Mixed Feelings 11

Adventures Have No End

Disclaimer: I do not own digimon in any way shape or form.  This is how I think season 2 ended the way it did.  If I did own it, however, I would've made it end much differently.  {Read "We Will Remember"}

When Ken was getting ready to go to the gym the next day, he had a visitor.  He opened the door to see Yolei.

"Hi, Yolei!" He said.

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" she asked.

He shook his head. "Nah, I was just on my way to the gym," he explained as he invited her in.

"The gym?"

He nodded.  "Yeah.  Thought I'd start to get in shape before school starts again and then the detective academy wouldn't be so hard."

"I hear they work their recruits hard," Yolei said.

"I know.  I'm determined to work hard.  I wanna be the best detective out there!"

Yolei smiled, "Well, I'll know you do great.  Listen, Ken…there's something, I need to tell you."

"Sure, what's up?" he sat down on the couch.  Yolei sat down next to him and found what she was about to say was too difficult so she stood up again.  Ken watched, concerned, as she started pacing.  "What's the matter, Yolei?"

"Ken, I need to know something," she said.  "And I want you to be perfectly honest."


"How…how do you feel about me?"


"Come on now, what do you think about me?"

Ken blushed, "well, I think you're a nice girl."

"I've had the biggest crush on you when I was younger," she mumbled, pressing her index fingers together, "and when I got the news you were the digital emperor, I didn't want to believe it.  I still…liked ya."

"Yolei, I'm flattered.  That means a lot," he sighed, "'cause if I was you, I probably wouldn't have."

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, you know the kind of things I did," Ken whispered, "The awful…awful things I did as digimon emperor.  I hated everything and sometimes even myself."  He sighed.

"Ken, that's all over now and it wasn't your fault."  She was finally able to sit down next to him.  She put her hand on his shoulder.  "You were just a young, confused little kid.  You were trying to deal with the loss of your brother.  I understand."

"Do you?"

"Yeah.  I didn't want to believe that I still liked you," she admitted, "and I told the others that I couldn't forgive you or let you into or group.  But I still did."

Ken's lips curved into a smile.  "You mean that, Yolei?  You still cared?"

"Of course!  Why, I wouldn't be here if I didn't.  I guess I had a lot of stuff to sort out, you know, having a big crush on you and all."


"I still care, even now," Yolei said.  "Things between Izzy and I…just aren't working out.  I guess all we had together was just friendship, you know.  We had things in common but I guess there wasn't any chemistry.  We didn't fit but there's someone out there for him and if he doesn't wake up and hurry, he'll lose her."

"What are you talking about?" Ken questioned, "You and Izzy, are over?"

She nodded.  "Yeah. I'm not upset.  He knew Mimi before me anyway and I never really got over you." She blushed and sighed.  "Even while I was dating Izzy, there were times I'd think about and wonder what might be you know…"

"Is that why you came over today?" Ken asked.

"Yes.  I wanted to know how you feel." Yolei said. She took his hands in hers. "Ken…I…I've always loved you!  Now, I have to know, do you love me too?"

"I--"  he gasped. His heart started racing as he looked at his hands in Yolei's and into her eyes.

"You don't have to love me as much as I love you.  I just need to know…how much you care about me. How do you feel, really?"

Ken swallowed, "Yolei…I…"

"Yes, Ken?"

"I'm kind of confused.  I didn't expect anyone to love me, let alone understand after what I've done."

"None of that matters anymore, Ken!" she exclaimed.  "I don't care about that.  You were a totally different person.  I love you who for who you are now…the kind Ken Ichijoji I fell in love with.  Of course…I fell in love pith just the picture of you but when you joined our group, I fell in love with you all over again.  I never stopped loving you.  I just never told you because…I was afraid you wouldn't feel the same. Now I am ready to face the worst.  If you don't love me like I love you, I understand. We can still be friends.  I just need to know."

