Seeing is disBelieving

Co-written by: Truephan and Pearl84

Rated: T. Adventure/Suspense

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom belongs solely to Butch Hartman.


Before PP and after Urban Jungle. Ghost OCs. Caught in the crossfire between Time and Existence, Danny and Vlad are forced to face the Master of Time, the Defenders of Existence, a new Enforcer, and, ultimately, extinction. But this new Enforcer also happens to have his own plans for the hybrids that could possibly be worse than death itself...Or, the illusion of it, at least.


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Chapter 1—Violent Struggle

Two fiery red bolts of light burned across the humid black curtain of the sky, appearing as wayward comets, ripping through and brightening the otherwise moonless night.

Suddenly, a large green ball of shimmering energy met the red lightening bolts head on, their impact echoing through the darkness. But instead of being destroyed by the collision, those scarlet balls of fire became more energized, as if suddenly taking a life of their own.

As a result, the red bolts continued their aggressive assault; and yet, the green energy was not destroyed. This time, the crimson forces changed tactics. Pulsating in various degrees of intensity, they reached out to the opposing green force, as though they were somehow measuring the strength of their challenger.

An instant later, however, the animated scarlet rays pulled away, seemingly yielding ground to the green energy, only to turn sharply around in a counter attack. They suddenly moved faster, growing in size as they charged back. The crimson bolts then melded together, becoming one just as the glowing emerald ray changed and redirected its aim.

Once again, the rival red and green beams collided; but this time, the now single red ray intensified its effort to subdue the glowing green one. And it immediately succeeded, now more angrily thrusting its emerald foe back towards its source.

A gasp was heard from the commander of the green energy in response to the turn of events. Nevertheless, he pushed back against the crimson force, only to struggle with his attempt.

Still high up in the sky, he grunted this time when he felt himself being rammed back and downward by each pulse of the strengthening red force; and, consequently, he was unwittingly retreating against it.

At this rate, he knew he would be slamming into the ground. But just before the red bolt pounded his green bolt of energy mercilessly into the ground, snuffing out its life, he managed to break away in a bare escape.

Still, the green ray's commander gasped again as he looked back, gaping in dismay at the large charred crater that could have been him instead. Even still, he didn't think about it any longer. He instantly recovered and shot back up into the sky and then just as quickly fired another round of green energy in the general direction where the now unseen force had once been.

The power source for the red energy answered with two more beams of its own once more. They instantly joined again, pulsating violently toward the next volley of emerald energy. But at the last moment, the single crimson ray split apart at the middle, and the green ray passed between the now twin rays with no effect.

The two red beams then charged onward toward their mark.

This time, the master of the emerald energy floated back both in astonishment and dread as the pair of scarlet beams drew closer and began to spin around him, suddenly glowing brighter before melding into a ring of fire large enough to not burn him, but near enough that its flames eagerly licked at him.

But that was the least of his worries.

He could barely believe his eyes at what he was now seeing. And although the rest of its body remained hidden in the murky night, he was sure the renegade tail rising above his floating form belonged to a dragon-like creature. And at an instant, the muscular tail suddenly jutted toward him as a slashing knife from under a mysterious cloak, and took a swipe at him. It moved rapidly and dangerously close to him, and he was certain that the tail had every intention of smashing him into the hard ground several feet below. That is, if the ring of fire still surrounding him did not suffocate him first…

But when he saw the tail come at him at such force, a quick duck under the ring prevented his being hit, even as he yelled in fear when he barely missed some of the fire when he moved.

The intended victim of the dragon then hitched his breath, momentarily dumbfounded at what happened next. The ring of flames countered his action, swiftly slithering like a snake as they moved downward and around him, placing him in the middle of the hissing flames once more.

And a heartbeat later, the ring of fire began to swell, momentarily stunning its victim with fear at its suddenness and fierceness. The flames' growth started at the base, and soon the ring of fire solidified as it crept upward and outward toward the top and toward the bottom.

The victim finally jolted out of his shock, now realizing he was seconds away from being encased in a searing red, dense fiery dome!

Quickly scanning the area and seeing no dragon attached to the tail that had been there just moments ago, he wasted no time and soared towards the opening above him that was rapidly closing.

In desperation, he formed an ice shield in front of him in case the dome closed before he could reach the end. But to his dread, the ice shield melted even as he poured more energy into it. Still, he pushed onward. He really had no choice. So, he kept his eyes glued to the narrowing opening and increased his speed, even when his ice shield completely evaporated under the heat.

