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we were both young when I first saw you,

I close my eyes and the flashback starts,

I'm standing there,

on a balcony in summer air...

"come on Ame, were going to be late!"

"you know Kira, life isn't all about parties" honestly I really didn't want to go. But when my dad says "jump" you say "how high?" so I was stuck in this dress.

"excuse me miss, I believe you dropped this"

I see the lights, see the party the ball gowns,

I see you make your way through the crowd,

and say "hello",

little did I know...

"oh! my necklace!," I blushed as I took the small dark purple leaf from the boy. I really needed to get that clasp fixed. "thank you so much! how can I ever repay you?"

"how about the next dance?" this guy was a real Casanova, with his spiky silver hair and calm voice.

"Kurosame!" oh my, that was peachy timing.

"yes sir?" my voice sweet as I answered.

"I don't want you around that boy he's nothing but trouble."

"but tou-san, I was going to dance with him as a means of gratitude for finding and returning my necklace."

"i dont care." he turned to the boy, "boy, I suggest you leave my daughter alone."

"please forgive me sir" as he walked away he looked over his shoulder, smiled and said "by the way Kurosame..."

that you were Romeo you were throwing pebbles,

and my daddy said stay away from Juliet,

and i was crying on the staircase begging you please don't go,

"my name's Kakashi."

and I said,

Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone,

ill be waiting all there's left to do is run,

you'll be the prince and I'll be the princess,

it's a love story baby just say yes.

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