Ken squeezed her hand.  Yolei still loved him, even as the digimon emperor.  She overlooked his weaknesses and the bad things he did.  If she and the team could, surely he could too.  Couldn't he at least learn to love the one person who loved him for this long?
Ken smiled, "You want to go the gym with me?"

"Huh?" she asked.  "Ken…"

"Maybe you'd like detective work," he suggested.  "Besides…I don't really want to go into that field by myself.  I'm going to need some encouragement."

Yolei raised her eyebrow, "What are you saying?"

"Yolei, you really feel this way about me.  It's nice to know that someone cares, really, truly cares for me.  You are a very special person and I think…think maybe I love you too.  We have the rest of our lives to find out what kind of relationship we can have and I think I'm ready to start."

Yolei giggled gleefully and embraced him as her tears of joy came.  "Oh Ken…I've always dreamed you'd say that!"  She kissed his cheek.  "Let's go to the gym and become detectives.  I don't care what it is we do, just as long I get to be with you."

He smiled and held her hand tightly.  A happy chuckle escaped his throat.  "Thanks, Yolei."

Izzy walked around his apartment and groaned as he opened the refrigerator.  "I still have the orange juice she bought."  He took it out and pour the rest of it in a glass, which just a third of it.  "OH…great, I'm out!"

Frustrated, Izzy tossed aside, missing the trashcan.  He gulped down his orange juice and leaned against the counter with a heavy sigh.  There was a void within him and it was not his health.  He'd get that back with fluids and rest.  It was something else that was missing.  It was different with Mimi coming back to Japan and taking care of him when he was sick.  She came to see all her friends, but she spent more time with him more than anyone.  Why? Was it only because he was sick?  If Tai or Matt or Sora were sick with a cold, would she take care of them so eagerly?  That day when he went home sick from work, she decided to come see how he was going. He had left the door wide open, the tired lout and invited herself in, made himself something to eat and even bought groceries.  Every day while she was here she came to see him and loomed over his shoulder to make sure he was eating his soup.  Mimi was almost like his mother in a way.  It was a nagging feeling she gave him, treating him like a baby.  He was a grown man for goodness sakes and a digidestined. He could take care of himself!  He got the digidestined out of tons of jams and he could deal with a little cold. He even took care of the last jam while he was sick with strep throat!  If Izzy wanted too, he could do other things while he was sick. So why did it bother him that Mimi was leaving?

"Get a grip, Izumi," he told himself as he put the empty glass in the sink and collapsed on his couch.  "Let her go.  You can take care of yourself.  She's got a life in New York and you've got one here."

Izzy didn't want to admit it, but as annoying it was to have Mimi treat him like a child, it was quite nice to be taken care of.  Yes, being told he couldn't go to work, or eat a real Christmas dinner or fight with the team like a digidestined should do, he liked it when she came over to see how he was doing, make him something to eat and give him a little massage to get him to sleep.

Izzy licked his lips. As fed up as he was on eating soup for the last couple of weeks, he could sure go with a nice warm bowl of chicken soup the way Mimi cooked it.  Colds altered the taste of foods but some reason, he could taste the salt and chicken and every bit of flavor in just one spoonful.  He didn't expect Mimi to be much of a cook.  Mimi seemed like the girl that would just order take out all the time but she didn't do that. When he asked for take out, she got it but most of the time she made him a home cooked meal in his home.  He could hear her humming all the way down the hall and smell the sweet aroma.  He missed sitting up when she came into the room and seeing that sweet sincere smile on her face.

Izzy smiled at the memory, "Mimi…" His eyes bulged. "Ah…man…" Izzy got up and slapped his face.  "She's been a rock for you, you could at least go and thank her before she leaves again!"

