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This chapter is a flashback.

Strange maze, what is this place?

I hear voices over my shoulder...

The Malfoy Manor's gardens could be something of a legend with it's vast beauty of carefully trimmed plants, perfectly cut grass, and not to mention the luminous waterfalls. Located on the countryside of Wiltshire, it's beauty was natural, but under the works of magic, it was enhanced even more.

It was a shame really, thought Draco, as he wandered aimlessly into the divine greens. No one, but Draco truly appreciated the charm of the Manor's garden and it really did deserve better. His mum would occasionally take a stroll through the garden, but she never ventured far into it. Draco suspected, he was the only one who had fully seen all of it and knew of every secret the gardens held. In fact, he spent so much time there, he knew it better than the manor itself.

He had his reasons for staying in the gardens though. From what Draco could deduce from the Dark Lord's stay at the manor with his family, was that Lord Voldemort, was a scary man that wielded dark powers. He despised the dark wizard, but knew better than to voice it. It's not like he had any choice in that matter anyways, he was 11 and his entire family seemed to serve that man. As long as he kept his distance, all was well.

Draco was a curious boy, who never showed much emotions. In all honestly, he couldn't help it though. Having grown up without much love and mostly independent, he learned to keep to himself unless positively necessary. However, Draco was a fast learner and he found many subjects, especially potions, fascinating. He took lessons from his godfather who came to stay at the manor for a week every month; those weeks were always Draco's favorite. He didn't have many friends, but that never really bothered him; other children were not like him. Especially not the "Death Eaters" children, who all favored shooting hexes to spending time in the garden. Not that they could really shoot any magic, but that didn't stop them from trying. That was all a bore to Draco really, he learned to shoot hexes on his 7th birthday, when Snape told him that he'd have to learn or perish in society for "reasons he could not say". Snape could be a frightening person when he wanted to be (which was frankly, most of the time), but Draco learned if you got to know him long enough, he was a caring person on the inside.

Leaves scattered around Draco as the wind brushed against the trees. On some days, Draco wished he could be as carefree as a flower. Their life seemed so simple. All they needed was the basics: water, food, sunshine; if only his life could be just that. No one threatened them, no one expected anything from them, but to grow and look pretty. He could do that for the rest of his life, he thought, grow and look pretty. Although certainly, he was growing pretty fast himself and his looks weren't half bad. In fact some would even go as far as saying he was a true beauty.

A slight rustle among the bushes drew Draco's attention away from the gardenia flowers in front of him. A rabbit...a squirrel...a mouse? What, or...who? No, in the Malfoy garden's, the last thing he expected was for a little boy to pop out. Baggy clothing, messy black hair, crooked glasses, and dirt clinging to his arms, the boy was quite a sight.

Draco glanced around him and when he saw no one else around he took a step forward towards the boy, "Who are you?"

Brushing the dust from his knees, the boy got up and grinned, "Harry."

It's not like Draco was shy or anything, he just didn't really talk to a lot of kids. "Hairy? Like hairy spiders?"

He laughed lightly and Draco noted that it was a pleasant sound. "You're funny, but more like H-a-r-r-y."

"Oh." A moment passed and the wind could be heard whistling. Draco shivered, it was a chilly day. "What are you doing in my house?"

"Your house?" he frowned slightly. "So that's where I'm at?"

"Yeah. Wiltshire to be exact, but this is private property. I don't know how you got in...," he trailed off.

Harry shrugged, "Private property or not, that's never stopped me before. Apparating can you get you anywhere if you know how to do it correctly."

Apparating? So he's a wizard too. "You can apparate?" he asked in somewhat awe.

"Yeah. And I was just thinking of a forest like place, when I appeared here," he gestured to the area around him.

"Oh." Another silence. "Where's your parents?"


It was a firm honest answer and it made Draco feel bad for asking it. He never got on with his parents much, but they did provide a home for him. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright. I get on pretty well and they left enough for me to survive on."

Draco nodded, and wasn't sure what to say. Something about the other boy made him feel connected in a way, and perhaps they could be friends. Decidedly though, he knew that he couldn't tell his parents about him. Hurriedly, he pointed out, "Don't let my parents see you."

"Sure. I don't trust adults anyways," he said scratching his neck uneasily.

"You don't? How do you get by then?"

He shrugged, "I'm on my own. Freedom is nice, you know?"

"But, don't you have a home?"

The next words that spilled out of the black hair boy's mouth made him wonder if he was talking to his godfather instead. "Home is only where your heart lies, home is only where you will it to be."

