Written a while back, but I found it, and I wanted to present it. More Akito-centric stuff, courtesy of moi.


Screaming. A scream in the night elicits fear and instills caution in those who hear it. Screaming is supposed to be cathartic; once you've screamed a little bit, all the tension and frustration is supposed to ebb away.

At least, that's what is said in the medical profession.

Screaming is a way to release frustration that might otherwise poison your system, according to doctors. It's safer than many outlets, they said.

Akito wanted to wring their collective necks. The more she screamed, the more trapped she felt. The more she gave her emotions breathing room, the more they took over her mind. Soon, screaming turned into loud sobbing, which gave way to quiet sniffles, which would, eventually, give way to a limp and unprotesting god.

Not that you could tell, anymore. Well, not that you could ever tell, period. Akito's black hair had been chopped short and close to her skull, and perpetually pale flesh had dried into the consistency of a thick sheet. Her dark brown eyes; once lit up with life, now stare blankly at the world. The god of the Eastern Zodiac had never been a particularly healthy person, but she had fallen far. Her thin features had grown gaunt and harsh, while grief lined her relatively young face.

Sedatives didn't help.

Akito could hear them, those stupid doctors with their useless diplomas and worthless degrees. They were talking about her.

Always talking about her.

Telling each other that there was no use. Send this crazy woman to the psych ward, and free up space for patients we can help. Don't worry, she's a Sohma. Rich bastards. She ought to go to the psych ward, she's creeping me out.

Psych ward.

Any ward! There was no miracle of modern science that could help Akito. Nothing could eradicate the pain of a shattered bond, no, not even heavy sedatives. All they did was render her helpless to her nightmares.

Night terrors, if you wanted a better term. These dreams could send Akito into a spasmodic, screaming fit, not that it was any different from her normal state. Akito lived a horrible, horrible nightmare. Nothing these puny, stupid, MORTAL doctors could handle, and certainly nothing they could treat. Nothing could help Akito.

Even when she had been God, nothing had helped except the presence of her beloved Jyunishi. She had always been healthiest during the New Year's celebration, when her members of the Zodiac were at the main house. Not just her Dragon, who she had seen most often, or her Snake, who came often to visit her Dragon. Not just her Rooster, who seldom left her side except when she requested it.


From her Rat to her Cat, the zodiac knew they had no choice whether or not they would come to the main house for New Years. Except her Rat and her Cat had skipped the celebration last year, skipped it in favor of that bitch her Dog had taken in.

The bitch who shattered her zodiac.

If there was anything she hated more than her shattered bond, it was that bitch. If her screaming had the form of words, they would range from cursing the Honda family, for producing a child who could single-handedly destroy her world, to railing against her beloved Jyunishi for abandoning her. She might even ask her doctors to kill her, to put her out of her misery.

But the piercing screams that came from her room had no words. Just pain, and screaming, and agony. Just the result of not having enough control, and the final step to her decline.

Screaming was supposed to be cathartic, but to Akito, it was just one more way to let the world know that she was broken.