Izzy had thanked her a few times when she gave him a meal but he was quite angry when she told him he couldn't do things he wanted to do.  He didn't know she was just looking out for him, that she cared for him.  Before she leaves the country, he had to thank her for everything, even the things that he wished she didn't do.  He had to let her know he was grateful and even saddened that she was leaving.  He was afraid of getting another cold without her.  Who would he count on to take care him?  Should he call his mother to come 3 hours to his apartment for some of her best chicken soup?  No, as much as she wanted too, he couldn't' do that.  The best she could give him is probably the recipe.  It was hard being the kid with knowledge and not knowing when your friends are trying to do what's best for you.

"Aughh!"  Izzy grabbed his keys, his license, and his laptop.  He had a feeling he might need it in case she was already half way there.  If he couldn't tell her in person, maybe he could send her an email or something.  He was sick and tired, but not too sick and tired to let Mimi know how he felt.

"I'm coming, Mimi.  Oh, I hope I'm not too late.  I'm such a moron!" Izzy badmouthed himself as he went to his car.  "What good is being the digidestined of knowledge if Mimi knows what's better for me when I don't?"

"Now boarding for Hawaii," the caller paged.  "Last call for Hawaii."

"I'm coming home, New York."  Mimi whispered to herself as she got in line.  "Yeah…home.  Goodbye, Japan."  Mimi gave the ticket agent her ticket.  She gave ripped the boarding pass and she boarded the plane and took the assigned seat by the window.

"Uh oh---I forgot to tell Izzy I didn't get any orange juice!"  She shouted and hit her palm in her forehead.  "The poor guy is going to go without anything to drink!"  While she tried to get over freaking out, people watched her curiously.  Mimi took a breath when she saw eyes on her.  "Uh--Hahira! Hi."  She cleared her throat. 'Mimi, it's okay.  Izzy's a grown man.  If he needs orange juice, he can get it.' While she waited for the plane to take off, she didn't know that an ill man was running frantically to the plane to stop her.

"Must…stop…ghuh-ghuh--PLANE! ACHOO!" Izzy sneezed.  "Ghuh, I knew I should've taken a nap.  Did I take my penicillin this morning?"  He smelt his left armpit. "I didn't even take a shower!  I'm in no condition to stop Mimi!  Maybe she'll still leave for New York."  He nearly passed the screens of departures and jumped around to look at them.  "Okay…she'll be taking the plane to Hawaii…I think…or will she change planes in Salt Lake?"

While he was trying to think of which gate to go too, he remembered that he had his laptop with him.  "That's it!"  He took out his laptop and sat down to begin typing Mimi an email…and to do some other things that only computer genius know hat to do.


Mimi's cell phone started beeping.  Not only was it just any cell phone, it was one of those interesting phones with the Internet.  "Huh?" It was something her father gave her.  Mimi took out her cell phone, pressed a button and a message on the screen appeared.  "'Mimi, don't go yet.  And don't worry, there's nothing seriously wrong with the plane.' What the?  What's this all about?"

The lights on the plane went off and all electronic devices stopped working.  People started talking in surprise and a woman screamed.  A stewardess went in the cockpit to see what was going on.   Mimi stood up. Somehow, she wasn't scared or surprised.  She felt that she knew what the problem was. She left her seat and started to walk out of the plane.

"Ma'am, where are you going?" the stewardess asked.  "The plane is…"

"Don't worry," Mimi said.  "He's sick, but not that sick.  I'll tell him to put everything back to normal."

"Huh?" the stewardess gasped and Mimi walked out of the plane.

'Izzy, you've done it again,' Mimi thought as she walked down the gate connecting to the terminal.  When she came to the opening, she saw a man with scruffy red hair, sweats, and puffy red eyes typing on a yellow laptop.

"You always could do anything with that laptop of yours, couldn't you?" Mimi questioned.

Izzy looked up from his laptop.  She got a glimpse of his face and saw just how bad he looked. 

"Izzy, your eyes!" she exclaimed. "Have you been taking your penicillin?  Goodness, I get ready to leave for New York and already you're falling apart!  Didn't your mother tell you how to take care of you self when you're sick and what are you doing out here anyway?"

 "Sorry," Izzy mumbled, "but, I…ran out of orange juice."  He grinned.