"And...your family?"

Harry scowled for a moment and didn't say anything, but the next moment he looked up with such a smile, that Draco wondered if the scowl was just a pigment of his imagination. "That, my friend, is a story for another time. I have to get going now."

"Wait!" Draco blurted, reaching out an arm to the other boy.

He turned his head to the side and looked at him oddly, "Yeah?"

"Are you coming back?"

"...Like come back here? To your house?" Harry asked with an amused expression.

"Yeah." Draco suddenly felt very foolish having asked such a question, but he supposed it was too late to take back what he said. "I mean...only if you want to."

Harry seemed to study him for a moment before nodding, "Sure."

His eyes lighted up as he heard the other boy's answer, "Promise?"


With a mischievous glint in his eyes, the boy popped out of sight. Harry wasn't kidding, he sure could apparate, Draco thought with a smile, he'd have to ask his Uncle Severus about that one.

True to his words, Harry returned to his gardens everyday. Turned out that, Harry too, had a soft spot for flowers. But, the best part was when he discovered Harry could draw. And he meantdraw, as in real art, like the ones that hung in the Malfoy Manor. Perhaps it was the common interest that they shared, or the fact that Harry was mysterious and Draco knew next to nothing about him, but being with him always made Draco feel as though nothing in the world mattered. Time never flew so fast and things never seemed more perfect. Harry was both mysteriously unknown and intelligent, that Draco didn't quite know what to make of him. All Draco knew was that he liked him.

However much he liked him, Draco often thought it strange how Harry seemed to be able to cast wandless magic and apparate at such a young age. He'd asked Severus about it and his godfather had merely told him it was extremely rare and if he ever encountered such a person, they were most likely a very powerful wizard. After that, Draco had dropped the subject with his godfather, but Severus was a persistent man and seemed to see right through him. A couple days later he had went and questioned Draco.

"Draco, is there something you should tell me?" his godfather's eyes' searched for his expression. He use to be intimidated by him when he was younger, but he knew better now that Severus meant no harm to him.

He shook his head slowly, "No, sir." He couldn't sell out Harry like that, even if his godfather wouldn't hurt him. Harry wasn't him.

Their eyes met and Snape said in a quiet voice, "You know you can tell me anything. Do not lie to me."

"I...it's nothing. Can't we get on with the lesson now?" he had replied with a raised brow.

"Very well. However, I advice that you stay cautious to anything and anyone around you passing by the manor," Snape had warned, "And if ever you feel you are in danger, you must come to me immediately. These are troubled times and you never know what might just happen." At the last sentence he had said before they began their lesson, Draco had rolled his eyes. Severus was always so dramatic with everything he said.

It wasn't until later on, that Draco finally found out that Harry had no family, for he had "escaped the clutches of the evil Dursley's" and he was alone in everything he did. In a way, it wasn't much of a surprise to Draco, he suspected it after all. He wasn't that oblivious and he even suspected there was much more than just the Dursley's to Harry's mysterious life. However, every time he questioned Harry, he would merely shrug and respond with "It's complicated" or "It's a long story". Despite his curious nature, Draco let it be. He didn't give up on him-oh no, but he knew Harry would tell him in his own time when he was ready. For now, his heart would settle for his friendship and that was all he needed.


"Have you heard of the Eiffel Tower in France?"

Draco rolled his eyes, "Of course I have, Harry. Just because I haven't really been anywhere, it doesn't mean I live in a box."

"That would be quite a sight, wouldn't it? Draco Malfoy in a box? I can only imagine...," he trailed off.

"Shut up," Draco yelled over Harry's laughter, throwing leaves at him.

"Okay, okay. Stop," Harry called, brushing the leaves from his hair, which only left his already messy hair to be in a more state of dishevel, but he supposed it couldn't be helped.

"So...you've never seen it before, now have you?"

Wrinkling his nose, he shook his head. "Can't exactly go anywhere, remember?"

"And you say they'd know if you apparated out of here?"

"Yeah, as soon as I leave the grounds, apparate or not, the wards will trigger and they'll know."

Harry frowned, "That doesn't make any sense. How can they not know I'm here then?"

Draco shrugged. He wondered the same question himself, but Harry was always an exception in seemingly, everything, wasn't he?

Harry's eyes looked distant as he said, "I'll get you out of here one day, and you'll see so much more..."

Draco didn't say anything, but he believed those words. He believed that Harry would travel the world with him and that he would be free from his parents, but for now he would just have to live each day as it was and maybe, just maybe...one day.

