Lovina sat in the office and looked at the bills that needed to be paid for the month. Laughter and music could be heard outside of the door as she looked at the time. Today, the restaurant was reserved for a party by some newly weds. She sighed as she leaned back in her leather chair; the blinds were closed and only a few rays of sunlight entered the room from the tiny slits. It had been an exhausting day and she could hear the sounds of the birds chirping behind her and she smiled; at least it was almost over she supposed. As she continued to think, her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her door being opened and then abruptly shut.

"Lovi! Lovi! Lovi!" Her lover called out with excitement. The young girl rolled her eyes and sighed,

"What is it?"

"Come and dance with me? The couple is dancing! And everyone is dancing! It's fun! You must!"

"No! I don't dance, jack ass! You should know that." She stared at him hoping he would not be offended by her words.

"Please?" He begged, elongating the word so it came out more slowly.


"Please?" He asked again.


"Why not?" He pouted.

"Because I don't want to."

"But it will be fun."

"I'm already having fun."

"It will be more fun."

"No." She emphasized yet again.

"I won't stop until you say yes."

"Fine." She snapped and sighed again, "I will, but just once okay?"

"That's okay, I guess..." He pouted and came over to her side and took her hand. Antonio wore black pants and a white button up shirt that was slightly unbuttoned at the top; he was supposed to be serving the guests, but in Lovina's opinion, he was dining with the guests. As they walked out of the room everyone in the room cheered in happiness and continued to dance.

Lovina sighed, the last thing she wanted to do today was dance, in fact all she wanted to do was sit in her office and think. Thinking was what she did best at times, and today was clearly a good day. The young girl shrugged her shoulders at her thought and looked around as Antonio placed his hand on her shoulder and looked at her.

As they started to dance, she started to become annoyed by his side comments on how pretty she was with her headband and how she was such a beautiful dancer, but she secretly enjoyed them. Dancing was starting to become fun as everyone cheered and laughed around her.

The tune stopped and went to a waltz and Lovina suddenly halted. She didn't like to waltz but this one seemed more amusing and rich in sound; it almost reminded her of the Godfather waltz. The sound of the music made her start to sway and Antonio started to guide her. She started to laugh as someone made a joke, things were always amusing in their little restaurant. No one could deny this and it was quite obvious. Antonio smiled at her,

"What is it mi amor?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking."

"You think too much." He joked holding her more closely. She glared while blushing at his touch.

"I do not! Shut up!" She said while smiling and following his lead. He always did know how to make her smile. Without him, she would have been a serious girl who had an attitude, but he always changed her and made her do things she wouldn't think of doing. Being bold was something new to her now, but that was why she loved him. Antonio was bold and passionate, he brought the fire to their relationship. And that was what she loved about him, his silly comments and his talkative personality. Lovina even loved how he would join the guests in conversation just because he loved to.

"Antonio," She said slowly thinking about whether to say it or not.

"Yes?" He said continuing to dance to the the three-three beat.

"I love you." Her face became a bright red shade similar to a tomato.

"I love you too. Awww, Lovi!" He cooed, "You said you love me!" Lovina quickly stamped on his foot from embarrassment and he yelped; no one stared at them.

"Owch! Lovina!" He said, "That hurt!"

"Well, you don't have to scream that I said I love you! It's embarrassing!"

"No, I will say it again, and again, and again, because you said it and it made me very happy."

She sighed, there was nothing she could do to prevent this from happening. Yes, this was her Antonio, and she loved him very much.