There are just some advantages to checking oneself into a mental institution. For one thing they didn't think twice when you complain about the monsters lurking at dark corners. They hype you up on so much medication that it doesn't really matter what you think you saw or how many cuts and bruises you wake up with the next day, because you've checked yourself into a mental institution.

And it's not like the alternative is any better. Living on the streets without a family in the world to care for you is just the icing on the cake. But when you're left to think inside padded walls you start to think about the people you lost and the people you don't remember. Next, come the secrets and regrets. The things you never told anyone (the things you wanted to) and the things no one ever told you.

How you were jealous the writing in books didn't run off the page when your brother read them aloud. Or even the fact that you had trouble reading them when he wasn't around. Luckily he was always there to read them to you or you wouldn't have read at all. But the key word in that statement was was. And you start to think back on those times when you asked about your parents. The unusual would happen. The s would go missing, details as well, and what was said all seem to fade. When memories go that's when you truly start to question what was real and what well wasn't. And the down side to that was the long hours you spend thinking don't seem to put you any closer to the answers.

Then when a goat, no they're called satyr because your bother told you so, tells you impossible, mythical things even, you have to go with him right? There are just some advantages to checking oneself into a mental institution.

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Claudia wasn't one for theological debates, but this atheist wasn't about to make it that easy for them, now wasn't she?