Truth and Lies


Sometimes, the truth is all you need to know.

But sometimes, you need to know the lie before you can know the truth.

But never, never will you be able to tell what is true and what is a lie without knowing both sides of the same story.

There are two Atobes in Jirou's life. One is in the world of tennis; the other is in the world of magic. One is in the world people deem 'reality'; the other is in the world they call 'dreams'. Jirou's mother says that one is real and the other is a dream. Jirou, however, knows differently – both are real, at least to him, and he wants to keep it that way.

The Atobes are a lot alike – intelligent, arrogant, skilled, rich; the only difference is that one is insanely good at tennis and the other equally good at magic. In any case, both Atobe's are able to keep Jirou completely awake and out of the other world. Every time Jirou doesn't want to go to the other realm by accident, he asks for a match (be it a tennis match or a sparring match). Otherwise, Jirou's consciousness is divided, and he goes about his life in a hazy way people interpret as drowsiness.

Neither Atobe is aware of his condition. Jirou's mother (in the tennis world – both his parents in the magical world had passed during a war a few years back) had told him never to say anything to anyone because then he would be locked away in an asylum, and asylums weren't even remotely fun. Jirou doesn't consider his odd circumstances a curse; he's just happy he has so much time to spend with Atobe and all their friends.

This is Jirou's present life, and it is all about to change. It begins with a little slip on Jirou's part and more than a little alcohol.