"It would've been nice to know earlier, mum."

Alex Russo glared icily at her mother. It wasn't much of a family reunion even if it's been four years since she and her mother spoke civilly. Christmas suddenly felt ruined to her and the spirit in her died when her mum confessed about the letter she read back at Hogwarts. She was so irritated by the fact that her mother had hidden this from her and all this time her mother hated her for it. The hatred intensified when her mother learned she was sorted into Slytherin.

"I'm sorry that I kept it a secret." Theresa mumbled, looking down. "All of you, I'm sorry." She couldn't look at her daughter—her whole family eye to eye.

The Slytherin simply rolled her eyes, ignoring the apology. She's not going to forgive her that easily. No way. All these years of ignorance she received from her mum were all because of what really happened fourteen years ago.

"I'm going out." Alex muttered. Before Theresa could say a word, Alex disappeared with a poof.

She found herself in the heart of the Russo Mansion in Rome. She'd be thankful for her Italian side of the family to have this kind of mansion and kindly gave it to her. It was too bad that she wasn't able to meet her dad's parents. Maybe they knew about the incident fourteen years ago and decided not to meet her. Maybe they deemed her dangerous to themselves because of the connections she has with Morty.

She let out an irritated sigh. She began walking down the hall to the vintage living room. It was huge place for a living room, but this living room is her favorite. There are other living rooms in the mansion, but Alex deemed it spooky and haunted. She plopped on the red couch and pondered on some things.

She couldn't help but think that this was all Morty's fault. If only he didn't attack WizTech, her mother wouldn't ignore her because she was in Slytherin. Then again, would her mum still talk to her even though she was sorted in Slytherin without Morty's destruction of WizTech?

"Of course Alex, she would still ignore her. Voldefuckingmorty would still be terrorizing other wizard in other parts of America." Alex said aloud. "Bad Wizards and Witches come from Slytherin." She rolled her eyes and she hated that phrase. It was heard all over in the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff House.

Alex knows every time she comes in the Gryffindor common room, she could feel the uneasy stares at her back. She could tell when other Gryffindors are talking shite behind her back whenever she hangs with the Golden Boy or with her little brother.

In Ravenclaw, it wasn't as tense as the Gryffindor common room. At least they understand that she's only visiting the common room to bother Justin. She was more cool with that house.

And Hufflepuff, the House of where most Alex haters resides. Of course the hating started right after Cedric Diggory died. They all thought it was her fault that Cedric had to jump in way to protect her from Voldemort. Cedric was so fucking stupid. He didn't have to jump in the way. She had a spell ready to counter, and Cedric just jumped in a way like a stupid boy he was.

"Stupid Cedric. You'd still be alive if you didn't jump in the way." She muttered. She held her left hand up and stared at the ring embedded with her birthstone, the yellow topaz. Cedric would get her something yellow that would remind him and his House.

Ever since that event in 4th year, she never pranked the Hufflepuffs, but instead she focused it on all of the Gryffindors.

"I don't think Diggory would want you to feel guilty for his death, Alex." A calm and cool collected voice echoed in the room.

Alex slightly jumped, startled that somebody else was here. She looked up to see the familiar eyes looming over her with his gray slate piercing eyes. With her cognac browns, it was nothing compared to his eyes. She always did find his eyes fascinating and sometimes she feels as if she was in a trance.

She saw the corner of his lips quirked into a small smirk before sitting down on the nearest couch. It was also hard not to notice the neatly green wrapped present sitting on his pale hands.

"Is that a present?" She inquires slyly, a grin creeping onto her face.

Draco's gray slates lazily moved to the present and back at her. "Maybe." He teased and stifles a laugh when he sees the cognac browns glaring at him.

Alex crossed her arms childishly. "So what are you doing here anyways? It's Christmas Eve."

The platinum Slytherin kept his smile on his face. Then his stormy gray eyes met with her mocha brown eyes. "I just had a feeling that you were having one of those days." He trailed off and then continued when he noticed the expression on Alex. "Your 'I'm-So-Mad-At-My-Mum' days."

The brunette held back a surprise look. Her lips automatically curve into a smile. He was always right on the spot whenever she was mad about something. "How do you do it, Dray?"

"Do what exactly?" Draco repeated, tilting his head to the side.

