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Now, if you recall, Chapter 24 was the 'great escape' chapter where the hybrids and their allies finally escaped from the Realm Beyond Time. And Team Phantom and Skulker had a close encounter of the third kind with Kvargvid. When their fight was through, Kvargvid tells Team Phantom that he was imprisoned here and innocent and when the kids want to know his story, he refrains from that because it will delay them from their quest to find Danny. They agree and take off. But that is not how it originally went. So, here is that bonus chapter and we'll explain more about it down below. Enjoy!


As Truephan said, this is the untold story of the mysterious four-headed ghost that the kids and Skulker met in Iluzisto's prison! I hope you all like it! And really, the credit goes all to Truephan, since this is her character and she thought of his real cool background! It is quite a tale, so read on! XD

Seeing is disBelieving—Kvargvid's Story—Deleted Scene from Chapter 24

"You are imprisoned here but you're innocent?" Sam gasped, her heart moved to pity.

"Why?" Jazz added, feeling the tug on her heartstrings as well.

"Please, our sad history will only delay you," the creature gloomily said.

Clearly irritated, Skulker suddenly said, "The beast is correct! We need to leave! We have already wasted too much time and I fear there will be even less for hope!"

But Jazz could no longer hold in the great pity she had for the beast with such sad eyes. "Is there any way we can help you?" she pleaded.

"No, I think not. You do not know the ways of my world and therefore, I was wrong for you to try to understand how I and my brothers came to be here," Kvargvid added.

"Please, we want to understand," Sam was the next to reply. Her love of animals was begging her to listen to this strange creature—even if it were a very large and ghostly animal.

Tucker also nodded, but Skulker sulked. They could not tarry. He walked over to the door and tried to open it. But it did not budge. And the way those three silly humans looked, he knew that at this moment, they would not budge as well.

The ebony head paused as he turned to look at his brothers. Silently nodding to them, the ebony head sighed before continuing, "I will try to make it brief, then."

"You see, I have not always been this discarded and unwanted. We were once a young and happy Kvargvid among other ghost creatures similar to, yet different than, us. Though all of us who inhabit our beloved Thera are known as Theracites to other worlds, my kind call ourselves the 'Koncians', which means the 'Aware or Knowing Ones' in our language because we have the highest sentience among all the ghost races who inhabit Thera... But unfortunately for us, my brothers and I were a special kind of Koncian."

Sam, Tucker and Jazz frowned, trying to put that odd information together, but the beast didn't stop with his story.

"In my world, most of my kin have one, two or even three heads upon their single torso similar to me... But that is all how they are similar to us. For you see, once the blue and yellow moons of our world align, shining their soft green light upon our sweet world, a four-headed being such as us is formed. And that had not happened for over a thousand of our world's years."

Seeing that the humans were still attentive, Kvargvid continued, "When such a creature as us arrives, it is both a sign of hope—and doom—for Thera."

The three teens frowned and glanced at each other in confusion before turning back to the beast with questioning eyes.

But Skulker had never stopped scowling and stood with his arms crossed by the cell's door, eager to leave.

Noticing the humans' reaction, Kvargvid said, "Please allow me to further explain my statement. The Olden Ones—ones you might call 'Sages' in your world— had said that when such beings such as my brothers and I arrive, that means that the natural forces of our world will soon become chaotic and even catastrophic. Why, we do not know, but the unstable phenomenon has been recorded in various times of our history. How long it lasts each time it comes is uncertain. It could be months, years, even centuries of your world's time before order in what you would call our 'weather' is restored…"

"But because of what other Kvargvids before me and my brothers did, the phenomenon's destructiveness to Thera was always averted. It has been our destiny, then, to maintain balance, to counter the chaotic weather changes our arrival heralds. And how were we to do that? With our powers, which, again, are not like any other Koncian or Theracite. I did not know until I came to this awful place we all find ourselves right now that a typical Koncian or Theracite only has the abilities of all other ghosts that exist. They can turn invisible or intangible, and can defend themselves with ectoplasmic energy. But that is all."

