Chapter TWELVE

Sami walked into the den of the DiMera mansion, her heels practically noiseless on the thick carpet. She couldn't hear him but Sami knew that EJ was right behind her. She'd been released from the hospital that morning and had returned to the mansion with some sticky plaster on her head and orders to take it easy. EJ had been there when she walked in the door and told her the children were asleep. After checking on them Sami had told EJ that they needed to talk.

He'd had a pensive expression on his face at that statement but hadn't argued. Taking a deep breath she turned around and faced him now. EJ stared silently back at her, his face solemn, knowing his moment of reckoning had at last arrived. Sami squared her shoulders and pulled back her hand, delivering a stinging slap to EJ's cheek. His head snapped to one side but he didn't say a word of complaint.

"That is for taking my child," said Sami, her eyes flashing fire at him.

EJ just blinked and looked steadily back at her. He almost looked relieved that this moment was finally here. Sami slapped him again, her hand stinging madly at the fierce assault on EJ's face.

"That is for making me think she was dead," said Sami, unable to help the emotional wobble in her voice or the tears that welled up in her eyes.

EJ didn't answer her, just continued to stand there silently and take whatever it was that she saw fit to dish out. Sami hit him again, as hard as she could but this time didn't speak so EJ asked instead.

"What was that for?" asked EJ hoarsely, tears in his eyes but Sami knew they were from emotional pain rather than physical, just like hers were.

"For giving up on me," she whispered unevenly, a single tear streaking down her cheek, "For marrying Nicole and making me think you didn't love me anymore. For letting me go when I needed you more than ever."

EJ made a pained gasp at her admission, searching her face in disbelief.

"Samantha," he said her name raggedly, the emotion straining his voice nearly beyond recognition.

Sami knew that EJ was struggling to believe what she was saying to him, albeit in a roundabout way. He knew what she was admitting to him, that she'd loved him all along just like he'd done her but had never found the courage to face it. In her head loving EJ meant that she had to let go of being the good girl and therefore letting go of craving the acceptance of everyone around her.

So Sami had kept her heart from EJ, never acknowledging how much of it he already he had. She'd run from it all, from EJ, the depths of her feelings and found solace in something that was safe and comfortable but never really filled that hole in her heart. She didn't know what that dream was, if it had really happened on some level or if it was just her mind playing tricks on her. Sami knew though that whatever her time in Dayz was it had shown her something that she just hadn't been able to face until this moment.

"Don't do it again," she said thickly in what was meant to be an order but came out more as a plea.

So many emotions were playing across EJ's face as he tried to comprehend what she was saying to him. Sami knew that EJ was expecting her to tear him apart for taking Sydney from her the way he had and she knew that there would be a time to talk about that but right now wasn't it. Sami had to face the fact that she'd started all of this by denying her feelings from EJ and not facing her fears when she should have. It didn't make what EJ had done any less wrong but it did mean that Sami had her share of the blame to face and for the first time she was ready to really face that. Sami could see EJ struggling to believe what was happening between them but then they'd never been a conventional couple.

"I love you," said Sami simply, tears running down her face as she gave all of her heart away for the first and last time.

"Samantha," EJ groaned, his face a mixture of agony and joy as he reached for her, crushing her lips beneath his.

Sami returned his kiss with every part of her being, letting him taste in it her own regret for the pain she'd caused. EJ kissed her like a man on the edge, desperate and demanding, full of need for her. Suddenly it was too much to have anything between them anymore and Sami's hands went to EJ's shirt, beginning to unbutton it hurriedly. Still kissing her EJ moved to help of her, quickly shrugging out of the garment before his hands went to her blouse, anxious fingers fumbling with the tiny buttons.

It was Sami's turn to help now and very soon she was adding her blouse to EJ's shirt on the carpeted floor. EJ picked her up and deposited her on the desk, his kisses becoming more urgent as Sami drew him in between her legs, revelling in the feeling of his hard, muscled chest pressed up against her bra covered breasts. EJ suddenly pulled back, his breathing ragged as he looked at her with desperate uncertainty.

"Are you sure?" he asked hoarsely, giving Sami one last chance to change her mind.

"So sure," Sami promised him throatily before wrapping her arms around his neck and dragging his mouth back down on hers, both of them losing themselves in the other.


Stefano walked by the door of the den and paused momentarily, knowing already that Elvis and Samantha were in there. Kate walked up to him and arched an eyebrow at him.