Alex pouted a bit. She muttered, "How do you know when I'm feeling down or whenever I'm mad at my mum?"

Draco stood up from his couch and walked over her. He handed the green wrapped present and the brunette took it. "Maybe I just have Alex tuition." He joked, earning a slap from Alex. He grinned. "Well, Merry Christmas, Alex."

The brunette smiled sincerely at her best friend. She had to admit though. He was the best guy friend she could ever hope for.


Justin paced back and forth around his room. He was worried for his little sister. Sure, the shocking new information that their mum told them, but Alex had really taken this hard.

'Of course she'd take this hard you dolt! She was in it for most of her Hogwarts years!'

The older brother sighed. He couldn't exactly just let it go. It really did worry him. Sighing and making up his mind, he flicked his wand and disappeared.

Justin found himself in one of the living rooms of the Russo Mansion. If the family would have live here, each of them would have their own living room. He bet Alex would love it.

He sensed the mansion was empty and the only place that he knew where Alex would go to was…

The older Russo gazed up at the roof. Just like five minutes ago, he flicked his wand again and appeared on top of the roof. There was his sister lying down on the roof with familiar platinum next to her.

Justin cautiously walks towards his younger sister. As he neared the two Slytherins, he heard his younger sister talk.

"Hey Justin."

The older brother was startled for a second. He seriously thought the troublemaker was sleeping. "So this is where you went to."

Alex grinned and sat up. She quickly glanced at the platinum and he was still sleeping peacefully. "Did mum send you or something?"

"No. I was just really worried about you Alex." Justin replied. He sat down next to her sister and stared up at the starry sky. "I know it was wrong for mum to hide from you and us."

The middle Russo pulled her legs to her face. "You should've seen the expression on her face while she was talking about it. She fears me Justin." Alex frowned, holding back some tears.

Justin hummed a bit before replying. "She just hasn't given you a chance yet, Alex."

Both Russo's stayed quiet. Alex was pondering on some things. She didn't really want to give her mum another chance, but she has to because that was her mum after all. Maybe she'll come around once she proved to her that not all Slytherins are bad.

"I think mum already lost her chance." Alex mumbled and pulled her legs tighter towards her. She didn't want Justin to see her in her weakest moments.

Justin scoots closer to his younger sister. He put his arm around her and pulled her into a tight hug. "You still have Max, Dad and I, Alex."

The brunette nodded, and returned the hug. It was great to know that at least most of her family still believes in her.

The older Russo smiled, realizing this is actually they had true brother and sister moment without fighting with each other. He was glad that the Wizard Family Competition wasn't going to apply to them since there is a shortage on Wizards. Then he thought about the letter and how he showed up on the Russo Magic User List.

"I'm just wondering what… spell did you last use on him?" Justin inquires, breaking the hug from his sister.

Alex frowned. She knew what he was talking about. "Russo Repeto Magus. I found… the spell on the spell book. I didn't read the full details of the book, so…"

Justin irritably sighed. He should've known that his sister would be so careless when it comes to trying new spells. "Ok. I'll research on it and find out if we can reverse the spell on you and Voldemort."

The Slytherin nodded. She thanked Justin before he left. Then she stared at the endless starry sky. Alex glanced at the sleeping platinum. Draco looked so carefree as if nothing is weighing down anywhere unlike last year. She lay back down on the rooftop and closed her eyes.



"Er. Are you serious?"


The brunette Slytherin frowned upon the invitation from the red-headed twins. "What came onto this?"

Fred happily replied, "Our father really—"

"—want to meet you." George finished.

Alex nodded. She was hesitant about it, but… "Is Harry going to be there?"

The twins glanced at each other, and then gave their identical trademark grin. "Why, does our darling Alex want to know?"

The brunette glared at the red-heads. They eventually had to know, since she really trusts them. It took about few minutes to explain her situations and expressions on the twins changed to dark features.

"We'll prank him to oblivion—" Fred began.

"—whenever he comes to Diagon Alley!" George darkly said.

Alex chuckled. "Just send me the pictures!"


"Oh—Dear! Alex, I didn't you were here!" Molly Weasley acclaimed when she spotted the brunette with the twins.

Alex greeted Mrs. Weasley. "Hey Mrs. W, I just got here actually."

Molly sweetly smiled. Then she turned her attention to her sons. "Now where are Ron and Harry?"

