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"Hi, I'm Alex Russo!"

"Draco Malfoy."

A simple smile made the brunette blush. She could say, love at first sight like how her mum expressed the moment she laid eyes on her dad for the first time. She had never seen platinum white blond such as this boy right across from him. She took in his physical appearance in her mind such as his pale complexion, his chiseled features and best of all his stormy grey eyes.

The two began to talk random things that came in to their little minds. Later on, they met Daphne Greengrass and Blaise Zabini and soon all four became friends in an instant. Though, Draco already knew Blaise and Daphne since they were his childhood friends and Alex easily got along with them.

"Which house are you hoping to be sorted in?" Eleven year old Alex asked no one in particular. She was curious about other people's intake of housing people in four different ones. She didn't really care what house she was going to be sorted in.

The dark-skinned boy shrugged. "All of our family has always been sorted into Slytherin." He answered, and then stared at the brunette. "What about you, Alex?"

The young brunette's face frowns at the question. Like she said, she didn't really care what house she would be sorted in as long as she can make her father proud of her.

"Remember, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin," Jerry Russo once again repeating the house names for Alex, "Which ever house you will be sorted in, I will be proud, no matter what." He knew that his children wouldn't be in the same house. Justin is smart, Max is fearless, and Alex is just plain manipulative and sly. He turns to his favorite daughter, "And Alex, please don't try to have parents or students complaining about you,"

Alex conjured up the most innocent smile, "I won't daddy!"

Alex snorted at the memory and grinned. "Well, I hope I get into Slytherin too!"


Who the hell is Harry Potter?

Alex was quite perplexed when Draco offered his friendship to some weirdo with a scar. The weirdo with a scar refused him and the platinum boy came back fuming in anger. Only one thing came up to her mind, why would he offer his friendship to a random guy when he already has great friends such as her, Blaise and Daphne?

"Draco, why did you…?"

He cuts her off by responding vehemently, "It's nothing. Forget him and just don't talk to him Alex."

She slowly nods in confusion and gazes back at the scar dude. Then she noticed her brother chatting to the scar dude that Draco was just talking to. She squint her eyes and whispered his name quietly. Alex wondered why her old brother appeared so infatuated by the four eyes dork.

Alex sighed as she realized that without her youngest brother, Max, this year would be so boring without him since he was a really easy target to get things done for her and to prank his older brother also.

After a few minutes, Professor McGonagall began to talk about the Houses they were going to be sorted into. Alex tried to listen, really, but the woman just drone on and on. She finally snapped out of it when the old lady stated with a stern voice.

"When sorted by the Sorting Hat sit by your housemates." The professor looked at each student before turning around and opened the door to the Great Hall.

Alex could feel the stares of the upperclassmen. Sure she likes the attention but the way their eyes were boring into her, it was quite creepy. Professor McGonagall began to call names to be sorted. Just to past time, she talked to another sandy blonde Alex had met at the train, Daphne Greengrass. Both girls had a lot of things in common and they instantly clicked with each other. Eventually, Professor McGonagall called Greengrass's name and was sorted into Slytherin.

The brunette watched as her new friend sat at the Slytherin table and now she was determined to get into Sorted into Slytherin. She already met great friends and they were quite tolerable to her. She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Draco's name. She carefully watched as the platinum blonde sauntered towards the stool and as soon the hat touched his hair, he was instantly sorted into Slytherin.

"Harry Potter."

The young Russo raised an eyebrow when the whole entire student body erupted into wildfire of whispers. What was so special about scar face?

"Blaise," Alex nudges him on the side. "Who the hell is Harry Potter?"

Blaise Zabini suspiciously glanced at his friend to see if she was seriously joking. When he noticed her serious expression, he was slightly taken back. "You don't know him?"

"I wouldn't be asking about him if I knew him!"

Blaise sighed and whispered, "I'll explain about him later."

Alex nodded and watched as Potter was finally sorted into Gryffindor and the Great Hall exploded with cheers and claps, but the far table where Daphne and Draco were neither amused nor cheering nor doing anything.

"Justin Russo."

The brunette snorted knowing that Justin might get sorted into Ravenclaw or something. A couple seconds later, the Sorting Hat boomed, "Ravenclaw!" and she rolled her eyes as Justin squealed and half-skipped to the Ravenclaw table. 'I can't believe I'm related to that dork.'

"Alex Russo." Once she heard her name, she pushed her way through her fellow 1st years and gracefully sat down on the stool with the most innocent smile she ever put on. She got to have first impression on these people.

