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Not Even Death Can Conquer Love

Summary: Being a couple for a year now, Mikado catches an incurable disease. He has one more hour before the death arrives. What do the couple do within the time?

The constant beeping of the monitor machine irritated Shizuo to no end. He wanted to unplug it, smash it into little pieces, and throw them out the window. However, it scared him when the beat became slower each day.

Wires and needles poked into the once lively body, injecting with vital fluids to support his nutrition. Pumps went up and down, helping the lungs to flow with oxygen. Half of the bed was up, so Mikado can sit up straight.

The blonde man tried to stop himself from going, but…he wanted to be with Mikado. He never wanted to see his first and only lover go…But he had to be there for him. After all, he promised the boy when they first dated each other.

It was early in the morning, before the sun even rose. Shizuo stayed with his lover all night, thanks to the doctors.

"I'm sorry you had to miss work again," his black-haired lover said apologetically. His weak hand stretched outward to touch Shizuo's face, but it fell to the bed. Soon, a warm hand picked it up and placed it on a warm cheek.

Mikado smiled. "But I'm glad you visited today."

"It's fine." Shizuo ran his other hand through the silky hair, doing his best to put up a smile. Trying to push the sad thoughts away, he said, "Remember our first date?"

The young boy chuckled, saying, "Yes, that was a fun day. You kicked Orihara's ass." It was Shizuo's turn to crack up, and they both laughed. However, it didn't last too long as Mikado started to cough.

Shizuo hated seeing Mikado like this. Suffering and wasting away in this white dump. It wasn't fair. The teen should be able to go and see the world one last time; party with his friends; maybe even see Kasuka's new movie.

But no matter how hard Shizuo tries to convince Mikado, he replies back with "No thanks." or "I don't want to worry the nurses." Soon, the blonde man gave up and visited the nineteen year old every day.

"It's all right. Besides, I'm really happy with you next to me."

"But I want you to enjoy your last moments, not waste them away." His grip grew tighter on Mikado's hand, who winced. The older man realized this and let go immediately, but the other hand refused to.

"I am," he said with a smile. Soon, a tear fell down his face, but the smile remained. "It's because I'm here with Shizuo."

Just before Shizuo spoke, a light burst through the shades and brighten the room.

"Can you…undo the shades?"

"No problem." Walking towards the blinds, he twisted the handle and light poured in. Before he returned to the bedside, the adult pulled up the curtains and the two saw the sun painting the sky and clouds orange and yellow.

"Isn't it beautiful?"

Mikado saw his lover bathed in the sunlight. Still wearing a bartender's suit, the smile on his face made the picture better. What really captured his attention was happiness in those brown eyes.

"I'm glad that I met you Shizuo…" Mikado felt woozy before laying against the bed. Instead of slow beats, a flat line and a beat per thousands of a second filled the room.

"Mikado?" Turning around, his fears taken a turn for the worst. A chest barely rising up and down. Eyelids trying to keep themselves open. And a hand reaching out…Towards his direction. Running at Mikado's bedside, Shizuo's grabbed the hand and pressed it against his cheek.

"Stay with me!" He cried desperately. "Please! Don't go!"



A smile appeared on the pale face for the last time. "Thank you…I love you."

Eyelids closed. A flat line filled the room with no beats. The hand almost slipped out of Shizuo's hands.


Looking at Mikado's peaceful expression one more time, he lowered his head and pressed the hand against his cheek. His vision blurred as a string of quiet sobs escaped his throat. Rivers of tears streamed down his face. However, instead of a pained expression, a smile appeared.

"Good bye, Ryuugamine Mikado. I'll always love you."

The hardest part of loving someone is knowing when to let go, and knowing when to say goodbye.

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