"We Kvargvids, however, are much different in power abilities. As you each experienced only a little while ago, each of our four heads has his own unique energy…one of fire, one of ice, one of sabers and one of mind and energy. And because of those powers, each of us can command the directions of the different forces of Thera all at once. And if necessary, we can correctly steer the movements of the odd distortion of the weather until it dissipates. Otherwise, Thera could be trapped and in danger by being forever bathed in only one kind of force, which we call a season…"

"Uh, even though that is very cool, Kvargvid, how can you steer the forces or, uh, the seasons? Does that mean you can control the winds?" Tucker suddenly asked.

"Two astute questions, master," the black head said with a slight but respectful nod as he immediately answered the boy.

"I hope I can explain it, for what I have learned of some worlds, including yours while being captive here, our 'winds'—as you call them — on Thera are not made the…same. But if it is simpler for you to understand, then I will call them as such and try to make what happens clearer for you."

The beast waited for the three humans to nod in understanding before he continued, "Thera is actually a world within a world. The part of Thera where all of Theracites abide is solid. But the atmosphere surrounding the solid part of Thera is neither solid nor liquid; nor gas-like as the atmosphere is in this prison.

"Do you mean that Thera doesn't have 'air' like we have in here?" Jazz queried.

"Ah, is that what you call this incredibly thin atmosphere?" the leader of the four said with a slight grin before continuing, "Then, yes, the sphere surrounding the solid part of Thera is not solid, liquid or air. In fact, it is a combination of them." The beast paused a moment, trying to search for the word. "Yes, that is how best to describe it," he concluded to himself before adding, "The shell of atmosphere surrounding the solid part of Thera is viscous, gelatin-like. And that is our 'wind' because it moves in four different ways, and made up of four different consistencies and temperatures which bathe the main solid part of Thera, and keep its temperature the same throughout the entire year..."

The three teens' eyes widened, enthralled with this story, especially since they had never heard of an atmosphere not made up of some kind of gas or gases. Nevertheless, they kept quiet and attentive to what the creature would say next.

And Kvargvid continued right away. "But because the gelatinous atmosphere is as it is, the seasons, or winds, usually make it thicker or thinner. The cold kind of wind makes the atmosphere almost like ice; the hot kind makes the atmosphere almost melt into nothingness; and the other two types of gelatinous winds are just the right consistency and have milder temperatures. But they are like that only during the regular times when there is no Chaos in our weather….And notice I had said, 'almost' for the two extremes of gelatinous winds; for I said that with a purpose, which I will shortly explain."

Jazz, Sam and Tucker weren't even aware that they had nodded in agreement before the ebony head added, "When Chaos comes, however, either of the two extremes can overpower the other forces, causing all of the semi-solid winds to become only one temperature. The cold wind can cause the other three to freeze as well, and therefore, Thera will be frozen in a block of ice that had once been its gelatinous atmosphere. None of the Theracites are able to phase through this kind of complex ice and so, therefore, could be trapped indefinitely."

He paused a bit while the three humans tried to comprehend what he had just said. When Kvargvid could see that understanding shining out of the three humans' eyes, he further said, "The hot wind can likewise cause all the other three movements of semi-solid atmosphere to burn abnormally, and Thera becomes engulfed in a hot bath, bubbling with thick steam. This is the more dangerous of the two extremes because it can actually thin out the auras of all the Theracites to the point of many of them becoming extinct."

Unexpectedly, all of the heads of the beast fell into obvious chagrin before also falling into a sudden silence.

The three humans' eyes widened in confusion and anxiety at the beast's abrupt change. Skulker, too, pulled himself up to more attention.

"What's wrong?" Jazz finally blurted out, unable to help herself.

"Forgive me," Kvargvid began, "But this next part is difficult. For you see, sometimes, the Chaos may bring these two scenarios or sometimes it can bring an even direr event."

This time Jazz, Sam and Tucker hitched in a gasp, while Skulker merely rolled his eyes with the histrionics so typical of young humans.

