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He was pissed. The Lord of the South, Lord Hiroki was attacking him and really trying his patience. Inuyasha and the west had been under attack since early that morning. Miroku had been by his side the whole time and Sango was inside the wall protecting the shiro.

It had been hours and sunset was quickly approaching and so was the limit of his strength. If not for the west having been his fathers', his pride, and Kagomes' threat he would have left. But he was afraid of her when she was angry; so he continued fighting.

"Damn it! When is the bastard going to be normal again?" he thought as he slashed an enemy.

Inuyasha didn't understand what was going on. Everytime he or any of the soldiers took one of them down two more would replace their fallen comrade. What had the southern lord done? Taken every male old enough to weild a weapon but young enough to be of use on the field?

With they way things were going he was sure that they would lose the west. The only way they wouldn't would be if somehow, someway, Sesshomaru appeared right then. He was the strongest demon alive and the only one that could decimate every person on the field in seconds.

"Where is the fluffy bastard?" he thought.

"Adamant Barrage" he yelled.

The diamond shards flew and speared through several enemies. In seconds more soldiers were advancing upon him from every direction. As he attacked those in front of him, those behind him were showered in sutras from Miroku.

Inuyasha heard the yells of pain behind him and looked to see them burn to ash. Miroku nodded at him and twirled his staff taking out two more. He wouldn't be able to do much more, he was already running on adrenaline and that to will soon run out.

A demon then jumped upon him, knocking him down. Before he could kill him the demon was killed and a very angry Sango was on the field.

"Stay off my husband." she said.

She had seen him fall while she was on the wall. She had jumped off and cut down anyone who was in her path. No-one could beat on the monk but her.

Twilight had come. Hope had become fleeting, they needed a miracle. Darkness was upon them and then a brilliant purple light streaked through the air, destroying any demon that came in contact with its' light. The light was followed by a thunderous bark and there stood a transformed Sesshomaru with Kagome at his paws.

"About time he showed. Please tell me he is normal again." Inuyasha said quietly.

(Sesshomaru and Kagome w/ Rin and Shippo)

They were getting closer to the western lands and really hoped to get there before nightfall. Sesshomaru had an inkling that something was really wrong in his lands and that Inuyasha needed his help.

Twilight was closing in fast and Kagome was tired of flying.

"How much further?" she asked.

"Not much." Rin answered.

Before anymore was said Sesshomaru pushed them to the ground.

"Stay here." he said to Rin and Shippo.

"Yes my lord." Rin said.

"But..." Kagome began but he transformed into his giant dog and placed her on his back and took off in the direction they had been going.

"Does that happen often?" Shippo asked.

"It does. Something is wrong and he wants us to be safe." Rin answered.

Soon darkness had fallen and they were staring at a battle in front on the Western Palace. Kagome immediately set to action and shot one of her arrows and watched as it illuminated the sky and took out any youkai in its' path. Sesshomau let her slide off of him and then he took off down to the battle.

Every demon of the west scurried to get out of their lords way. They regrouped back in the gates of the palace; they opted it was best to stay out of the way. Even Inuyasha, who would have loved to use this chance to one up his brother.

As he had said earlier it took his brother seconds to decimate those placing seige on his palace. In those seconds Lord Hiroki came out to challenge Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru transformed back to his humanoid form.

"I thought you were gone." Lord Hiroki said.

"I was." Sesshomaru said.

"You came back at an unfortunate time." he said.

"I should have realized leaving my brother in charge would have reprecussions but it needed to be done. He needed to know his place in my world. He needed to know me." Sesshomaru said.

That was all they said and began to fight. Lord Hiroki was a master swordsman and posed a small challenge to Sesshomaru. But as they say there is always someone out there better than you. There is a master for the master. Clanging of swords filled the air as did the smell of fresh blood. Minutes passed by and Sesshomaru was tired of playing. With one fell swoop he brought Bakusaiga around and their went his life. Sesshomaru cut right into his heart and Bakusaiga being what it was melts organic matter. Lord Hiroki was defeated and what little was left of his army fled back to the south.

The battle was over and the western palace cleared out to greet their lord.

"My Lord." was chorused around.

"About time you got here." Inuyasha said.

"You seem to have made a mess." Sesshomaru said.

"Yeah well, he attacked us and I didn't insult him or anything.'' Inuyasha replied.

"Are you sure?" Kagome asked running up.

"Absolutely. Ask Jaken. Here he comes." Inuyasha said quickly.

"Lord Sesshomaru." Jaken cried.

"You are back my Lord." he said.

"Jaken how did this happen?" he asked.

"I'm not really sure. We had a meeting with the Lords and Inuyasha has been doing exceptionally well in your stead. There wasn't any insults or slip of tongue or anything that I can account for. It was a random act." Jaken explained.

"I suppose when he learned you were not here he thought it best to invade." Kagome said.

"Yes. Where is Rin?" Jaken asked.

"Ohh, we left them. Sango can I borrow Kirara?" Kagome asked.

"Sure. Are you leaving?" Sango asked.

"No. Kirara I need you to pick up Rin and Shippo." Kagome said.

Then she explianed where they had left them and the fire neko went to retrieve them. Minutes later she returned with them.

"Okaa-san!" they cried.

"We are fine. You both go into the castle. Rin will you show Shippo to a room?" Kagome asked.

"Yes okaa-san. Come on you can have one near me." Rin said dragging Shippo.

The two children left and the adults got down to business. Sesshomaru ordered the guards to carry the wounded in and to bury the dead. Inuyasha and his friends were to make sure things were to run smoothly for a few more hours.

Kagome was about to go in to help with the wounded but Sesshomaru had other ideas. He had grabbed her around the waist and hauled her back to him.

"Sesshomaru I can help." she said.

