Her guns fired repeatedly, surrounded, engaged on all sides and being strafed mercilessly by soviet aircraft. Her flak guns were over-heated and were glowing in the dead of night. Her missiles leaving a trail of death for any soviet pilot caught in their way. Her flak guns were scheduled to be removed two days before the invasion, thankfully they weren't, as of now they were the only thing keeping the soviet HINDS and MI-8's away from her. The soviets had the cargo ships they used to force a landing in America outfitted with two hundred and fifty five millimeter ship cannons, the Missouri's guns, by far surpassed that.

Her main armament was her nine, four hundred and ten millimeter cannons. The soviet deck guns were accurate but they couldn't break her, not yet. For every blow they took, they fired back tenfold. The deck guns took a while to reload but every time they heard the loud crack, then the explosion of a near-by soviet cargo vessel. Each sunken soviet vessel raised their hopes of fighting their way out of this.

Their captain knew it was impossible to escape this, even if they did manage to blow every soviet craft out of the sky, sink every cargo ship with deck guns on it, they've sustained too much damage. Her engine was still functioning, if barely. The area around the engine room had been sealed. Due to fear of flooding. Her hull had been penetrated once, they had been sealed off. Other sections were sealed off too, incase the flood doors failed.

"Captain, I don't know how long our ammo will hold out, or the ship for that matter. We cant take this for much longer, we cant break or run.." the young officer said.

"We're dead in the water aren't we..?" The captain asked the officer.

"Yes sir.. The engine is near-fire status." The young officer replied.

"We have no were to run too anyway" The captain said. "Except forward."

Those would be his last words, the Missouri's powerful guns let out one last volley as they rammed the biggest cargo ship, sending both to the bottom. Rumor from captured soviet sailors leaves it that even while sinking the Missouri kept firing, her guns only cooling once she reached the bottom.

This was a message to the Soviet Union, nothing would ever break the American spirit, the pride of her men and women.