Fred spoke up, "They went to visit Hermione!"

"They said something about a project or something." George added before his mum could ask more questions.

Molly sighed, and put her hands on her hips. "Well, come now. Foods ready."

Alex questionably stares at the twins as they made their way to the dining table. She actually wanted to talk to the Golden Boy about something. Seeing that the twins wouldn't talk where they actually went, Alex forgot about it. As she neared the dining table, Mr. Weasley was there, along with Sirius and Lupin.

"Ah! You must be Alex Russo!" Mr. Weasley gestures her to sit next to him.

"Hey Alex!" Sirius greeted, with a wave and a smile. Lupin did the same too.

The brunette greeted them with a smile, and sat down next to Mr. Weasley. She shook hands with him and introduces herself (again).

"I heard a lot from my boys and Harry too! Are you in the Gryffindor House?" Mr. Weasley inquires, as he took a big bite on his food.

Alex chuckled nervously. "Er. I'm in Slytherin, actually. My younger brother is in Gryffindor and my oldest [dork] brother is in Ravenclaw."

The Weasley Sr. opened his month then close. Then he ponders on something, and as if a light bulb lit up inside his head, he turns to his wife. "Honey, remember the Russo siblings when we were back in Hogwarts? Jerry, Megan and Kelbo Russo!"

Molly gasped and in the process she dropped the serving spoon. "Of course! No wonder your last name sounded so familiar! Your aunt used to torment us Gryffindors every day." She faintly pointed out with a grim smile.

Sirius's face also went into a pondering moment. "Yeah! I remember now! Kelbo Russo was my pranking buddy! We did everything together to pranking to getting detentions!" He roared in laughter, and he began telling the stories to the twins.

"Yeah. I remember Jerry Russo! He was always on top of his class. He was quite popular with the girls if I remember." Lupin adds, reminiscing the past.

The Slytherin puts on a disgusted face as she heard the stories of her father's escapade with other girls. She didn't want to know about that! Eventually, the whole night was talking about the past and Alex was able to learn more about her father and her aunt and uncle.

Alex was close to her aunt, since Megan was the one who supported her in her third year. She's also close to Kelbo and she was his favorite niece. Alex always got the best gifts out of her brothers from Kelbo whenever he comes to visit randomly.

The laughter and the fun atmosphere seemed to dissipate in three hours. Alex had a lot of blackmail material for her father. Dinner was already over. Mr. Weasley had gone up to his bedroom to sleep, since he had to go to the Ministry early. Mrs. Weasley had gone cleaning somewhere. On the table were just Alex, Sirius, Lupin, Fred and George.

"So how's Greengrass?" Sirius randomly asks.

The brunette was surprised about the questions. Why would Sirius be asking about— oh yeah! Daphne saved his life last year. "She's good." She awkwardly responded.

The ex-convict nodded then opened his mouth but he closed it. It was as if he wanted to ask her something. Lupin noticed it and nudged him hard on the ribcage. In response to that, he growled at the werewolf and huffed.

"Do you know why Daphne saved my life? I mean she knew I was a convict that time so…" He trailed off, hoping the young Slytherin can relieve him of some answers. It has been bothering him for a while, well for a long time.

Alex furrowed her eyebrows. She bit the side of her lower lip. "Well, I kind of told her everything about what's going on that year. She knew you were Harry's godfather. I guess she only saved you because Harry would be—family-less or something like that. Look, her mother died because one of the Death Eaters threatened their family to join them and the Greengrass's refused. So, one of them killed her mum."

Sirius seemed surprised by the story. He had heard stories that the Greengrass joined, but he guessed that was a lie. "I never thought I'd owe my life to a Slytherin." He chuckled.

The Slytherin smiled. She knew her house was greatly misunderstood since everyone viewed them as Dark Wizards and Witches. It wasn't like that. Maybe it was their ambition and cunning made it seem that way. Not all Slytherins were bad.

"Well, I think I should be going." Alex announced standing up. She waved at Sirius, Lupin and twins good-bye before snapping her fingers to teleport back to the Russo Mansion.


Different than before

The night before going back to Hogwarts, Blaise Zabini arrived at the Russo Mansion later that Sunday evening. He needed to talk to his best friends about the new found interesting information he was able to unravel. He didn't want wait tomorrow, he had to tell them now.

