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Chapter 1

Where am I?

"Janessa Louise Patrick! Get downstairs right now!" The young girl woke up and sighed. "Dad is mad again. I wonder what Sophie did this time."

Sophie was Jenessa' step mother, and even though Janessa hated the woman, she couldn't help but admit that the woman was extremely pretty. In fact, one might say drop dead gorgeous.

Janessa thought that she herself was rather plain next to the woman. Her wavy mahogany hair was plain, and so was the paleness of her skin, because that is what almost every person in England looks like. The only interesting thing about the girl was her eyes. One was a deep forest green, while the other...

Was bright red.

Janessa was never told why one of her eyes were bright red. Nor was she told why she had a large scar running down the left hand side of her face. What she did know though, was that she definitely WASN'T a Patrick.

Janessa was calm and she never really talked. Her farther however was a very talkative man and had a rather foul temper. Janessa loved reading, while her farther thought it was a waste of time. Janessa disliked the sunlight and loved the rain, her father was a lover for the sun and wished that even the words rain didn't exist.

So why he was living in England I will never know.

Janessa got out of her bed, brushed her hair and got dressed into a white tee with a rubix cube on it saying 'lets twist again!' along with a pair of denim short shorts and her white fluffy slippers. But just as she about to leave her room, she just had to grab an episode of her most favourite manga, Vampire Knight.

As she walked downstairs she saw Sophie and her dad having a huge arguement over, what sounded like well, HER.

Janessa frowned and then coughed lightly, causing the couple to freeze and look at her. They were silent, and this pleased Janessa, knowing that it was her causing this.

"Care to explain why you are arguing over me?" the sixteen year old girl spoke, scaring her farther slightly at the flat tone and the emotionless expression on her face, causing the man to once be rendered into silence.

"How about you Sophie, would you care to explain? I would love to know." Sophie looked into the unmatched eyes of the girl and saw no emotion. The woman stuttered out "I-I was just s-s-saying to your farther that I think it's time t-to tell you t-t-the truth." The blond woman took in a sharp breath as she continued "Janessa, you're adopted."

The girl's eyebrows shot up as she replied "Really, how... interesting." The tone of her voice hadn't changed and neither had the emotion in her face and eyes. Janessa just turned around and walked back upstairs, as if nothing had ever happened.

In her room, Janessa pondered on the thought of who her parents were. Would she be like them, would they come back for, would she ever get to meet them? She sure hoped so. But right now, she was just going to be herself, and go to the park to read all of her VK manga. Yes, that sounded like a wonderful idea.

But at the park, something felt off. Janessa didn't know what, but she knew that she didn't like it.

Janessa was different, as I'm sure you have figured out by now. Janessa had these powers you see, and to be honest with you, it is a rather long list. I'll just give you a few...for now

She knew when people were lying to her, and her mind would tell her the truth. It's just as if Janessa is a Lie detector.

Janessa was also was telekinetic, meaning she could move and object with her mind or the flick of her wrist.

But the most powerful of all of Jenessa' powers, was that she could control all elements.

Not that Janessa really used her powers, it was just the fact that she had them creeped her out a bit. I mean, what normal person has powers, right?

Anyway, back to the story. Janessa sat in her usual spot, under the tree's where she couldn't be spotted easily. But she just couldn't get comfortable. Something was bothering her, like a nagging in the back of her mind. There was a unseen darkness settling over the park, and that fact alone was frightening her.

But the fright soon turned into fear as the darkness came into sight and swallowed her whole, leaving her with no place to breath, let alone run.

"Who do you think she is?" "Dunno, probably some tramp." "Hanabusa! That's mean!" Janessa opened her eyes to find a large group of people standing over her and looking down her. The man was about to say something but Janessa just held up her hand silencing him and she whispered "I would perfer it if you gave space to breath before you talk to me."

The group backed away, shocked at the female' emotionless tone of voice. One of the men said "Welcome to Cross Academy! Some of my students found you unconcious on the ground just outside. Would you like to join the school? I'm Chairman Cross by the way!" Janessa was shocked that the man hadn't needed to breath in that sentence, but kept her face impassive.

Janessa spoke again, this time her voice alot stroge, but still in a flat tone. "I am Janessa Patrick. I would be honoured to join your school."

Wow, in her favourite manga, how will she change the story line?

So this is my first Vampire knight story up on FF. Hope you enjoy!