A/N: Hi guys. It had been a long time since I write my Jupiter's love story. I still haven't finish some of it. Gah! Sometimes when I stop writing for months, I can't find mood to write again . Anyway, I'm here with brand new story. I wrote this one originally with my fave Korean girl group characters but I just change their main characters here. I hope you guys have fun reading it ^^

Summary: Makoto almost got killed by her friends but Ami saved her from her death. As Makoto awaken from her long sleep, she can't remember her real identity. Can she remember back her past life? Why her friends wanted to kill her? And who is Ami?



"Find her! I want her alive!"

Makoto could hear Takeshi's voice command his men to find her in the jungle. She knew she was in trouble. Her eyes trailed down to her injured feet. Blood still came dripped from them even though she had already wrapped the wounds with small pieces of cloth.

"Damn you, Takeshi," Makoto cursed her enemy quietly while hiding in the bushes. "How could you do this to me?" She checked her gun carefully.

"Takeshi, come here!" Ittou called Takeshi. He and the others quickly walked to Ittou who kneeled on the ground, inspecting the grass. "The blood on the grass is fresh. I bet she is still around here somewhere," Ittou told the others his theory.

Makoto clenched her fist tightly. It was obvious she would have to face them sooner or later.

The smirk appeared across Takeshi's face as he knew Makoto was close to their position.

The brunette girl tried to move quietly, but she accidentally stepped on some branches on the ground and they cracked loudly.


"There she is!" Shinozaki pointed in Makoto's direction.

Makoto knew her hiding place was busted. She immediately pointed her gun to Shinozaki and released a few shots in the direction of the group, but not a single one hit a target.

As she knew she was just wasting her time by standing there, she decided to make her break for it. She knew she didn't have a chance to win in this fight since they were all healthy men and she was just one injured girl fighting for her life.

Makoto ran as fast as she could, but her steps became heavy. The wounds on her feet made it harder than usual to run. She ignored her bloody feet and continued to hurry onward while the four men kept shooting at her from behind. One of the bullets hit her left shoulder. Makoto immediately fell to the ground and groaned painfully. She forced herself to stand again even though the pain of the wounds on her shoulder and feet were killing her.

As she slowly stood on her own two feet again, she noticed she was standing at the edge of a cliff, the ocean stretching beneath.

A gun was shoved right on the back of her head. "You have nowhere to run, Makoto," Takeshi said as he prepared to shoot her.

Makoto looked at Takeshi from the corner of her eyes. Even though she knew her life was in danger now, she still remained calm. Her eyes examined the wide ocean under the cliff. She had to decide; the ocean or Takeshi. She closed her eyes and remembered her loved one, Minako.

Minako stared at Makoto gracefully. "I love you, Makoto," Minako whispered.

Makoto smiled widely as she moved her head closer to Minako. "I love you too," she replied before she captured Minako's delicate lips with her own and pinned her down on the bed.

The smile slowly grew across Makoto's face. "Takeshi, you really want me gone huh?" Makoto asked Takeshi confidentially.

"You will die, Makoto! And I will make sure Minako is mine!"

"You really think she can love you like she did me if I die?" Makoto questioned the tall man. "She will love me even if I am gone, Takeshi."

That statement just pissed Takeshi off even more. "Shut up!"

Before Takeshi could shoot Makoto, the brunette girl grabbed his hand in one quick motion and twisted it until Takeshi released the gun from his grip. She forced Takeshi down to the ground, but suddenly she felt a pain in her abdomen.

The blood flowing out of her stomach unstoppable. Her eyes lifted up to face the other three guys who stood not too far from her and Takeshi. Makoto knew that Motoki was the one who shot her.


Motoki just looked at Makoto with wide eyes. Takeshi didn't waste any time. He quickly took the opportunity and gave Makoto a solid push off the cliff. Makoto looked at Takeshi and tried to reach out to his hand but failed. Takeshi glanced down to see Makoto and saw her head hit a rock before finally falling into the water. He smiled in satisfaction.