By now, he expects all three of them present in the mansion by the time he enters the living room that Alex always like to occupy at. The news was an urgent matter and the others needed to know.

He stepped inside the gloomy vintage living room where all three of his best friends were sprawled all over the couches.

Alex lazily sat up and greeted, "Blaise! Finally! What brings you into my beloved lonely abode?" She dryly said as she lay back onto the couch again.

"So what's this urgent matter that you must tell us right away?" Draco inquires curiously as he watches Blaise sat down next to him.

"Those 7th year Slytherins who has been tormenting the rest of the other Slytherin lately, they're not even part of the Death Eaters!" Blaise hissed loudly, his tone trembling in anger. "Heck, their family isn't even supporting the Dark Lord." He informed the young brunette. "Henry Blyth just wants to restore order within the Slytherin House."

The trio stared at him in disbelief. Is he serious? "Are… Are you serious? Restore order within the Slytherin House?" The brunette's voice was getting louder.

Blaise nodded. "Yes. Back then Slytherins never talked to the other housemates in such friendly matters, even to a Gryffindor." Then he heaved an irritated sigh. "I can't believe none of us even noticed this before, but have you ever seen their right hands? They always hide it with their long sleeves shirts and I managed to saw the arse at nightclub the other day and no Dark Mark!"

Daphne narrowed her eyes. "So you're telling me that Blythe doesn't have any Dark Mark on him at all." Her body was slightly trembling in anger. These were the same guys that beat up her little sister just to get authority and yet, they're not even with the Dark Lord!


The blonde closes her eyes calmly as she clenched her fists tightly. She was calm yet she was radiating an aura of killing intent.

Before the blonde could stand up and find Blythe to kill him, Draco cuts in by saying, "I think we should lay low for a while." Daphne flashes him a dangerous look. "I know you want revenge on him, but I've been hearing rumors that the Death eaters are planning something big regarding Hogwarts. I don't know the details, but that's the all I can get from my mum and dad."

Daphne sighed. "Fine, but I still want to cut him."

"He's all yours Daph." Alex said.


She began jogging through the crowd –even managing to push a 1st year down to the floor—until she saw a speck of platinum color at one of the back compartments. Alex quickly strides towards it and opens the door and plopped next to Daphne.

"Hey guys," She greeted, closing the sliding door with her leg. "Why did you guys get a compartment so far from the entrance?!" She complained before crossing her arms against her chest.

"I assumed you needed exercise after that excessive eating at Malfoy's manor the other day." Blaise said, grinning ear to ear as he ignored the glare from the brunette.

"Tch! Shut up, Blaise!"

When Draco opened his mouth to say something, he was abruptly interrupted by the new transfer Hufflepuff student.

Mason pokes his head inside the compartment and greeted his ex-girlfriend with a smile. "Hey Alex,"

The brunette smiled in return. Even though she was suspicious of him, there was a part of her that wished that things happened differently back then. "Hey, Mason, how was your break?"

"It was… ok." He shrugs while his face is still plastered with a smile. "What about you?"

"Just wonderful." Alex replied sarcastically with a slight smile. There was too much going on during the course of the two weeks break.

Mason nodded. "That's good. Well see ya around, Alex." With that, he left with a simple wave. When he was further down the train, the compartment was filled with compliments.

"He's weird." Draco pointed out bluntly. He noticed the brunette glaring at him hotly. "Don't glare at me like that! I'm being honest here! There's something off about him though."

Daphne grinned and slightly jabbed Alex on the side. "Honestly Alex, why did you let go that hot piece of ass?"

Blaise disgustedly look at Daphne. "Are you serious Daph?" He irritably rolled his eyes. "I can't believe you use to date that guy, Alex!"

"Hey! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that bloke!" Daphne retorted, defending the bloke.

"I just don't like him." Blaise stubbornly replied. "There's something about him that I don't like."

Alex frowned at the statement. She hasn't told anyone about last year at the Ministry. That he was the one who held her hostage at that point. It was surprising and shocking to find her ex-boyfriend alive and well and working with Voldemort. She didn't want to say anything.

She didn't want to tell her best friends that Mason Greyback was the Death eater who took her captive. She just can't tell them for some reason.