With a cry of pain he shot through it, escaping the fiery trap in the nick of time… but not unscathed.

Thick heavy breathing blended into the thick muggy night as the black-and-white-clad Ghost Boy struggled to clear his mind and slow his breathing. He winced with the pain and held his burned right arm. Still, his mind raced, attempting to figure out any reason for all of this.

It just didn't make any sense!

What was happening and why? Hadn't he been sleeping in his bed just a few minutes ago? Why had he suddenly been attacked like this? And what were those red bolts… all that fire…and that dragon?

Maybe… Maybe this was just some sort of intense dream?

But the fifteen-year-old boy knew it couldn't be a dream when he suddenly heard another red lightening bolt coming out of nowhere as it raced toward him. He immediately darted away from it; but it, in turn, immediately altered its course.

The boy gasped again. How could it track him? But before he knew it, he was hit and it instantly engulfed and riveted his body with its painful, burning energy.

Danny screamed with the sting even as he reflexively tried to twist away from it. But no matter how hard he fought against it, the biting red energy clung to him as if it were glued to him, sapping him of his strength as easily as a spider feasting on its victim. Finally, after what felt like eternity, the boy couldn't resist any longer and he plummeted downward, ultimately plowing roughly into the ground.

The young hybrid lay stunned, trying to force the air back into his burning lungs. But when he wearily rose his head up a bit, his breath instantly hitched once more when he just as sudden realized that there were other beings now around him. His vision, however, still had not cleared well enough to be sure. And even though he couldn't see them through the blackness of the night, he knew, no, felt they were there.

But were they ghosts? Then… why hadn't his ghost sense alerted him?

His unanswered questions were momentarily pushed back when he felt the pressure of several sets of red, piercing eyes and burning, acid-like breath bearing down on him. He began to feel sick to his stomach as he wafted in their breath, his mouth instantly watering from the nausea. Still, he struggled to make his mind work. What were these new creatures? They couldn't be humans …right?

His hazy mind instantly rejected that crazy notion. Since when did humans have red eyes and burning, acid-like breath? No, they were not human! So they had to be ghosts…What else could they be?

The ghost teen peered upward and then thought he saw the blurry outlines of red dragons. Though his head spun with the lack of oxygen, it nevertheless forced him to consider the millions of countermoves now flipping in his mind like pages in a book. The beings began to circle him and he could see their blood-red, wild eyes through his hazy vision. He was sure they were dragons, like the one that attacked him at first, only now, there was a group of them.

But in the next moment, they stopped, as if somehow suddenly frozen in their tracks…

"Danny Phantom…"

The young hybrid jerked his head up and to either side, scanning the atmosphere in order to confirm what he had heard. Was he imagining things now?

"Danny Phantom… human child… ghost boy..."

No mistake there. He had heard it. But the voice wasn't coming from any of the dragons. It was coming from his surroundings. It was as if the wind suddenly had a voice but it was indistinguishable, almost like it was not there.

"Danny Phantom…Surrender…before you regret you had not…"

The young half ghost jumped to his feet with the wind's voice again, ignoring his aching body. But the second he did, the dragons seem to come back to life again and instantly lunged at him.

Danny, however, quickly reacted and flew upward before they could dig their claws into him. But then, out of the blue, more of the dragons appeared in front of him, blocking his escape.

Great. Now, he had dragons in front and below him, all clearly wanting to cause him more pain! But there was more. Some kind of instrument suddenly appeared in each set of their hands. Danny's eyes widened, instinctively twisting away, looking for some kind of path to which to retreat.

But even more of the dragons blocked his way. And each of them was holding the same kind of instrument. In desperation, the boy looked downward at the other group of dragons below him, the ones that had tried to capture him only moments before. They, too, now possessed the same kind of strange devices in their hands. And in the next instant, those instruments began to glow and pulsate to life.

Small, but bright, red orbs formed on the top of each device, followed by a menacing humming. The teen instantly knew that these must be some sort of weapons and that something painful was about to explode out of them.

But his confused mind suddenly paused and he then outwardly frowned with the same emotion. Why were the dragons on the ground the only ones readying themselves in attack, while the other dragons in front of him hadn't followed suit—yet? Maybe they were just taking turns? But the ones floating around him looked… frozen.