'Another Russo eh? Hmm. You are slightly more confusing than your brother. You're cunning, sly, devious and manipulative yet so loyal and brave. Hmm… Oh! What's this? Your connection… I thought it was forbidden…' The sorting hat stayed quiet for a few seconds. 'Where to put you… Well you best be at…' "Slytherin!" Alex smirked as she made her way to the table where her friends were at and sat between Draco and a guy name Theodore Nott.

Draco's arm slithered around her neck and grinned. Alex knew he was glad that she was in Slytherin too. Soon, the last person in the group, Blaise Zabini was finally sorted into Slytherin and all four friends grinned at each other.

Maybe school in Hogwarts wouldn't be so bad. Right? Right.



"Hey dork," Alex greeted her brother nonchalantly which earned her a glare from him. "What? I can't say 'hi' to my lovely brother?" Lately she's been noticing her brother hanging too much with the Gryffindors (mostly Potter and his two friends) and wandered if he had any friends in his own house, Ravenclaw. Two months was a lot of time to make new friends and half of the school already knew of her existence.

"What do you want?" Justin inquired. He hasn't talk to her sister for a quite a while so he must've figured she needed something. Usually, it would involve money.

"I need money."

Justin sets down his quill and looks up at her. "What happened to your money?"

"None of your business."

"Well you can't have money from me then!"

Alex irritably sighed and turned her attention to the Gryffindor trio who were watching the whole time. She finally knew why Potter was so famous in the Wizarding World. And from the sources she has, Potter has a crush on her.

"Harry, can I borrow some galleons from you?" She put her lips together into a cute pout and knew that no one ever resisted it ever.

Harry couldn't help but blush and rummaged into his pocket and took out all the money he had and handed it to her. Ron Weasley also gave her some money, who knew he had a crush on her too? She heard Weasley's are quite… bitter against Slytherins. "Thanks guys! I'll pay you back!" She smiled one more time and ran out the library.

Justin let out a sigh once Alex headed out the door and smirk, "Who'd ever thought that you guys like my sister?"

Ron's face turned red tomato as Harry looked away, "Sh-Shut up Justin."


We'll kick their ass next year!

"How the hell did Potter get into the Quidditch team?" Draco screeched once he had heard the news from his fellow Slytherins.

Daphne and Alex rolled her eyes in response. "Draco, why do you bloody care about it?" Blaise inquire curiously. Well he already knew the answer but he's just having fun out of this.

"Well… I…"

"Yeah, Draco, stop stalking Potter and get on with life. Who cares if he got into the Quidditch team or not." Alex retorted, "I'm starting to think you like him or something," She muttered under her breath, loud enough for Daphne and Blaise to hear. They howled in laughter.

"Wh-What? What did you say?" Draco yelled, glaring at Alex.

Alex ignored the question and grinned, "Next year, we'll try out for the Quidditch team and we're going to kick ass!" Alex triumphantly said. Daphne and Blaise gave him a nod and in return, Draco smiled.


He was happy to have them.

The blond Slytherin sat down next to Alex and wrapped his arm around her neck. They look like they were a couple but they aren't. Even Daphne and Blaise smirked every time they were this close to each other.


Of Trolls and Sandwiches


Draco and Blaise instantly dropped their bagel onto the plate. Trolls in the Dungeons?

The Great Hall was soon consumed by many cries and screaming. All the students seemed to be doing was screaming and trying to get out of the Great Hall but soon, Headmaster Dumbledore stood up and bellowed, "Silence!" And with that one word, the students froze and turn their heads slowly to the Headmaster. He ordered all Prefects to lead their housemates to the common room.

"Oh shit, Blaise! Alex and Daphne!" Draco said, tugging on his friends arm. They sneak out from their line and notice that Potter, Weasley and Russo were going the same way they were.

"Where the hell do you think you're going, Malfoy?" Potter harshly asked, squinting his eyes suspiciously.

"Shut up, Potter." Draco responded automatically, "Trying to save my friends."

Potter didn't say anything back since he and Weasley were doing the same thing. Justin ignored Malfoy and vice versa, they never converse unless Alex was there and just like any older siblings, he knew Alex was in danger. When all five arrived at the girl's restroom, Draco immediately noticed Alex, Daphne and Granger, hiding under the pile of woods.


Alex peeked from under the woods and called out, "Justin! Help!" She felt Hermione's hand tugging on her to move and Alex tugged on Daphne to move also. It was bizarre really; the troll came out from nowhere!