Now that Blaise mentioned that there was something that he didn't like about the Hufflepuff bloke, it got Alex thinking about it. Ever since she was Mason in the beginning term, there was always something off about him. Even now.

He didn't feel the same Mason that he fell in love with in 5th year. He was a different Mason.

The brunette let out an irritated sigh and shoved the thought at the back of her head. Maybe she was just overanalyzing things.

After all, Mason Grey still acted kind of the same.


Why won't you talk to me?

Daphne Greengrass was amused. She was amused by the fact that her best friend refused to talk to the Golden Boy. She almost burst out laughing when she saw Potter's dejected face from rejection and slowly walked back to his house table.

She composed herself before Alex sat across from her and letting out a sigh.

"You should have seen the look on Potter's face, Alex." Daphne pointed out, grinning ear to ear. "It's like you dump him."

Alex rolled her eyes. Of course Daphne likes seeing people suffer and the Golden Boy was no exception to that. "I felt really bad. He's probably going to hate me." She groaned lowly as she covered her face with her hands.

"He probably will." The blonde bluntly said with a grin still plastered on her face. "Just tell him about why you can't talk to him." Daphne suggested as she took a bite of her breakfast.

The brunette groaned again and laid her head on the table. "I can't. Blythe practically stalks me around like a little psycho."

Daphne frowns and inquires, "Don't you guys meet up at the Astronomy Tower at night time?"

"We do, but last night, last week and yesterday he wasn't there."

"Send him a letter."

"It's too far just go to the owl place sendoff thing place. Besides, it's freezing outside!"

The blonde sighed and shook her head. She knew Alex was lazy, but she didn't think she would be really lazy to fix a friendship. Ever since Henry stupid Blythe forced everyone to stop talking to the other House mates, the Slytherins looked more drained and angry. And she was one of those angry Slytherins. She was definitely going to get revenge on Blythe on what he did to her sister and he'll never know what's coming for him.

Daphne sighed again and wondered how her little sister is handling this. Ever since the incident before winter break, she turned more and more into an anti-social person. She was quite aware that Astoria had to break up with her Gryffindor boyfriend.

She clenched her fork tightly. If Henry Blythe ever laid a hand on her little sister, he'll never see the daylight ever again.

"Whoa! Daph, calm down, you're bending the fork!" Alex exclaimed in surprise. The whole time she was watching her best friend gripping tightly on her fork for the past ten minutes and she had managed to bend the damn metal utensil.

The blonde dropped the utensil and realized that half of the Slytherins were look at her. She chuckled a bit and smiled slightly at the wary Slytherins. "Sorry, I was just thinking about something."

Alex raised an eyebrow and shrugged. She didn't want to pry and with that look on her face earlier, she knew what Daphne was thinking about. She scanned around the Great Hall if Blaise and Draco were on their way and only found Blythe and his groupie coming in. "Shite, let's go Daph. I don't want to deal with the psycho stalker."

Daphne craned her neck to see and automatically stood up from the table. Half of the Slytherins stood up as well and made their way out of the Great Hall. None of the Slytherins even want to be near Blythe anymore.


Harry Potter frowned at the predicament he faced. Did he do something to make his Slytherin friend to be mad at him? As he recalled, he hasn't done anything wrong yet. He watched as Alex Russo strides away from him and towards to the Slytherin table and sat across from her best friend.

The Golden Boy did a double take at the Slytherin table and swore that he saw Greengrass smirking at him. He heaved a sigh and slowly sauntered over the Gryffindor table and sat next to Ron.

Being best friend with the Golden Boy, Ron instantly knew why his best friend looked like that. It was obvious why he was acting like this. "Mate, did something happen between you and Alex?"

"She didn't even bother to talk to me." Harry replied dejectedly. "Ron, what did I do?" He groans as he lazily grabbed a piece of egg onto his plate.

Then Hermione appeared and sat across from her best friends and was prepared to scold them for nothing doing their homework. She held back once she saw Harry's depressed expression and immediately made eye contact with the red haired for answers. He simply shrugs in reply.

"What happen, Harry?" Hermione asked curiously.

Harry sighed again and laid his head on the table. "Alex is ignoring me and it's been three weeks since we last talk."

Hermione mouthed an 'o' and looked at the red-haired again to help her cheer up the Golden Boy. She wondered why the Slytherin had suddenly stopped talking to him. "Why won't you ask her brothers?" She suggested hopefully.