Mimi gasped, "I'm sorry!  I forgot."

"Mimi, it's okay if you go back to New York," Izzy said.  "But I want to tell you how much I appreciate you taking care of me while I've been under the weather.  You took time out of your busy break schedule to buy me groceries, clean my apartment and make me something to eat.  I thanked you for some of it but I acted ungrateful at Sora and Matt's Christmas party.  I want to thank you for even that.  I know you were just looking out for my health and I appreciate that.  I also owe you an apology. I took you for granted, Mimi and I'm sorry.  I really am.  I'm just not used to all this attention, I guess."

"You came all the way here, sick as a dog, just to thank me for taking care of you?" she asked, flattered.


"Why, Izzy, that's so sweet of you!" she exclaimed.  When they were kids back in the digital world, he acted like she wasn't even there, and now, battling fatigue, sleep depravation and strep throat, stopped her in the nick of time just to let her know how grateful he was to her.  It was amazing how much people could change.

"I think you're wonderful, Mimi."  Izzy mumbled.

Mimi walked up to him and threw her arms around his neck. She kissed his forehead and he put his arm around her.  She felt his forehead with her hand after feeling the warmth on her lips.  "Izzy, you're awfully warm."

"I'll be fine, thanks to you, Mimi," Izzy said.  He would've kissed her, but was too sick and he didn't want to take any chances.  He felt worse enough without making her sick too.

Mimi stepped back, "Now, Izzy, I want you to stop by the store and get you some orange juice, take your penicillin and please…take a bath! Whew!" she plugged her nose.  "Get some bath salts, that'll make you feel much better and get some rest.  I bet you forgot to take a nap today."

"How'd you know?"

"Take care, Izzy."  She turned and walked to her plane. 

"You're going?" he asked, trying to hide his disappointment.

"Why, of course," she half turned.  "I want to see the look on Alexis' face when I get home and tell her I'm not taking that modeling job!"

"Huh? What?" Izzy stood up.

"Yup," Mimi fully turned.  "I'll give the job to her.  She deserves it and she's always wanted to be a model more than me!"


Mimi nodded, "That's right, Izzy.  I'm not going to stay in New York.  I'll just go back to get some things.  Things have changed between Michael and me.  I've always known my roommate had the hots for him but she never said anything.  I know I'm a good model but I don't want to do it anymore."

"Then what will you do?"

Mimi grinned, "I think I'll become a chef!"

"A chef?"

"Oh yes!" she grinned. "Cooking all those soups for you made me want to be a chef!  And I guess being a part time waitress and a restaurant helped too."

Now it was Mimi's turn to be embraced.  Izzy walked over to her and put his arms around her.  Mimi went stiff and tried not to breath in the sour smell of him.  He let go and stepped back, remembering that this was not the best time he looked and smelled.

"S-sorry," he whispered.

"Just remember what I said," she told him.  "Take a bath, get plenty of fluids and rest. I want you to be in perfect health when I come back, y'hear?"

"Oh, don't worry, Mimi," Izzy said.  "I'll pick up some orange juice right here in the airport and visit Joe on a regular basis until I get better."

"Good."  She told him.  "I'll be back soon." She started for the plane, "Oh, Izzy the plane…"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Izzy started typing and the lights inside the plane came back on and everything was in good working condition.  She could hear sighs of relief all the way into the terminal.  Mimi looked back at him.

"Someday, Izzy," Mimi said, "you'll have to show me how you do that."

Izzy shrugged, "maybe I'll show you sometime."

"Yeah…sometime," Mimi smiled and waved at Izzy as she walked out his sight.  But they both knew that wasn't the last they saw each other, however, just the start of a new life together.


 When Mimi returned to New York, she was feeling quite fatigued. The person sitting next to her had to rouse her. 

"'Scuse me, miss, but we've landed in New York."

"Oh, thank you."  Mimi got up, grabbed her carry on items and stepped off the plane, nodding.  Michael and Alexis were waiting for her holding a "WELCOME HOME" banner.  Alexis dropped the banner and hugged her.