Unfortunately, the teen didn't get any more time to figure that out.

All of a sudden, larger red auras formed around the smaller red orbs of those weapons below him. That was enough for Danny. Not hesitating any longer, he flew down and landed on the ground far enough away from all the dragons to give him a moment to prepare himself. Then he forced as much air as he could into his hurting lungs and let out his Ghostly Wail toward the threatening dragons. But to his dread, not only had his effort depleted him of his energy to the point that he reverted back to his human form, but his power seemed to have absolutely no effect on the dragons! In fact, the waves of energy just passed through them, like they weren't even there!

The boy panted with the pain shooting through his lungs and burned arm, as well as, with his exhaustion. And to his dismay, he knew this was all far from over.

But before he could even attempt to muster his strength enough to morph back into his ghostly form, several red beams suddenly came at him! He gasped, and knowing that there was no way to avoid them, he reflexively gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, preparing for the painful blows.

But… nothing happened.

The teen snapped his eyes open again, surprised that the beams had somehow missed him. Still confused on why he had not been hit, he nevertheless made another attempt to change back into his ghost form. This time, he was successful. But just as he reverted back, he saw the dragons moving toward him again, their weapons glowing in preparation for another attack.

Taking a deep but still painful breath, he pushed himself upward and away from those red orbs, jerking back just enough to thrust several ice rays in their direction.

The loud crack of the ice forming around the orbs was followed by angry hisses of steam. A moment later, the orbs sent their strong bolts back at the retreating boy.

Danny barely dodged the assault; but then shot more ice rays at the dragons as they began to charge their weapons. But to his disbelief, his ice rays went right through them! Just like his Ghostly Wail had!

"This can't be happening!" he screamed in his mind. "Are these things even dragon ghosts? If they are, then they're not like the ones I've faced before! My ghost sense is not even detecting them! What. Is. Going. On?"

Danny's internal panic attack came to an abrupt end when he suddenly heard the air speak again, and his head jolted around at the sound, trying desperately to find out where it was coming from and who was saying it…

"Last chance, Danny Phantom. I will tolerate no more. Come quietly, and all will go easier on you!"

Still not locating the focal point of the voice, he immediately yelled back, "What? What are you talking about? And who—or what—are you and how do you know me?"

But the entity didn't answer him.

Instead, the dragons renewed their attack, this time dropping their weapons before bellowing out large flames of fire at him.

Danny answered with several ice rays, and they seemed to stop the flames, but the dragons nevertheless pressed down upon him once more. The boy barely dodged most of their attempts to grab him. But then one of the beasts jerked its body wildly around, and because Danny was still weakened from all the fighting, he didn't move fast enough.

Before the boy knew it, that dragon's tail made firm contact and smashed him into the ground.

He wasn't even able to scream in pain, this time. Instead, the boy grunted with the abuse. But forcing himself to recall the seriousness of his situation, he soon shook his dizziness away and struggled to pull himself up. He glared up at the sky as he then quickly anchored his feet under him.

With a determined growl, he finally propelled himself upward, blazing away at any dragons with his own powerful green ectoplasmic rays.

However, before he could really do any damage, and much to his surprise, the dragons darted away. He looked around for his adversaries, wondering if they had truly fled. And when nothing happened after a minute or so, the boy allowed himself a sigh of relief.

Only to instantly regret it.

"You are so much fun… little freak…," he heard that eerie echo taunt. "And though you are both irritating and amusing me with your petty resistance, I cannot wait to keep you…"

"Not if I can help it, jerk!" the boy defiantly shouted into the night. Still, he couldn't help but grow nervous since he still couldn't locate the source of the voice. And he was getting more exhausted. He didn't know how much more he could take.

"YOUNG FOOL!" the air thundered back this time; and a nearby tree shook under its verbal assault.

Danny gasped at how loudly the now increasing wind had yelled at him. He whipped his head around, searching in vain for its source. And as the wind picked up speed, it seemed to caress him, but not in any soothing way. It was like a hot iron rippling over his skin; only that, like those red energy bolts, the burning wind, too, seemed more alive than not since he could swear it was pressing against him, flaying him alive with a kind of malice, even hate.

