Hello there everyone! It's Me, Kyosuke. This is my new story. I hope all of you like it since its fully original (except the characters) and Me, Lance and Kyo are gonna put our Sickest ,goriest and most Actioniest ( I know its not a word!) ideas in to this story. So with a lot of pride, I give you!



As Dawn approached, sending beams of golden light over the Horizon, Takuya Kanbara shifted in his bed. Next to him, was his girl friend, Zoe Orimoto whose parents were out of town for a few months and she was allowed to stay with Takuya. Takuya lived in a nice large Apartment. Better yet, all his friends lived around his home. His Best friend Kouji and his Twin brother Koichi lived next door. Above Takuya's home, lived His big friend Jp and Jp's little brother, Tommy. Next door to JP lived Takuya's Recent Friends Ryuu and His sister, Saomi who was Kouji's Girlfriend.

Takuya, Zoe, Kouji, Koichi were all 19. Saomi was 18 and Ryuu was 20 while Jp was also 20 and Tommy, 17. These 8 friends treated each other like Family and the most respected was Ryuu. Takuya looked up to Ryuu like a brother as Ryuu had learned Martial arts and had a wide array of weapons for defense. He wanted to be like Ryuu so that he could also protect Zoe and his friends. Soon, the sun was up and rays of light were assaulting Takuya's face. He was awoken by a siren that went by. He yawned as he got off the bed lazily, scratched his ass and the walked to the washroom. As he freshened up, the front door began banging as if someone needed to enter direly. He quickly ran to the door and opened, only for Kouji to run in. As soon as he entered, He ran to the living room screaming "TV! NOW!" Takuya ran after him "Quiet… Zoe is still sleeping!" He was wrong as Zoe walked out in a pink Pajama covered with pictures of anime pandas. "Not anymore I ain't….. What's wrong Kouji...?" Kouji quickly shuffled through the channels as he got to the news channel. "THAT'S WHATS WRONG" he screamed as he pointed. In the news-
"-Is one of the worst pandemics we have had in a long time. Scientists are baffled as People are walking with horrendous injuries and looks like they are suffering from necrosis all over their body. They seem to have case of necrosis and rabies combined as they are attacking everyone in sight! They attack all but the infected. Heres field reporter Jenny Williams on the scene."

The screen Changed to a girl in a street where people were running away. That street was not Much far from Takuya's house. "Hello there everyone, I am standing her at Street 49 and as you can see behind me people are running from the infected." While she was saying this, the screen showed a Person chasing another guy. That man was clearly infected as he had bite marks on his shoulders and his skin was grey. He Stopped at turned to the field reporter as she continued to talk, facing away from the zombie. The infected suddenly ran at the reporter and bit her shoulder as she screamed. Blood spurted onto the camera as the camera man turned to run but another zombie pounced on him as he turned. The video continued to show the Zombie tearing the Camera mans stomach, biting and tearing before the screen goes black and returns to the reporter.

Takuya, Kouji and Zoe just sit in horror as suddenly the door open. They look to see Koichi, Jp, Tommy, Saomi and Ryuu there. Ryuu shouts, "GET YOUR BAGS, PUT AS MUCH FOOD AND WATER AS YOU CAN AND RUN TO MY HOUSE! FAST!" Takuya, Zoe and Kouji ran to Comply and soon they entered Ryuu's house. The dining table was fully covered with ammo boxes, Swords, axes and guns. Ryuu took an M4 assault rifle and fitted an RPG to it. "Grab your picks. Be sure to fill the rest of the bag and your pockets with ammo!" Tommy spoke up. " Why are we packing like this! Why are we taking weapons?" Ryuu turned to Tommy with a stern but soft look. "Look Tommy… This Pandemic is sumthing that can kill us. You have to kill or be killed." After he finished, he Handed 2 Uzis to Tommy. Tommy Blinked for a sec before taking Ammo. Takuya Took an AG-36 and added some mods. A silencer, A strap, Extra Ammo, laser sights and an RPG add on. Zoe took 2 modded Bizon SMG as Kouji took a Mossberg 590, Koichi Took a heavy 50. Cal M107 semi-auto sniper rifle, Jp took a AK 47 and Saomi took a special weapon out if the closet. It looked like a Huge Sniper With Purple coloured add ons. The sniper it self was purple and there were places where it looked like would open. PBS was written in the side.

Kouji stared at it. "WHAt the hell is that! " "its my personal weapon! PBS means Partical Beam Sniper. Basically it fires High velocity bullets that leave a beam of electromagnetic Bursts in its trail. A cool weapon but takes a lot of time to cool after fired." And saying that, she took 2 UMPS. Everyone took either 2 pistols or a melee weapon as a secondary. UMP and Berretas for Saomi, Kouji, Zoe and Tommy. Baseball Bats and Axes for Takuya, Koichi and Jp. Dual Katana Blades and dual Khukuri swords for Ryuu. They were greeted with a banging on the door as Everyone readied their guns. Ryuu Opened The door and jumped back. A man entered, but he was not infected. "EVERYONE, They are Evacuating on the roof! RUN!" With that the man Ran and left. The group ran out into the building, one side ryuu's house, the other jps. The group Started running up the steps as they passed the levels. 7th floor, 8th floor, 9th floor, 10th floor. Soon they Opened the door to the roof, only to see that the man they saw earlier was leaving in a copter. He smiled at them as the copter left. " YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Kouji screamed at the top of his lungs. Suddenly Ryuu closed the door. He held his shoulder to it as Sumthing rammed the door from the other side. "TAKUYA! HOLD THE DOOR!" Takuya ran and held the door as Ryuu opened fire at the door. The ramming stopped after 8 bullet holes were in the door, very close together. Ryuu cautiously opened the door as he saw that the killed man was indeed an infected and that he had killed it. Soon, they heard steps coming up the stairs. They aimed their weapons as they saw a hoard of zombies rampaging towards them. They opened fire immediately as The horde died down quickly. They heard the metal steps creaking as more infected were making their way to the roof. The group were ready to fire when all of a sudden, there was a huge breaking noise. The breaking noise Signaled that the metal staircase gave away. The Gang looked disheartened as They lost the only way of getting off this building. However Ryuu had planned otherwise. " Listen up guys. You see the hotel down there? Its within jumping distance from here, lets get to the roof of that hotel and make our way down to the 29th floor ( they were on the 34th floor which was the roof) and then we jump across through a window to the next building, you see there? That building that still has a helicopter? Most likely it will not have any fuel since people don't just leave helicopters in a freaking pandemic. We just have to get there safely. Any questions? " At this Jp spoke. " Whats the cause of the pandemic? And I heard its airborne! What if 1 of us turns into one of the infected?" Ryuu smiled. " Well, theres a slight chance we are immune, but that does not mean we will let the zombies gnaw on us like fried chicken. So be careful." With that all of them nodded as Takuya cut a piece of the railing off with his axe as they all jumped across the small gap to the roof of the hotel. Their adventure was just beginning…

So How did you like it that far? I know no action or stuff but this is the intro chapter. I hope you liked the classic death of the reporter! And btw if some person has a question to ask, feel free to pm me. Heres a question most of you will be asking
Q. How the Fuck does Ryuu have so many weapons?
A. Because He Has the money to buy them and he was a Marine before the Pandemic. So by the permission of the government, he was allowed to have a heap of weapons in his house if there ever should be an emergency.
Q. Is Ryuu/Saomi going to be overly invincible like that kyo fag?
hehe…. No, They are plain humans. I warn you sum of the group will die since there are too many characters but other survivors will join!