Four years later.

"You know," Draco began, "Your paintings always make flowers look nicer than they do in real life. If only they could come to life."

Brilliant green eyes stared at him and a smile broke out on Harry's face, "Well, thanks."

Draco nodded, "I could never get bored of seeing them."

"...I just thought of something. I'll be back in a bit, don't look for me," Harry called, as he walked off towards the waterfalls.

Watching the other boy walk away, Draco merely let him go. Harry would be back in his own time, he knew that much.

Time time that passed since Harry was there last could've been 20 minutes, or an hour, or more. Every time he was with Harry, time seemed to be nothing and the world would simply begin to fade away, leaving just Harry and him. Sad to say, the sky would always reach darkness far too fast.

Warm smooth hands brushed Draco's bangs away and rested on top of his eyes. Draco smiled, "You're back. About time, might I add."

Harry rolled his eyes despite that Draco could not see him. "Keep your eyes closed and hold out your hands."

He did as the other boy instructed and before long something of very light-weight was placed in his palm. His fingers curled around it and opened his eyes, a gasp escaping his mouth. What lay before him, left him speechless, but somehow he found his voice, "Harry! This rose you just gave me, it's the same as the one in your painting!"

"Yeah. I figured out that I could conjure any of this stuff," he indicated at the sketching pad, "and make it solid."

"It's brilliant...thank you," he replied in awe, not quite taking his eyes off of the flower in his hands.

"Glad you like it," Harry chuckled, quite pleased with himself.

Clearing his throat Draco replied in a nonchalant tone, "I shall have to keep it forever now."

Harry knew it was his way of saying that he really liked it, but jokingly he said, "Oh, you don't have to, I'll throw it away for you if you want. I mean it didn't just take like 2 hours for me to make it perfect."

Reaching a hand towards the flower, Draco's hand swatted his away, "Back off, Harry. I'm keeping it. Forever."

He laughed and threw an arm around his best friend's shoulders, "Relax Draco, no one's taking your flower away."

"Better not."

Draco's other hand that wasn't holding the flower, reached for Harry's and the two boys smiled. They stared off into the distant setting sun, falling into a peaceful silence. It was a glorious sight of orange, yellow, and red hues mixed together, but that wasn't what they were thinking of as they watched the sun slowly become smaller and smaller in the distant. The only thought that really passed their mind was each other and the simple question that they each asked silently to the sky and everything above: Why can't the world just be the two of us?


A man dressed in the darkest cloaks wandered down the hall with his beloved Death Eater, Bellatrix, by his side. Across the hall, a women in the palest of blue robes was seen.

"Narcissa," he hissed softly.

The lady widened her eyes for a moment, before she stepped forward and bowed. "My Lord."

"Tell me...where is the boy nowadays?"

She stiffened slightly, but it went unnoticed, "T-The boy?"

Voldemort waved a hand lazily, "Your son...Draco Malfoy, was it? Where is he?"

Without hesitation, she answered, "Gardens. He's always in the gardens now."

"Very well, Narcissa. I shall be paying him a visit tomorrow if that's not too much to ask," he said with a smirk tugging at his lips. Everyone knew how Voldemort would "recruit" his young followers.

"Of course, My Lord, as you please."


Draco groaned as he moved his stiff neck and cramped muscles. Opening his eyes, he was met with Harry on his left and a blanket that seemed to be thrown on them carelessly. A gentle morning breeze brushed against his cheeks and he pressed his palms against his eyelids in an attempt to wake himself up. Shit. Apparently, they had fallen asleep yesterday on the grass. Normally, Harry would leave before the night fell, but to where, he hadn't a clue.

Beside him, Harry stirred and mumbled something unintelligent. He smiled to himself, Harry probably wasn't a morning person, but that was alright. "Rise and shine, sleepyhead," he chimed, prodding Harry in the side.

Harry opened his eyes and blinked slowly. Staring at Draco, he demanded, "Why are you so happy? It's too damn early."

He began, "Well someone woke up grumpy," but upon seeing Harry's continuous glare he just shrugged, "I wake up around this time everyday, why should I be mad about it?"

Wordlessly, Harry casted a Tempus charm and large digits told the time: 7:16. He groaned and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like "way too early" and "fucking mornings".

He chuckled at Harry before standing up and stretching, "You're the one that spent the night here, don't complain now."

"Don't even start-you're the one that fell asleep first and used me as a pillow. Not to mention, you sleep like the dead. I couldn't bloody well leave you here," Harry grumbled.