"I don't hear any screaming," said Kate flatly, "Do you think they've killed each other?"

Stefano gave a little chuckle at that.

"All great loves feel like death sometimes," he commented with a quirk of his lips, "We should leave them to work it out between the two of them."

"Oh yes," said Kate with a roll of her eyes, "Because they've done so well with that in the past."

"Outcomes don't always matter my dear," said Stefano with a little smile, "Just that they continue to be strived for."

Kate arched an eyebrow at her husband.

"You're very philosophical today," she observed, "So what are you saying – it doesn't matter what EJ and Sami do to each other what counts is that one way or the other they keep coming back to each other in the end?"

"I could not have put it better myself Katherine," agreed Stefano with a nod.

"You're being very calm about that concept," said Kate with a confused frown, "I thought you weren't that into an EJ and Sami union?"

"For some things in this world it doesn't matter what everyone else might want," said Stefano with a resigned shrug, "Some things just are."

"Like EJ and Sami?" queried Kate with a twist of her lips.

"We do not always have a choice about the people we let into our hearts," said Stefano with a small smile, "Some people find a place whether you wish it or not."


EJ lay on the carpet of the den, holding Sami in his arms, their breathing only slowly returning to normal. Their clothes were strewn all around them and Sami couldn't even bring herself to care that they were both lying there buck naked with only an unlocked door between them and the rest of the household. She lifted her head from EJ's chest and looked down at his still sweaty face and gave a little smile. EJ looked as though a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders whilst Sami felt like a great emptiness had finally been filled.

"Say it again," he begged her, looking at Sami adoringly.

"I love you," she said softly knowing it was as simple and as complicated as that.

"Even though-" began EJ, still obviously perplexed by Sami's abrupt about face.

"Even though," Sami agreed, putting her hand over his lips to stop him from finishing that sentence, "We've both made mistakes EJ and hurt one another horribly."

"I don't want to hurt you anymore Samantha," said EJ painfully, "And I don't want to be hurt anymore either."

"Either do I EJ," said Sami sincerely, putting her hand on his chest, "Let's just start over, keep all the good things from the last four years and throw the rest away."

"I'd like that," said EJ, a slow smile spreading over his face, "I'd like that very much Samantha."

Sami lay her head back down on EJ's chest and let herself be lulled by the steady beating of his heart which was slowly returning to normal.

"Samantha?" said EJ after a little while.

"Mm," murmured Sami contentedly.

"Who's James?"

Sami lifted her head and looked down at EJ with an amused little smile on her lips.

"You called me James when you first woke up and I was just wondering who he was?" said EJ, trying for all he was worth to make the question appear casual but not quite pulling it off.

Sami's smile widened as she saw the little note of jealousy in EJ's tone even though he was trying to hide it.

"He's someone you should be very thankful to EJ," said Sami huskily, "Otherwise you might not even be here."

"Oh," said EJ, looking confused by that, "But-"

Sami silenced his next question with a kiss and EJ quickly forgot his interest in this James person as he pulled her closer to him, deepening the kiss.


Sami straightened her blouse and shyly smiled up at EJ as he held open the door for her, his face practically beaming his love and happiness.

"I want to see Sami and I want to see her now!"

"Ms Brady is indisposed sir, perhaps if you came back later?"

EJ and Sami had stepped out into the hall to see Rafe standing in the foyer trying to get by Reynolds, their butler. Rafe looked past the other man to see EJ and Sami standing together. They didn't need to say what they'd been doing, it was obvious. EJ's hair was all ruffled as was Sami's and their clothes were dishevelled and both of them wore a post orgasmic glow that was hard to miss.

"What the hell?" demanded Rafe, his face darkening into angry storm clouds at it was clear to him what she and EJ had just been doing, "You've got to be kidding me!"

He glared daggers at EJ and then at Sami before turning on his heel and storming out of the mansion without a backward glance. Sami felt EJ tense beside her as he looked down at her uncertainly, obviously expecting her to run after him like she always had when Rafe would leave her. She wasn't surprised, after all that was what had happened with this almost exact same scenario with Lucas but now things were different, she was different. Sami simply took EJ's hand and threaded her fingers through his and hugged their joined hands to her chest.

"Let's go upstairs EJ," she said softly, gently tugging him forward, "We've got a lot to talk about."

An enormous expression of relief flooded EJ's face and Sami just smiled, holding onto his hand tightly as they walked up the stairs... together.

A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.

The Wizard of Oz