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- Takuya Likes To Camp Out with his Friends. But He finds a mysterious Rock one Night while his friends were at Camp. Something came out of the Rock as well…. Rated-M, Character Death, Takumi, Horror, SuperNatural

World- Kouji and Koichi were great friends of Takuya. On there movie Night, Takuya had Promised to show up since he missed the last one. Even Fate cannot Stop The bond between these friends. Rated-M, Tragedy, Death Takumi

to Death- Lies are the commonest thing in the world. But it comes with a Price. Takuya and Zoe learn that the hard way. Their Mistakes can't be forgiven anymore. Rated-M, Takumi, Character Death, Horror Supernatural

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Chapter 6- The Beast Inside

Takuya and The others Ran to the Elevator, Happy to see it still working. They Quickly boarded it and started to go down. 28, 27, 26, 23, 19, 14, 9. The Elevator suddenly stopped at the 4th floor as Everyone exchanged confused looks. The lights shut off as they found themselves to be trapped inside. Since Takuya's arm was injured, Kouji and Tommy Pulled the Door Open. Immediately an Infected jumped onto Takuya. But Luckily It's chest had landed on Takuya's Barrel and Takuya immediately pumped it full of metal.

"Fucking Bastards….. Be Careful Guys."

Kouji Ignored Takuya as he went on ahead, his face screwed up in anger and pain. He Shot down every Infected on his way. The others headed towards the long column of stairs. The Stairs was filled with Infected as everyone proceeded to go down.

Ryuu Walked over to the window on the 25th floor. He broke the window with a punch as he stepped onto the edge of the floor. He turned back and Saw Amanda, Lance and Shirou. " You Better remember what I said" Lance said in an amused tone. Ryuu leaned back as he fell out of the hole in the line of windows. He plummeted to the ground as he did a back flip and turned so that he faced the ground. When He was a few seconds from death, He Grabbed the sides of his Cloak and spread it. The immense wind Produced enough lift to rocket him forward instead of hitting the ground. His shoes barely skimmed the surface of the ground as he did another backflip and landed infront of the gas station. He grabbed the only gas cans left and put it into his backpack as he turned back towards the building.

Infected had already surrounded him. They were all gaping at him as there was a few Slashers in their midst. Ryuu Walked casually towards the hotel as the Zombies moved apart to let him through. Ryuu Broke into a run as he crossed the 50 metre road in 2 seconds. He Ran at the wall as he Jumped hard. His Jump Propelled him up 20 floors as he grabbed the wall. He climbed the rest of the wall like a cat, using his feet to propel him every few feet and his hand to grab the wall and keep him from falling. As soon as he reached the roof, he heard a roar and looked down to see 2 behemoths walking infront of the gas station. His Face scrunched up in regret and pain as he turned back to the roof and climbed over the fence.

Takuya and Kouji opened the door as they shot down the remaining zombies infront of the front entrance. They and the others rushed to it and opened the door. As soon as they did, Screams filled the air, along with thunderous Roars. Saomi quickly Got her PBS out as she Shot it at the oncoming horde. One Behemoth was killed from the blast as more slashers and zombies fell victim to the beam. But thousands more were coming. Everyone Braced themselves and fought the oncoming horde.

Ryuu filled the tank full of gas as Lance and his group came onto the roof. Lance clapped. "Very good Ryuu, You did that almost as well as us."

Ryuu threw the empty gas can aside. "Let me Help my friends. Now!"

Lance smirked. "Well, Go on then, Help them but come back with The Blonde girl."


"Hey, If you want your friends to die, its your choice. We won't hurt the blondie."

"grr… Well, If you do, your head will adorn the antennae of the highest tower."

With That Said, Ryuu backflipped off The Roof. He brought 2 Uzi's out and Started To shoot the horde Below him as He fell. His cloak flew Behind him as Fire Rained on the Infected. He Landed In The Middle as he was surrounded by Infected. He Looked from one side to the other, his Uzis held Tightly in his hand. Suddenly He Started shooting in bursts at every which Direction Without turning. He Turned around and blasted Several Infected Behind him. Because the Front was covered by Infected, Takuya and the others couldn't see him or hear him over their own gun fire. The behemoth Roared as Ryuu dodged a punch from It. The second Punch Connected as Ryuu's guns flew out of his hand as he was punched through a group of infected. He got up and drew his twin Katana Blades. He jumped as the behemoth punched. He Landed on The Behemoth's fist as he cut it's arm off. The Behemoth screamed in pain.

Lance and Amanda Jumped as They Landed Infront of The Entrance. Amanda was about to help Ryuu But Lance stopped her. They Went through the Infected. Amanda Jumped Forward at Takuya and Kouji who were Taken By Surprise. She tackled them into the wall, grunts of pain from them in response, and then Round house kicked Saomi Down. Lance Grabbed Zoe's Weapon, Snatching it from her and then he punched her stomach, light enough to not draw blood, but hard enough to make her double over. He used her Weapon to shoot down the remaining infected and then They Ran With Zoe over Lance's Shoulder. Takuya Shot at them but Stopped because He was afraid to misfire and hit Zoe. He, Kouji, Saomi and Tommy Ran after them. Lance Suddenly Turned and Fired his Gun. The Bullet Went for Saomi But Before It Could Hit, Kouji came Infront of Saomi. The Bullet Hit him On the Left Side of His chest and the force pushed him and Saomi Back and on to the ground. Lance Grinned Evilly as he threw the gun down and Jumped Up To the roof. Amanda Gazed at the struggling Ryuu who was still fighting The Behemoth as her Heart told her to help. But She Dropped her Gaze and Jumped Up to the roof as well.