The red-haired lit up. "Oh yeah! Let's ask Justin!" He craned his neck to the side to see if the oldest Russo was present. After a few seconds, Ron instantly declared he was nowhere to be found. "Oh wait, there's Max! Max! Max!" Ron grabbed a cupcake and threw it at the 4th year.

Max looked at him and suspiciously stare at him. He cautiously took the cupcake and threw it back at the ginger right on the forehead.

Ron spluttered and threw it back.

And forth.

It went on for a while until Hermione put a halt to it and asked Max if he knew anything about Alex's behavior.

Max shrug. "I don't know. I haven't seen her since Christmas day. She went back to the Russo Manor to be alone. You guys should really ask Justin. He went to visit her the next day." He said. Before heading off with his friend, he threw one more cupcake at the red-haired before cackling madly.

"That git! I can't believe he threw back at me!" Ron muttered.

Harry frowned. Asking Justin about Alex's behavior would be great, but he has been M.I.A since the term began again. He even asks Luna Lovegood if she knew where Justin was at and the girl seriously went off-topic about Nargles. "I've asked the Ravenclaws about Justin and they all said they haven't seen him lately."

Then the Golden Boy sneak a glance at the Slytherin table, only to find Alex and Daphne leaving the Great Hall.

"Wait! Harry! Mail the twins! They were the last ones to see Alex." Ron said. "They invited her over at our house!"

"Seriously? Where the hell was I then?" Harry replied skeptically.

Ron chuckled nervously. "'Mione's house."

Harry groaned and gestures his best friends to come with him. He just hoped the twins would give him answers. Honestly, he doesn't even know what he did to make Alex stop talking to him.



"I never knew Blythe had so much power over the House." Draco bitterly said. He used to be the powerful man within the house, since his family is the most influential and richest. People listened to him. Now, nobody didn't at all.

Daphne frowned and pointed out, "He only has this much power because he has Death Eaters on his side. You're not part of the Death Eaters."

The platinum clicked his tongue. It was a true statement. He didn't want that abomination of a tattoo on his arm. Fuck that.

The dark-skinned Slytherin sat down on the couch next to Alex. They have been hanging out at the Room of Requirements. It was their new hangout spot instead of the one at the Pit. Blythe and the others practically terrorize other Slytherins.

"I heard Voldemort is recruiting new Death Eaters." Blaise added. He crossed his left leg over his right.

Alex snorted. "Who would want to worship that pedophile old thing?"

"Dark wizards."


"My dad."

Three out of four heads turned to the platinum. They looked at him weirdly. "What? It's true!" Draco retorted.

Blaise raised an eyebrow and weirdly stared at him. He barely noticed that the platinum wasn't complaining about his father that much anymore. He crosses his arm against his chest and continues to stare at Draco.

Draco felt the heated stare across the room and turned to Blaise. "What?"

"Nothing~" He replied. He already suspected that the girls didn't know, so he didn't want to mention it in front of them. Blaise was curious about Draco's 'mission' he mentioned during the Slug Club Christmas Ball.

After all, it might put Alex's worries on ease when war breaks out soon.


Alex continued to walk down the hall, climb up the stairs, and then turn a sharp left. She wished that there were some kind of transportation to Snape's classroom. It was way too far from her Herbology class. As she walks down the hall, she happens to notice the young Greengrass strolling by.

The first thing Alex notice was how slow she was walking. The young Greengrass was walking slower than her. No one in the Greengrass family walked that slow (she learned that the hard way when they went to Diagon alley together).

"Astoria! What's wrong?" Alex called out.

The blonde sighed and turned to face her sister's best friend. "I'm just tired of Blythe's stupid rules."

Then something clicked inside the brunette's mind. Of course! Astoria and Max was an item. A Slytherin and a Gryffindor, something the society don't see often. Everybody knew about their relationship and it was possible that Blythe even knew about it.

Some disproved of it, some just didn't give a fuck. Their life, their relationship and the other Slytherins didn't have the right to mess with it.

Until Blythe began terrorizing other students three months ago, and demanding other Slytherins not to talk to other House mates.

