Today Tina has just arrived in Flower-Bud-Village and she seems very curious about it and right now these little elf looking guys have guided her to this weird but beautiful place.

They were called the Harvest Sprites and they told Tina the story about how the Harvest Goddess turned to stone and how they needed her help to find musical note to save her.

After the Harvest Sprites told her about the Harvest Goddess, a purple haired dude came out of nowhere and started to yell at her.

Tina only stayed in silence as he was lecturing the group.

His words were harsh; however, Tina muted out all of his words, and only continued to stare at him with a smile.

This young man's name was Jamie.

Is Jamie a boy or girl? Tina questioned herself giggling and she then saw Jamie walk away angrily.

The next day, Tina was moving some of the furniture around her house and she giggled to herself as she put her hair in pigtails.

She loved her outfit she was wearing and thought it was the cutest.

Tina was wearing a pink vest, which was no surprise since her favorite color was pink, and she was wearing a tight white t-shirt under it. There was a red bandanna placed the opposite way on her neck, which meant the tied part of the bandanna was showing in the front, and the rest of the bandanna was showing in the back of her. She wore white gloves to match her white t-shirt and Tina was also wearing really tight blue jean shorts. Her boots were the colors of red and yellow.

The brunette started to walk over to Jamie's farm and she jumped over his fence to face him.

He turned around as his eyes were fierce and he said, " I don't know what those rascals did to stir you up, but I won't loose to you!"

Tina only cocked her head to the side innocently as she stared at him.

His icy eyes looked so filled up with anger as she studied his mysterious face. She wondered why such a grumpy guy was wearing such a colorful poncho with bright colors.

She then thought giggling to herself, oh my god! Hes so hot!

The purple haired man thought suspiciously, what is she giggling about?

Jamie was getting irritated with her silence as he questioned her with annoyance in his voice, "How long are you going to stay there daydreamin'?"

Tina just stayed in silence once more as she thought with a smirk, Jamie is pretty cute when hes mad.

He was now boiling of anger and started to wave his arms around frantically as he shouted with his harsh voice, "GET OUT OF HERE! YOUR A NUISANCE!"

Tina only shook her head and said with a smirk, "No."

Jamie was shocked that she disobeyed him; however, his anger only returned when he yelled, "You dare defy me? Get out of my farm NOW!"

" Make me," Tina challenged and she smirked at him.

She then blew a kiss at him teasingly and winked.

Jamie has never been so annoyed in his life and he started to charge up to Tina.

He stopped when Tina gently placed her index finger on his forehead.

"You sure are cute," she teased as she giggled cutely.

He pushed himself away from her forcefully and turned around while muttering to himself, "Who does this girl think she is? She think she can mock me? What a stupid girl!"

Tina was listening to him mumbling to himself as she whispered into his ear with a smirk, "You know I could hear you, right?"

Jamie felt his body jump as he didn't realize she was behind him and he hissed, "Idiot girl! Leave me alone!"

Tina only shrugged.

"Okay, Mr. Grumpy. Whatever you say."

She turned around and Jamie waited for her to walk away.

The pigtailed girl then turned around again and told him while giggling, "Jamie, please stop staring at my butt!"

Jamie didn't know why; however, he felt his cheeks turn pink and he yelled, "Please, who would look at yours!"

Tina rolled her eyes playfully as she giggled once more, "Um, you just did smart one."

As Jamie opened his mouth to defend himself, Tina ran out of his farm giggling, and he shouted, "Yeah! That's right! You better run!"

After that tiny encounter with Jamie, Tina introduced herself to the other villagers, and she thought they were all boring.

Well, except for Jamie of course.

The next day, Tina walked into Jamie's ranch again, and she jumped over the fence.

Jamie rolled his eyes as he groaned at seeing her.

"Dammit woman! I told you to leave me alone!"

Tina ignored his comment and only closed her eyes as she said, "Jamie, since your so smart and all, could you help me with something?"

"What makes you think I would help such a stupid human like you?"

Tina fluttered her eyes open as her hazel eyes started to sparkle cutely and she asked him in a cute voice, "Jamie, since we both have the same jobs, will you please teach me how to use this axe? Please?"

Jamie's cheeks started to slightly turn pink and he muttered, "No."

"Please?" Tina begged and she stepped closer to him.

