"Jamie, who is this idiot girl?!" Jamie's twin sister demanded fiercely and crossed her arms.

"She happens to be my fiancé and shut up, I'M the only one who is allowed to call her that!" Jamie responded with a scowl and clenched his fists.

"Hey!" Tina pouted, but she secretly thought, 'AWE! Jamie said that he can only call me an idiot and he even called me his fiancé! Oh Jamie is so dreamy!'

"Whatever. I can't allow you to marry this tramp! Have you forgotten our mission brother? The Harvest Goddess needs us to restore her back to life already!" his twin yelled furiously.

"Don't you DARE call Tina that and I'll have you know that Tina and I have been working on getting the musical notes together!" Jamie explained in frustration, clenching his fists even tighter.

The brunette widened her eyes in shock while she thought, 'Did Jamie really say "together"? I thought he always didn't want my help when it came to the Goddess. He always told me he was the only one who was going to save her... Awe, Jamie really has changed, I almost feel like crying...'

Tina then showed a tiny smile as she ended her thought.

His twin raised an eyebrow curiously. "So you're telling me this mere girl can collect musical notes as well? How is this even possible?!" she questioned outraged.

Tina frowned and clasped her hands together and told Jamie's twin innocently, "I'm not quite sure why I'm able to collect musical notes or why I'm even able to see the sprites, but I think it was all meant to be. I want to save the Harvest Goddess as much as Jamie!"

"Well, I really can't see how you two can collect notes together when you can only collect them individualy. So saying that you're collecting them together is really a bunch of false words," Jamie's twin explained with a smirk and shook her head.

"Whatever, I don't really care who collects the most notes anymore, as long as the Harvest Goddess is saved, that's all that matters..." Jamie mumbled quietly.

"Humph! I knew I should of been the one to stay here and collect the musical notes, but noooo, you just insisted that you could do it faster. Well it looks like this stupid girl is holding you back, distracting you. Pathetic, and to think I ever called you my brother..." Jamie's twin hissed coldly, closing her eyes, and turned away.

Before Jamie could even respond, Tito bursted through the door.

"What's up everybody?" Tito smirked and his smirk grew when his eyes saw the female Jamie.

Jamie's twin instantly blushed and furrowed her eyebrows im frustration. "N-Not you again! What are YOU doing here?"

Tito smirked while waving his finger at female Jamie. "Tsk, tsk, are you following me again?"

Her purple eyebrow started to twitch in utter pure frustration. "If anyone followed anyone, it was YOU, you idiot! I told you I was coming here last week and you followed me here!"

Tito started to chuckle and he shook his head while a sigh escaped his lips.

"Actually, I was planning to come here before you told me and I got here before you, so you technically followed me," Tito corrected smoothly and smirked.

She was now boiling in anger and roared, "YOU KNOW WHAT-"

Tito instantly interuppted the female Jamie by placing his hand to her face with a smirk and explained to Jamie and Tina, "You see, she and I are both rival farmers back in this other village, we are also allowed to collect musical notes too, but there was only two openings in your village to live in and we were both going to move here but you and Tina took the two openings open for sale here, so we couldn't live here."

"...And why are you here?" Jamie questioned annoyed.

His twin slapped Tito's hand away from her face.

"Do that again and I'll kill you!" she threatened Tito.

Tito ignored her threat and answered Jamie's question, "Anyways... I'm here because I just won four tickets to a one week trip to this water park called Aqua Waters. So I was just about to invite all three of you to go with me. What do you say?"

"What makes you think I would ever go anywhere with YOU?" both twins said in unison while glaring at Tito and then glared at each other.

Tina's eyes started to sparkle immensely and she clasped her hands together.

"Aqua Waters? I've always wanted to go there since I was a little girl!" Tina squealed as turned to Jamie and pleaded while getting too close to his face, "Oh can we please go Jamie? Please, please, PLEASE?"

Jamie blushed insanely and pushed her away. "No way! Not with HIM!"

"Oh come on Jamie, what kind of fiancé are you?" Tito smirked.

"Wait, what the hell! How do you know she's my fiancé?" Jamie demanded and he widened his eyes.

"I saw through the window," Tito anwsered with a chuckle.

"YOU BASTARD!" Jamie shouted as he clenched his right fist.

Jamie's twin sweat dropped and an annoyed expression showed on her face. "You are such a creeper..."

Tito smirked at her. "And your such a downer. Smile for once, you'll look cuter."

"How about if your face meets my fist instead?" the female Jamie smirked.

Tito returned the smirk.

"How about you go with me to that water park, eh?"

"How about you two shut up..." Jamie muttered annoyed.

Tina clenched onto Jamie's arm and asked, "Can we please go, Jamie? Pleaseeeeee?"

"For the last time, NO! You must be crazy if you think I'm going anywhere with that bastard! How can you even think of going with that ass after everything he has done to you? He's probably plotting something too!" Jamie thundered as his right eye started twitching.

Tina's eyes started to twinkle innocently as she clasped her hands together and looked up into Jamie's sapphire eyes.

"Please Jamie..." she begged innocently and then clasped his hands with hers.

Jamie was utterly speechless as his trembling mouth was wide open, but no words were coming out, and his face burned neon red.

"This is utterly disgusting! You two sicken me!" his twin huffed disgusted and crossed her arms.

"Yeah, get a room already!" Tito joked and chucked.

Jamie's face immediately boiled of anger at hearing those words. "YOU TWO SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

"Brother, I came here to knock some sense into you so you don't marry this pathetic girl! I've been hearing rumors in my village that you had a girlfriend and that's why I came here! And to think I thought I could trust you with getting the musical notes! What a patheitic thought, humph!" Jamie's twin explained enraged and pointed a finger at her brother.

Tito put a hand on the female Jamie's shoulder and her body instantly trembled when his hand made contact with her shoulder and he whispered into her ear with a smirk, "Come on now, take a chill pill. Sounds like you could use a little fun. Besides, I think this will relieve some stress. What do you say?"

Her face was burning neon red and she glared at Tito. "...Oh alright. I'll go to that stupid water park... But you better not bother me!"

Tito chuckled and said with a wink, "Oh, I wouldn't dream of it."

Tito then turned to Jamie and Tina. "What about you guys? Look, I'm really sorry about the awful things I said and done before. So I wanna make it up to you guys by taking you out. What do you say?"

Tito flashed them both a smirk and a wink after he finished his last sentence.

Both Jamie and Tina exchanged glances and it was silence for a moment.

Jamie finally let out a sigh. "Fine...We'll go to the stupid water park..." Jamie mumbled and then warned, "But if you try anything, you're toast! In other words... I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

Tito nodded, that smug smirk still remained on his face.

"Wouldn't dream of it," was his reply.

"YAY!" Tina screamed and jumped up and down for joy while clapping her hands.

"So much for the musical notes..." the female Jamie mumbled under her breath and sighed.

Tito suddenly put his arm around Jamie's twin and said cheerfully, "Aw, lighten up Jamie, one of us will free her some day!"

She rolled her eyes and a 'humph' escaped from her lips.

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