Astoria looks down on the ground and she began quietly sobbing. Heck, it took Alex at least a few minutes wondering about the quiet noise until she saw the tears from Astoria's face. "I had to break up with Max." She quietly whispered.

Before Alex could even spoke a word, the young Slytherin ran away in fear what the older Russo might do.

The brunette frowned. Now, she would go see if her younger brother is okay, but she was pretty confident that Max might know what's going on inside the Slytherin house.


Just maybe.

She was too lazy to go find him anyways.



Alex gazed at her older brother, as he read the spell books. "Anything?" said Alex, impatiently.

For the umpteenth time, Justin sighs and glares at his younger sister. "Look! This is going to take awhile! I'll find you when I'm able to find it ok?"

The middle Russo made a face at him and crossed her arms. "Fine~ Well, I'm going to go to Dumbledore. Maybe he might know something…" She trailed off, hoping the old Headmaster would have answers.

Justin nodded, and shooed her out of the common room. It was late night at Hogwarts and Alex liked to visit her siblings after hours. She never got caught by a prefect (she did once, but the guy let her pass in fear) and sneaking at night just makes her life exciting.

Except the whole thwarting the plans of Lord Voldy.

Now that was a dangerous game she was playing. Alex sighed as she exited the Ravenclaw common room and made her way down to the stairs and into Dumbledore's office.

It didn't take that long since she had to hurry before any Prefects could catch her. Or worse, McGonagall.

Alex made a face just thinking about getting caught by the cat woman. The cat woman would have force her to attend at least fifty detentions or the rest of the damn year.

Once she stepped in front of the Gargoyle, she quietly said, "Twix." With a slight stumble, the statue began to move upwards into the hallway.

It wasn't hard to guess Dumbledore's password. Heck, half of it is because of the candies she gives to Dumbledore. Just yesterday, she shared her stash of Twix candies to the old man.

She walked down the hallway and opened the door leading to Dumbledore's office. She wasn't aware of other guest in the room until she saw them both looking in a pensive.

Alex frowned when she realized the guest was Harry Potter himself. She hasn't talked to him in weeks and she bet the Golden Boy hated her by now. She was sure of it after all the escape attempts from him.

It only took a few minutes for both of them to get their heads out of the pensive and Harry had a pale face. He opens his mouth to say something, but he saw someone standing by the door in the corner of his eyes.

"Alex!" He said in a surprised tone.

The Slytherin smiled sheepishly at the Gryffindor. "Hey, Harry. Long time no see~"

"Well you've been avoiding me." Harry automatically retorted. He glared slightly at her.

Alex gave Harry a sad smile when she saw the glare, then she momentarily looked away from him. It was the first time the Harry ever glared at her ever.

"Um… I'll just come back another time." Alex quietly declared at Dumbledore. She was about to walk out when Dumbledore placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Harry and I are just about done. Harry, be in my office tomorrow to discuss the matters of the memory we have seen." Dumbledore ordered.

The Golden Boy nodded. As he left, he instantly regret yelling at Alex like that. He didn't mean it like that. He has been frustrated lately, and with Alex not talking to him, it just all stacks up. He was about to apologize to his Slytherin friend, but nothing came out from his lips. Not a sound. He clicked his tongue and walked away. He'll have to do it another time.

Alex felt at ease when the Golden Boy finally left. Dumbledore gestures her to her usual seat in the office (the beanie bag) as he made his way to his Headmaster seat.

"Is there anything wrong Alex?" Dumbledore inquires.

The Slytherin sighs. "Before winter break, I got letter from my parents regarding the Wizard Magic User List. It said that Tom Riddle's name was on the list."

Dumbledore wasn't even the surprised by it. He already knew since the Russo's informed him about it before writing a letter to their daughter. "Ah yes, your parents told me about it before you received the letter."

Alex sat up from her beanie bag. "What?"

"Yes, they came to me first. I had a quite few theories about it. From what your mum told me, that she had met Voldemort face to face on the night of the attack of WizTech."

The Slytherin nodded. "She thought that Voldemort had done something to me whilst she was pregnant with me that time."

The Hogwarts Headmasters nodded. "And I think so too. I have a theory that Voldemort had formed a connection while you were still inside your mother with a purpose."

Alex was taken back slightly by that statement. "A connection? For what?"

"In America, there is a high treason on any Wizards who does the unspeakable." He simply said, hoping that Alex would remember her Wizard lessons.

