Its The Night Class

Janessa watched as the large wooden gate of the Night Dorms opened. She smiled lightly at how Hanabusa refused to let go of her arm. It was almost sweet. But she did not appreciate the glares being sent her way, so she somehow slipped away without the blonde noticing. Rather, she walked up to her brother, who seemed to know she was heading his way since he waited for her.

"Hanabusa seems very protective of you."

It wasn't hard to notice the harsh glare Ichijou sent the exuberant blond. Janessa chuckled, linking arms with her brother.

"Yes. Its rather sweet, isn't it?"

Another form walked up next her.

"Out of character."

Shiki and Janessa glanced at each other, their eyes meeting for just a second. They weren't overly fond of each other. It always made Takuma slightly uncomfortable being around the two of them together.

"That's your opinion, is it not?"

There was a steady silence as the girl walked away from the two boys, and made her way over to the male prefect, Zero. Shiki almost wanted to glare at her retreating form. What was it about her that made her so captivating that it made even Zero see her as a friend? If her was perfectly honest he didn't even know how she was related to Takuma.

Hanabusa suddenly seemed to notice that Janessa was gone from his side and started to look for her frantically. She chuckled at his frantic shouting and the forlorn expressions of the girls who were trying to catch his attention.


She winced at the sheer volume of the blonde boys voice, causing Zero to chuckle.

"And you put up with that all the time?"

Janessa gave her silver haired friend a half hearted scowl, giving him a light smack on the arm.

"He's a good friend Zero. I expect you to at least try and play nice."

Zero snorted, easily telling Janessa that he wasn't even going to bother.

"Just get to class Nessa. You have to sit by Senri, don't you?"

Janessa's expression soured almost instantly. She could honestly say that she did NOT want to sit next to the boy who reminded her so much of her captor all those years ago.

"Thank you for the reminder. Tell Yuki I said hi. She is busy after all."

Zero glared at his friend. He knew Yuki was talking to Kuran, and by the smug smirk on Janessa's face, so did she. And by her laugh, he could tell that she also didn't feel very threatened by his glare.

"Oh come now Zero! I was only teasing!"

Zero rolled his eyes, and waved as his friend wandered off towards the school building by herself. He hoped that the Night Class put up with her better that the Day Class did. He could see the normal kids watching her, staring at her in awe. The boys had a new obsession. The girls had a new jealousy. Her sarcastic and dark demeanour had several people wrapped around her little finger. He wondered how Kuran felt around her over powering presence. Probably threatened. But not likely. The two probably had tea parties together and giggled about how they would take over the world while dressed in pink.

With a snort at that amusing and very unlikely thought, he turned his attention back to helping Yuki. The Day Class were incredibly difficult to handle.

Janessa walked slowly, taking in the rather impressive sight that was Cross Academy. It was beautiful. Almost haunting. A cold wind blew past her, causing her to rub her arms. Something was wrong...

"Janessa... You aren't supposed to be here... You are a lost cause... They'll kill you..."

Janessa froze, her mismatched eyes widening in shock. That voice...It couldn't be...

"They'll kill you... They can't handle your power..."

Janessa jumped out of her stupor, looking down in surprise at the jacket hung over her arms. She looked up and saw Shiki walking ahead of her, without his school blazer. Janessa couldn't help but smile slightly.

"Huh, maybe he isn't so bad after all..."

Umm... Please don't kill me?