"I can cease in my story," Kvargvid offered as he frowned at the change in the humans.

"No, please go on," Tucker implored. "It's just that we can't help but react to your story. It's so…"

"Compelling," Jazz piped in.

"Yeah, and, uh, weird," Tucker agreed, while Sam merely nodded in agreement.

"That is good—the 'weird' part?" the beast suddenly asked.

"Well, let's just say that we want to know the rest of your story," Sam then added with a slight smile.

Jazz and Tucker then nodded in agreement with the Goth girl.

Kvargvid next glanced over to Skulker, who just shrugged with a slight frown.

Now satisfied that no one was not going to object to his continuing, the four-headed beast said, "When Chaos causes the hot and cold elements of each of their winds to increase to the point that both overtake the other two winds at their sides and then move onward until they meet, one or the other can overtake the other as I described above….But…if neither is strong enough to counter the other, then a sort of battle between them erupts. And when it does, it causes a force stronger than the both of them, which thrusts into the solid part of Thera, hammering our world until that combined force bites pieces right out of the solid below them. If left unchecked, the vortex they had formed would split our world into thousands of pieces! The forces do not totally destroy our world and our world is capable of reforming, but the destruction is enough that Theracites do not want to see the Chaos take control."

The large beast paused only a second before adding, "And it is during this time, when all of the signs point to Chaos moving like I have just described, that a Kvargvid is born."

But then, how can you stop it when you're just born?" Tucker suddenly couldn't help but ask.

"Another astute question, master," the beast respectfully said.

Tucker smirked a bit before Kvargvid continued.

"The signs for change are slow enough for each Kvargvid to mature and hone their powers. There is usually no difficulty in this matter. It is as if—for the lack of a better way to explain it—it is as if fate knows and coordinates a formation of a Kvargvid."

Kvargvid suddenly stopped and turned to his brothers. He nodded to them before turning back to the teens and continuing, "Thank you for reminding me, brothers. They want me to tell you more about the Chaos that is imperative to know for you to understand our unique role in it… Sometimes, the changes in the atmosphere are so drastic that our actions must be practically instantaneous. And so, that is why only one of the four of us speaks. We communicate telepathically because if we could not and we had to speak during intense moments so all of us can understand, that could be enough of a delay for disaster to succeed. Only Kvargvids, or what translates to 'Four-heads' in your human language—and no other Koncian or Theracite — have and can garner this kind of power….And no other Koncian or Theracite can coordinate their communication with each other as effectively as Kvargvids."

The ebony leader suddenly said in a hush, "But there is another part of our destiny that can also be quite dangerous to all of Thera…"

The creature paused another moment, suddenly pained by the memories. He was unaware that all four of his faces had fallen in sadness or that all of the human teens had noticed.

The black head then slowly said, "Because my brothers and I command such force among us, it demands grave responsibility from us as well. We are indeed at that time of our existence the most powerful creature on our world. So then, it is also our destiny to rule. But not only to rule over all Koncians but also of all the other races on Thera..." Kvargvid then almost growled in indignation, "Still, that rule should not be in domination, but to govern in peace and unity!"

Though the teens were in complete agreement with the creature, the teens once again frowned in confusion at the abrupt change in the creature's voice just now. Why did he seem angry about saying the right thing? Nevertheless, they did not interrupt the ghost as sighed before he continued.

"Though I did not know it for a very long time, I now know that evil ran amok with news of my arrival from those who opposed the Olden Ones."

The black head sighed even as he said, "Those who opposed the Sages reminded them of the past destinies of other Kvargvids; and that, in truth, Kvargvids such as we were to be hated and rejected, for we would be the downfall of our world."

All of the humans' eyes widened in disbelief. They were about to ask questions when the beast lowered all of his heads in shame and continued.

"And that is because in truth some of the Kvargvids of our history were ruthless rulers. In fact, there was one Kvargvid to govern Thera who was particularly coreless and brutal; and his cruel, pained memory still burned within the central cores of many Theracites at the time my brothers and I came to be because that last Kvargvid and his brothers were our immediate predecessor. And that is because that Kvargvid used his powers over the winds to destroy those who opposed him and his brothers. They also used their powers to steal the treasures of others because they felt those treasures were owed to them for their important role in keeping the weather of Thera under control….."