"Welcome back, Mimi!" Alexis shouted.  She stepped back. "Hey, you don't look so good."

"I'm fine," Mimi said. "Just a case of jetlag, you know."

"Well, some good sleep will do you some good," Alexis said, her voice becoming excited, "for your new modeling job! Oh, I'm so happy for you!"

"Thanks…but it's your job now."

"Huh?"  Alexis' mouth dropped open.  Michael raised an eyebrow.  They exchanged glances.

"What do you mean?" Michael asked.

"I mean," Mimi said, "I'm not taking the job!  I'm going to give it to you, Alexis. You've always wanted to be a model more than me and you're good for it!"

"Mimi…really?" Alexis' eyes grew hopeful.

"Really.  I'm not going to stay in New York either.  Sorry, Michael, but we just can't see each other anymore."  Mimi explained.  "When I went back to Japan, I realized that things aren't just the same without me there.  My friends need me.  So I'm just going to stay in New York for a bit and I'll come right back to Japan.  I'll study to become a chef."

"A chef?  You're leaving modeling to become a chef?"

"That's right!" Mimi said.  "Come on, let's get home. We can talk about it later.  I'm bushed."

"Yeah, you don't look too good."  Michael said.

"It's nothing serious," Mimi insisted and immediately after she sneezed.  "Oh no…"

"Oh no, you're catching a cold," Alexis said.

Mimi groaned, 'oh, thanks, Izzy…' she thought.  'I guess this is also thanks for what I get after taking care of you, huh? Well, just wait until I get back!'


Weeks past and weeks turned into months, months to years.  Within their first year at the academy, Ken proposed to Yolei and got married.  Shortly after their wedding, Noriko and Cody married then Joe married Gwen.  Love was in the air and the digidestined started to begin new lives with the ones they loved.  Tai and Matt buried the hatchet and became friends again.  Tai realized it didn't matter that Sora and Tai never had a relationship.  The important thing was that he finally told her how he felt. It might have been too late that didn't matter anymore because he was madly in love with Jun and they set a wedding date themselves.  Though Matt wished to be a rock star shortly after they came from Digiworld when he was just a kid and even practiced it as a teenager to his college years, he decided to study astronomy while he wrote his last album "Out of this World."  TK was finishing up his first book and Kari was everyone's favorite elementary teacher, even those that weren't even in her class.

One spring day as she was walking to teach her class of third graders (AN: does it say in the epilogue what grade she teaches?) a fourth grader, an old student of hers, stopped her before she reached the classroom.

"Hi Miss Kamiya!" she exclaimed. "Nice day, isn't it?"

"Hi, Darcy," Kari said. 

"I wish you taught fourth grade too," Darcy mumbled, "Mr. Toshi gives us too much work!"

Kari smiled.  "Well, you're not in third grade anymore Darcy. Don't worry, just work hard."

"Oh, I do work hard!" Darcy shouted with a grin.  "Hey, I know all my times tables!"

"That's great, Darcy, but--" Kari tried to get to the door but Darcy side stepped in front of her reciting her times tables and telling Kari things she learned in fourth grade so far.  "Darcy, I need to get to my class now…"

Darcy looked over her shoulder, listening to what was happening in there, 'when will they hurry up?' she thought.  "Uh, Miss, Kamiya…did I ever tell you that you're my favorite teacher?" Darcy threw her arms around Kari's waist.

"Why thank you, Darcy," Kari said.

Darcy finally let go and listened to the door. It was quiet and that was her cue to leave. "Well, I'll see you later, Miss Kamiya. I'd better get to my class."

"Have a nice day," Kari said as she opened the door.  She walked stepped inside and all her students were seated quietly with smiles on their faces.  "Hello, children."

"Good morning, Miss Kamiya," they chanted in unison. A few girls giggled and boys hushed them.

Kari raised an eyebrow, "is there anything you'd like to tell me?"