Draco just smiled, "Lighten up." And Harry did...eventually.

With the leftover food that Draco had brought out from yesterday, they improvised it as breakfast. "I can run and get more, if you want," Draco offered.

Shaking his head Harry noted, "It's fine. You barely even ate any of it."

"Sure, I did. I just don't have much of an appetite in the morning," he shrugged lightly.

Harry snorted, "You're too skinny, learn to get a better appetite then."

"What, I'm too skinny? Maybe you're just too fat."

"Sure you aren't kidding yourself?" Harry taunted raising an eyebrow before smirking, "I look good. Admit it."

"Conceited much," Draco mumbled. In truth, Harry wasn't fat at all, and he was right. Harry was perfectly fit and he was sure any teen would kill to have his body. Well, he was thinking mostly of Crabbe and Goyle and their size compared to Harry really.

Laughing, he stood up, "I have to get going though, actually. I'll come visit you later, yeah?"

Sad to see him go, but knew that when Harry made up his mind it was rarely changed, he nodded, "Yeah. See you." Harry apparated away, leaving what felt like a sudden emptiness inside Draco. He shivered and closed his eyes briefly. He had a bad feeling about this day, about...something, but he couldn't say what. With a weary glance towards the Manor, he headed in that direction. A hot steamy shower and a change of clothes was in order, he thought silently.


As Draco wandered back to the gardens a few hours later, Harry's flower was once again on his mind. He wanted to give something in return to Harry, but he really didn't know what. Through one of the strolling paths, he reached one of the first areas with benches. A simple fountain in the middle and perfectly cut rubbles that made up the grounding there. It was then that he remembered, as much as he felt it, and tensed. Something was off, something was very very off.

The air felt cold like it would never be warm again and darkness seemed to reach out to him as if it would never let go. Dark magic seemed to circle around him and a sense of dread filled him. Draco had always been good at sensing things, and he was rarely wrong in what he felt.

At a hiss of sound, he spun around, stunned to see the man he very well tried to avoid. "Draco," the man said with a hint of a smirk tugging at his lips, "I've been waiting for you."

Draco masked his features with a cold, calm expression and swallowed. He only hoped to heaven and all the gods that Harry wouldn't return yet. He ran through all the words that his parents would say in the other man's presence and desperately tried to sound like all his other loyal Death Eaters."My Lord...is there something I can be of service to?" His voice sounded small and powerless, but fuck the man was dangerous after all, so it was fair that he was at least a little terrified...right?

Voldemort's hood dropped and revealed a man who couldn't have been older than 20. It was the first time he had actually seen the man up close, and it was shocking really, that the man who was supposedly responsible for murders all throughout the world, was so young. Perhaps it was only an appearance, but still. "Yes, yes indeed. You catch on quick, don't you?" Voldemort asked.

He really didn't know how to answer that, so instead he gave a small nod. He had no idea what this man was planning, but he knew that anything that's "good" in the Dark Lord's eyes wasn't good for anyone else.

Lust gleamed in Voldemort's eyes as he reached a hand towards flinched, carefully side-stepping him. Run, run, run the words seem to flash before his eyes over and over and it was all that he could understand at that point. He had no doubts that the other male was a hell lot stronger than him, and even if he was run, he probably wouldn't get very far before getting caught. Besides, where could he go?

It was futile avoiding Voldemort, he seemed to move as quick as the wind. "Draco, you'll like this, I promise," Voldemort laughed out. The voice, his voice, sounded like it was piercing skin. Draco back up, only to find the back of his knees colliding against the bench, and before he knew it the man's body was pushed against his. Draco let out a scream, but perhaps it was only in vain, as he wasn't sure if anyone would even hear him this deep in the garden. He hadn't scream like that since he was five when he saw Fenrir Greyback devour someone under the moonlight. That was a night he would never forget and he knew that this one would probably not be far off from that.

Draco coughed, and turned his head, as the other man's lips brushed the side of his mouth, before descending upon his lips. A rough kiss, that Draco did not respond to. He would not. Wrong, wrong, this is so wrong. Mum? Dad? He knew they didn't love him like they loved each other, but surely they wouldn't let this happen to him?

Voldemort pulled away slightly and with a sick smile and replied, "There's no point in screaming, there's no point struggling, Draco. No one's here, no one cares. And even if they did, they wouldn't dare interfere with what is mine." He unclasped his cloak and let it fall to the ground, before leaning over Draco again. The blond teen's shirt was ripped open and his jeans were already half undone.

