling and when I felt his limp body in my arms I promised myself something that day...

Promised that we would meet again...