They shook their heads.

"Come on now, out with it…did you hide all my erasers?"

"We wouldn't do something like that, Miss Kamiya," one of her students said.  "We're just happy to see you!"

Kari smiled, "all right. Let's get started.  Everyone open your math books to page 157."  She picked up her teacher's manual and turned to the board to write.  "Today we'll go over…oh my word…" she dropped her chalk and it shattered on the floor.  Her teacher's manual fell down as well and her hand started shaking. 

Something was already written on the chalkboard in familiar writing. It was a message to her.

Kari, before you became part of our group I knew we were meant to be together.  I hoped with all my heart that the eighth child will be my size and when you finally joined us I was so happy.  No wonder I was given the crest of hope. It didn't take long for us to become friends.  We just clicked from the very beginning.  There's no one else I'd rather be with.  You are the most beautiful and caring woman on the face of the Earth.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you. 


Kari didn't have to ask who did it.  Of course her students wouldn't have done a thing like that.  They didn't even know her first name.  She knew immediately who wrote it.  As she stood in surprise, tears filling her eyes, one of her students spoke to her.

"Miss Kamiya?"


"There's someone here that wants to see you," he said and he knocked on the coat closet and whispered, "you can come out now, Mr. Takaishi."

Kari choked on a sob and stepped back, holding her mouth.  "TK…"

TK came out of the closet holding a dozen roses.  He smiled as he came to the front of the room and some of the girls giggled again.  Kari held out her arms and embraced him.  Before they kissed or TK popped the question again, a girl in the back says, "Mr. Takaishi, you have to get on your knees first!"

The boy in front of her turned around, "Be quiet!"

TK chuckled as Kari stepped back and wiped her tears away, holding the flowers shakily in her hand.  TK slowly got on one knee as he held her hand.  "Kari, will you marry me?"

Kari bit her lip and smiled, "Of course I will, TK.  Yes…oh yes!  I want nothing more than to be Mrs. Takaishi!"

Kari's students started cheering when TK stood up and they hugged again.  They looked at each other, about to kiss and Kari picked up a book to shield the youngsters eyes.  Some of the kids groaned in disappointment while most of the boys made 'ewwww' noises and girls sighed.

After the kiss, the girl with the big mouth spoke again.  "So, when do we get to call you Mrs. Takaishi?"
TK and Kari chuckled while the other students stared at her.



Davis might have been a little peeved when he heard about TK's and Kari's engagement, but he wasn't all that surprised.  Kari and TK were tight before he even met her.  It didn't' matter though.  He was an awesome noodle cart driver and everyone loved his noodles.  He probably didn't become an all star soccer player, but that was okay.  He still got buff while pulling that noodle card and even Veemon got a workout pushing.  He got a killer tan too and girls loved to look at him. They'd just buy some noodles not because it tasted good, but so they could see the good-looking man at work.  The teenage girls would giggle and blush bright magenta and every time when Veemon asked, "What's so funny?" one would gasp and try to think up something.  Sometimes they'd say that Veemon was so cute, or funny or probably had something in his nose.  It was a hot day and Davis was sweating. He didn't let the heat or his fatigue get the better of him.  He had noodles to sell. 

"Davis…can we stop please?" Veemon pleaded.

"No way, I've got noodles too sell!" he cried, looking over his shoulder

"I've got blisters on my blisters!"

Davis looked behind him, "how could you be tired? I'm the one pulling? Come on, Veemon, work those muscles!  Hahahahahaha!"

"Davis, look out!" Veemon warned.


But too late, they collided with a female jogger who was also arguing with her digimon partner about something.  The cart was almost tilted over but Veemon was able to keep it from falling.  Davis caught the jogger until she ran him down.  They started to talk very fast.  They weren't even looking at each other, too afraid of what the other person might think or say.

"I'm sorry!
"No I'm sorry!"

"Gosh, I wasn't looking where I was going."