"Stop staring and do something!" Daphne screamed at the boys who did nothing but stare. Useless boys.

Justin first reacted by grabbing some of scrap wood and threw it at the troll to catch its attention. "Harry, distract it or something!" The other three, Malfoy, Zabini and Weasley too, started to throw wood scrap at the troll to catch its attention. Once it did, Harry quickly tried to do something but the troll went back paying attention on the three girls. More screams were heard from the girls and then finally Justin muttered,

"Satisfy my empty belly; make me a peanut butter and jelly!" With gestures of his hand, his fingertips glowed blue and the troll turned into a sandwich. Nobody saw him conjure a spell, but it worked. The club he was holding fell down on the floor, on top of peanut butter sandwich. Nobody heard what spell he used but they didn't care for the moment since it worked on the troll.

The girls peeked from their hiding spot and noticed the troll was gone. "Justin! You did it!" Alex ran and hugged her brother tightly. Daphne gave him a hugged and a kiss on the cheek as a reward and Hermione gave him a hug. Soon, Professor McGonagall, Snape and Quirrell came in to deal with the troll, only to find it gone.

"What... What happen to the troll?" The old Professor asked.

Ron pointed at the sandwich, "Justin turned it into a sandwich."

The Professor stared at the green sickly sandwich and McGonagall turned to the kids, surprise. "Well, we'll handle it from here, you kids go back to your common room."

Draco grimaced as he continued to watch Alex and Justin interact. Why does she seem so happy?

"Dray, stop looking so green," Blaise said, noticing Draco's look at the siblings, "Besides, we didn't do anything. Justin is one lucky man tonight."

The blond Slytherin rolled his eyes, "I'm not jealous."

"For God sakes Draco! They're siblings, stop being jealous."

"Am not."

"Sure, its not like they do incest stuff with each other. They don't even look like siblings, more like lovers. Imagine if one of them is a adoptive child..."

"Shut up Blaise! Stop putting ideas in my head!"

"I mean, look at the way Alex hugged him really tight back then, I bet Justin is the adoptive child, he seemed happy about it." Blaise let out a laugh when Draco finally punched him on the shoulder."Ah, young love."


Sour Heads

"Ah, Miss Russo, what brings you into my office?"

Alex froze; this was the Headmaster's office? Damn! She gave the Headmaster an innocent smile, "I'm... looking for something..." Did his eyes just twinkle? What the...

"I believe it is your Transfiguration class right now. So pray tell why you are here." The Headmaster sat down on his chair as he observes the young Miss Russo. He already knew she was here to ditch but didn't know it was his office.

Alex rummaged one of her pockets and grinned. She took out a green candy, "Professor Dumbledore, I'm here because... I want you to try this muggle candy!" She knew the Headmaster had a weakness of muggle candies and she was pretty sure he hadn't tried all of them.

"Oh?" The rebel teenager handed the candy to him and it read 'SOUR HEADS'. It instantly piqued an curious look in his eyes.

"C'mon Professor! Try it already!" Alex grinned; she wanted to see the old man's sour face.

He ripped the wrapper and popped the little ball candy into his mouth. After 2-5 seconds later, his calm demeanor turned into an sour expression. His eyes squinting and lips pouting. It was really sour! "This... is really... sour... Miss Russo!"

Alex laughed and popped the candy into her mouth and made sour faces for two hours straight. When Alex was ready to leave for dinner, Professor Dumbledore said, "Come in anytime, Alex but bring some Muggle candy!"

Once she was out of Dumbledore's office, she met her Daphne on the way.


"Yeah. Y'know, hanging out with the Headmaster was pretty fun."



Alex seemed a bit down that her friends were all going away for the Christmas holiday. Her parents were up and visiting Germany with Max and they didn't have time to pick her and Justin up at Hogwarts Express. She didn't seem to mind since the twin Weasley's were staying too.

The trio already caused havoc in the castle and not even Snape can do anything about it. He didn't like giving detention to his Slytherin's but it was too troublesome. It was the holidays and he didn't really give a fuck. He pretended that he saw nothing and let the other teachers handle, unknowingly the other teacher didn't really give a shit about the pranks. Handling the three prank masters was too much for them since they just never seem to stop.

Just two hours ago, the trio manages to dye Dumbledore's white hair to purple. He didn't seem to mind since he never got prank. Everybody was too scared of the outcome. The next couple of hours, Snape hair was pink, of course, he didn't come out from his quarters until it was gone but when he realize he couldn't take the pink hair dye, he freaked out. Later on, Alex removed it since she felt bad. It was her Head of House, after all.