Kvargvid paused again before he continued, "So, by the time it was my destiny to arrive, there was unrest everywhere and many on Thera argued that they would rather brave the Chaos than be under the rule of any Kvargvid that would abuse their powers…And, really, I would agree about such fears; especially when my immediate predecessor was so despicable…"

The black head sighed with slight remorse as he offered, "Of course, since I and my brothers were so young and helpless at the time, we did not know of this conflict at first. Nor did we know how much of a threat we could be to all of Thera…So, our clan sent us to a faraway world to be kept hidden until what could be decided of us. They thought they had plenty of time in which to do that, for the signs in the winds were still slow in coming."

The large creature sighed again at the memories, but he still pressed on. "For many years, we were happy. We had a simple, even pampered, life. And I have to admit that my brothers and I were a bit…spoiled, as great pains were taken by our clan that we be happy in our exile. We now understand that we had been quite obnoxious in our demands, so we really did not think our exile was a bad thing. Not only that, but I and my brothers constantly bickered with each other, rivaling the others of who was the best and all that sort of triviality."

Jazz winced as she said, "Uh, isn't that kind of normal for siblings?"

"Yes, it is. But it is very unusual for my kind because we have our special bond. We were not destined to have such discord with each other because of that bond. But you see, we had become prideful, arrogant, impatient and selfish with how we were treated by our clan. They did not treat us badly, you understand. In fact, they indulged us too much, even so much as to equating us with some god—which blinded us to our purpose. They made sure to visit us often so that we would not be alone. But, of course, we were never alone; for I and my brothers have each other's company all of the time."

He turned toward his other mute brothers and sadly smiled before he said, "And we thought during our naïve, selfish little life that all was well, until that first of many dark days…."

All of Kvargvid's yellow eyes sudden darkened and flared a bit, even though they conveyed mostly sadness. "You see, we were the youngest of my clan, and we had two other separate siblings who each had only one head. We thought we had gotten along. But the eldest, whose name was Plej-Malnova (1), was secretly jealous of us. We never knew that until that particular dark day, but Plej-Malnova wanted to rule our entire world. Our father had moved up into the ruling hierarchy, and was in the position to ascend the highest station, which meant that he would be the supreme ruler of the Konocians and have incredible influence over all of the other ghost races on Thera. And, more importantly, one of his kin would ascend from him. And Plej-Malnova wanted to be the one granted the honor and not us. He did not think it fair that my brothers and me should be the ones to get that honor just because of any omens—especially when he had been among the ones who did not believe in them. Nor did he want me to have the privilege of ruling Thera in its entirety."

"But then, many things happened very quickly. And since I and my brothers were still quite young—and really, should I say, quite narcissistic and naïve —we were not aware of any of it until it was too late. Our father vanished under mysterious circumstances. And in the meantime, the evil ones of our world who had opposed the Olden Ones had actually been defeated and were banished from our world. And that meant that the Olden Ones and our world were about to welcome my brothers and me back to our realm to rule."

"We were very frightened about the news, for as you can see, we had been unprepared in all those years we were away. Then our eldest brother, who you recall was named Plej-Malnova, took us under his tutelage. We, of course, welcomed it without hesitation."

"But like I told you before, our oldest brother did not have honorable intentions. Yes, he taught us well, but it was so that his plan to usurp us would be believable….And he had many in our ruling body convinced that my brothers and I were still very much a threat to Thera."

The creature lowered his head and closed his eyes at the painful memory before he continued, "Plej-Malnova set a trap for us….It all started when he had obtained a strange object. I did not know how he had gotten it until when I was forced to come here; and I soon learned that he had taken it with ill-will."

"What do you mean by that?" Tucker suddenly asked.

Kvargvid glanced at the young male and sadly replied, "Plej-Malnova must have had evil intent; for you see, my brothers and I were the ones who were accused of stealing this strange medallion."