"I almost knocked down your noodle cart," she exclaimed.

"Hey, no harm done," he raised his eyes and the girl looked a lot like Kari, "Kari.  Just don't tell TK or…wait a second…" he looked at the girl again and gasped, "You're not Kari…! You're the girl I saw a while back that looked like Kari! Veemon, look! I wasn't just seeing things after all, there's a Kari look alike in the world!"

The jogger smiled.  "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" 

"Good thing! Very, very good thing!" Davis exclaimed. 

The Kari-look chuckled. She looked a lot like Kari but the only difference was that her eyes were blue instead of Kari's' crimson and her hair was a little darker than Kari's.  Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and instead of wearing pink and yellow all the time, she was dressed in orange spandex running shorts with blue stripes on the sides and a light green sports bra.  Unlike Kari's fair skin, this girl had a very good tan.

"What's your name?" Davis questioned.

"I'm Shannon," she replied and picked up her digimon, "and this is my digimon Deemon."

"Hello," the tired digimon said. She looked like a light green female version of Veemon.  Veemon's eyes opened up.  He nudged Davis in the shin.


"Ow! What?" Davis demanded.

"Give them some free noodles!" he shouted in a whisper and he grinned.

"Oh. Yeah, hey, Shannon, how about some noodles?  On the house!" he said.  "I bet you can use an energy boost."

"Why thank you," Shannon wiped the sweat off her forehead. "I have been jogging for a while."


TK finally finished his first book and it became a best seller.  It wasn't on just the market in Japan but in other places.  One day in France, Catherine happened to be walking by the bookstore and saw a lot of commotion. 

"Hmm," she said wonderingly and walked inside.  She went through the crowd and saw the book everyone was reaching for. She gasped when she recognized the author's name. Catherine picked up the book and smiled.  "Monsieur TK…you've done it.  You've become a writer."  Catherine smiled as she looked at the back of the book, just to see it was for real.  Catherine purchased the book and went to visit two special people: TK's grandparents.

As they grew older, Mr. and Mrs. Ishida were unable to care for themselves much and TK's grandfather couldn't ride his motorcycle anymore.  They were still healthy but they were aging.  Instead of being put in a retirement or nursing home, Catherine came to take care of them often beside her seamstress career. They weren't up to the point where they needed strangers to take care of them, become bedridden for the rest of their life and take twenty different pills day.  She made them clothes and made a meal.  She knocked on the door and entered.  Because she visited them so often, she didn't have to act like a stranger or just a guest. She was like part of the family now.

"Hello!" she exclaimed. 

Grandmother was knitting something and Grandfather was playing solitaire. 

"Hello dear," Grandmother said.  "What's that you've got there?"

"I've picked up a new book," she said and sat down on the couch.  "It's called Adventures Have No End."

"Who's it by?"

"Your grandson."

"Really?" Grandfather asked. "Someone named Your Grandson wrote that?  Hmm, interesting name."

Catherine chuckled, "No, I mean TK!"

"Why don't you read it to us, sweetie?" Grandmother proposed.

"All right."  She opened the book to the first page, "Chapter one--I never would've thought I'd become who I am now.  It didn't start the day it starting snowing at summer camp, or when Patamon finally digivolved or when everyone became a digidestined.  I guess my destiny was lined up for before the digivice fell in my hand.  I didn't know what it was for but I knew it was important.  Now I do know what it is.  It's my destiny, the start of all my adventures and adventures have no end."

"What a good book," Grandpa said.

"Grandpa…that's just the first chapter," Catherine smiled and sighed.

It was true. Adventures have no end.  They have no beginning. They are endless.  Everyone has a destiny and they have their whole lives to figure it out.

