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A Heart cannot be fixed with Sellotape; only Glue will hold

-Chapter Seventeen-

Fire away, Fire away,

You shoot me down,

But I won't fall,

I am titanium.

Titanium – David Guetta feat. Sia

It had been a week since I had sent Craig Lucchese to jail, nothing had happened in retaliation and so I didn't tell Jasper or the Cullens about the threat, I mean, there is hardly a reason to worry, those guys are all talk. Besides, Jasper and I had been going great, the sex was amazing, the conversation enthralling and when you add the fact that the man looked damn fine in a pair of cowboy boots – I was set. I didn't want to ruin the peace by telling him something that would only worry him, it wasn't worth it.

Lying down in my bed for the night felt amazing, I brought out the file for my most recent case and decided to do a bit of recon before the hearing in the morning. Two hours later, I looked at my clock and saw that it had gone past 3am, Jasper was obviously still hunting with his family and so I decided to go to sleep – he probably wouldn't come here at this hour anyway.

I was in that state between dream and reality when I heard it, there was a quiet scratching sound coming from downstairs somewhere, assuming it was one of the small animals that wander in from the woods near my house, I thought nothing of it in my sleep addled mind. It wasn't until the 'animal' made a noise that sounded strangely like 'fuck' did I sit bolt upright in bed and listen closer.

"Will you shut the fuck up, the whole point of this is to catch her off guard whilst she's sleeping and at the rate your fucking going, the whole street is going to hear us!" A male voice was coming from outside and drifting up through my bedroom window which was open, due to the unusual heat for this time of year. When it filtered through that there were at least two people trying to break into my house, I silently got up from my bed and walked over to the corner of my window, before peering through my blinds at the people currently on my back porch.

There were five of them and all were men, though that seems like an understatement, they were built like bricks, each one taller and more muscular than the last. No way was I getting out of here without help from some of my more heavy-duty artillery which, I realised with a curse, was currently residing in my basement – entrance to which, could only be granted by passing my back door and I wasn't sure whether or not I had closed the blinds this evening. OK Bella, the odds aren't particularly in your favour here, but when has that stopped you before? You can do this – you have NO choice but to do this, otherwise, they'll be in your house and you won't have a chance in hell of defending yourself. I thought through my options and decided to risk the trip to the basement, I had two choices, get there and grab the guns before they grab me, or wait for them to get in and overpower me. I chose the former rather than the latter. As quietly as I could, I slowly started making my way out of my bedroom and down the stairs.

This would be the tricky part, as I got down the stairs I realised that though the kitchen door wasn't completely closed, it wasn't ajar far enough that I could easily make it through without opening it further. Let's hope I remembered to WD-40 that shit... I got onto my hands and knees with my heart pounding in my ears and started to crawl through the doorway, being careful to stay out of sight from the back door. Motherfucker, blinds are open, Houston we have a problem... I realised that I hadn't really thought this through as thoroughly as I should have but none of it mattered as I was running on pure adrenaline and couldn't properly think my ideas through, I was going with my instincts which became painfully obvious as I realised that my mobile was still on charge in my office and I hadn't even thought of phoning one of the Cullens. Man, I'm like one of those stupid bitches in the tacky horror films that you scream at for being completely retarded...

I had to get over the fact that I was an idiot fairly quickly as when I was halfway through the door, it opened slightly and creaked. I froze. My heart was thrumming hard against my ribcage and my muscles felt like jelly.

"Oi Luke, did you hear that? Sounded like movement on the inside."

"You don think the stupid bint's woken up do you?"

"I dont fucking know man, I reckon we cut this shit out and just break down the door, it's not like she's gonna be quick enough to stop us when we're in the house surrounding her."

Oh shit, oh fuck, oh cock, I am so dead, holy crap, I'm gonna die... I heard someone moving away from the door and decided it was now or never, I jumped up and heard the men outside shouting when they saw me through the window, I bolted over to my basement door and managed to get it open just as I heard back door being busted.

"Quick lads, she's over there!"

"Hurry up and grab her she might have another exit down there!"

I pegged it down the stairs that led into my basement and leapt to the cabinet that held some of the bigger guns I owned, I grabbed the key in the cabinet lock and twisted, it unlocked easily but, before I could open it, I heard a loud bang, before the immense pain in knee that signalled I had been shot.

Hatemylife. I thought as I felt two hands grab my arms on either side and yank me up from where I had collapsed on the ground, I was turned around to face Angelo and Antonio, the lawyers who I had met with and who had tried to pay me off a few weeks ago, there was another man in the corner who looked like a scary ass bastard, if I'm honest.

"Hello, Miss Swan, how are you this evening?" Angelo asked, as if I wasn't bleeding out all over my newly renovated house. Can you say: pisstake?