The next day, the trio managed to get Professor Flitwick turn into an old Oompa-Loompa. Alex cast a duplicating spell on him and made them all dance and sing when the trio wanted them too. It was all fun. Fun. FUN.

"Ugh, so tired." Alex says as she sat down on the Gryffindor table with Harry and Ron. Justin is nowhere to be found. She noticed Ron's look of what-are-you-doing-here? "What?"

"Nothing, right now, you'd be pranking someone with Fred and George." Ron responded surprised by Alex's harsh tone.

Alex shrugs, "Well we pranked every teacher here and my brother." She snickered, "Stuck with a talking zit..." Ron and Harry didn't catch her last sentence but they didn't want to ask.

"Already? But... it's only been two days." Harry incredulously inquires. Justin was not kidding that Alex could prank everyone in the castle in two days and even with Fred and George's help, they managed to do it in a day and a half.

"Well yeah... it was a pretty process without getting in trouble."


The young Russo whipped her head to the source and grinned, "Well boys, I have to go. Places to go, people to see... y' know?" Then she quickly dash out from the Great Hall with Justin's chasing after her.

"Where the bloody hell is she gonna go? She can't apparate!"

"Ron, I think it's just an expression."

"Oh, right. Mate, want to play chess?"

"No! Ron, you keep kicking my butt in it. Stop hurting my PRIDE!" Harry cries out dramatically.

"...What? What pride?" Ron confusingly said.


Mirror of Erised

"Harry, stop being conceited," Alex teased as she found the Boy-Who-Lived staring at himself in the mirror. She chuckle as she remembered the first day in Hogwarts and she hated him. The unnecessary attention he received but once she found out his back story, she learned to like him. She didn't understand the whole Voldemort crap but she didn't really care. He was alright. "Like what you see, Harry?"

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Do... Do you see my parents?"

Alex shook her head, "No... But I remember Dumbledore explaining this mirror to me once. Something about... something." Harry sweat drop, leave it to Alex to remember things.

"It's called the Mirror of Erised," The enigma Headmaster showed up out of nowhere, "it shows you your heart's desire,"

"What do you see Alex?" He inquired curiously at the brunette.

She smirked and replies, "Pranking Justin with my little brother Max."

"What about you, Professor?"

"Holding a pair of socks!" He happily smiled.

Harry turns his attention the mirror once again; he really desired to have a loving family.



"Bloody hell, Alex!" Blaise almost died of laughing too hard. He couldn't believe he missed out when Alex and the Weasley twin's pranked every teacher. He knew he was going to miss out. Draco and Daphne were still giggling on the couch, still thinking of what Alex did over winter break.

"How did you manage to get Snape's hair pink?" Daphne managed to say in between giggles.

"Well, it was simple, really. We cast a spell on him while he was sleeping and it was an Illusion spell and he freaked when he realized he couldn't take it off." Alex explained, still grinning. "I accidentally turned... that Plant teacher into a hamster! I don't remember how we turned her back."*

"A hamster? Really?" Draco sneered.

"Hey, hey, it was an accident! Well, the Fred suggested it but I just did it on impulse!"

Her friends laughed at her while she continued to whine and explain what else she and the Weasley twins while they were away. It manage to take the whole night to explain her story but it was a worth to listen to.


First Kiss

"Justin! How is it bloody hard just to freaking kiss her!" Alex hissed when Justin had messed up on the date. He had spilled tea all over Cho's clothes and now she was leaving.

"Uh I'm sorry! I'm just too nervous and besides I didn't even see it coming!" The older Russo retorted. "As if you ever kissed someone, Alex."

"Psh! Yes I... did." Alex lied through her gritted teeth, "And I could easily kiss someone!"

"Ah-hah! So you never kissed someone..." He smirked at thought of his sister never kissing someone.

Alex rolled her eyes and hissed, "Okay! I haven't got my first kiss but who cares!" Then she quickly changed the subject to Justin's date with Cho Chang, "Don't mess it up again! McReary Time-reary!" Time rewind for a few minutes back and Justin found himself next to Cho. As they were about to lean, Alex quickly casted the Wingardium Leviosa spell on the tea cup and lifted it above her brothers spell.

Once the couple pulled apart, Alex let go of the spell and the tea spilled on Justin's head. Cho was shock and tried to wipe it off with napkins while Justin wreathed in pain, the oh so hot pain but he was enjoying how Cho was wiping his head with a napkin. He felt so giddy.