The End

Author's Ending Notes & Thanks:  Finally, this fic is finished!  Many of you have said that I'm wrong about the couples and I'm probably am.  No one knows the true couples.  The only couples given are Kenyako and Sorato.  It doesn't say that Sora married Mat but you can tell by the boy with Sora's hair holding a Tsunimon and the boy with Matt's hair with a, well, whatever Biyomon's in training form is digimon.   I think the writers got either lazy or scared when they got to the end.  Hey, it was the end of the second season.  They wanted to be perfect and they freaked out!  So, I guess they just took drawings out of a hat and that's the couples and occupations they came up with. I guess I can understand. I've written 252 stories on this site and I got a little scared at the end because I wasn't sure how to bring it to a close.  Sometimes you panic. The writers must've panicked.   I mean, why else would Matt become an astronaut when he was acting like a rock star in his teenagers? It doesn't' add up, dude!  This fanfic wasn't just about the couples, but the other mysteries 02's ending have. The weird and messed up jobs they got.  I can see TK being a writer, Kari being a teacher and of course Joe as a doctor but everyone else's jobs were warped.  Also, the whole 'everyone gets a digimon' thing.  I guess I panicked there too.  Hey, this was hard to do!  So that's why I had Tai wish for it.  That's probably why everyone gets a digimon. Something funky happens to the kids with the dark spores, they become evil digimon and Tai wishes for new team members.  I don't know how else to solve that mystery.  I may be wrong with the couples but I was told by a reliable source who heard from another source that the ending couples were Kenyako, Sorato, Junchi, Koumi & Takari.  I feel like I'm missing something….oh well.  I'm a Taiora, Mimato, Kouyako and Takari fan so you'd expect that only 1 couple that happened and the others that didn't would be a hard fic to write about.  But I'm impressed about the koumi parts…and I don't even like Koumi. 

When or if they ever dub the 4th movie, maybe it'll shed some light on 02's ending. (I saw a pic where TK and Kari are kissing…well, he's about to kiss her anyway. I lost the link for the pic though, but take my word for it.  I saw the picture) Maybe Takari didn't really happen. If it didn't, it'd suck. Probably TK married that French girl Catherine and Kari might've married one of the Chinese boys (she's wearing a Chinese shirt in the epilogue) but how are we supposed to know anyway?  All their kids look like clones of their parents and there's a funny thing that irks me.  Why do the children of the 02 characters look older than the children of the 01 characters?  Did the younger kids get married first?  Well, I guess a lot of things happen in 25 years.  It's possible Takari, Koumi and Junchi didn't happen and it was just Sorato and Kenyako and everyone else either got artificially inseminated or married someone the fans don't actually care for.  I saw a few pictures though where it shows some 'official' couples. In a HUGE picture the kids are with their digimon.  Matt has his hand on Sora's shoulder, TK and Kari are holding hands, Yolei as her arm hooked around Ken's and Mimi and Izzy are standing next to each other.  In one of the epilogue's screenshots, Izzy and Mimi are standing next to each other with their kids.  'Course, Izzy's girl looks just like him, hair and skin and everything, the same with Mimi's boy. But the interesting thing is that Palmon is standing between Izzy's girl and Mimi's boy.  In another, Mimi and Sora are standing next to Joe…so for all those Jyoumi fans out there, maybe it happened.  It's possible Junchi didn't happen either but look at Tai's boy and remember how big Tai's hair used to be before he shaved it and Jun's looked that way too.  It must've happened from both the parent's big hair genes.  Another thing, is it just me, or is that Ken gained a bit of weight?  Okay, my notes have reverted to rambling now.  ^_^  02's ending had a lot of holes in it and I tried my best to fill them in.  If you feel you can explain 02's ending any better, go right a head and good luck!  Make sure you've got some aspirin because this was not an easy fanfic to write with the info I had.  This wasn't an easy fanfic to write and I'm glad I've finished it.  I've got some other fanfics to finish (Like my original manga "Night Duchess") and I've written 252 fanfics already, how many have you written?  Thank you for reading and I hoped it explained a little about 02's holes.  It probably doesn't matter now because season two has been long been over and we're waiting for Frontier now…though, I thought Tamers was the best season.

If you want to see the pics I told you about, this link has them


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