Despite his words, Draco strained to shove the offending man off of him, but he was too weak, too skinny...Harry was right. And Voldemort's words echoed through his mind, "No one cares...And even if they did, they wouldn't...".

He was going to be sick, for Draco knew then. He knew then that his parents would not come to save him, that they did not care what happened to him, so long as they were safe. How ironic it was that your own home was suppose to be the safest place in the world, but who would've known that was the very place that was the most dangerous? If anyone would save him, it was Harry, but even then he did not want him to come. He did not want Harry to see him so weak and just the thought of what Voldemort might do to Harry...he couldn't do that to him. Half of his mind screamed for Harry, but the other half would rather Harry be safe and away.

Voldemort growled and grabbed his wrist before slamming it harshly against the bench above his head; it was surely to bruise. Fuck, he thought as he closed his eyes.

As he did so, he missed the figure who had come to stand a few steps behind Voldemort.


"Petrificus Totalus! Incarcerous!" Harry thought loudly in his head at the stranger leaning over Draco, before focusing his magic upon Draco and releasing him with Relashio. At once, Harry ran forward and grabbed Draco's arm. He knew his magic would only temporarily delay the man who had seemed to be forcing himself on Draco. Something about that man made the scar on his forehead ache, giving him the reason to believe the man wasn't any ordinary one.

"Draco? Are you alright?"

Draco stood, half in shock at how quickly everything seemed to have happened, but nodded. "Let's go...now," he added the last part at Harry's seeming fascination with the dark wizard.

The man who had been hit by Harry's spells previously hissed, "Harry Potter. Playing hero already? Perhaps you'd like to hear that the last time your parents tried to play hero, they ended dead."

Harry narrowed his eyes at the other man, finally understanding who he was. "Voldemort," he bit out, saying the name in disgust. "Maybe you'd be happy to know that I'm not my parents and you might find you'll be surprised." People had warned him about this man, but it was nothing like meeting the guy who had tried to murder you as a baby face to face. He hated this man for stripping him of his parents, but he couldn't help but loathe him even more for hurting Draco. He hadn't known his parents after all, but Draco, he had known him long enough to become the very person he cared about more than anything.

"Surprised? I believe the only one who will be surprised here is you," Voldemort laughed, waving his wand lazily. "You may have escaped me before, but don't count on it happening again."

He cursed inwardly. If Draco wasn't around, he might have stayed, if only to learn more about the man who had killed his parents, but he couldn't risk it now. "Sectumsempra," he whispered as a distraction. Harry closed his eyes, wishing himself and Draco to be in his hotel room in London, away from everyone, away from Malfoy Manor, and most of all away from Voldemort.

They landed, somewhat awkwardly on the bed, Harry on top of Draco, their hearts pounding madly from the previous events. It was harder than he had thought, apparating an extra weight with him; he'd have to work on that. Shortly after, Harry noticed that Draco's shirt and jeans were still only half on and made to get up, but the pale boy's hands grabbed on to him.

"Don't," he whispered, looking into the other's eyes. I don't want you to let go, Harry. I thought, maybe I'd never see you again today.

"I'm sorry," Harry replied, looking down. I shouldn't have left you alone, I wish I took you away from that place, like I wanted to so long ago.

"Don't," Draco repeated, "It's not your fault. If anything, it's my parent's..."

"I know, but-," Draco shushed him, leaning forward. A brush of lips met and tongues collided against one another, battling for dominance as it dived into the others' awaiting mouth.

As they pulled away, their breathes came in short pants. A hand ran down the perfectly pale chest and whispers met the blond boy. "Beautiful. You're so beautiful Draco..."

Draco wasn't sure what had made him kiss Harry, but it all sort of just happened and soon it was only a blur of actions. Only one thought crossed Draco's mind now: Home is only where your heart lies...only where you will it to be. And this was home, with Harry. He groaned softly into the brunette's neck and bit down, as their hands entwined. Thrusts were met in air, as their erections grinded upon each other, creating such delicious frictions. The passion of their lust so deep it was burning deep within their veins. But they knew it wasn't just lust of a hormonal teen that drew them together, it wasn't just because of a terrifying experience that had happened, it was something else, something much more powerful. And for that, they knew the unspoken words that hung between mattered very little at the moment.

With a sudden intake of breath from Draco, he knew it was all over. He fell into the glorious patterns of his orgasm and any last thoughts were lost. Along his side, Harry came in a silent scream, his fingernails digging into the others' flesh. The feeling of warm satisfaction flowed over them and then the blissful sleep that overruled them never seemed so welcome before.