She already knew how to use all of her tools; however, she loved to see Jamie get mad and all fluster.

To Jamie, it seemed like she was trying to sweet talk him into helping her.

"Fine! I'll help you if you just shut up!" Jamie growled.

"Yes," Tina whispered to herself as she clenched her fist.

She took out her axe from her rucksack and handed it to Jamie.

"Okay, you hold it like this, and chop wood. Its that simple, now goodbye!"

Tina then went behind Jamie and she started to feel his arm, " Oh Jamie! I didn't know you had muscles!"

He pushed her away and hissed, "Don't touch me!"

She stuck her tongue out at him playfully and muttered, "Your no fun."

Jamie gave her back the axe and she put it right back into her rucksack.

"Now get out of my farm," he commanded.

Tina only yawned as she laid down on his grassy field.


"I'm serious! GET OUT!"

Tina started to giggle some more and she told him a mischievous tone, "You'll have to carry me out of here!"

Jamie rolled his eyes as he hissed at her, "In your dreams!"

"Okay. Guess I'll stay here all night then."

Tina winked at him playfully as she yawned and pretended to sleep.

A scowl formed on Jamie's face, as he picked up the girl, and threw her out of his fence forcefully.

She screamed in pain while she was thrown to the ground.

"That wasn't very nice Jamie," she pouted and she rubbed her behind.

Now it was his time to smirk and he was chuckling as he walked away.

A few weeks later, Jamie has not received any visits from that annoying farm girl since that day, and he was glad she finally decided to leave him alone.

He wondered how she was doing with her work or if she had simply gave up farming and moved out of town. He hasn't seen her in any of the spring festivals so far. Well, whatever she was doing, he didn't care, and he was now outside brushing his cows. Although, the season was now summer, and Jamie was getting suspicious if she was going to do anything to him.

Suddenly, he felt someone jump on top of him behind and the person took his hat.

It was Tina who had stole his hat and she got off of him with a flirtatious smirk on her face as she put the hat on her head.

"The hell! Give me back my hat!" Jamie demanded infuriated.

The young woman only winked at him playfully.

"Say please..."

Jamie only clenched his teeth as he shouted at her with immense anger and frustration,"I would never say anything for you! Don't put my hat on your disgusting head!"

" Well, I just did."

The female farmer was smirking at him and Jamie was boiling with anger.


"Awe, Jamie, I think its so cute how your trying to think of words to describe me!"

Tina winked at him and Jamie was now growling in frustration.

She suddenly threw his hat back at him like a Frisbee and Tina started to take out something from her rucksack.

He caught his hat with a firm grip and his fierce eyes only stared at her.

Tina pulled out a potato from her rucksack and handed it to Jamie.

"A rumor says that you like these."

Jamie only stared at her with his blank eyes as he held the potato firmly and he was annoyed that she knew how to grow crops.

"Well, see you later Jamie!" Tina told him winking and she started to walk away.

The female farmer waved goodbye to Jamie and she exited out of his ranch.

It was obvious that she grew this potato in the spring and he wondered why she wasted her time giving it to him when she could just ship it for money.

Everyday Tina would always visit him, give him a gift, tease him, and then leave his farm.

Jamie couldn't understand how he insulted her all the time and it seemed like she enjoyed his harsh words.

Why did she like visiting him? Just to mock him? Was she trying to befriend him?

All of those questions kept swirling around in Jamie's head and he was getting very frustrated with this female farmer.

Today was the third day of summer, which meant the beach festival.

Jamie was training for this event for awhile and he always won every year.

He arrived at the beach when he saw that Tina walked up to him.

Don't tell me shes competing as well...

The other villagers winced at seeing Tina walk up to Jamie.

No one has ever messed with him or ever talked with Jamie since they all feared him.

Well, except for Tina...

"Heh, of course I'm going to come in first. Why don't you go home before you drown?"

The brunette only closed her eyes.

A soft smile formed on her lips as she said, "Well if I drown, I hope you will save me, Jamie."

She started to giggle as Jamie felt his cheeks turn pink and he stuttered annoyed, "S-Shut up!"

The Mayor then indicated that the festival was starting and everyone got dressed in their bathing suits.

Tina was wearing this dark blue two piece bathing suit and Jamie was wearing this black bathing suit that covered his entire body.