The next morning, or next evening, Alex decided who's going to be her first kiss. When her target was on sight towards the Slytherin table, she began to move. The Ravenclaw table was just right next to the Slytherin so, Justin's view of Alex's first kiss is clear.

She made her way to the platinum blond, grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around. Alex quickly leaned in and gave Malfoy his and her first snog.

Oh Merlin, this was the happiest day of Draco's life. Really. Seriously, apart from that one time when he...

When they parted, she smiled and quickly casted a glance at her brother who gave her a incredulous look. This is how she gets her first kiss and it was oh so easy, apart that she and Draco were still blushing.



"HARRY POTTER and girl." The ugly back face of Professor Quirrell said, "Who is that girl Quirrell?" The Defense Against Dark Arts tries to remember her name but seriously, who is she? He had never seen her in any of his classes.

"EXCUSE ME?" Alex shouted angrily, "I have a name, you stupid git!"

"What'd you call me?"

"A git! Are you deaf or something? Oh wait, you don't have freaking ears because you apparently forgot to make one!"

"Why you little-"

"And god, I don't know why people fear you! You got your butt kick by a baby! Some dark lord you are!"

"You... You..."

"Hah! Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort, can I call you Morty? I bet that was your mom's nickname for you."

"Shut up, you filthy-"

"Morty, your such a disgusting freak. How did you get in the back of Quirrell's head? You managed to rape him somehow and his arse sucked you in and thus your stuck in the back of his head?"

"Wh-What? What the bloody hell you talking about girl?"

"Oh! Your gay? I can understand, you want to talk about it? Why you have to rape people so you can use their body?"

The whole time, Harry and Quirrell incredulously watched as Alex made fun of him while Voldemort denies of what she said. Amusement was visibly seen on Harry and the DADA teacher, who knew this fight would be amusing. Voldemort's face contorted into anger and ordered, "KILL THAT GIRL, QUIRRELL!"

The DADA teacher ran towards Alex, but Harry got in front of her and touched his face and began to burn. Quirrell managed to pushed him away and his hands was able to wrap around Alex's throat, but Alex kneed his manhood and boy did it hurt. Harry took this opportunity and touched the DADA teacher again until he was gone.

"Wow, Alex. I didn't think you'd have the gut to insult Voldemort."

Alex only shrugged, unaware of the dark mist forming behind her. She didn't realize it when Harry fell down on the floor and she felt pain throughout her body and saw the dark mist.

"You gay...bas..tard."


Harry nodded as he sucked in the information about Quirrell on how he died. All this time, who knew Quirrell, had Voldemort in the back of his head the whole time. Then Dumbledore look at the bed across from his and noticed it was Alex still laying there.

"Did Miss Russo was able to help you with your battle with Quirrell?" He curiously asked.

Harry weakly nodded and let out a chuckle, "Actually, they spend about 23 minutes insulting each other."

Dumbledore's expression turned into an amused one and glanced at the rebel teenager. She sure did have a lot of guts insulting Voldemort and he wondered what Miss Russo said about him.

"Is Alex alright sir?"

"Ah, yes. It appears that Voldemort's soul attacked her many times and her body is really weak, but she'll be alright. She woke up a few hours ago and fell back asleep."

Harry sighed in relief. Then the door busted open revealing a worried Justin, Malfoy, Daphne and Blaise. They all came rushing towards Alex and not too far behind them, Ron and Hermione came running in towards him.


"Crap, my body still aches," Alex whined as she, Draco, Blaise and Daphne made their way to the train, "God, I still wonder how I end up there." Blaise, Draco and Daphne didn't know what she talking about since Dumbledore was told her to keep quiet about it. The topic could discuss with his brother and Harry but to her fellow Slytherin's, she couldn't.

Some Slytherin parents are some followers of Voldemort and if she ever blabbers about it, she might be a threat to them.

"Damn, whatever you did last night, it must be rough." Blaise jokingly said, glancing at the platinum blond. Daphne giggled while Alex stayed confused. What did she say?

*The reason Alex don't remember because she casted the erasing memory spell, Cerebellum Erasus, so yeah.

This story came into my head randomly and the whole chapter are all drabbles but put all together in one chapter. I'm only using spells from Season 1 for Alex's Year 1 and Year 2 in Hogwarts. Justin is in the same year as Alex. I'm sorry if the character seem OOC. I can never make them in character for some reason. This is a Harry/Alex/Draco story and there wasn't much of their interaction, but they're still young... :D

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