He bit down on his lip, trying not to scream at the searing pain, even when he felt as if an anvil had been suddenly dropped in his stomach at the same time…

Not able to take anymore, the boy jolted upward in a panic even as the nausea he felt intensified. This sick feeling was not right! Was this some kind of freaky power, some new tactic of attack being thrust upon him from the dragons? It had to be! But where were they now? They had now just disappeared. And how, how were they doing all of this?

Once again, he had no time to think about it anymore. Since his exhaustion was mounting yet again, his one thought now was to escape. He didn't care what was going on and didn't want to waste any more time on trying to figure it out. He just wanted to get out of here!

Unfortunately, the dragons decided to reappear at that instant.

"Get away!" he screamed, firing several energy beams at the dragons, hovering all around him. But the beams went right through the dragons as before. Only this time, the teen's attacks caused the dragons to blur slightly before they cleared again, almost like a broken image...

"Okay, now I'm really confused. What the heck is all this? And why is this happening?" the boy silently screamed at himself.

Yet again, Danny's thoughts were interrupted by a noise to his right. It sounded like the mere rustling of the wind, but the boy now knew better. Then he heard that odd humming again, still questioning why he couldn't see who—or what—was making it. But this time, like the voice, it didn't seem to be coming from the dragons… He looked up at the dragons and they only confirmed his hunch. They were still looking at him, but they weren't…moving. They were frozen in place again. And they hadn't retrieved their weapons…

It was then that he realized: something—or someone—was controlling these dragons. And that thing had to be here. Something he still couldn't see…

At that moment, a powerful red lightening bolt charged at him; and with a yelp, Danny instantly willed an ectoplasmic shield to meet it. The blow of red ray upon the green shield shoved the boy back with such force that he ended up several hundred feet from the impact site and plastered against a large oak tree. He groaned as he slid down to the ground.

"This is definitely not going well," he moaned, staggering to get up and holding onto his still sore right arm.

He didn't even realize that he was now very near the mayor's home…

Instead, he looked up and scanned the murky sky, trying to think of what to do. "Now I know I can't take much more of this. No time to figure out what the heck is going on! It's more than obvious that there is something else out to get me besides these dragons, and it definitely has the advantage right now. And whatever it is, I doubt it's the actual wind!"

He continued to search for any sign of his hidden foe or foes, desperately hoping that luck would finally smile down upon him.

However, when he came up empty, he then nervously thought, "Darn it! I can't fight what I can't see or sense!"

But just after he thought that, he mentally paused, suddenly recognizing where he was. A sense of hope quickly refocused him. However, before he could take off, that eerie wind jolted him out of his thoughts.

"You're hopeless… Danny Phantom... even if it seems as if you are everything the rumors say you are…You and the other will be perfect for what I need!... But fighting me any longer is futile…You are no match for me!"

"Oh, yeah? How about if I instead kick your butt when I find you—you and whoever else is here with you?" Danny shouted back before a sudden hunch lurched forward from his mind. That might do it.

He instantly shot upward with his idea. And double-checking his bearings, he started to head back toward his home. He knew, well, at least hoped, that his parents would have some kind of weapon which could give him more of an equal footing in this lopsided battle.

But he hadn't gone that far when the wind angrily bellowed at him again:

"Your stubbornness only fuels my anger! How dare such a loathsome creature ignore my command! You are nothing compared to me! Now you will yield!"

The boy increased his speed, but still defiantly called out to the air, "Whatever, dude! I've heard that same lame line from about a billion other ghosts! So, then, what makes you so special? Oh, wait! I don't care! Just leave me alone and go back under that putrid little dark rock that you crawled out of!"

But then, Danny felt an angry push against him in response, and his entire world spun.


Danny watched horrified as his surroundings moved as if he was inside a centrifuge, but in a matter a seconds, it stopped. The teen let out a gasp at seeing the street that he was following home was no longer there. It was a dead end! It had vanished!

Danny was so stunned and his head was still slightly in awhirl from this strange event that he didn't see the entity that had been attacking him this entire time finally materialized. It hovered just below and behind, not at all too far from where he was. But the entity's form was non-distinct, and anyone looking at him would swear he blended right into the background.

The odd entity started his approach, creeping quietly yet purposely toward his unsuspecting victim. He would have to act quickly so as to completely surprise the boy. And that would mean compromising his stealth power, a power that only he could use to perfection, and which was far superior to merely being intangible or invisible like other ghosts.