"I'm alright, could be better, but you know, not much to complain about." I replied in the same nonchalant manner in which he spoke to me. I was in serious agony right now and I knew all of these men, though big and physically powerful, were armed. My only chance was to catch them off guard and use it to get into my cabinet and get a gun – thankfully for me, they were all fully loaded. Here comes the hard part..."So what brings you to my neck of the woods? I mean there are politer ways to ask for a date you know?"

He laughed, "dont play coy, Miss Swan, it does not suit you."

"Dont pretend to know what does and does not suit me." CRACK! His hand came out from nowhere lightening fast and connected with my face. Yep, that's gonna bruise... As I became more and more fearful I realised I could use the emotion to my advantage, I began searching for an idea as he continued to speak about how I was going to die for betraying Mr Lucchese, etc, etc... blah, blah, blah. By this point, my adrenaline had sky-rocketed and it acted as a painkiller, the pain in my knee was numbing and I knew I had to grab this opportunity before it passed.

Before I could think of the consequences, I knocked my head back as sharply as I could hearing a satisfying crunch as it hit its mark, I turned around and managed to get a shot to the other mans family jewels, as they collapsed in pain I jumped for the gun cabinet and yanked it open, pulling out the first weapon I laid my hands on. Finally, a bit of luck! It was a semi-automatic machine gun and before I could think of the repercussions I turned back to Angelo and Antonio who seemed to be in a state of shock, and fired. I sprayed bullets throughout the room until I had emptied three rounds into the men. I was reaching for the fourth when the adrenaline started to wear off and the fog surrounding my mind cleared. For the first time since I started shooting, I took in the sight before me.

There wasn't a surface in the room including myself that wasn't covered in blood spatter; the men themselves were unrecognisable mounds of flesh, blood, muscle and bone. It was carnage, pure carnage. I started to realise that the throbbing in my knee was becoming more pronounced and decided to use the last of my relief to make my way up the stairs to my office. I grabbed my mobile still plugged into the wall and pressed '1'.

"Hello?" Just the sound of his voice made me calmer and more relaxed than I had felt all night.

"Hey baby, what are you up to?" I said, my voice was slightly raw, but it was relatively normal considering.

"Nothin' really, we're all sittin' at home, we just got in from our hunt... why are you up so late, darlin'? I thought you said you had to appear in court later?"

"Erm, well, Jasper, I had a hypothetical situation and I cant really go to sleep until I solve it..." I said, he knew something was up straight away though because my voice probably sounded a bit too innocent.

"Okay... whats up? Maybe I can help you out sugar..."

"I was hoping you'd say that Jas, so, say someone was attacked by a group of very dangerous people, and they had shot this person in the knee and were planning to kill them, but in a stroke of genius this person managed to grab a weapon and kill the group of people first... how would said person... dispose of said groups... bodies?" As I finished my tale I heard a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the phone.

"I'm hangin' up now darlin' and me and the family are comin' over... you had better not move." Jasper sounded out before all I heard was the dialling tone. Well... that went better than I thought it would.

It was barely two minutes later when I heard my front door open and I was met in my office by a group of concerned looking vampires – really, it was fucking comical, so I laughed.

"Oh my God... you... wouldn't... believe... how funny... you... look... right now!" I managed to splutter between giggles. I was immediately wrapped in Jaspers embrace and he was suddenly kissing me all over my face and stroking my hair with reverence.

"Dont you ever do that to me again! Bella, Jesus Christ what happened? You're covered in blood! Are you hurt baby?"

"Calm down, Jas. It's just my knee and my face... really I am fine." He looked at the areas I mentioned and stroked my cheek before gasping as he took in the state of my knee. "OK, before you have an uber hissy fit and piss me off, take care of my basement and my back door. Take the family with you and leave Carlisle with me. Speaking of – Carlisle, please tell me you have some superhuman strength drugs on you because otherwise, I may pass out."

Carlisle looked at me like I was delusional, to be fair, I'm sure I looked a mess, so I can forgive him. "I do, Bella, Jasper didn't know what to expect so I brought a little of everything." Ah, good man Carlisle.

Jasper was still gazing at me like the rest of his family, before he kind of snapped out of his shock induced trance, kissed me with a blazing passion and releasing me into Carlisle's faithful hands.

"We'll be right back darlin'. We're gonna go and sort out the damage." He said as he and everyone else minus Carlisle left my office – presumably to find my basement. Carlisle had just started to patch me up after giving me these fuck-awesome drugs that were making me feel mighty sleepy when I heard a loud shout from downstairs.

"Isabella Marie Swan, you are my fucking hero!" SMACK!

Ahh, good old Emmett... was my last thought before I drifted peacefully into an oblivion.

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