With those simple words, Alex realized what he meant. Even though she never listened at her mum's lessons, she had heard of that unspeakable before many times. "A-Are you for real?" She stuttered.

Dumbledore nodded. "This is actually the first of a British Wizard doing the unspeakable to the American Wizard. It's not actually made it to the papers, but Tom Riddle must have realized how great the Wizard powers were." Alex questionably stares at him. "I have always been fascinated by Wizards for a long time. How easily they could make-up a spell in a second when they are in a brink of danger."

Alex could tell those last words had a story. He sounded sad when he said it a second ago. "What… are your other theories?"

"The spell you used on Tom at the Ministry."

"The Repeto Magus?"

"Yes! I had asked Crumbs regarding that spell. I noticed that Voldemort was weakened by it. Crumbs also mentioned the way you conjured the spell was wrong." He gravely said.

Alex nervously chuckled. She was hoping that Dumbledore wouldn't mention about that. "So how did I do it wrong?"

"As I recall..."

After Dumbledore had said those words, Alex just wished she could just die right now. She knew she should've read the instructions before using it.

"I'm doomed!" She declared out loud before groaning and whining about the spell.


After her conversation with the Headmaster two days ago, Alex hasn't been herself lately. She would bum around the common room, and even stay in her bed the whole day. Draco managed to get her out of bed and made her spill why she was so damn broody.

The platinum frowned as soon Alex finished telling her story. "You seriously have to start reading the spell instructions before using them."

Alex groaned and plopped on the bed. They manage to get out of sight from Blythe since they wanted some little privacy. Best place = Room of Requirements.

"I know! I'm so use to not reading the instruction and let my brother handle the situations." She replied.

Draco heaves a deep sigh. His stormy grey eyes looked into her chocolate brown eyes. "Look, you need to start depending on yourself and not your brother. He's not going to have every solution to your spell disaster, Alex."

The brunette nodded. She agreed with him. Right now, her old brother couldn't even find a way to break the spell. She started this mess and it's her responsibility to end it. Even if it cost her life. "I'll find a way, Dray. Don't worry about me."

The platinum Slytherin slipped a sly smile on his face. "C'mon lazy butt, its Defense Against the Dark Arts right now."


After DADA class, it was an hour away from dinner. Alex had time to drop off her books in her room since she didn't want to carry them everywhere. Blaise and Daphne were caught up with her news by Draco telling them her situation. As usual, Daphne scolded her and Blaise frowned at her.

Right now, Alex didn't know what to do on this point on. She didn't even care about Blythe and his stupid friends. She has more important things to worry about.

She didn't know how to break it to her brother about what the spell really is. She couldn't. Alex didn't want her parents to know about it either. She'll just put them in more danger by just staying with them.

"Ugh. I need to figure this one out on my own now." Alex muttered to herself. She began thinking of ways to get out of the situation, but her mind always ends up where she's screwed at some point. She many scenarios played in her head and it wasn't pleasant. "What the heck is wrong with me?"

"What's wrong with you?"

Alex jumped in fright, unaware that there was a person behind her all along. She turned around to found out it was her older sibling with an eyebrow arched up. "Pfft. What's wrong with you?"

Justin gave her a weird face. "I asked you first!"

"Na uh. I asked you first." She fired back, hoping Justin would just drop it. She didn't want to talk about the situation she was in. Draco was right; her older brother can't be there to fix her mistakes all the time.

The older Russo gave up, since he knew it would turn into a pointless conversation where his sister will mess with his head. "Oh yeah, I'm sorry Alex. I can't find any spells to reverse it." He sincerely said.

"Its fine, Justin. You don't need to look for the spell anymore." Alex quietly told him. "Dumbledore called me up yesterday and… he found a way to reverse it."

"Oh! That's good then, right?"

"Yeah. Don't worry Justin, I'll get through this." She lied easily. It wasn't going to be easy to reverse the spell. She doesn't want Justin to worry about her anymore. "Well, see ya." With that, she ran away, hoping to get away from Justin's prying questions.

The older Russo watched his younger sister ran away, thinking how weirdly she acted. Then he shrugs and shoved it at the back of his mind. Maybe she did find a way to get away from her mess… maybe. But even so, he couldn't shake off the doubt.

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