With this stealth power, he was virtually undetectable to any being. It so perfectly melded him into his surroundings that it seemed as if he weren't there, but at the same time, as if he were also everywhere. His form would stay intact, but his stealth power dispersed his essence and spread it out onto the atmosphere like a thin layer of butter on a piece of bread. And that would make him not only practically undetectable, but almost invincible to attack.

Even so, he did not want to risk wasting the chance to catch his young victim completely by surprise. So, he quickly conceded some of his power since it did have one downside, and that was that it compromised his normally acute vision. And wanting to use his powerful ghostly night vision to the fullest, he soon dropped his stealth mode and focused his now clear sight on the unsuspecting boy.

The entity suddenly smirked, certain that there was no chance of failure. In fact, it was impossible. After all, he was dealing with a lower life form.

But then he felt a sneer goading him to pursue his next thought. This would be all too easy an aim, as the teen had his back to him. It had been fun to play with his victim for a bit. But enough was enough. This young creature had now resisted him for too long. And that meant he now had no reason to hold back any longer…

The formidable ghost suddenly returned to stealth mode and oozed right back into the surroundings, blending perfectly as he soared back toward his prize.

But just as the ghost readied his next attack, Danny had that same sick feeling in his stomach like before, only that it was much stronger. He instinctively turned around, just as a scarlet lightning bolt shot towards him.

Danny yelped as he reflexively dodged the bolt that had come out of nowhere, especially when it barely missed his head. He instantly reacted again by shooting a beam right back in the direction of where the beam had come. But this time, the boy didn't stop shooting with that one beam, and immediately followed with a heavy dispersal of energy blasts in the general area. He increased his speed upward and then flipped over and downward, his arms extended fully to his front as he soared downward like a dive bomber.

But even as he plummeted, Danny saw an odd shift in the muggy night's haze, and this time he noticed that same sick quiver suddenly grip his stomach. Going on another hunch, he halted in mid-dive and simultaneously shot ice beams from his eyes and ectoplasmic beams from his hands right at that odd shift. Though he half-expected his hunch to be right, he gasped in surprise nevertheless when a red haze appeared at where he shot his beams, absorbing them as easily as a sponge.

What was that? Did he hit it? Then, why wasn't there any further reaction from whatever he hit? A moment later, he got his answer, but it wasn't the kind he had wanted. Another red bolt, which he now suspected to be the same kind that had been attacking him all this while, turned on him again, now taking the offensive.

Again, Danny gasped and instantly produced a shield, but since this time the red beam was nearer to him, it effectively cut through his shield as easily as softened butter and hit him squarely in the chest. Danny let out a painful scream as, all at once, the wind was knocked out of him and his body was jettison upward into the sky as if he were a human rocket.

Danny barely clung to consciousness as he felt his body twist and turn out of control in its upward climb. Finally, his momentum slowed and he knew he was headed down toward the earth again. He strained to keep his mind focused as he fell, trying to somehow control the direction, hoping he could steer himself to a soft landing.

But then, he saw the dark outline of the lake not too far away and willed with what strength he had left to move toward it. But even this was too much and his senses rapidly began to ebb into the black night, though the teen remained aware of the feeling of wet ectoplasm on his chest…

But then suddenly, he was frozen in mid-fall and he could barely make out the red aura surrounding him. He looked down and saw that he was suspended barely ten feet from the ground, caught in that red net. His stomach unexpectedly lurched.

"You are more resilient than I thought," a hollow voice suddenly said to him, no longer sounding like a whisper of the wind. "And certainly more obstinate! But it does not matter. I will have you one way or another. But know that your injuries are your own fault. And if need be, more will come if you continue to resist. You will not keep me from my purpose. And that includes getting to the other one…"

The voice seemed both near and far to the boy. But Danny didn't care. He still wasn't going to give up that easily. He concentrated and took in a deep breath, mustering his inner strength. With a determined yell, he formed an ectoplasmic ball of energy around his body and it immediately burst outward, destroying the red aura around him and throwing him several hundred feet away, just before he fell roughly to the ground below.

But as Danny tried to get his bearings, he heard the wind's whispers return again.

"No, you are not escaping, Crossbreed! And you will now taste my wrath and my power because of your audacity!"

This time, however, the voice no longer just huffed with hatred. It breathed with hot anger, and heaved with evil.