"What medallion?" Sam finally piped in, intrigued by this newest information.

The ebony head blinked in slight surprise at the younger girl's slight outburst, but he answered her question nevertheless.

"Quite honestly, we do not know its true purpose," he began. "But it is definitely a much prized object of its owner, for he was the one who came after it and was quite upset that it had been taken. He had particularly admonished us for toying with its great power; though I assure you that I and my brothers had not even known of its existence until we somehow found it in our possession, much less attempt to use any of its powers."

The three teens were silent for a moment, unsure what that meant.

Finally, Jazz voiced what was on all of the three humans' minds. "Who was its owner?"

Kvargvid blinked in slight confusion this time before he brightened with the realization. "Forgive us. But of course you would not know who the owner of the strange medallion was. Still, we are not certain you would know him even if you heard his name. But we will tell you it all the same. His name was Clockwork."

"Clockwork?" all three of the teens exclaimed in both shock and dread.

The four heads of the large beast startled. They had not expected such a reaction from the young humans.

"W-We did not know that you knew of the Time Spirit," Kvargvid finally stammered, still taken aback at how these three could possibly know of the powerful Time Master.

"Long story," Tucker answered him with a weak smile. "But though Clockwork is very powerful, I can't believe that he would capture and bring you here."

"He did not bring us here, master. The guards of the same race here who has imprisoned me brought me," Kvargvid replied.

"But then, I can't believe that Clockwork wouldn't know that you were innocent!" Sam piped in.

"By my actions before, I can say that I was guilty of selfishness. But by the Time Master's actions, I can say that he is unjust," Kvargvid sadly added.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked with a worried frown since she had not liked how Kvargvid had said that.

"As I told you," the ebony head of the beast replied, "Clockwork had somehow been able to track his medallion to Thera. And when he found out that it was inexplicably in my brothers' and my possession, he did not believe our vehement insistence that we had not stolen it from him…But even direr, the Time Master accused us of using its powers!"

Kvargvid suddenly paused before he sadly added, "But then again, how could we have expected the Time Master to believe us when Plej-Malnova did not give us his own support? In fact, my oldest brother admonished us as well, claiming that we had brought disgrace upon our clan by taking and using what was not ours to possess."

"And so, instead of fulfilling our destiny to protect and rule Thera, my brothers and I were brought to this awful place. We were put on trial by the Observants and accused of crimes against Time and Existence because of how Clockwork's Time Medallion was used…."

The beast paused and this time sighed in sadness with the memories before he continued, "As I told you, our father disappeared mysteriously. We found out in our trial that it was through the power of this medallion that he vanished. And because his timeline was erased, the future was altered. All in the assembly that judged us said it must have been our plan to do this horrid thing to our father so that we could ascend the throne sooner than what was meant to be. And so, that was the crime against Time and Existence of which we were accused….By what we now hold dear, I swear that me and my brothers had not committed this crime, especially when we were not even at Thera when it happened! But, once again, Plej-Malnova had made sure to send a message that we were on Thera when my father disappeared. So, as you probably have already guessed by now, we were found guilty and have been here since then. For how long, we cannot say; for as you also have realized by now, this horrible place has no time evolving. Nevertheless, we did our best to keep track of many things for all the while we have been here."

Kvargvid stepped away from the wall a bit and pointed out to the teens all the scratched-in odd writing that littered some of the walls. "Forgive me, but there is no other way to say it. But we did not waste any of our time while we have been here. We have studied all that we observed or heard within these walls by any creature that paid us a visit; which, as I told you before, were many, since their dark purpose was to torture us in the end. But not only that, we listened to any creature that may have passed by our cell to learn all that we knew of them."

The black head suddenly frowned in thought before he added, "You know, I never understood this; but sometimes, we were allowed to look at the books that belong in this realm, and I have come to understand some of their strange language. Honestly, all of the time we have been forced to be here has been a mystery to me and my brothers in the end."