"Takeshi!" Motoki pushed Takeshi backward and tried to look down at Makoto. He couldn't see anything. Motoki turned to Takeshi angrily and tugged the collar of his shirt. "What you have done? You said you wanted her alive!" Motoki yelled to Takeshi.

Takeshi frowned at Motoki. "Hey Motoki, you are the one who shot her. She would be dead even if I didn't push her off the cliff. Do you want Minako to know this? She would kill us if she ever found out!"

Motoki thought of what Takeshi had just said. He was the one who shot Makoto. Takeshi was right. Minako would never forgive him if she knew the truth.

Ittou patted Motoki's shoulder softly. "Come one, Motoki. She is already dead. We must keep this a secret from Minako."

Shinozaki just nodded silently.

Motoki wasn't sure if he could do this. Makoto always had a special place in his heart, even though she would never love him back and now he was the one who had just killed her.

"Come on. Let's leave this place and come up with a story to cover all of this," Takeshi told the rest.

They all turned away from the cliff and left Motoki behind. His eyes still stared down at the ocean. "Makoto...don't die yet."

Ami ran across the beach happily with her puppy running close behind her. She stopped in her steps and kneeled on the sand while waiting for Jacob to arrive. Jacob jumped into her lap, his tail moving cutely. Ami brushed his back softly and Jacob eagerly licked her on her face.

"Haha, why are you so cute?" Ami asked her puppy even though she knew Jacob couldn't answer her.

She put Jacob down on the sand before taking out a rubber ball from her jacket. Jacob's eyes sparkled when he saw the ball and his tail started moving faster. Ami chuckled lightly as she saw how cute her puppy was when he was excited to play with her.

"Okay Jacob. Catch it."

Ami stood again and threw the ball away. Jacob immediately ran to get the ball. Ami smiled to herself. She loved to play with her puppy at night. Since her parents had died in a car accident, she had no one in her life and she even Jacob had lost his mom a few weeks ago. Still she felt grateful for Jacob's presence in her lonely life.

Jacob ran in Ami's direction with the rubber ball in his mouth. Ami couldn't help but laugh at how Jacob ran to her with his short legs. The Labrador Retriever dropped the ball down in front of Ami as he looked up at his owner happily.

The blunette girl lifted up the ball from the sand. "You want to play again?" she asked her puppy.

Jacob just barked at Ami and she seemed to understand what the light brown puppy had said to her.

"Okay, since you want to play again, I will play with you," Ami patted Jacob's nose with her index finger. "Okay, go get it!" Ami shouted as she threw the ball away.

Jacob ran for it. Ami kept watching her puppy, but she noticed something was wrong when Jacob continued to run past the ball.

"Jacob?" Ami was confused with her puppy's behavior. Jacob stopped and turned around. He barked at Ami like he wanted Ami to follow him before continuing to run. Ami started to feel uneasy with Jacob's behavior as she followed him. "Jacob!" she shouted worriedly.

Finally Jacob stopped running, but he looked uneasy. He kept looking back at Ami and seemed to want her to hurry. From far away she could only see Jacob standing beside a black long thing on the beach. Ami slowed her pace and her eyes widen as she noticed the black thing was in fact a human.

"Oh my God!" Ami quickly ran to Jacob's direction. It was a girl and the water around her was red. Ami carefully kneeled beside the body and shoved her finger under the girl's nose. A smile spread across her face when she felt the brunette girl breath lightly. She turned her head in Jacob's direction. "I'm so proud with you, Jacob,"' she said with a smile.

She turned her attention back to the unconscious girl. She could see her head was bleeding badly.

She must have gotten hit with something hard.

Ami looked at all the wounds on the brunette girl's body. She knew all of those were not normal wounds.

Someone wanted her dead. Should I help her? What if she is a bad person?

Her eyes landed on the girl's face.

She doesn't look like a bad person.

Jacob barked at her and brought her out from her thoughts.

"Okay, I got it Jacob. I will save her," Ami rolled her eyes.

Ami lifted the unconscious girl out of the water and carried her carefully on her back.

"Urgh, this girl is quite heavy," Ami complained as she started to walk back toward her house, Jacob following her close behind.