Ryuu saw This Scene as he Angrily Dodged another swing from The behemoth's Clawed Hands as he slashed down at the arm, slicing it off. But the Behemoth Immediately countered with the remaining Clawed Arm as The 4 Claws grazed Ryuu's Chest. Ryuu Seemed Not to notice as He Shove used one hand to slash at the Behemoth, Having lost the other sword, he used his free left hand to grab a grenade from his pocket. The Behemoth Roared as he slashed the other arm and Ryuu Threw the Grenade into the Behemoths Mouth. He Ran as The Behemoth choked, its Upper Body Exploding a few seconds later. He Jumped Up to Follow, reaching the roof in a matter of seconds. The helicopter was already running, with Shirou in The cockpit. Lance Stood on the Helicopter with Zoe and Amanda Inside. Before another Second was Wasted, Ryuu Grabbed Lance By The Collar and Threw him into the fence of the roof. Lance was Taken Completely by Surprise as the Fence Tore from the force of The impact as He plummeted towards the Ground. Ryuu Ran for Zoe as He Pushed Amanda Out of The Way and Grabbed Zoe. Shirou did Nothing as Ryuu Grabbed Zoe and ran off into the stairs. Ryuu Climbed down, 27th,

20th, 18th and finally to 15 when The Window beside him Crashed In, Lance jumping through it.

Lance Brushed some Glass off his Jacket before Proceeding to take it off. A Black Sleeveless T-shirt was there as Lance Discarded the Jacket, His Eyes Glimmering In Red, His White hair Flying and his Mouth in a malicious smirk. Lance Put the Unconscious Zoe on The Ground before Throwing his Jacket and Weapons Down. They Looked at Each Other fiercely with Red Eyes, hands Ready, Blood pumping. A Sudden Breeze and They Charge Each Other, Ryuu managing to Punch Lance. Lance Flew Back as He Backflipped to regain Balance and Footing but Instantly Ryuu Appeared with another Punch. Lance reversed it By Ducking The Punch and Grabbing It with His Left Hand, Using his Right arm to first punch Ryuu's Elbow and Then To Elbow Ryuu's Stomach. While Ryuu Doubled over in Pain, Lance pulled His Arm, Pulling Ryuu before upper-cutting Ryuu with His Elbow. Blood Flew out of Ryuu's mouth as he sweared in pain. Lance let Go Of Ryuu's Arm before spinning Around in his crouching position, Sweeping Ryuu Off His Feet. Ryuu Fell with A Thud as Lance Jumped up, Turning upside down and Springing Of The Ceiling, Flipping Mid air again and Dive-kicking Ryuu in his Stomach. Ryuu grunted with spurts of blood Shooting out of his Mouth as The Floor broke from the Impact. Another Thud Of flesh against Concrete as Ryuu Grabbed Lance's Legs and Pulled them Upwards, Slamming Lance face-first into the floor. But Lance Stopped The Fall by Extending His Arms and Stopping his Face from hitting the Floor Before Pulling His Legs up, forcing Ryuu To Let Go, And Then Slamming It Back into Ryuu's Stomach. Ryuu Gasped In Pain as He Rolled away to The Right, Standing Up. Lance Punched Him as Soon as he Stood Up, Blood Coming Out of Ryuu's Mouth as Ryuu Hit the Glass and Fell down. Lance Smirked as he walked slowly over to the Broken window.

On the Ground, Ryuu Was In the arms of Amanda as She Saved him From Certain Death. Lance Just Muttered "Hmph" Before Going back For Zoe. Amanda gently Put Ryuu Down onto the ground as Ryuu Groaned in Pain, Coughing Blood Out a second Later. Amanda Reached into her Pocket as She Drew A Syringe. She Injected the contents into Ryuu's Arm as Ryuu's Face Screwed up from the sudden Pain. Amanda Threw the empty Syringe away.

"You Lost a lot of Blood. That Injection of Blood and Adrenaline should get your Blood Level Back up to normal."

"…Why….why are you Helping me?"

"Because I do not agree with Lance's Plan. He Wants to Use Zoe As A Sacrifice 2 Days Later. If You want her alive, Come to the next City before 12 am 2 days later. If You Fail to stop the Ritual, You Will lose Your Friend and Lance will Become Infinitely Powerful."

Amanda Stepped Back before Turning to Look at Ryuu once again.

"Good Luck Ryuu… You'll Need It…"

She Jumped Back up to the Roof as Takuya and The Others Ran around The Corner. Saomi Grabbed Ryuu as she cried out loud.

"Brother! I was So worried, Where Were you!"

"Ryuu, We Need to Get Going, Zoe! Lance took Zoe to the roof!"

Before Takuya Could Finish, The Helicopter Flew Over them North of their Position. They Also Noticed that a lot More Infected were swarming around them. Including Xombies such as Slashers, grippers and 3 Clawers. The Gang Aimed their weapon, Knowing it could be their End.