"I know but I need you and your skills." he said.

"That's right you were wounded too. We need to get to some water." she said.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the woods. Not far in the woods was a hotspring. She set him down and proceeded to rummage through her ugly yellow bag for her medical supplies.

She pulled his slashed and bloody haori apart. Kagome soaked a rag she pulled out of her bag and washed away the blood to find almost healed scratches.

"You are not that wounded." she said.

"No I'm not but I am in need of your assistance." he said, huskily.

Kagome heard the want in his voice and started to back away. They didn't have time for that. There had just been a battle and there was wounded. She could be healing his soldiers.

Sesshomaru saw what she was planning to do but he was going to let her. Sesshoumaru wanted Kagome as he had never wanted a female so badly in all his life. His mind, body and soul; yes even his soul cried out and craved her.

He couldn't take it any more. Using his demonic speed and without a word Kagome didn't know what hit her. She was in Sesshoumaru's arms being passionately kissed. He used the tip of his tongue to part her lips and she eagerly gave him entrance.

"Oh god's I wanted this for so long but never thought he wanted me a human." she thought.

Their breathing was heavy they both felt a fire burning deep in their cores. Sesshoumaru pulled her shirt from her body and was pleased that she had left her bra behind. He began to caressed her breasts and gently suck her nipples like a hungry pup.

She moaned, "Sesshoumaru yes"

Kagome was being driven insane with lust. Before she went completely lust driven she stripped him of his armor, haori, hakama and boots. When she saw his long thick length she gulped then smiled.

He knelt before her to removed her skirt, socks, and shoes. Sesshoumaru pulled her against him and continued to make love to her mouth. When she moaned low against him, he picked her up and held her up by her ass then ground into her and felt her seeping wetness on his length. He ground against her until she was ready to come but before she could, he stopped.

Kagome huffed in exasperation and pushed him against a tree and ground into him seeking some small amount of relief.

"Not yet my miko" he said.

He wanted her blind with lust so when he entered her she'd be oblivious to pain. She hungrily swept her hands over every inch of his beautiful body and and he did the same to her. He would stop and fondle her breasts to spike her pleasure then continued down.

"Oh god's. Please Sesshoumaru now!" she pleaded.

"As you wish." he said

Sesshoumaru gently lay her on the thick bed of moss that grew beside the hotspring. He gazed down at her body and thanked his father for opening his eyes.

Sesshoumaru positioned himself above her and kissed her from her lips down to her breasts then back up to her lips that he hungered to taste once again. Without breaking the kiss, his eyes locked with hers, positioned his length at her entrance and with one quick thrust her innocence was gone.

Instead of crying out or flinching in pain Kagome came hard as he knew she would. Kagome thrust into him so he continued to move in and out. She moaned his name as he moved faster. Soon she was cresting again and several small orgasms hit her.

He could feel her squeeze him with every orgasm and he felt his end nearing and wanted to take her over the edge with him.

"Join me koi." he said.

"Y.. ye.. yes Sesshoumaruuuuu" she cried out.

"K.. Kagomeee" he said.

In that moment while they both released long and hard he sunk his fangs into the crook of her neck on the left side marking her as his for eternity.

"Sesshoumaru I love you and have for a long time" she whispered in his ear.

Still inside her he hardened again from her words. He growled low and flipped them over.

"I love you my beautiful mate." he replied.

He moved within her once again and the new mates pleasured each other for hours until they were both saited and to exhausted to move then fell into a deep peaceful sleep in each others arms.

Just before dawn Sesshomaru carried a sleeping Kagome back to the palace and to his bed chambers. Soon the first rays of light lit the chamber and Kagome stirred in his arms.

"Good morning, koi." he greeted.

"Morning." she said smiling.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked.

"Hmmm, I did but I am a little stiff. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?" she asked, coyly.

"I do." he said.

He kissed her and picked her up and carried her to his private onsen. He stripped her of her clothes once again and set her in the water to relieve her sore muscles. Then he joined her. They hadn't been in the onsen ten minutes when Inuyasha began to bang on the door.

"You up yet you fluffy bastard?" he yelled through the door.

"He really needs to learn some manners." Sesshomaru said.

"I tried, I really did." she said.

They dried off, dressed, and opened the door to Inuyasha. His eyes popped out of his head when he saw the pair newly mated.

"You better take care of her." he told his brother.

"I will. I will never hurt her." he said.

"Well the morning meal is ready." Inuyasha said.

They followed him to the dining hall and were greeted by their friends and children. Breakfast was a quiet affair, no-one seemed to be inclined to ask about them but the question could be clearly seen in their eyes. After breakfast Inuyasha began to explain everything that happened while they were away.

"I see why you are so annoyed all the time. I thought the paperwork was never going to stop coming and then all the meetings. You can keep your position as Western Lord, I want nothing to do with it." he said.

"I see." Sesshomaru said.

"Now that you did such a good job, I am going to reward you." Kagome said.

"You are?" Inuyasha asked.

"I am. You are never going to have to fear the word sit..." she said.


"Ooops. Again. I suppose I should've taken them off then told you." she said.

"You think." Inuyasha said, pulling himself up.

When he had righted himself, Kagome bent down and pulled the enchanted beads off. He was so happy that he lept for joy.

"I'm free. I'm free." he shouted.

The companions began to laugh at his antics. Unknown to them another was laughing at his antics as well.


The dog general was overjoyed. His sons had finally learned the lesson he had left with So'unga but this way was just as good at getting it across.

He had seen everything that had occurred since Sesshomarus' return to the Feudal Era. Well almost everything. When they were mating he decided to watch Inuyasha, giving them some privacy.

He heard Sesshomaru thank him for turning him into a puppy to open his eyes. It was the least he could do, besides father knows best.

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