Once again, ever being in the room fell silent, though Skulker hadn't really counted since he had kept quiet and seemed uninterested throughout Kvargvid's story.

Finally, Jazz queried, "So, if you were so important to your world, what happened to it now that you're here and not there?"

"Another astute question, young female," the black-headed leader replied. "But, obviously, I do not know for certain. And I am not certain whether I completely believe what I have been told about my world."

"Why not?" Sam asked with curiosity and slight confusion over what the creature had just said.

All of the yellow eyes of the beast flared a bit before the ebony head answered, "Because of whom had told us about our world. For a reason we will never understand, Clockwork had also been one of our frequent visitors."

The three teens gasped and even Skulker's eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes, we find it upsetting as well as ironical," Kvargvid continued. "The very being responsible for our capture and condemnation was the very same one to keep us aware of most things happening to our world; of providing us those books of which I spoke; and, dare I say, who also gave us company on occasion."

The beast lowered his head a bit as he added, "But since I have had no other news about Thera to contradict the Time Master, the information he had deigned to give us has given us both sorrow and hope."

Though worried about the tone and the words of the four-headed creature, the foursome stayed quiet and patiently waited for him to continue.

Finally, the ebony-headed leader sighed and said, "The Chaos of Thera was not as intense as feared. But half of Thera has been frozen and still remains frozen to this day because of the Chaos. Had I and my brothers been there…then my clan would not have been trapped under the ice, where they must remain until a new Kvargvid is formed. And since we still exist, that could be indefinitely. Ironically, then, Plej- Malnova did not have much time before his coveted reign was brought to a cold end. So, in many ways, he, too, has been as much a prisoner as I and my brothers have been these many years…."

The beast paused before his three brothers lowered their heads. The leader sighed once more, "Somehow, we cannot feel vindicated. We feel ashamed that we could not rise above our own egos and pettiness to save Thera from its present pathetic state."

"But you couldn't help it, Kvargvid," Tucker insisted. "You were just a, uh, well, a kid at the time!"

The black head smiled sadly and replied, "Though that is true, master, we were not younglings. Though young, we were mature enough to know better; but we still gave into our selfishness instead, which is why our assertion to innocence was not believed. But while we have been imprisoned here, I have finally learned to be patient and push aside our selfish desires for many things, something that we did not know how to do before we came here. We have also learned what mercy should be, which was a foreign concept to us until what we have endured here gave us insight of what that is. And that is because there was an incredible amount of mercilessness from all of our torture we have borne at the hands of the Prison Head. So, that is another reason why we gave in to you only a while ago: because we recognized your mercy in not destroying us while you had the chance."

The beast paused again and everyone else in the room couldn't help but be moved by what Kvargvid had just said.

But then the leader of the four-headed creature said with sudden realization, "It is most odd… Now that we are sharing our story with you all, we have realized something… We feel that in some puzzling way, we were also treated with mercy by the Time Master during our time here… I can see now that perhaps he did all this with a deeper purpose. Yes…, the Time Master wanted us to learn replace our selfishness with selflessness and mercy! It is also possible that Clockwork might have also wanted to teach the Theracites to understand and appreciate the wisdom of the old… And perhaps, it was, too, destined that we all meet now, for your mercy has once more given me hope! I understand now at last—just as the Time Master assured me!...Therefore, if we are ever released before another Kvargvid is formed, we have promised to not only rescue Thera, but forgive the evilness done to us. And after taking all our hard lessons to our cores, we will always strive to rule Thera while keeping mercy foremost in our decisions and bow down to wisdom before selfishness."

Once again, silence surrounded all the beings in the room.

Finally, Kvargvid broke the silence. "Thank you for your mercy…But I have already delayed you too long in your quest to find your friend. Once again, please pardon us for attacking you. Our oppressor here regularly sends imaginary creatures to torment us, and we thought you were such."

"Wow, what a story!" Tucker exclaimed.

"Yeah, now we understand everything. Thanks for sharing your story with us," Jazz replied. "Now, maybe we can help you…."

Plej Malnova= Esperanto translation for 'Oldest'.

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