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Inutaisho looked down from Heaven to watch his ridiculous sons, both of them absolutely ridiculous. His youngest son, Inuyasha didn't worry him as much as his son Sesshomaru did. Inuyasha was a lot like him when it came to women, he had his choices. He had his attitude that the ladies brushed off as cute, then there was the ears. Sesshomaru, he could have any woman he desired but they didn't desire him farther than the bedchambers .

"What am I to do?" he asked aloud.

You see the Great Dog General may be dead but he still wanted his sons happy and grandchildren. Inuyasha was happy with his life and he knew who he wanted to share his life with, the beautiful half-bat demoness Shiori. Inuyasha was meant to be with her and he graciously accepted it. Sesshomaru was another story. His mother made him so cold and callous; the only people that he ever showed any emotion or even respect for was Rin and Inuyashas' miko friend Kagome.

That's when it hit him. Kagome. She would be perfect for his eldest and he knew for a fact that the little miko was smitten with his son. Well smitten wasn't the correct word, she was more or less in a relationship of unrequited love. Now the only problem was to get Sesshomaru to return that love and he knew exactly how to do it. He was going to take a leaf from Rins' book. (Remember- season 2:Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga. Sesse was hurt and Rin helped him, that earned her his respect and his love. He loves that girl and no one can say any different.)

"This is going to be good." he thought.

Inutaisho knew how he was going to get his scheme to work and now was the perfect time when Sesshomaru was asleep. When he was finished he would watch from Heaven to see it all work out, after all father knows best.


It had been a couple of weeks since he had slept any. The reason, it was snowing. He didn't like the cold. As much as he didn't want to sleep he had to. Now it was time he got some much needed rest and soon he was asleep along with his sleeping companions. It was a sleep that wouldn't leave him the same and it started with a dream.


He was sitting in a snow covered field, watching Rin terrorize Jaken. That brought a small smirk to his lips. As he sat there letting scents and auras pass by him; he caught one that was more powerful than he. Sesshomaru recognized it immediately even though it had been 200 years since he last was in contact with it.

So he sat still as minutes passed when finally a figure showed in his periphial vision. It was who he thought it was but why he was there he didn't know.

"To what honor am I blessed to have your company, Father?" he asked.

His father didn't speak just walked over and took a seat beside him. He watched Rin and Jaken before he spoke.

"I am here to help you." Inutaisho said.

"With what, praytell?" he asked.

"You are lonely, pup. I am tired and want you happy." he said.

When his father called him pup he felt like a pup again. In truth he was still a pup, he wouldn't be full grown until he was a thousand. Having his father there and reading him like an open scroll along with reminding him what all parents want. Their child happy, made him indeed feel like a newborn pup.

"I need not your help father." he stated.

"More than you know. Well your getting my help whether you like it or not. Sesshomaru you are my pup and always will be, you need to be happy. You will find your happiness soon. When you awake you will not be yourself and for it to wear off you will have to have found your mate. Be nice to her will you? I will visit again. Good-bye." Inutaisho said as he faded.

(***DREAM END***)

Sesshomaru woke with a start to see it was dawn. He blinked several times, recalling his fathers' words and he looked around and wondered how did everything get so big.

He sat up straight and began to look at himself. He was not in his humanoid form anymore. He was indeed a small, adorable, fluffy, white, PUPPY!

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