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The first thing Abby Sciuto noticed when she awoke was that she was very much hungover, if the pounding head and mild sensation of nausea was anything to go by. She also noted that she was in an unfamiliar bed and there was something distinctly male wrapped around her. In a strong muscles and a hard dick pressed against her ass kinda way. She didn't wanna open her eyes, didn't wanna face the reality of knowing she had gone home with another loser who looked nowhere near as hot in the light of day. At least this time, she had gotten decent and plenty sex out of it, judging by the gentle throbbing between her thighs and the itch of dried semen on her body. She was quite content to fall asleep again in this man's arms, whoever he was, and ignore the world for a little while longer.

Tony DiNozzo sighed as he trudged up Gibbs' front path. It had been a while. In his early days at NCIS, Gibbs was forever ignoring his cell or turning it off on weekends, giving dispatch no chance but to call the green probie that had just transferred from Baltimore pd. Tony then had to track his wayward boss down, usually finding him working on his boat. It had been a good few years, but now Gibbs was yet again absent from proceedings. He stepped inside the house and called his boss' name. He received silence in response. He checked the basement and was surprised to find it empty. Then again, it was half past seven on a Sunday morning; he was probably in bed, like a normal person. He checked the rest of the first floor, and then headed up to the master bedroom. He never entertained for even a second the thought that Gibbs may not be alone. He froze in the doorway when he saw two distinctly people shaped lumps in the bed, when he had only expected one. He turned and was about to head downstairs, where he could shout up and pretend he'd only just arrived, when he heard a groggy mumble.

"What, DiNozzo?"

"Uh, we got a case, boss,"

Gibbs sat up.

Tony stared at him. He didn't think he'd ever seen his boss look anything but alert. Gibbs was blinking blearily at him. His hair was a mess, and Tony kept his eyes trained directly on Gibbs' face when he spotted the marks on Gibbs' well-muscled torso. His boss raised an expectant eyebrow.

"Oh, uh, yeah. Double homicide. Quantico. One civilian, one midshipman."

The other person-shaped lump on the bed shifted and Gibbs started, as if he'd only just realised there was another person in bed with him.

"Tony?" came an even groggier voice, and an familiar inky black head stuck up out of the covers, brow furrowed.

"Abby?" he gasped, absolutely flabbergasted.

She yawned, "That's ma name. W-what am I doing in your apartment?"

"Uh, it's not my apartment, Abs,"

Abby sat up violently, and grabbed the sheets to her chest, but not before Tony saw her slightly swollen breasts, covered in familiar marks. She looked around the room, turned and then shrieked when she saw Gibbs.


He looked just as shocked to see her. It was only now he was registering the pounding in his head, and the throbbing pain between his legs. It had been a while since he'd had so much sex his dick hurt the morning after.

"Abs," he replied, somewhat wearily.

Abby lifted the covers and groaned as she realised they were both very much naked.

Then her mind caught up her.

She was covered in, well, Gibbs.

Tony was still stood near the door, shocked out of his mind.

Abby spotted Gibbs' t-shirt on the floor by the bed and yanked it on, clambering out of bed.

"Gonna use your shower," she muttered, unable to look him in the eye, and left the room. As soon as she did, Tony focused on Gibbs.

"You bastard! What the fuck did you do?"