She walked by him and told him in a teasing tone, "Come on Jamie! Show everyone your muscles!"

He only glared at her as he told her, "Shut up!"

All of the contestants suddenly went into the water as the Mayor started to give the instructions of the festival.

Tina couldn't stop staring at Jamie and she kept winking at him.

Her rival was giving her the 'leave me alone' look.

A sound then was heard to alert everyone that they could start.

The two other dudes that were participating in the contest were Bob and Ray.

Jamie started to swim towards a dolphin that was near him; however, Tina swam towards the dolphin as well.

They both reached the dolphin at the same time and Jamie growled at her.

"Back off! This dolphin is mine!"

"Jamie, sharing is caring!"

Tina started to giggle at her little joke.

While Tina was distracted with her giggling, Jamie got on top of the dolphin; however, Tina pushed him off.

The two rivals then continued to push each other off the dolphin and kept getting back on for several minutes.

Suddenly, they both heard the Mayor shout, "STOP!"

Jamie and Tina's jaws both dropped in shock.

Since they were so caught up on fighting the dolphin, they forgot about the contest.

Jamie had a scowl on his face as he turned to his rival Tina.

She back away in fear.


Jamie instantly started to tackle Tina into the water and she started to scream.

As the two were wrestling each other under water, Bob swam to them, and broke up the fight.

"Okay love cups! Stop!" Bob both shouted at them.

He grabbed their hair with his strong muscular hands and dragged them back to the shore by pulling their hair.

Jamie only glared at Tina as they both arrived on the shore and he walked away.

It turned out Bob won the festival.

A few days later, Tina didn't visit Jamie.

Today was now summer day 7, the Star Festival.

Every year couples would go sail a bamboo boat across the river and make a wish.

Jamie thought the festival was stupid and he didn't believe in wishes.

Tina's purple haired rival was outside brushing his sheep as the sun was setting and in a few minutes he was planning to get some rest.

Jamie then wondered if Tina was going with anyone and he then shook his head.

Why am I even thinking of that stupid girl? he thought to himself annoyed.

He suddenly heard rustling somewhere.

His instincts told him that someone was around; however, he ignored them.

Tina suddenly popped up out of nowhere and she startled Jamie as her face got to close to his.

He backed away in caution.

She then sang teasingly,"Helloooo."

Jamie had an annoyed look on his face and he muttered, "Hi."

"Today is the Star Festival right?"

"No duh. What do you want?"

Tina started to play with her figures nervously as she asked him shyly, "Want to go together?"




"Come on Jamie!"

"Go away."

Tina was not going to give up and she suddenly stole his hat again.

"Give it back! Or else!" Jamie threaten as he crept closer to her.

"Not unless you go with me!" Tina pouted stubbornly and put the hat inside her rucksack.

Jamie groaned, "Just go away!"


"Ugh. Fine, I'll go," Jamie sighed in defeat.

Tina's hazel eyes started to sparkle.

"R-Really? You'll go? YAY!"

Tina started to drag Jamie out of his farm and they both went by this tiny river by her house.

She already had prepared a bamboo boat and she placed it into the river.

"Make a wish Jamie."

Jamie crossed his arms stubbornly as he refused to look at her.

"I don't believe in such pointless things."

Tina only giggled as she whispered to herself, "No wonder."

Jamie looked at her suspiciously.

"What is that suppose to mean?"

Tina smiled to herself and mumbled, "Nothing nothing."

For a few moments it was silent and they both watched the bamboo boat float in the river.

Jamie then broke the silence as he muttered, "Did you make your stupid wish yet?"

Tina closed her eyes as she only started to laugh hysterically.

He raised an eyebrow suspiciously.


"Silly, Jamie. My wish already came true," Tina told him as she grinned.

He only had a confused expression on his face and his face then grew dark.

"What was your wish?"

"I wished that you would come to this festival with me."

Jamie blinked repeatedly and Tina suddenly put his hat back onto his head.

"That's a stupid wish," he told her harshly as he turned around.

Tina only giggled as she watched him walk away.

Author Note: I've been dying to write a Jamie x Tina story.

This plot line was in my head for awhile so yeah.

I love the Jamie torture xD

Hopefully you liked Tina's personality LOL That is probably how I would act if I ever met Jamie xD

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