Danny gasped as that same wind as before suddenly snaked around him, tightening its hold on him, as if it could squeeze the life out of him if it wanted. Though he immediately struggled against it, the force still pulled him up further into the sky, all the while twisting his stomach with nausea. But then, inexplicably, the hot air actually felt as if it had become more solid as it swathed itself around him and then burned him, like the clinging, biting tentacles of a deadly jellyfish.

He screamed in pain, reflexively pulling harder away and downward, finally breaking free and then soon touching ground again.

But then, the 'wind' didn't stop at that. In the next instant, it seemed to grow a hand and this time, it wrapped itself firmly around his throat, cutting off his cry. Danny's hands reflexively went to his throat as he fell to his knees. He tried to fight off what was choking him, but there was nothing physical to grab or fight against. It actually appeared as if the teen was choking himself!

"S-Stop!" Danny choked out, feeling the strange sick feeling in his stomach intensify. In another desperate attempt to get away, Danny lowered his hands from his neck and encased himself in an ice shield. Immediately, the 'invisible force' vanished as if it could no longer reach him through his shield.

Fingers digging into the dirt under him, Danny took gasping breaths, and trembled from all the burning wounds he had all over his body, as well as the wound in his chest he knew was still bleeding. And needing more than ever to escape, the boy looked up through the fog in front of his eyes and saw through the ice that he was now a few feet from a house… a house he knew very well.

Suddenly, the ice barrier he had put up in his last effort to protect himself seemed to vanish before his eyes, and the instant he saw this happen, his attacker returned. He couldn't see him, but he was certain now that he could feel him.

Danny got to his feet and did the only thing he had energy left for:

He ran.

Only to instantly slam into something hard and cold.

The boy cried out in surprise, but quickly realized he had collided against his own ice shield! He had seen it for a split second before it vanished in front of his eyes again! It was unbelievable! His ice shield had been there the whole time! And still was! So, then, why couldn't he see it now?

The teen didn't take any time to think about it and turned intangible enough to go through the ice wall. He ran straight towards the house, but as he did, his surroundings began to spin again, just like when he had tried to head home before.

Danny almost completely shut his eyes, knowing by now he could not trust his vision and just kept running towards the last place he had seen 'the house'.

He was so scared! He couldn't remember the last time he was this terrified! All he wanted at the moment was to get away from the thing after him! Danny finally reached his destination; but then, he stumbled forward, only to trip on the doorsteps of the house and slam his forehead against them.

Now with ectoplasm dripping out of a fresh gash on his forehead and from the injury still on his chest, the boy struggled to pull himself up, looking up through his worsening blurry vision at the door he found himself in front of. At least he could see the house again, even if barely so with his ectoplasmic blood now running into and stinging his eyes.

Still, he was sure he recognized the house. And even though he would not have chosen this place, he knew he had no other choice now that he felt his strength slipping rapidly away. He staggered to the door and pounded on it with his fists with his last ounce of strength. But just as he did, he fell to his knees and he unwittingly felt the rings of his transformation return him to his human form.

With no strength left, he fell against the door and couldn't stop his body from sliding down against it and then to the ground. And yet, he still tried to pull himself back up when he heard the door at last open. And just before he lost total consciousness, he barely uttered a single plea:

"V-Vlad! Help… me."

And finally collapsed at the mayor's feet.


Yeah, you are all probably wondering what the heck happened to Danny here. Heh-heh. You'll find out soon enough. If you are a tad confused, that's okay. You are supposed to be. Well, two quick announcements on my part. First, there will be another chat over at the 'Hidden Pearl'. But unlike the last one, which immediately followed CM's update, it is going to be until the following Saturday for various reasons. (the 24th). At least, I think so. Make sure you check the page to make sure. I hope by then I will have another CM chapter up; so we will probably be killing two birds with one stone for this chat sessions. And I do believe Truephan will be there; so it's gonna be even more fun than last time! Okay, second thing. Both the 'Hidden Pearl' and the 'Niane-club' are having contests, and the prizes are quite juicy. I even threw something in there for the winner. So, if you like to draw or write, you can enter the contest. Again, go to the pages for further info.

Well! That is all for me! Thanks so much for your support! And I look forward to your thoughts on this new endeavor! Now, I leave you with Truephan for her closing remarks! Ta!


Ditto with what pearl said. I can't wait to meet y'all in that chat room! And it would be fun to see if you can guess who was the main author of each chapter, hmmm? Just a thought! See ya!